Four Loko Stories
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NeverG: Drank some four lokos don't remember last i thought was my third one but dont remember were I fell asleep woke up in the middle of the night to take a piss its pitch black at one point i thought i went blind but eventualy saw a red light on top of a corner so could not find the bathroom or the door pissed in the corner woke up later to find out it's a furniture store that I apearantl went in while it was still open fell asleep didn't trip the alarm the whole night when I got up it was opening time I got out went home no one knew a damn thing about me last night the last thing I remember is watching tv in the afternoon with a fridge full of lokos and shunging them as fast as I could for pay back on my room mate for lokos the best never got a better sleep than with four loko
Loko: 82
Not Loko: 68

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