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Hide 5832 #NAME? went to this fest 2345677654 frosh there drank 8 lokos before. woke up in a closest of an abandoned building the fire marshall found me before tehy took down the building i was wrecked but legit almost wrecking ball wrecked LOKO FOR LYFE 64 68 Show
Hide 5831 AaronS my girlfriend dumped me because her friends peer pressured her till she did and that was today so i downed a fourloko i had haha and that was today shit i alreayd said that uhm well im a heavyweight with hard liquor and the ONEW i had fucked me up i burped and threw up a little and then i was spinning idk idr hahaha im fucked up right now 50 61 Show
Hide 5830 Javier I went 8Crazy the other night (2 FourLokos in about an hour). I drank the first at my bros place, then hammered an Old Style with my buddy. Then we went to this dudes party. I drank the second Loko there. By the time I was finished with it, I was browned out pretty good. I crumpled the can with my fist, and deposited it in a lamp. I hung around for a little while after that, don't really know what I was doing. I started getting really hot as the party started getting crowded. I looked around, saw no talent in the crowd, and decided to leave. I announced this to the group I was talking with, then as I turned around to start my way through the crowd to the door, someone pushed me, sending me drunkenly stumbling through the crowd, pushing trollops left and right. Effective, but probably pissed some people off. I exit the house, and decided to go to my buddies house. I did my best Vince McMahon strut the whole way there. I got there, burst in through the front door, but no one was there, but I heard people upstairs, so up I went. This is about the time I blacked out completely. I don't remember who all was up there, except this one chick that lives there. I know she said that she was going to bed, and I probably tried to convince her to bang me instead. Anyway, I don't remember leaving there, but I ended up back at my bros place where I started the night. I passed out in a massive recliner. At some point someone put a blanket over me and stuffed a jacket under my head. I think my response was, "I don't want it." Only slurred all drunkenly. Then I woke up, the sun had risen, and it was 7:30am. I stood up, pissed, then felt like taking a dump. So I went to take off my jacket so I could shit, and realized I had to puke instead. Did one of those 'hold the puke in your mouth until you get to the toilet' moments, then puked a decent amount. Then I went and washed my mouth, put my jacket back on, and drove home. Slept until about 1:30pm, felt like a train wreck the whole day, and had explosive diarrhea that night. Needless to say, I can't wait to go 8Crazy again. 55 71 Show
Hide 5829 FaithNj My bf got 4 and gave one to my friend. We were gonna share the extra. I ended up downing two plus half of my bfs. We were at my friends house and apparently I pulled out the sink, then took a piss in her shower. My bf and I got a ride to stores by my house. I kept running into garbage cans and going into stores just to yell at whoever I wanted too. As I was stumbling walking I blacked out 4 times so my bf had to carry me fireman style, it looked like he was carrying a dead body lol. He got a hotel room to calm me down and fix myself. When we got to the hotel room I took him helping me out to abusing me so I started hitting the shit outta him and throwing whatever I grabbed at him. I then fell and slammed my head in the bathroom tile, started bleeding. Then walked out and fell and broke this stand thing, then busted my lip on the corner of a desk. Then came home, with my pants on inside out, my bra around my neck, my belt hanging off my pants, my vagina hanging out. I threw up on all my bfs clothes, then jumped out my window to sleep next to him. Yeah that's it. 93 82 Show
Hide 5828 jacky so it was Halloween and me and my friends went to Pacha on our way there we started drinkin four loko i got so fucked up that they didnt let me in because they thought i was high lol i spent so much money on my costume for no reason.. my friends were so mad at me cuz none of us got in because of me =P 55 62 Show
Hide 5827 BlakeDip I had a birthday party....I bought 2 cases of fourloko. Bad desicion to start. I made my birthday toast and quicky downed my first loko in the first 5 minutes. I then proceeded to have my friend funnel my second one to me. Around halfway through my third it gets fuzzy so this goes on stories I heard. About 10 more people showed up with more alcohol and I downed 4 bears and finished my 3rd loko. I cracked my 4th and snorted 2 lines of something, I don't remember what. My next memory brings me to my refrigorator taking my 5th loko out putting it on the counter as I proceeded to fall on my kitchen floor and putting the loko case under my head because I was in my puke. After I got up my friend told me he fed me my 5th loko because I insisted he do so. My friend Nicole then found me in my brothers room completley naked in my room in my puke. She wiped me down and called up my friend dave to care for me. When everyone was helping me into the shower I constintly apologized to everyone for my small penis and then saying fuck you to everyone for laughing. I was put in the shower and my friends told me to hold on to the bar and pretend I was on my dirt bike so i didn't drown. I made braap sounds until I apparently kicked over a bottle and told everyone I hit a rock and I was going to die. They told me I was okay and too keep going to florida so i did. I then remember my friend on his knees attempting to put my boxers on as his face was right by my penis I laughed and said im going to pee on you. He hit me in the stomach. I then woke up at his house and had no recollection of how I got there none the less what had happened the night before. this is my story. 190 97 Show
Hide 5826 nevermore692 I was partying and drinking plenty of beer, rum, and other mixed drinks. I also smoked alot of herb... and finally i drank a four loko. I was having sex with this awesome guy and about 40 seconds into it, i started puking and spent the rest of my night, not moving with my face in the trash can. Damn you four loko.... 67 60 Show
Hide 5825 Canadian Bacon This one time I drank 3 Four Lokos in about an hour and then went to the bar. Kept drinking rum and cokes at the bar all night, picked up, and got some. Not sound that Loko, i guess its cause i'm not a dumb fucking american who can't drink, theres a reason they're banning this stuff in the US, you guys can't handle your liquor 47 60 Show
Hide 5823 Mike One very windy day in the fall me and a buddy of mine had just got our paychecks and decided to pick up some bud and four lokos. we got 2 lokos each and a pack of swishers from the liquor store and decided to walk around our town. we stopped at a strip mall and rolled the 1st blunt then sparked it and walked to the park.. the wind began to pick up even more so we had to find shelter. we ended up going to a park by my friends house and sat in a plastic tube, trying to get wind protection as we were rolling our 2nd blunt. after we got it rolled we cracked our lokos and sat in the tube for about a hour. later on that week we found out that the climate was so low and the wind was blowing so strong it was the same as a hurricane. we live in MN. 55 66 Show
Hide 5822 pancho loko i drank half a 4loko and 10min. later i felt like i can tlk to the hottest gurl! i was soooo horny i pulled out my chode and started wacking my frends with it! now they make fun of my small chode and wen i pissed i pissed brown! for like 2hours! and the3 worst part is that i didnt get laid! 59 64 Show
Hide 5821 NeverG Drank some four lokos don't remember last i thought was my third one but dont remember were I fell asleep woke up in the middle of the night to take a piss its pitch black at one point i thought i went blind but eventualy saw a red light on top of a corner so could not find the bathroom or the door pissed in the corner woke up later to find out it's a furniture store that I apearantl went in while it was still open fell asleep didn't trip the alarm the whole night when I got up it was opening time I got out went home no one knew a damn thing about me last night the last thing I remember is watching tv in the afternoon with a fridge full of lokos and shunging them as fast as I could for pay back on my room mate for lokos the best never got a better sleep than with four loko 79 64 Show
Hide 5820 eme238 when loko was getting taken off the market i freaked out and bought 4 cases. me and 2 of my friends drank one case that right. i woke up to my panties on my head,a trash can infront of my face. when i asked what happened i was told i made out with my best friend(both of us are girls) and after having sex with my boyfriend i yelled at him and told him he " shook it up" and i needed a trash can and when he came back the panties were on my head. god im going to miss loko. 78 69 Show
Hide 5819 paul last night i drank 4 four lokos, the next morning i have 3 pornvideos on internet 139 93 Show
Hide 5818 jaytee i drakn 2 four lokos last night and then i accidentally ate my hamster thanks a lot 4 loko. 104 88 Show
Hide 5817 blazinmike NO WAY U REMEMBER ANYTHING WHEN UR LOKED 160 94 Show
Hide 5816 LuisR One night I drank 3 looks and about 5 beers then I fought my bestfriend then walked a mile back to my house face planting in the street multiple times 48 48 Show
Hide 5815 rice One night four months ago I drank a Four Loko along with some beers. When I woke up the next morning I had a humongous black eye and no recollection of what happened. It was so bad that when I saw my doctor that afternoon he sent me to the ER for a CT scan to check for eye and brain damage! I still have no idea what happened that night. 101 84 Show
Hide 5813 P21911 So i funneled 3 lokos and headed downtown and blacked out shortly after arriving there..the next thing i remember i was sittin on a homeless mans "bed" on a back porch of a house in the ghetto smoking meth with a homeless guy..i then went on to withdraw $300 from my bank account and gave it to this homeless guy..he then some how convinced me to go get a motel room where i sat for who knows how long before asking myself why the fuck am i here and getting up and starting to wander..i got lost in the ghetto miles away from my dorm for hours broke my phone but somehow made it back to my room at 7 in the morning with an empty wallet and no dignity. 54 62 Show
Hide 5812 Catherine I have never fought anyone in my life. Two four lokos later, I beat the shit out of my best friend's boyfriend. 100 78 Show
Hide 2454 that guy enjoyed a savory four loko, copped some dome, watched leave it to beaver, stayed awake for the sunrise at which point my friend and i went surfing in 40 degree water. shredded gnar, and when all was said and done, passed out on the beach. 55 49 Show
Hide 2452 Midwest loko Visited Missouri state this weekend. So my bro threw a party, so of course it was lokotime. So a few people start showing up, started playing loko pong with lemonade. We won a few games in a row, so I'm one loko and 6 beers deep.Party is Chillin and there's about 60-70 there within an hour, now I'm another 6 beers deep, and I'm on a downhill slope, I then receive 2 hulks piss loko as a present for visiting. I bonged the first with all these college kids watching in awe, and I get up and say "that's how u drink pussies". Then while walkin around with my 3 loko, some chick asks me for a drink, I said" a drink for some dome and u got a deal" when she agreed, I was so shocked that it brought me to soberness long enough to realize she was some nasty black trick, so I denied her the privilege. I then went outside for a speed round on a fifth of captain, that's when I blacked out. When I came to I was mid throwing up off a balcony. My brothe comes ou when Im done and I said "alright 2 things: 1 I'ma clean my mouth out, and then were httin a bowl". So we did just that. Next morning I found out that my brother an his roomate were parked under the balcony, and they had a nice coating of pink vomit and it all froze cuz it was 10 degrees out., idk where the pink came from. And apparently I strained some dudes arm b asking him to pound it too often... Gotta love the memory loss in a can 62 67 Show
Hide 2451 Mel Gibson Drank 4 four lokos. Called my wife. 114 91 Show
Hide 2450 Uncle Jeff I saw it at the Gas station so i had to drank it becus they ranned out of MGD 40's. I got Horny so i went over to Henry's house and told him i was gonna fuck his dog. He got mad and punched me in my face so I went back to my van and got my gun. I went to back to look for him but he was hideing and i didnt see the dog so i jerked off and shot a bunch of holes in his wall. next i went over to my Moms so i could show my Dick to my cusin's lil sister but my gun went off in the road and they called the cops on me cuz i can hear them coming so i went to Walgreen's cuz they cant find me at there. i then got kicked out of teh Walgreen's for yelling about them niggers that shited on the lawn. i got so mad that i was gonna take out my gun again but i forgot where i put it so after that i started pissing in some old bitchs drive way and i told her i was gonna kill her with my gun but i was lieing becus i didnt have the gun. the niggers stole my gun and i never got it back so next time im drinkin 40's insted 43 58 Show
Hide 2449 the loko boys me and my mate got 4 lokos each and went to a party it started off alright but 3 and a half cans in we were geting mwi so we deside to get more like 12 cans i think so then we keep drinking till 1am thats wen the blackouts happend my mate stole a car i ended up in a farm with 2 8ths of sinister misister dont now how i got it i was naked and had no idea of wat happend phoned ma mate to come get me he came in a car he cant drive n hit a cow we go drinking till 6am k.o wake up with the police picking ma mate up n saying ur a fucking twat hes out now but fuck me its mental thanks 4L 58 49 Show
Hide 2448 Marnie I had 4 four lokos in the span of 50 minutes. All I remember was walking up in a girls house. I ask her what happen.. Apparently we made out and I ask her to be my girlfriend. She told me we meet at a bar and then i got everyone a round, then took off in my car. The thing is I'M A GIRL, I'M BROKE & I DON'T HAVE A CAR BECAUSE I DON'T DRIVE... I love 4 lokos 108 86 Show
Hide 2447 FourJoeKo Played Power hour Century Club (100 minutes) doing a shot of beer every minute. After 100 shots of beer, and my 27th birthday looming at midnight, my friend tells me he has 8 Four Loko's stocked in his fridge at home. The real one's, not this pussy shit without Taurine or caffeine that they make now. Never had one before. I convince him to drive us across town to get one. He will only give me one. Thank God for that. Got back to my place, drank the four loko (cranberry lemonade) in less than five minutes. Fell asleep sitting up, but was completely lucid and aware of my friends around me. Woke up once every 10 minutes to apologize for snoring and giving the explanation that I could hear myself snoring and it was pissing ME off...then finally woke up to go to bed and threw up all over the floor. Left it, forgot about it, and then the dogs ate it. It was a Four Loko kind of evening. 50 47 Show
Hide 2446 max maqueen i woke up in mexico next to a 60 year old man in make up his cock was in my mouth im now on mexicos most wanted listed fuck knows what happened like 46 52 Show
Hide 2445 fuckedupsituation I drank 3 four lokos, cheated on my boyfriend of four yeats with my best friend, who's a girl. I woke up to a text saying, "it was hot watching, but you were both very against letting me join, and that just makes you a lesbian. enjoy muff diver." 43 42 Show
Hide 2444 The Loko Killer Smh I Was At A Party In Clayton County And Me And My Freinds Had Bought Like 20 Four Lokos , By the End Of The Niqht We Was Wasted nd i Dont Remeber Nothing But All i Know Is I Shot My Mom In The Head nd Drowned my Baby Sister.! Now I Am In A Different State With No Family . and For My Friends The Raped 2 18 yr old Females.! FML 55 66 Show
Hide 2443 Ariel I told my roommate i wanted to try four loko after seeing her drunk off her ass. So me,my roommate and her sister started drinking. I finished my first ever four loko and i was pretty drunk. My roommate went to bed early and left her 4 loko out I took it and went for a walk. After i downed her loko sang "Alejandro" repeatedly for over an hour,pissed in a bush,humped a mitsubishi,and Fell asleep in a apartment building hallway very far from my own. My phone had 25 voice memos of me drunk singing,taking about fucking lady gaga,bosnians,and frogs. I was fucked upppp. 53 49 Show
Hide 2442 penispropreitier You bunch of fucking liars :) 99 76 Show
Hide 2441 Dray I nearly lost my job at as a nightclub general manager after drinking this! I had no idea what had happened those nights but after seeing this product on the CLOBERT REPORT I did a little googling and now it all makes since! There was a 7eleven across from the club and for a few nights I snuck over and bought a few of these to chug in the car. I was couahgt on tape one night during my first week crying my eyes out to my employees about things that weren't even valid, and had no recollection of anyting! I was cring over things that didn't exists! The owners hired and moved me to this state must to run their establishment and this was entirely against my charater. I thought I had gone insane when I saw the tapes. Even more embarrassing, a following night after drinking a few of these I needed to to use ther restroom terribly bad apparently -- yes #2 -- and I wandered across the street to a water resevoir area that was fenced in and totally crapped right in the middle of it -------- OH MY GOD, thats humiliating for me to type much less do -- but for whatever reason at the time it seemed perfectly normal............This drink is seriously "a new breed of impaired"......... :< 49 46 Show
Hide 2440 Sir RZA Well it was my birthday friends and family were at my crib my friend had already warned me not to drink more than 2 but its me i dont listen i always gotta learn the hard way first my homie got messed up falling all over everybody & everything then they told him to sit outside get some air he roams off gets hit by a car gets up with a broken arm like nothings wrong and finally passed out on someones steps like 4 blocks away meanwhile i drank 3 and realized he was gone so i go looking for him i made about 3 blocks walk into someones backyard now i start tripping because i think im locked in then the owner of the house comes out yelling at me so i start yelling at him attacked him but hurt myself he called the cops they came next thing im waking up in a holding cell 2 days later and to make it wors my friends recorded the hole thing so they show it to everybody so if someone warns you not to pass 1 or 2 listen or you might have to keep reliving it like me but one hell of a night 49 47 Show
Hide 2439 bossman Burned down my girlfriend and raped my apartment 115 90 Show
Hide 2438 twitter - Neekx0h me and my buddies were heading up to warped tour last summer, we bought abunch of four lokos to spice up this day up. we were poor as shit after we bought the loko's, and i was not hydrated, or drank anything the whole day. for those of you who don't know, warped tour is hot as shit. so we arive to a parking destination, giving the guy the last of our budget to even park. we get out. i have to take a piss, this bum who draws pictures follows us back to the car where we're about to chug some fuckin' loko's, he asks for one, we tell him that they're warm, which they are, we didn't get a cooler, or anything smart. so my dehydrated, hungry self chugs 2 warm loko's. i start feeling good as shit. we get to warped tour. loko vision is on full blast. start asking ugly bitches who looked sexy as fuck where we were, and if this is warped tour. i get tossed around in the pit. start fighting people. made out with some bitch. go lay down in some grass. i have nothing in my system but loko. it starts raining, i'm going in and out of consciousness, playing in mud, throwing up, random people walking up taking pictures with me. i fucked up a tattoo i just got, by putting mud on it. putting mud on my face i have to be carried back to the car, i'm soaking wet, i'm underage btw, rambling song lyrics. the place is swarmed with cops. i'm clearly dying. no cop says shit. get carried a mile and a half back to the car, in the POURING FUCKING RAIN. miss every good band. pass out in the car. wake up at taco bell. eat a taco. i FUCKING love four loko. 81 66 Show
Hide 2437 Jiggsy I had heard the rumors of Four Loko from a good bartending friend of mine...they'd been banned from colleges for causing deaths so my immediate thought was : "I must try this before it is gone forever." I had a date that I was very nervous for, so I decided 2 FourLokos would be a good pre-game---how bad could they be? I am 26 and had attended a drinking college... My date picked me up 1 1/2 in and I can't remember a single thing we said to one another or how i got home, but I came to naked, with him on top of me with my neighbor yelling at me to quiet down...we had been to loud and woke up her kid with our Loko sex- he answered the door in his underwear while I blacked out. I woke up with bloody knees on my living room floor butt naked...he'd also stolen my underwear. I'm on day 3 of recovery and still can't keep food down...oh Four Loko, I think you gave me internal bleeding because thats the only thing WebMD is coming up with! 83 67 Show
Hide 2436 wtf So after I got done with a date a few of my friends wanted me to come over. So I went over there and my friend had bought 10 four loko's after everyone having one or two we decided to quick leave and go get high. My friend drove up to the walmart parking lot in his old sketchy van with 7 other people around me. After smoking we went back to the house. My friend wasn't feeling well and started freaking out screaming I'm in a black abyss of blood I need to call my mom I need to call my mom!! WTF 56 80 Show
Hide 2435 never again I found a FL in my sis fridge and thought it was just like any other beer, I was dead wrong! After downing that and 5 Bud Lights I go out to eat...MY gf goes, man you are drunk, but I didnt feel like it. The next thing I remeber was throwing all the shit in her purse on the highway and her screaming at me....and kicking me out at the police station...never again FL 50 54 Show
Hide 2434 lokomadness i had 2 fourlokos for a sweet16 did some cocaine with that shit mann ended up eating a bush and what not threw up on a few people but they didnt say anything if they did i wouldve shoved coke up their nose then i decided to play frogger on the highway by myself some ruined that damn game so i didnt reeally get to play i ended up getting arrested and told the cop to go party iwith me he said no got a 1000 dollar bnaiol.................unforgivable 56 48 Show
Hide 2433 CaptainMorgyne That nickname is definitely going to give me away. Haha. Anyways, I love 4L. Out of the 8 flavors they have, there isn't one that I don't love. In order to find this out, I had to try all of them. One night, me and a couple of my guy friends decided, out of complete boredom, that we were going to try all of the 4L flavors and see what each tasted like mixed with something else. We got a shit ton of them, and it ended up turning into a party. A couple of assholes showed up talking a lot of shit about how much they could drink. I, being completely stubborn and hate loosing, tell them that I can out drink them. It automatically becomes a contest. These 5 guys, verses little ole' me. If I could out drink all five of them, they each owed me a 100 bucks. If they out drank me, I had to send them nudes. The rules were simple; first "team" to puke, lost. I figured this was going to be extremely easy considering I had never puked from alcohol before. About two cans in, 3 of the guys were starting to slur their words and getting a little wobbly. On the third can, they ended up giving up. I was definitely feeling alcohol, but like I said, I'm stubborn, and can't loose. I had to beat these last two guys. Another half a can, one of the two that were still in, couldn't drink anymore, and puked.. Making me the winner. I got super pumped because I had pretty much put these guys in their place. Being 4 cans in now, I keep drinking. After half of the 5th can, everything is a blur. My friend Kyle ends up recording the rest of the night.. Let me tell you, actually watching yourself be a complete and total dumb ass, is the worst ever. I ended up talking a lot of shit about these guys who couldn't beat me. Just being a cocky bitch. The guy that puked, tries to get me to shut up, and I punch him in the face. I then decide to leave, and ask Kyle to drive to Taco Bell. We get there, and my ex girlfriend is in the parking lot. I walk up to her, grab her face, and kiss her. I then proceed to kiss her new boyfriend. Assuming she's in total shock, she nor her new boyfriend, say anything to me. I decide I don't want my food, so we leave and go to Walmart. Why? I don't know. I normally hate Walmart. We go inside and fuck around with stuff. Long story short, we get kicked out for racing the shopping carts. We then go back to the house, and I pass out on the back porch, waking up in the little swinging couch soaking wet due to rain. I had 17 missed calls from my ex girlfriend, and lost my purse. I never got my money either.. Fucked up night. Oh, and Kyle put the video on his tumblr, so everyone who followed him, saw it. -_- 133 87 Show
Hide 2432 Crista S. one night i took a few sips of four loko all i remember is waking up in my bed next to as giant plate of tacos. There was spaghetti made in the kitchen and everyone was telling me how crazy i was after i drank it. I was told i had a lesbian experience with a fat black chick. I do remember that and i kinda liked it. Any black chicks out there that wanna hangout? 53 50 Show
Hide 2431 Gianc I went to a party and finished 2 four lokos in an hour. I eventually whipped out my dick and had bitches petting it. I was tripping everywhere. I took a fat hoe to the bathroom and proceeded to get dome. Soon after the head session, I ran into a fence butt ass naked. Thats not even it, I hit my head on a door and was bleeding everywhere. I shouted to my boys D Tanc and Nuchey that I was going to "bleed to death and passed out. I was eventually sharpied all over my face. I woke up at 6 am and found shit in my pants and throw up on the bed... Lokos 4 life!!!!!!! 135 93 Show
Hide 2430 split Well after just one at my party, I went outside in shorts and decided to shovel all the snow off my entire front lawn. My lawn is about 100' x 50'. Never will I drink loko again! A week later at the party After 1 I was goone. I was dancing with this girl and the song pretty fly for a white Guy came on. Well I proceeded to attempt the knee swinging move and slipped falling right on the bottom of my chin. Not knowing what happened I lay there then I feel my arm getting dripped on. Weell. I split open my chin, about the size of a dime hole. Amazing I have no broken teeth. Oh and before this all happened I did aboout 146 push ups. 43 38 Show
Hide 2429 ThAt OnE BiAtCh well me and my friends were bored one day and decided to buy four locoz? we bought 6 of them yea wht a lucky number ha well i chuged mine n chuged anither and another then finished my friendz and after that all i could rember was fallin dwn a hill? and waking up in a hosptail dying? so yea woke up at my house the next day with tht hospital thing on my hand? knowing i coudvke of died from drinking mostly finished all of them but yea got black out drunk tht day haha not best idea bt i still drink them hah four lokoz bitch!!! bye(: 47 48 Show
Hide 2428 EmSevs I drank 1 1/2 four lokos and made out with Nick Maki. For two hours. 53 61 Show
Hide 2427 emotional so i downed a loko in less than 10 mins and havent eaten since 4 and it was already 6 and i was starving. so it starts to hit me and it hits me real hard. i fell and hit my foot on the tv stand. i started crying b/c i got afraid of someone. i came out of the bathroom with my pants down. i sat in snow and had to smell and feel everyone before i talked to them. i woke the next day wondering wtf happened. 52 56 Show
Hide 2426 God Well, I showed up at the house I usually hang at, thinking it would be a chill night. Everyone was getting shitty, and we were all going to go to a party at a frat house. I was playing catchup, so I downed my first Four Loko in about twenty minutes. I had another in my car, so I said, "Let's do this." Then I cracked open my second Four Loko and downed it over the next twenty minutes. Needless to say, I was flying high for the whole night. We left to go to the frat house, which is about a mile and a half walk. It was pretty alright. On the way, my buddy and I stopped in his dorm so he could piss. He left me in his room and told me not to touch anything. Apparently, I got his chex mix all over the place, and trashed all the papers on his desk. Whatever. We hung out at the frat house for an hour maybe, time really had no meaning at this point. We left and started to trek back to town. I think we stopped in a campus building to piss, and ran into some dudes that were doing the same. I think we then walked about 3 miles through town going to random places. We stopped at our friends house; no one answered the door so I guess we pissed in their backyard. At some point I face planted on the side walk. I remember it happening in slow motion, which is pretty awesome. Then we got some Dominos. I do not remember paying for it, so I am hoping that I got it for free. We went back to the house we started at, ate our pizza, and then everyone else started getting back, after the cops had apparently shut down the frat party. I started flirting with this chick, and probably would have gotten some, if only she didn't have a boyfriend or had been as trashed as I was. Eventually I started getting tired, and decided to drive home. All in all, I am pretty satisfied that I did not end up in jail. 49 57 Show
Hide 2425 wonderwonderland So I had a couple Four Lokos for the first time. All my friends said it would fuck me up but I didn't really believe them. I had about fthree our four and thendecided it would be a good idea to go suck cocks, so I basically made a deal that anyone who went out on my friends porch would get their cock sucked. I think I did like ten or twelve cocks. Later me and this Bolivian dude fucked on a park bench and I remember pissing in the street cause I had to squat down to do it. I woke up at this apartment next door with these Filipino dudes and we went to ihop together. I had a grand slam and it FUCKING RULED. Thanks four loko 47 40 Show
Hide 2424 Athus I drank my first four loko, and my girlfriend was asleep.. so i decided to start discovering some indie music online, downloading more and moar for my ipod.. until finally I came across a song by Ben Harper, called "Diamonds on the Inside".. but by this time i was well into my 2nd loko.. I had discovered enlightenment.. I am writing this while buzzed by da loko, k thx bai 48 53 Show
Hide 2423 new-z I bought a case of loko for my friends, we watch vedio all night in the night of l9 degree weather till morning and bought more. Only drink that match more was 151, in the big sky country in the 80's waking up in the morning snow covered. THE DAYS OF MY YOUTH. 44 40 Show
Hide 2422 Snod Out of class at 3 pm, one and a half 4 loko later, passed out for the night at 5 pm 47 41 Show
Hide 2421 BORED ummm just so ya know, we sit here every day in 4th period and read this. u guys have no life, and apparently we dont ether. 47 45 Show
Hide 2420 EBBjj me and a few friends decided to get a 12 of four lokos for a party at my boyfriends we each drank three and us being small girls it got us drunk. we ended up kissing every guy there grinding on them. by the end of the night all of us had are bra and underwear on thats it. though all the other guys loved it you can imagine how my boyfriend felt.. 57 53 Show
Hide 2419 "shit the bed" so one night i drank...well I should say I pounded 2 four loko's in about a half hour because I had to work until 10:30 and my fraternity was mixing with a hot sorority and I wanted to catch up to everyone and see where the night would take me. not only did i make it to the bars i spent $50 that I shouldn't have but i drank 3 long islands on top of that...freaked out on some chick I've been talkin to, cried, and ran home...I remember drinking the first long island ice tea cause I thought it was a good idea and I woke up in the morning smelling something awful..pulled off my comforters and i was laying in a pile of shit on my white shitting myself is one of my worst fears so I was moritified! good thing i didnt bring a chick home cause I'm pretty sure I would have no freidns right now haha....gonna chill out on loko's for a while 54 55 Show
Hide 2418 Greg This shit barley gets me buzzed. I'll stick to the blood of the motherland! 50 53 Show
Hide 2417 Anonymous I had heard about these four lokos so I decided to pick up 6 of them. I gave two to my bud and we shotgunned two of them each. He decided he was going to be the designated driver, so I started sipping on one, and when it was time to leave i poured the remander of the third and the fourth in my camel bak and we went to a party. I proceeded to piss in a mini fridge, a closet, a micro wave. Then I wrote on a bunch of walls in perminant marker. Then I fucked the girl who lived there, and ended up waking up having pissed in her bed and puked all over the place. She told me I said I loved her and wanted to be with her, but it was really just my way of getting in her pants. I pointed out the piss in the microwave and said oh you better clean this up, after that I proceeded to call a cab, and leave because I had no idea what happend to my friend. Turns out he got a DUI on the way to the party and I just bailed on him. Thanks four locos, I didn't like that guy anyway, and I got to be a horrible man being with out regreting anything! 47 49 Show
Hide 2416 badnight Drank three 4lokos and ended up trying to fight my bestfriend, slamming her head into the wall, having sex with two people while i was on my period, breaking a window, almost got my ass beat, got a ride home at 5am, went home trashed to my parents. Bad experience. 46 44 Show
Hide 2415 Fernando Gonzolez I drank 5 loko's and was FUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKEEEDDD up. Me and a couple friends Pre-gamed before the club, and I seriously DON'T remember anything. Aparently I was flashing EVERYONE my vagina, and I went up to the DJ booth and told the DJ I wasn't wearing any underwear, and grabbed his dick. Classic. 88 69 Show
Hide 2414 Loko Master I sprinted into the nearest 7/11 to grab about 10 lokos. I was on a loko binge and was in desperate need. after i hussled the fucking arab for $1 loko each, i ran like a cockied monster back to my car and sped at 90 mph home to share em with my best buddies. We played some loko flip cup and loko pong, and oh boy let me tell you the more that loko slid down my throat the more hornier i was getting each & every second. i made out with the damn red cup and thought it was this really hot girl that my friend had brought along, and i was so horny i whipped my dick out and stuck it in the can of loko, screaming BLOODY JESUS OF BUNNIES while my penis was being cut into small portions while trying to slip it in, imagined having sex with her but it was only a can, i ended my night with a penis of 1.1 inches LMFAO I FUCKING LOVE LOKO ! IM BUYING MORE OF THIS FUCKING SHIT!!! 48 46 Show
Hide 2413 yeahwhatever BF and I have been together for YEARS. We live across the street from each other. Had a bad bad fight that lasted longer than usual (we fight hard and love even harder.) The first night back we had 2 four lokos each (and we drink!) and had sex and sex and sex. Best make-up sex EVAH! I don't think it's ever been that good. Lawd, god! I was most late for work the next day, but I finally made it. And not because of the hangover, because of the sexover. 43 41 Show
Hide 2412 Bad loko It waz new years and my boyfriend had been already drinking heavily when he defied a 4loko would be a good idea. By the end of the night I wouldn't have sex w. Him so he broke up w. Me as I was leaving he started to cry.. He woke up the next morning to a pissy girlfriend not knowing why.. Hm damn u loko 42 41 Show
Hide 2411 Jt Me and my dog was drinking four loko than I rolled up three fat purpe jays. After we smoked my dash said " bro I got to piss". So he got up walked to a tree started pissing then I se his pissy ass on the ground. I walked over to him and for show he blacked out. I guss he can't handle the good stuff like I can. Oh and I threw up later that night. Got some good sleep. I'm only 9. 45 58 Show
Hide 2410 alex urbiha hmmm where do i start... i drank 3 four lokos and decided to lube my ass with a bottle of ketchup and my mom came home early and decided 2 walk in my room... i think u can guess what happens next ...fml 108 79 Show
Hide 2409 Stupid A$$ Got off work one tiring Friday evening and decided to buy four cans of 4 loco to relax. Started drinking while some friends went on their way to go shopping with me in the back of the ride. I basically finish all of the cans in a 3 hour setring. Last thing i remember was being tossed out of Safeway for trying to shoplift a 5th of vodka. Cops arrest me and then beat the shit of me for no reason. Im then tossed into jail for 24 hours for some b.s reason which seems like 3 days. 45 50 Show
Hide 2408 eatshit43 i was drinking 4 lokos with some of my friends by the time i finished my third i was just getting to a party and i had to take a shit but the line was fucking huge, so i grabbed a root cup and unloaded some mud all up in that bitch, thought it was a good idea to shotgun my 4th and it all went down hill from there, i started blowing coke and motor boating fat girls,, i proceeded to bring the grimiest slam pig back to my room where i stuck my chode in her chocolate fun tunnell 74 72 Show
Hide 2407 loko for dat loko Well, while they still sold four lokos in texas, I used to host a "four loko fridays" night at my house every Friday. They only thing to drink in that house were obviously four lokos. Well I had about 2 and a half lokos before the "angry" drunk in my came out. Some random kid was bad mouthing my wife right infront of me. Without hesitation, I threw a straight punch right in the guys forehead. Before his head bounced off the door, I was still following through with the punch, so my hand slid from across his head to a steel door. Ended up shattering my 4th metacarpal. Now I have a plate in my hand for the rest of my life. Thanks 4 loko! 45 45 Show
Hide 2406 loko lunatic drank 2 lokos on a gameday and ended up trading a room full of 10 guys a flashing of my tits for a headband. 51 43 Show
Hide 2405 josh johnson i drank 3 four locos and then loudly announced to my parents that my girlfriend (jessica) was now asleep. in a lisp voice... 61 61 Show
Hide 2404 sam jox big bertha 45 43 Show
Hide 2403 stacy mac i drank 2 four locos and had sex with brandon jarvinen 47 49 Show
Hide 2402 bowlman got three four locos, went to a party. i was trying to impress a girl so i tried to shotgun one, got 3/4 of the way done took a break and finished it. then i chug my second. i pound the final one. then i start drinking a gin bucket and a 12pack of beer. this all takes place in about 2 hours. i pass out on top of the girl im trying to impress. wake up 2 hours later with people running from cops. i get home to a locked door, wake my dad up to let me in and i puke all over him. great night, thanks loko, it was a VERY loco night 50 49 Show
Hide 2401 Ocho loco Drank a 6 pack of new castle and 2 forlocos then tried to play hockey. Mostly just fell down a lot though. 52 47 Show
Hide 2400 radio my aunt bought me a loko while on the way from a football game. i had drank a loko before, but i finished this one in like 5 minutes. So i told my aunt uncle nd a friend that i had to take a piss. so we went in the gas station. i was loud and acting crazy with a state trooper siting right in the store! so then on the way back to the crib i started telling all my business. i accidentally told my aunt and unkle i was bi which started alot of drama between my family. I kept messing with my unkle while he was driving and we almost got in a accident.i found out that i was making out with my friend that was in the car.then i had to pee again but they didnt want to take me in the store because of what happened the first time so i ended up peeing on myself right in the car lol. I woke up the next morning with different pants on different underwear and throwup all over my sweatpants. i blacked out though so this was all told to me. and i would do it all again :) 63 60 Show
Hide 2399 hate the loko you all dont need to drink this you will not knowing what ur doing when ur drunk get a life instead of getting drunk 60 68 Show
Hide 2398 verth After blacking out, going to a bar and drinking the rag beer, we threw an afterparty at our place where truth or dare was played, and tits were shook at downtown atlanta traffic until cars honked. at 4am. then there were the 3 orgies that i don't remember either. thanks, four loko, the drug DARE warned you about. 49 42 Show
Hide 2397 shane I went to a pogues concert with a friend of mine and her dad we drank some 4 loko or joose 1st, i don't remember. some guy in the crowd spilled beer on her the father and i bitched him out enough insisting he give us his tweed jacket in return...i don't remember if we got it. i later got in a fight in the mosh pit ran down the street bought more loko, bit the empty tall can in half to make two shanks also cutting the corners of my mouth. don't really remember anything between entering the pit shanks in hand and the moment i remember drinking shane macgowan's gin whilst he made out with my friend behind the venue. i then proceeded to some party, i dont really remember the rest of the night, but loko leads to tall can shanks. the next morning i was bruised, cut up, fat lipped and sore all over. 49 49 Show
Hide 2396 BeeBop After drinking a few 4lokos my roommates were laying on the floor as my boyfriend and I were on the couch watching a movie. Sometime in the middle of the movie the girl roommate sat up, looked down at her boyfriend and threw up all over him!!! His face, chest and arms were covered. He sat up really quickly then threw up on her. Her lap, chest etc. were drenched. All in different colors too. THey looked at each other, hugged and laid back down and went to sleep like that. Ugh. We tiptoed away fast and let them sleep like that. 124 98 Show
Hide 2395 WTFhappened>?? My story starts out with me buying five four lokos. I had never drank them before and had no idea that five was so much. I went to a buddys house where i finished all five playing good ole loko pong. After that i drank some beers and what not, then the fun began. I remember nothing for the next five or six hours. I started by looking for a bigger party and found one down the street that was a black fraterntity party. Now, consider I am a white guy who lives in Alabama. I left my friends house telling no one and walked to the party that was a street over. I entered the party by talking shit to them and making fun of their fraternity. My friends who were still across the street at my friends house realized i was gone and went looking for me. They found my dumbass on the front porch of this fraternity surrounded by people whom i kept yelling at and oh yeah i was the ONLY white person there. Needless to say they my friends got me off the porch and forced me to go back to their house. Now, their house is also a street down from the police station and in my drunkin state i took the chance of a lifetime. I took off up the road running wildly toward the cop station waving my arms. A policeman pulled next to me and put me in the copcar. My friends watching from their house now think i am in jail. They were extremly upset and called many people trying to gather money to bail me out. I somehow talked my way out of it by saying that i was a pledge for the dry fraternity on campus and told the cop it was my first time drinking. The dumbass cop buys it and takes me to their fraternity house. I then call my friends who were worried sick about me and tell them to come get me. I then go back to a friends and finally get some sleep. I wake up the next morning remebering absolutely NOTHING that happened, with no memory talking to any cop, going to any party or anything. I lost my cell phone, lost a shoe, 100$ was stolen from me, i somehow had aa differernt shirt on which still can not be figured out where it came from. I felt horrible and went to the doc to findf out i had a concussion and felt so bad i missed homecoming weekend at my college. Needless to say it was one hell of a night 55 52 Show
Hide 2394 powernic6 My first time ever drunk smh...... was from the monster in the can. I was at the county fair (I'm a lightweight) and I ended up pissing my pants from less than a can. 49 54 Show
Hide 2393 Mailbocks a mailbox hit my car cause of four four lokos 138 100 Show
Hide 2392 Ned Pepsee Why do I have car windows in my pocket?! 79 60 Show
Hide 2391 higgs While in las vegas, i was drinking four loko (its legal there) I made a reckless wager on the saints/falcons football game, and while in the sportsbook watching the game, i became upset that the falcons lost, and screamed racial profanities and got asked to leave.. thanks four loko! 53 46 Show
Hide 2390 blumpkin okay let me start this off by saying FOUR LOKO, we have a love and hate relationship.. anyway im a freshman in college and one night i went to one of my friends apartment so i decided ill down 2 four lokos and i thought i could handle it cuz im not a lightweight but man little thing did i know the Four loko really got to me. That night after finishing 2 lokos, my friend and i ordered ribs i ate probably 3 ,good size ribs. later that night i really had to take a shit and to add up with that i was fucked up like no other. so i went to the bathroom and tried taking a shit and guess who popped out from the shower curtain?!? this fat ass chick with like the saggiest tits ever! but to me that night she looked katy perry, while i was taking a shit she went down on her knees and started giving me head, in my state of mind i thought katy perry was giving me head so by the time i finished shitting i just bust on her saggy tits and left her in the bathroom. i went in my friends livingroom and passed out and next morning my friends told me what happened and when i saw what she looked damnn i almost puked my guts out! thanks four loko for giving me a fucked up night! im scarred for life!! 107 85 Show
Hide 2389 exister Halloween morning at 8 am i was pan handeling and i ran into another local on my way to get a wake up beer. He stayed in my spot out front of the beer store and they got a delivery. When the dude came out he asked for a kick down and the dude gave him two cases of loko's grape and fruit punch. So when i returned i was happy to sum it up quick i got hammered like i do everyday and had a loko halloween. Thanx beer delevery man and thanx four loko 44 46 Show
Hide 2388 FoURLoKoPRINCeSS ok so my night started visiting my brother at his friends to get his mom to buy me four lokos. so i got the lokos and went to a friends. we began by drinking the lokos as fast as possible cus we wanted to get trashed. i drank 1 1/2 and had a few shots of tequila and a cup of something that tasted like a sundae. i dont remember a lot but according to them i "made love" with my ex bf's bff... right in front of my very much sober ex... who i had been trying to convince i still liked. the night was crazy but hey no regrets! viva la lokos!<3 94 86 Show
Hide 2387 Go Gators! I live in a small to in Florida, but my friends live in gainesville and go to the University of Florida. I decided to visit them one weekend. I bought 2 lokos for the hour drive up. I finished the last one just I turned off the exit. I was in no condition to drive at this point, so I proceeded to my boy coreys apartment right next to all the frat houses. It was a saturday and the gators had one early so there were kegs and bottles and women everywhere! I went with my friends and got 4 more lokos. After the 2nd I found myself smoking pot with the KA House brothers and a girl named Natasha. I blacked out after going into the stadium and shouting " Wheres Tebow!" a million times. I got chased by campus PD after waking up around 3am. I got away by hiding in a 24 hour pizza place. I then realized I had no idea how to get back, but I knew the address. I ordered a pizza for delivery and rode back to my boys place with the pizza boy. I drank the last 2 lokos with the girl natasha I mentioned early and woke up with a fire and ice condom stuck to my ear, a USF jersey on and my face painted blue cuz I have orange hair. After all this I went back home around noon to go to work and was asked to take a random drug screening cuz I work for a power plant in FL. I completely forgot I smoked pot with the KA guys and I lost my job 2 weeks later. GO Gators! Fuck Loko 68 55 Show
Hide 2386 B. Clinton Oh boy got drunk, married Hillary, got some head from my intern in the oval office, now I'm a smooth pimp! Take that Hillary! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! 73 70 Show
Hide 2385 jackloko It was the night of my senior prom, and me and some friends decided to go to my friends house afterwards and have a kickback. I smoked a couple of bowls, and went to his fridge for a beer or something. I ended up taking a watermelon four loko because it looked good, and it was the biggest can in the fridge(i was baked out of my mind). I proceeded to chug 3 of those, afterwards puking my brains out on my friends couch. (all of the following is from friends recollection, cause i don't remember anything.) After 3 lokos, a couple beers, and excessive amounts of weed, i was naked in the street. My friends luckily stopped me before i got too far. It was about 2 AM, and my friends collectively decided to go to this huge graduation rager down the street. I tagged along, not knowing what the hell i was doing. According to them, I took ecstasy, smoked MORE weed, and chugged about another half of a loko before i took off with some random people in their car. I woke up at about 8 pm on the side of the road on a random highway covered in glitter and barf, my pants soaked in urine, and a bag of coke in my ass. I destroyed the coke cause i didnt want to get arrested. I wandered about a mile to the nearest cafe and asked where I was. I was in colorado. I live in Arizona. I had to hitch about 3 rides back and do nasty sexual favors for truck drivers. Thanks four loko. Never again. NEVER AGAIN. 85 73 Show
Hide 2384 Bentin Never drink three fourlokos and then text people while blow drying your hair. God will shock you for being so straight and then so gay. 48 46 Show
Hide 2383 my name is ralphie me and my friends went to mcdonalds and attacked people in the bathroom with our penises 60 54 Show
Hide 2382 Sheesh. Woke up naked on my best friend's bed after a Four Loko party. When I asked my incredibly dull sober friend what had happened the night before apparently I got with a chick, ate lots of pieces of cold left over turkey from Christmas dinner and drove a car into a river. I'm a guy, I'm gay,I'm a vegetarian and I can't drive. Four Loko, Eugh. 193 99 Show
Hide 2381 Spence Ok i started stocking up on four lokos becaue of the ban. I bought 8 of them and went to my friends house to play beer pong which quickly turned into loko pong lol. Drank 2 of them and played a few games then starting throwin money on the table about loko pong games. Ended up throwin about 100 bucks on the game. I was yellin at the top of my lungs whenever i hit a shot and pulled my dick out in front a bunch of dudes when the other guy was shooting. I lost then went to give the guy a handshake then sucker punched him and grabbed the money and trashed the crib while i ran out and hopped in my car and left. my girlfriend woke me up while i was passed out in our parkin spot with my pants down, dick exposed and all. she was pissed but fuck it!!! 60 69 Show
Hide 2380 trauma613 so one night i only drank one four loko but im a lightweight mothafucka and so i threw up all over in my sleeping bag which i dont know why i had that acted like i didnt do that or remember a thing about the night before and pass out before 1 am. wahts good 56 64 Show
Hide 2379 GottaLove4Lokos i went camping (with my family)decided to pop a pill&drink a four loko and 5 beers seemed like a hell of an idea. after drunk dialing my boyfriend, i jumped into the lake half naked.started making out with my cousins cousin(not blood related) blacked out for god knows how long.... woke up to him banging me in the sand,threw him off of me when i realized what was going on, then he decided to finish off himself,FML. 49 56 Show
Hide 2378 Fuckin Lokos long story short, my friend drank a loko i gave him some whiskey too...hes throwing up later, breaks my friends meredez logo off the car LOL WTF? , his breaths are short...ambulance gets him no lie all before midnight haha for new yrs eve...hes all good now but basically four loko and lightweights dont mix...never partying with him again =) 50 51 Show
Hide 2377 scarred for life so it was my first semester this year in college, and i was gettin rowdy drinkin 4 four lokos. I go out of my room after 2 and im feelin nice. i drink the last 2 and hit up a party and find this girl who looked hot but in reality she was fat and ugly, like a 2 out of 10, i bring her back too my room and we started havin sex and thought i was some kind of pornstar so i go two knuckles deep in her ass with my fingers. then i think shes real wet and after i finish, inside her, i realize this bitch had her period ALL over me, then she starts blowin me, with blood on my dick, and i get freaked out and run outta the room naked with blood all over me, i just happen to run into two campus police officers and they draw their guns on me cuz they literally thought i killed somebody. i spent a few hours in the campus jail until my friends came and explained what happened to the officers. its safe to say i will never drink four lokos again. 258 92 Show
Hide 2376 Happy New Yur! Went to my girls friends for a house party.....had ONE AND A HALF Loko...some champagne,a shot of vodka... Missed the new year....remember nothing past 1155 pm...passed out on the floor...puked on her friends picnic table... she loaded me in the car,put me to bed...while undressing me,discovers a huge hard on...Fucks me for two hours without me cunning. I fucked her so hard she shit in the bed. Too bad I can't remember a fuckin thing. Thanks Loko...oh yeah....I puked in her jeans and panties which were beside the bed....FUCKIN AWESOME!! 101 87 Show
Hide 2375 Toomanylokos So I was with my friends and had 4 lokos to myself went to a party and I woke up in jail I found out I fought a cop thanks 4loko 50 45 Show
Hide 2374 Bobbie Blackout search you toob for "bobbie blackout" that's a loko story 48 60 Show
Hide 2373 You know! So it was new years and I decided to go out and didnt have much money well I had heard about how 4loko messes people up for a cheap price so I decided ok yeah ill get four by the time i got to the party i took a few shot and had 1 4loko and i was way out of it. It was horrible I was all over the place acting like a drunken messs. Most of the night was a haze i love 4loko for a cheap price and to get drunk pretty fast is awesome :) 51 48 Show
Hide 2372 Shloef Don't ever chug four loko when your a 117lb 17 year old.. So a couple of friends and myself decide we're going to get 6 four lokos. We walk to a park right next to where they lived and chill under a pavilion. I drank a couple sips before one of my friends said the famous words "LET'S CHUG THIS SHIT". It as all down hill from there. About twenty minutes later my friend Oran(who is small and scrawny) decided he wanted to fight my other friend Nate who is basically a fucking body builder. Oran got the shit beat out of him once and right after he wanted to fight again! .. he got his ass tossed across the field a second time. At this point I was getting the spinnys so I put my head down. Not even 5 minutes after I threw up blue foam all over the concrete. My friend Jon carried me all the way to my friends staircase outside his apartment and I proceeded to throw up for a good hour. Not to mention I was totally embarrassed because the boy I liked(who's my boyfriend of 8 months now) watched the whole thing. After my fucking puke attack was ending Jon carried me over his shoulder to his house. There's still a blue stain on the concrete under the bench I was sitting on. 47 43 Show
Hide 2371 scooby New Years Eve, decide to not go out and play games due to not sleeping night before. Friends force me to go out with them, I drink a fourloko for the first time so I can stay up. End up stumbling around a party filled with old high school kids I vaguely know, asking everyone for coke, argue loudly how I want coke RIGHT NOW to everyone present, find my girlfriend and yell at her loudly, punch a dude, other shit btw I don't remember any of this I blacked out and people have been filling me in 53 51 Show
Hide 2369 bocaloko alright so my friends and i are driving down from the airport to the club. smoking blunts, drinking lokos. due to the dude in my back left seat who took a sip, the cop who was following me pulled us over. They smelt the weed and i had to tell them about everything so they searched my car for leftover weed(there was none) and in the end, after my sobriety test, all of us drinking who are underage got away with it. no trouble, nothing on the record and we got to keep the lokos!! the raved sucked. gotta love boca cops!! 57 68 Show
Hide 2368 Ditzy I drank 2 4 lokos for the first time &+ found out i got kicked out that night, &+ hardly smoked bud my friend was taking hits from the bong...took 3 big ass milky hits...was stuck on the chair...procced to toilet...but best friend grabs me off it, go in room...i throw up then...friend takes a pic of me with the trashcan they hand me doing a thumbs up sign! xD 47 62 Show
Hide 2367 pshizzy so one time i dranked this loko right? and it was good rite? and so i drank it rite? it was good? then i fucked a bear```````````````````! a fucking grizzly bear! 46 52 Show
Hide 2366 vincen Last night, my friends and I drove 1 hour and 45 minutes to a club. We started drinking in the car, finished the vodka and my buddy decided to stop at the gas station. we all pitched, and got four four lokos. I had blue rasperry. Finished it relatively quickly for my small size (mind you I am 5 6', 130 pounds. I'm a relatively peaceful and calm guy. We go into the club, after a rip a new asshole for this chick for pulling out front of the club in a new escalade. She was beat, so I let the whole line know how I felt. Finally got in, took my shirt off and started grinding on girls. Tried to get a girl to dance, she said no so i ripped her shoe off her foot and threw it into the middle of the dancefloor. She went to search for it, and I followed (how genius I am drunk). I Wrapped my legs around a super hot chick whilst holding onto a pole, later to find out she was a hired dancer at the club. I was escorted out by some kind security guards, hung outside shirtless, got naked in public three times, wore the security guards jacket to stay warm. Then my friends came out, I tried to sneak in again through the back door. Small mexican man followed us down the street, I marked my territory every block by finding fences to pee on. Found a tree near the car, said "Fuck you tree", broke a large branch and threw it into the street. I puked the whole way home into my own shirt, carried into my house by my friends, spit water into my dogs face at point zero, and woke up drunk in my own bed with the taste of rasperry in my mouth. fuck you four loko 139 90 Show
Hide 2365 thefourlokos me and my friends are the four lokos, did i mention that were 15 years old and we have consumed more four lokos than anyone on this damn website. four lokos have led us to: jumping into the back of a random bros truck and driving for hours to god knows where, pull a james bond move off our friends 2-story roof by leaping to the rope swing and sliding down, hookups with each other...? and god knows who else (maybe our dealer, BRAD...hes a 50 year old hobo and pretty much our bestfriend), finding our floor conpletely covered in puke and asking who threw up, dressing up as sluts and going to party at a local elementary school, driving with our parents to taco bell wasted as shit, stealing a boat from our neighbors dock, wrecking it, and then bailing, ive been fucked up so much that i cant even remember half the shit thats im sippin on a loko right now BITTCHHHHH LOKOS RULLLEEEEEEE! fuck the copssss 59 51 Show
Hide 2364 Bad*Loko I am a big big beer drinker and liqor occasionaly always have been.One day i purchused a couple of these lokos I thought they were great all these different flavors and is basically a energy drink that tastes good and has about a six pack in it i liked it so much I decided to stay away from the stuff.First few things I thought about it though was that"this is going to be really bad for the community and kids"now it's banned in several states was i right?sorry i am a expierienced drinker and do not have a crazy story-but do have a joke"I don't have a drinking promblem,I drink,I get drunk,no fucking promblem" cheers 52 50 Show
Hide 2362 loko girl One night a friend and I went to our friend's apartment so I could be apart of her first Loko experience. Thinking I was pro, since I have had them before, I drank about two and she drank one. Although it did no affect her too much, I apparently ran around with scissors claiming I was Harry Potter. I then ran into all the walls in our friend's apartment since I couldn't feel anything. I finally ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor. Guess I wasn't as "pro" as i thought. 50 55 Show
Hide 2353 RONMONTSER THIS STUFF GETS YOU FADED!!! fast i went through some real shit to get this actually me and friend were drinking this and actually it was a lot of fun i think im smarter when im i stood out in the rain for an hour but in the end i just paided my friend to get me one and one is enough...TRUST ME lol 45 47 Show
Hide 2351 oliver so i down two lokos, and we decide we need more. but we're out of money. so we devise this plan to get more booze. two guys hold the door open, while me and my stoned friend grab all the beer and loko we can and run into the car. problem is, on guy decides that while we're running out he's gonna slap the clerk in the face. and he really slapped the shit out of this dude. so my buddy who is still stoned throws all the booze he had in the air and can't stop laughing. the beer and loko cans bust open and there's chips and liquor all over the floor. so we just run into the car. i tried to drive, but that didn't really work out. we crossed the street and hit a car that was in a repair shop lot. there's a mcdonalds next to the repair shop. so we go to 7 ll, get a slushie, and go to mcdonalds. then me and my buddy throw the slurpies in the cashiers face, hop the counter and steal some mcchickens. no clue why we did that, my friend was high so he probably had munchies or some shit.then we run back to our car. we drink more loko, and i don't remember much else. i woke up at the party we were supposed to go to in the pantry with cheez it's all over the floor. 49 60 Show
Hide 2346 kredable17 My buddy and me were heading to the Florida Panthers vs Boston Bruins game where we picked up 2 four loko's. About an hour later were both feeling good and decided to get one more each, plus one for the ride home. After two lokos and a jack and coke we started loosing it. As I went to my seat I spilt beer on some little kid and his Dad glared at me. I lloked at his Dad and said "What are you going to do! (totally out of my character)" The dad sat down and I went to my seat. It starts to get blurry after this. We jumped in my car and did 120 the whole way home when my car died about 30 minutes from my house. I called AAA and they towed my truck to the earest gas station. While waiting we engaged in a small fist fight. Come to find out I ran out of gas and I had no clue. My buddy ended up giving the driver $100 tip. Four loko's made me feel invinsible and I'm lucky nothing bad happened. Do not try to create your own Four Loko story. 56 52 Show
Hide 2341 Tony I drank 3 four lokos and immediately fell asleep. 60 58 Show
Hide 2338 zaber my neighbor So I go to my friend Erics house to watch football and drink some beers. It was snowin like crazy so i fig id get trashed over there. When i opened his fridge to grab a beer a fruit punch four Loko caught my eye. I had never tried one and heard they were being outlawed cause kidds were getting hospitalized. SO i grabbed two. THe first one went down like water, the second, not so much. Next thing i kno we pick these two crazy b*tches alexis and jackie up n start drivin through peoples lawns. I was trying to get some s*x but they were drooling on themselves in the back seat from too many four lokos. After we turfed my own front and back lawn at my fathers house, cause i hate him, we end up in a field. So im racing around this field and its real rocky. I end up smashin into a rock. I jumped out right quick to check my truck and wasnt a rock it was a tombstone, we were in a freakin graveyard. i floored it outta there dropped them off, went back to my apartment that ive had for a while now (i dont live with my dad cause im like 26 that wouldnt b cool) and passed out on my bedroom flr in the fetal position. 99 77 Show
Hide 2337 ohh...crap! me and my mates had smuggled some 4 lokos into our house (by smuggled i meen my dads a cop and there banned in england) some being 6 cans. anyways i got totally hammerd drinking 3 all in more or less 1 go's and i found myself in mcdonalds facing the manager having to explain the reason one of his tables had smashed up , and worse still dad found out and i got absolutely crapped on grounded for 2 months AND got a warning for drinkin illegal drinks. LOL! 52 58 Show
Hide 2336 hunting season I'm a farmer who likes to hunt in the early hours of the morning with a few friends, we normally have Redbull to keep us sharp and quick on reactions but my friend told me about four lokos and he said the key was to take 3 cans in 5 minutes, i drunk all 3 cans one after the other then i took a piss and blacked out, woke up in the barn following morning with a sheep laying beside me with 10 gunshots to it, i looked at the sheep and puked up everywhere, friends said i went trigger happy with the Bolt Action L26A1 sniper rifle i brang back from Iraq. 46 45 Show
Hide 2334 loked drank a four loko and drank lots of beer and played beer pong...completely blacked out and was told i was doing keg stands what not. anyways woke up in my friends bed told her she needed to drive me home even though she drank as much as me and when she said no i thought it would be a great idea to take a $40 taxi ride home even though i had no money. got home and ditched the taxi driver who then proceeded to chase after me. ran up some back alley way and this kid came out and asked what i was doing on his steps. i said i was hiding from the taxi guy and he invited me into his party. we took more shots then i left and met up with my friends. we drank more and i blacked out again and did more bad things. anyways thanks four loko so sad your illegal now :( 51 50 Show
Hide 2333 Cat got your tongue? Saturday night all of a sudden i get this raspy ass voice sounds like i have been smoking my whole life next thing i find out its laryngitis thanks four loko! 63 62 Show
Hide 2332 bananapajamas one four loko a piece,couple shots of bacardi superior and white wine, success is epic, four locos are for the winn. winn. 48 47 Show
Hide 2330 CrazyBuddy I started off the night at my buddys house just eating munchies and such, i got a call from this kid that went to my college saying there was a wild party downtown, my buddy had about 12 4locos at his house we each chuged two and hit the road, we were taking the bus it took me 5 min to find change and the bus driver was being a dick so i went to the back of the bus and chuged another 4loco, i dont remeber anything after that, exept i woke up beside this black girl there was 4 condoms in the room and my buddys were no where to be found my phones gone and so is 450$ dollars FUCK. 49 60 Show
Hide 2329 curious i didnt have a story yet but ill like to try four lokos. i heard that i need to drink with my boyfriend because they have a afrodisiac side effects, ill will to heard about that. thank u 53 48 Show
Hide 2327 lovefourlokos So it was my best friends birthday(she turned 17) and to celebrate we decided to throw a big party. For alc we got 6 four lokos for ourselves and ton of beer and vodka. We both chugged 3 lokos each in about and hour and I decided to drive myself and seven others(my car seats 5)to in n out,ordered food, drove into a sign at a church, stopped to play at the park and then we both black out. We woke up naked in some random persons jacuzzi with clothes, empty cans, and used condoms all around the jacuzzi. asked what the fuck happened the night before, and found out I had sex with my bestfriends college brother and she fucked his best friend. THANK YOU FOUR LOKO.WE LOVE YOU. 137 93 Show
Hide 2326 glasgowjock I drank 16 cans, I'm Scottish 50 43 Show
Hide 2324 EvanSalmon i drank 1 4loko and ended up stabbing my shin with a pencil i tried to sharpen in my hamsters asshole 83 67 Show
Hide 2323 kidfrankie Drank 5 four lokos in new york....i woke up in kentucky. 62 53 Show
Hide 2322 lokomotive24 It was new years eve 2009, between myself and 5 other people we killed 22 four lokos. after the first 12 we decided to go to the casino 25 minutes away. We then came back home after the casino (lost a shitload of money), and proceeded to finish off the rest. Next thing i remember me and all my friends were puking outside in the driveway and one of my friends was passed out in my closet with a locked door and the stereo full blast. we could not get inside to shut off the stereo and my buddy was passed out cold. Next thing i remember was my friend waking me up in the dark house as i was standing in the living room. it was if i was sleep walking and didnt know. my parents came home the next day asking wat all the red stuff in the driveway was and i told them it was our cat kiki that had the stomach flu. my parents didnt buy it for a second. thank you 4 loko. we still continue to go loko for them lokos. 44 38 Show
Hide 2321 Slim Fasted YUHHH!! So I attend Texas State University so i think it goes without saying that I am what licensed administrators would call a absolute "Party Animal" so of course ive had my fair share of run ins with what i like to call Quattro Loko. So much that i am now quite the household name around campus, They call me the "Loko Master". But even with all of that fame that ive received from four loko i must honor the REAL "liquid cocaine" the REAL "blackout in a can" RICH CHOCOLATE ROYAL SLIM MUTHAFUCKIN FAST! That SHIT will have yo ass CHOCOLATE WASTED.......... muff said. 46 42 Show
Hide 2320 Kushman420 so i was kickin it at this party after id bought some four lokos. i left the store with six n by the halfway point of the party i had shotguned all of em. i then drank some of my friends thirty pack while i cud already tell i was fucked up. thats when the blur kicked in. oh shit i was studderin, walkin very slow and saw only slow but steady flashes of colors roaming the room. i asked my friend who was the owner of this party house if i cud crash in his extra room. i made it to his bathroom n puked my fucking brains out all over the toilet haha. projectile vomit was scattered everywhere. when i finished up n felt better i took my girl to the guest room n she sucked me off. i fucked her for a little n we passed out holding eachother hella drunk. i woke up with so many crazy ass texts on my phone and i didnt remember any of them. i turned to my side and asked my baby this. "u have fun last night or what!" i smoked a bowl of og kush out my bong and passed back out holding my girls boobs. that night the only thing i remember was cracking open the first loko n shotguning it from there on the most i remember was the sex. :) 45 55 Show
Hide 2319 Morayes-loko I drank three four lokos last night at 8 o clock thinking that it would only last until midnight. I had to be home at 12:30 I get home at 1:30, get in bed kiss my wife and go to sleep. I wake up throwing up, and two cops are standing next to my bed about to arrest me. Turns out I actually climbed in an open window into some random 17 year old's room, started making out with him in the middle of the night. Now they're charging me with statutory rape and trespassing. haha i was so loko 67 53 Show
Hide 2318 Phoenix This probably isn't the wildest of stories, but that's how you know it's true. My first time drinking Loko...I bought 4; 2 cran lemonade, 2 fruit punch. I drank two, gave my friend one, and halfway through my third I was feelin' good so I gave the rest to him. We danced to some old Opus III (techno) then I decided to visit my neighbor, who loved to drink. Bought a bottle of Evan Williams, sipped at that a bit...then realized my creepster acquantance had taken a liking to talking to my mom. So I'm suspecting something...well, my neighbor is drunk and everyone has left but me, him, my bf, and some guy. I'm upstairs when I hear a knocking, the guy had climbed on the roof because my neighbor locked him out and I had to help him through the window. Then neighbor came and kidnapped my whiskey and locked himself in his room, so I broke his door frame by smashing my body into his door trying to get it back. So I get my whiskey back and run to my house...I knock on my door and mom comes in a towel. I slam the door, run to the backyard, and tell my friend this creeper fucked my mom. I start gettin' real angry so I smash in my shed door but that isn't enough. My friend says something real insulting so I go crazy and start choking him. Well long story short we get in a crazy fight that ends when he headbutts me in the eye and I fall down, then get up and sock him in the stomache. We had had enough by then so I go home and pass out. I wake up with a bruised eye and sore all over. Great times... 50 41 Show
Hide 2317 Mikeyy Drank a Loko to start the night. Drank another in bp....blah blah ran from cops in a park, threw up in walmart parking lot...woke up this morning not remembering what happened after 51 55 Show
Hide 2316 drunkie Thursday night and me and all my roomates were going dt. It was a last minute decision but we had to leave now to get to power hour at grandmas so i wanted to pregame so I chugged a fourloko. Went to power hour got 5 pineapple vodkas then left to go to the next bar with my buds. Ordered 10 shots of tequilla had 5 gave the others to my roomates and woke up in jail the next morning 50 52 Show
Hide 2315 Regret's a ***** Last night I went to a friends frat party where the only drink there was four loko. As soon as we arrived we started downing four lokos like water and hanging out and chilling with people. We got up and danced with some girls when aroun 1 A.m. my vision started going black. Next thing I know I wake up in the town jail cell 12 hours later with charges of assault and drunk driving being pressed against me. Turns out after everything went black me and my friend got into a fight at the party where his arm was broken and a kids head got spilt open. We then got into my car to take him to the hospital with me driving and while driving was pulled over by a state trooper. Here I am 12 hours later having no idea how my friend is with $5,000 bail to get out. 53 48 Show
Hide 2314 dudewheresmycar? lets just say me and my best buddies were getting mad loko. my boy is a tank but after four lokos he was blacked out and after 3 i was too. we decided to reenact dude wheres my car. i successfully drove my car and left it in my churches petting zoo. played mad video games to defeat the aliens. fucked a hot broad then got punched in the face by her jock boyfriend. went golfing. forgot my anniversary. woke up in a sick ass jumpsuit. best part is i will always have my loko night since i have dude tattooed on my back.... 67 76 Show
Hide 2313 jess n last week i went to a party and ended up drinking 2 four lokos for the first time and apparently i did cartwheels naked in the snow but all i remeber is waking up in a bathtub but my friend drank like 5 four lokos and he tried fist himself, i'm watching the footage now it's the funniest shit i've ever seen 45 41 Show
Hide 2312 buzz snorted a flaming shot of bourbon then shotgunned a fruit punch four loko. robbed two extra marts and injected a hooker with chloroform. absolutely lovely night. I then proceeded to naw my legs off believing that i had more four loko in my veins.. 55 46 Show
Hide 2311 broken.. It was the first night me and my ex boyfriend(boyfriend at the time) ever tried Four Lokos together;; the most I ever drank was 1 and it gave me a pretty good buzz so we bought 2 a piece. The first one I drank down in about 10 minutes and then proceeded to drink down the second one in about 5. After that it gets a little fuzzy;; I went upstairs to go to the bathroom and fell in the bathtub;; didn't realize it til my ex came upstairs to see what happened;; turned out the shower curtain came out of the wall and then I'm told I wouldn't let him go to bed until he laid me;; I told him a lot of raunchy things and woke up the next morning with no recolection of what happened 41 41 Show
Hide 2310 Batman I drank 17 four lokos and found myself flying to the Jelly Belly jelly beans corporate headquarters wherever that is located and pleading with underage Chinese factory workers to give me five tons of popcorn flavored jelly beans for the 37 cents and pile of lint in my pocket. While I was there I convinced them to start manufacturing Jelly Belly Belly Jeans: pants made entirely out of jelly beans, and jelly beans made entirely out of pants. 52 57 Show
Hide 2309 ellie well.. from what i heard i was in the corner dancing with a large mexican who was on the football team, picked a fight with a girl who supposedly spilled a drink on me and it turned out to be one of my best friends, went to a boyfriends house 99% sure i had sex with him.. i got so upset that my friends came and get me but not before screaming " I HATE COLLEGE" slamming my brand new iPhone 4 on the ground how it managed to not break is beyond me. and then my friends put me to bed.. yeahh lovely way to wake up in the morning hearing this story 50 53 Show
Hide 2308 2 loko 2 handle group of friends and myself, all pseudo-responsible (not really, lolskis), 21 or with identification saying we were 21, woke up around 10 am, drinking loko at the pool back in the spring. haze set in around noon, i lost my boat, we went to a baseball tailgate. continued drinking loko in bathing suits, ended up going straight to bars after, drank loko inside the bar. bartender tried to stop me but i was loko'ed out and yelled at him to shut the f*** up, so he did. went to the convenience store around the corner to buy more loko, pissed myself (still in my swimsuit) in the store but the people didnt know so they let me purchase. then drove everyone home at the end of the night...dont remember that (lolskis again). 67 65 Show
Hide 2307 low-koh i had like,this 4 loko thing and then i got pissed and then piss got me!!!!! !!!! 58 64 Show
Hide 2306 uhohspaghetti I drank two four lokos and a couple shots of captain... ended up at a strange woods party full of rednecks without shirts on, so i took my shirt off, my guy friends had beer cans thrown at their heads so i punched a redneck in the stomach. i don't think it hurt him at all. then, we're in the car and we all take our shirts off (bra included this time) and my friend tells me her boyfriend's dick is too big to fit in my mouth so i put it in my mouth and then i take it out and say "i told ya so". i only know about any of this from the morning after. 48 48 Show
Hide 2305 It's OK My and a couple of friends went to visit another friend at Uni. Drank about 2 or 3 lokos before the road trip and more were drunk on route, my buddythen passed out, pissed all over the other two passengers in the back, and himself. When we woke him to tell him he pissed himself his reply was: 'Yeah but I knew I did it so it's OK' 55 47 Show
Hide 2304 hooked on meth well one day after doing a bith me and my my mate went out to get a prostertute and she sed try this (4loko) so we both drank 20 cans between us and we got smashed? and we wnt home and raped my wife and 2 kids we went to my dads got his 44 magnum and repeatedly shot a teddy bear an x girlfriend gave me and then realised i had a boner so we done eachover up the bum and then woke up on jerry springer!! 56 62 Show
Hide 2303 American Bad Ass True story: two Fridays ago i was out with a Norwegian we started talking to these chicks I'd say they were 5's maybe 6's anyway they had come to the bar with three dudes we later learned. I was able to befriend one of the dudes and so we all went to his house for an after party. These guys were all about 23-25 yrs old. Anyway they had purchased every four loko within a five mile radius and had 192 lokos in there pantry it was unbelievable they were all messed up on loko. True story #2: The next night the Norwegian made me drink a loko we purchased at a convenient store. He and i then argued about global politics for 1.5 hours (his dad was a senator in norway). While arguing at his place by 3 am I had convinced myself to get back together with an ex hook up, despite using gps on my phone and having been to her apartment many times I managed to lead the taxi driver into an alley behind a parking garage don't remember what happened next but was in her bed by 330 am called her a completely wrong name and then had &ex with her. Taxi driver kept calling me while I was doing my thing, thought it was a Russian girl I met that night so didn't answer, turns out taxi driver had my cc he left me 7 vmails over the course of an hour. Now I'm stuck in a pseudo-relationship for Christmas and a Nigerian cab driver is buying Xmas presents for his family with my student loans. Thanks 4 loko. 48 53 Show
Hide 2302 Steve Last night I blacked out pounding 4 lokos. When I awoke, I was the funking middle piece in the human centipede. 71 72 Show
Hide 2301 sickly I bought 4 cans and saved them until last night. I happily drank 3 of them and then 2 hours later was overwhelmed with the worst case of explosive diarrhea I have ever had. I peed brown liquid out of my butt for over 3 hours. 145 97 Show
Hide 2300 IK Mixed 4Loco with PBR for an entire night. At about 5am, I time traveled. Literally. 52 59 Show
Hide 2299 I wouldnt doubt it My mans Joel T had 3 four lokos in about an hour at a party my friend was having in her newly finished basement. He then proceeded to pass out on her new couch....We wake up in the middle of the night to some buzzing sound. I thought it was coming from joel so i went over and checked on him, turns out he peed his pants, broke his phone in his pocket, and ruined her new sofa. He wok up still drunk from the loko and after i explained what he did hes said...."man, I wouldnt doubt it" and passed back out on her bathroom floor. 95 78 Show
Hide 2298 Rodney Trotter Anal Prolapsed the morning after 48 41 Show
Hide 2297 AwesomeSauce I love Loko. I started one night off with a fruit punch FourLoko, since that is all our liquor store was carrying. I followed that up with a blue Tilt, then had a green Tilt. Needless to say, even though I was shit-faced, the green Tilt still tasted like ass. I blacked out, and 4 hours passed by in a flash. It was awesome. 60 70 Show
Hide 2296 derrick the god drank 4 four loko's nd woke up in a cave in afganistan with a bunch of taliban nd a camel so i stole a bike nd fucked off home 46 43 Show
Hide 2295 [A.M-20] I Drank 5 tins of Four Loko, Blacked out n woke up covered in shit. Don't know if it was my shit because there was a fat ugly man next to me. 51 51 Show
Hide 2294 louiseeex i drank about 4 cans, thats what i remember anyway... and woke up in london, bearing in mind i live 300 miles from london... i had blood, shit and jizz on me, dont ask me what bodily fluids were kinbe i dont know. i woke up in a B and B lying next to a 22 year old... to this day i dont know who he is... thanks four loko :P 51 54 Show
Hide 2293 Julia- kaka-koka My call of duty killstreak was 1.72. I drank 4 four lokos and when I woke up it was .27... 49 40 Show
Hide 2292 sailor I downed 3 of these in an hour then after a few more, woke up on a gay cruise ship locked in a cupboard with a gag in my mouth. Also it turns out that I'm married to the captains dog. Oh by the way I was already engaged, not any more. Thanks again 4Loko. I will miss you dearly. 48 42 Show
Hide 2291 kat sooooo...i was at a christmas party last night and a friend brought 3 cans of the forbidden four loko. i figured i should try some bc why the heck not. it tasted like a watermelon jolly rancher on crack. i don't really know how much i had bc the rest of the night is kind of a blur. i think we rode a camel from brooklyn back to the city. i gave the best blow job i've ever given (and I don't even remember doing it). recently learned how to deep throat. he LOVED it. way to go loko. 62 67 Show
Hide 2290 Sally I drank about 4 cans of the loko one night at a friends house. The next morning I woke up in my apartment wearing only a fur vest (nothing underneath) and tights, holding a bottle of session. Apparently me and a friend and taken a naked photo shoot together then I drove home. I don't remember any of this. 68 69 Show
Hide 2289 BritishGirl I drank four loko whilst on holiday in philly and ended up getting escorted out the eagles stadium. 60 63 Show
Hide 2288 KidCes After having all kinds of other mixed drinks, we decided to go to the closest liquor store to get some more shit to drink,my friends and I decided on getting 4lokos we figured hey its like an energy drink it cant possibly get us that fucked up and its like $3 per can, little did we know lol we go walking back to the party around the corner. Drank 2 cans by myself. Couple hours later i was the drunkest id ever been in my life. The party got raided by the cops, i had to be dragged out of the back door, we decided to walk and see if there was another party going on around the neighbor hood. On top of not being able to walk at ALL, i was throwing up non stop! next thing i know im inside a vacant house that was for rent. whole bunch of people decided to come, alot of shit went down in that house ill let you think about what could have happened haha idk after that i blacked out didnt go home till the nxt day around 11am 61 64 Show
Hide 2287 LOKOKING drank my first loko last night, ended up slamming a one punch knock out on a cow and woke up next to a car exhaust, nomoreLOKOSformeLAD 52 50 Show
Hide 2286 loko addict one bored day decided to drink ten lokos,woke up next morning with a toy police car poking out of my ass. must of been good night ;) 57 56 Show
Hide 2285 ????? I drank 3 four loko's last night. Woke up to find i had been arrested for screaming random things at my neighbours dog. some things im not proud of. 53 62 Show
Hide 2284 Lolman123 I heard about fourloko and I bought some over the internet after scouring all my local shops. I drank a can, and been a rather week drinker, I blanked out almost instantly, I woke up in my bed, wich was covered in vomit. And I had somehow installed my toilet into my bedroom. 61 66 Show
Hide 2283 Quarto Crazy club.hotel.ugly guy.Four Loko.blank.not so ugly guy.Four Loko.blank.cute of four loko.blank.waking up next to ugly guy. :/ 62 68 Show
Hide 2282 mandipants sooo....1 night of fourloko led to me peeing in a closet getting with 16 guys hooking up with my best friend in the shower i recorded a guitar song i got with the bartender to UN cut me off blacked out in a closet naked...they're pictures called my 2 ex bf's my friend drunk texted ALL of my contacts.... the next morning...i was still drunk twas fabulous 48 42 Show
Hide 2281 Section 136 All these stories seem like bullshit. Either that or no fucker can handle their drink! 73 67 Show
Hide 2280 Buck Nasty So I was at this hoes house. And we started drinkin on the four loko, next thing I know I wake up on the floor, thinking I just fell asleep. But little did I know, my night was full of extravagant drunk adventures my friends told me about the next day. First off, after apparently finishing multiple lokos, I pulled a chuck norris and kicked down my spanish teachers door. Soon after, continued on to the local BP and proceeded to piss in the janitors closet, only after jamming my pockets with power bars, jerky chew, etc. The store clerk then told my friend to get me under control and take everything out of my pockets. Since he saw me blatantly stuff my pockets and piss in his janitorial closet. I then return to the counter and remove one of about ten power bars that were in my pockets, and walk out. FoUr LoKo'z Fo LiFe! 59 57 Show
Hide 2279 4crazy on halloween i decided to try a four loko for the first time. by the time i finished the can i didnt really feel blackout, so i cracked open another one of those bad boys -- and then blacked out shortly after. the next morning i discovered that i left the party i was at dressed as a ninja turtle, went to the deli and ate a huge sandwich in 2 minutes, fell into a construction site and was covered in caution tape, and ended the night with cheese fries. solid. 48 46 Show
Hide 2278 roddaz one day i drank 4 loco never again blood sweat and siemen everywhere... i feel sorry for that buss full of nuns 46 38 Show
Hide 2277 Matty Yakshamash Drank 2 lokos with my mates (3 of us) woke up with my dick inside of my cat!? 55 43 Show
Hide 2276 Josh I had sex with my girlfriends mom and she actually had recorded the whole thing on the Camera she had bought my girlfriend for Christmas, so this is how it started, I'm all alone downstairs watching some crappy movie, so I go in the fridge and rumble around only to find four, four loko's so I'm drinking and drinking next thing I know, I hear my mom in law listening to rather erotic sounds, only to doggie her again. DAMN. 61 63 Show
Hide 2275 rabbi i drank 6 four loko and nothing happend cos im not a pussy. thanks 55 62 Show
Hide 2274 abrowncrayon I felt a bit drunk and also had a caffeine high and then I died. It was bad. I didn't like it. 58 58 Show
Hide 2273 Tiny eyes I drank 5 Fourlokos and did a poo in my best trousers at my grandmas wedding. 52 51 Show
Hide 2272 loko? i had a dr.pepper once... 70 64 Show
Hide 2271 Danz I was actually fine :) A bit drunk... But fine :) 69 56 Show
Hide 2270 jersey I was passing time with friends watching a Jersey Shore marathon on a lazy Sunday night. My friend got the genius inspiration to buy some 4lokos. Within an hour tops came off and a full on jersey shore threesome erupte. Jersey shore and 4loko don't mix. 50 49 Show
Hide 2269 jheaney ok so i had 3 lokos and i dont really remember my night so ive been told i took three cocks to the face one up my butt and i fucked two guys vaginaly. i woke up in a pool of blood that wasnt even mine. my butthole burns intensly and i think i have clamidia and aids. cant wait till next week end ! 46 50 Show
Hide 2268 kayray i died. 120 92 Show
Hide 2267 Big Steve I shotgunned two lokos in 20 minutes, thats the entire story if you get what im saying 48 48 Show
Hide 2266 babymommadrama well i had 9 four lokos , let me just say my night pretty crazy. i got my butt cheeks peirced, im missing a tooth, i found a wounded pigeon in my car, i found out i have herpies, and i woke up in bed naked with my step dad. guess what , im pregnant! 45 53 Show
Hide 2265 bluntcruiser me and my bud, were going to chill with my gf and her friend. we go to buy loko's and end upinsome park playing the gayest drinking game ever. we had 5 lokos in total, and since these rookies were wasted off of nothing. i drank around 3 lokos, right after a nice fatty. we leave after my gf's friend and my friend hookup and he almost bites her tongue off. we take them home almost crashing a couple times, after thatme and my friend decided to go get another dutch. by the end of the night i was attached to a tree holding on for life, since i have no balance, throwing up repeatedly, to then fall asleep in a random drive way 61 53 Show
Hide 2264 Hi None of these are true. 131 100 Show
Hide 2263 O-Bone Drove after two Four Loko's, got an awkward handjob in a bathroom, drunk an entire case of 24 budweisers red n whites, woke up in my boxers and someone else's socks. thats what happens when you buy like 10 kilo's of Loko's, or as i call it: 10 Kiloko's 52 51 Show
Hide 2262 SiDESHOW This is the story of Four Loko and the sacrifices made . . . 61 65 Show
Hide 2261 crazyhighschool 4 loko party at a friends house. 3 cases of four loko and a keg of keystone. Next thing i know we're all wakin up. there was about 9 girls and 9 guys. 4 people claimed they had sex, protected. All said they had a green condom. One green condom busted into 4 peices laid in the hallway. 1 girl was completely fine, 2 girls dropped out cause they had babies later that year and no one knows what happened to the horse.. Crazy nights my dudes. 50 50 Show
Hide 2260 victoria one night stand.....that is all -__- 60 57 Show
Hide 2259 Sapper Had a bonfire, people got naked, woke up in my bed with pants as arm covers. Looked outside, nothing but smoke. I started a Forest Fire. I had to run down into the field and stamp out most of it with a water bucket and my shoes which melted, until everyone got there to help us put it out. I will NEVER drink Four Loko again. Except for tonight. 53 54 Show
Hide 2258 Bus pass Drank a 6er of lokos with my best friend. By the end of the night I cried with my friend, re-broke up with my ex-girl friend, crashed my sweet sweet car and ran from the police through back yards for 3 hours. If you take the caffeine out lokos where the fuck do you expect me to get the energy to run from cops! 49 42 Show
Hide 2257 evilevo408 drank 5 four lokos dont really remember shit other than mooning some people on the freeway smokking a gang of weed and i fucked this girl at her friends house and her mom came down and saw then went back upstairs lol then i woke up looking in my car and seeing about 30 more four lokos that i bought!!!!!!!!!! thank you four loko!!! 48 47 Show
Hide 2256 nycan On 12loko I fell into an open sidewalk grate in New York. 51 59 Show
Hide 2255 strikeouthitter! Got Drunk, Flipped my car, broke 3 ribs, and kicked a Terrorist in the balls! Take that you Communist Bastard! HAHAHAHA THANKS FOUR LOKO! 56 67 Show
Hide 2254 Stellarx0123 Drank two..had a few shots of whiskey. I woke up with an entire punk rock band sleeping in my room and had to ask the singer If we fucked. He said no because he has a girlfriend .. He just went down on me for an hour. I love fourloko :) 53 53 Show
Hide 2253 fubared1234 So I go to a local party 2 four lokos in hand, and a case of bud in the truck. 1 loko down feelin good. add three beers, feelin crazy. add another loko, i dont even know where i am at this point. next thing i know my buddy is tellin me that i just got punched in the face. he was right. i got popped in the eye by a 14 year old and didnt know it. apparently it was pretty sad. haha luckily i barely remember anything from that night. but sadly im no longer loco for four loko because of this. 48 46 Show
Hide 2252 WTF!! me and my friend drank 3 four lockos each,, in his room playing x box, getting drunk talking shit to people on live next thing i remmember is waking up, us two butt naked in his bed, then i left his house and we never spoke again CRAZY SHIT THOSE THIGS WILL DO TO U. 53 50 Show
Hide 2251 Jess I really like four loko's, and since it came out its been my drink of choice. But after this past Nov.1st where i was pulled over in kent after a friends party ill never drink them again unless staying at a friends house. I had 1 four loko in a 3 hour time period, and my boyfriend and i left our friends house. I didnt have the slightest buzz of any kind, and was then pulled over an arrested for a dui. its been weeks later and thousands of dollars which i really dont have, and im still fighting for my license and rights. So just dont be stupid if ur gunna drink them just def dont even have a sip and drive home, ive def learned its not worth it!! I mean ive had some awesome times drinkin em, but u just cant be driving around even after a sip or two! 45 51 Show
Hide 2250 HiLaRiOuS So the first time i drank three Loko's my girl went to bed before while i stayed up with my buddy. When he left i went into the bed woke her up started bangin her, got the bright idea to stick by thumb in her but and held on to her waist as she tried to get away. I was yelling " you know you love it" over and . I didnt remember a thing but she didnt tell me not to do it again. 72 51 Show
Hide 2249 eastwickloko I think I had more than 2 4lokos but then again i dont remember. Told a fat chick i would rock her world ... passed out ... woke up in a bathroom with a naked fat girl that i face fucked on the floor of the bathroom ... ran out the bathroom in horror then passed out again ... I ended up in my Brooklyn dorm ( i was originally at lower manhattan ) waking up to a smelly naked fat girl in my bed and me with only boxers on and my roommate laughing at me ... tried to get out bed and forgot it was the beds high above the ground and fell ... Fat girl said i did not use a condom ... Me and 4loko have a love hate relationship 44 40 Show
Hide 2248 Loko Crew I was scared to try four lokos at first but the minute i tried them i fell in love. I started drinking them on a regular basis every weekend, 1 1/2 and i was set the whole night. On Halloween i drank beer because i didnt think i would be drinking four loko. Went to two parties; drank beer at the first one & by the time i got to the second one i was already pretty tipsy. A couple mix drinks later my friend hands me a four loko, well...lets just say the rest of the night went like this: Made out with a guy in the bathroom, (thankfully this was before he threw up outside & had to be taken home) took shots & then proceeded to yell "BODY SHOTS". I blacked out after the body shots, but apparantly i made out with one of my girlfriends & threw up that night. In the following days a video surfaced on FB, lets just say those were the hardest two minuets of my life to watch. 55 47 Show
Hide 2247 Dr. Charlie Sheen First time having four decided to double up and make it a ocho loko night...blackout. The next I day my friend shows me a video on his Iphone of me getting straight punched in the face by a chick....and after little amount of prefrontal lobe cognition returned with a wild haymaker to her temple, causing her to stumble and fall....that's what bitches get for cheatin'. Check youtube for "the wrath of the Gilson" for vid. 49 41 Show
Hide 2246 Ashamed I ate a piece of cat shit for $3.17 257 104 Show
Hide 2245 Yasik Soooo i had one fucking four loko an the next morning i wok up in my freinds backyard completely naked and my freind connor and crowe naked next to me n we were holding hands........crowe had an army hat on n thts it 48 46 Show
Hide 2243 Mario Went to munchies 420 on four loko... Ate a philly cheese steak sandwich that blew balls... kept pissing off my friends and was made fun of by people at the restaurant. Felt like shit. Nothing special. Malibu > Four Loko 62 59 Show
Hide 2242 AZ Girl I'm in my 40's and have had my share of alcohol stories...but with this stuff...well it went like this. Went to a football game...tailgaited.. had 1 1/2 cans of Four Loco and one beer actually at the game...not too much really. I have never been so out of it! I thought I remembered doing everything during the night, and thought I was FINE to drive home...however the next day was another story....couldn't remember much of anything, not even driving...and that is so scary!! I am so freaked about this product I am glad they are pulling it off the shelves..sorry guys. I drink Red Bull/Vodka all the time and have never had this effect on makes me wonder why is this stuff so powerful??? At least I can say...been there done that!! Wow!! 60 54 Show
Hide 2241 downtown bums The night started great at a club in downtown miami. I drank 2 and a half 4lokos that night and had 2 bums helping me acrooss the street while I only had on one shoe cuz the other had broken in my drunken stooper then I had to take the train and bus home I ended up falling asleep on the bus missed my stop and had to walk home with one shoe 52 42 Show
Hide 2240 2ballduval After hearing a few songs about four loko on youtube, this is how psyched we got about four loko 68 76 Show
Hide 2239 Ted Loko Ted fucks bitches and gets money on four loko everyday of his life, and he clearly does not give a fuck 48 39 Show
Hide 2238 the loko master the good thing about four loko is you might not always remember but at least one of your friends does.... 59 65 Show
Hide 2237 The Great Fratsby I put down 3 four lokos whenever I feel its time to act like I'm black. Talk like I'm black. Smell like I'm black and most importantly spend money like I'm black. 50 57 Show
Hide 2236 the first Four Loko Last year we were deciding what to drink before we went out that night, and one of my roommates goes "hey have you ever had a 4 loko?" and me and my other 2 roommates were like "no whats thats!?" and she explained to us that it was a caffeinated alcoholic beverage drink, but all we cared about that it was $3.50 and 1 of them got you drunk, so of course we thought it was the greatest thing ever so we all went out and bought them, decided on the watermelon flavor. The night was a typical I remember my first four loko night, but not really for my roommate because it ended by her blacking out at the party and throwing up pink foam all over the porch, and we had to get my friends boyfriend to carry her back to the dorms later on that night because she lost the ability to walk. 53 58 Show
Hide 2235 sidewalkslam went with a couple of friends and downed around 8 lokos collectively. somehow managed to wander with another friend into a very upscale neighborhood where we tried to start a riot. somehow got 8 followers, screamed at an old couple and got hit by some guy in a car. thats where i blacked out. apparently i procceded to get up and beat the shit out of the guy who hit me, ran into the woods and fucked up a cop car while no one was inside. fucked a girl i met, puked on her and ran away to find more drinks. apparently i didnt make it because i woke up in arizona. i live in california. i still dont know how i got there. my friend blacked out during our run for more loko. 159 113 Show
Hide 2234 Jessyk So i went to visit my best friend and had the opportunity to try a four Loko. I was trying to impress this one guy that I thought was hot and so I chugged a whole can of raspberry four Loko. I was feeling a little tipsy but thought that I could totally chug another one. So he gets me a watermelon one and I chug it. I find out the next morning I fucked him, his best friend, and a girl. How I fucked a girl I don't know but I guess I had my first lesbo encounter because I woke up next to her instead of the guy. Never again am I drinking a Loko lol 113 75 Show
Hide 2233 lokosonice LOKOS ARE MY SHIT 45 41 Show
Hide 2232 rawr ok so i have several short stories, on the last day of school me and my homies got drunk as fukk on lokos i showed up at my friends kik bak, got soaked in lube, jumped in the pool,kissed a 10th grader against the same sex on the lips, peed in the middle of a skatpark, walked through bushes, hugges and cried to some random girl in the street for an hour, told everyone i got raped, went to my friends house, woke up with my worst hangover threw up 20 times in 2 hours, walked home at 8, had a dance preformance at 9. an other time was at the promenade, i was screaming, i gave some random guy hickeys at the bus stop, went to the venice skate park, dropped dome in the bowl infront of every1, flashed every1, and talked shit to a venice sucidle´s face. an other time i drank at my girls pad than went to a barmitsvah, ended up in topanga clearing a fukn 4 foot bong. other time i drank with a buncha girls...and i basicly thought i was snoop dog. an other time on halloween, i met up with guys...drank 2 3 bong hits, got in a fight with some girl, smashed this random guy, though up noodles, fell off a hill face first, tripped over a curb and sprained my ankle, took the bus home, missed our stop, hitchhiked bak with lesbians. and went right to sleep. Oh and by the way, im a 14 year old girl in 8th grade(: 50 56 Show
Hide 2231 sirbrett This one time my buddy was trying to park his car but he didnt want to risk parallel park. So being the greatful man I was I was more then happy to offer to step up to the plate. My dear freind completely forgot that just moments before I chugged a four loko and was feeling hyphy. I ended up parking his car perfectly my first time and when I was done I stuck my head out the window and shouted FOUR LOOKKKOOOO!!!! At that moment they remeber that I was all lokoed out. priceless...God I love you my precious four lokos. :) 58 59 Show
Hide 2230 LoKo FoR tHaT LoKo This story begins at a small school in Connecticut. I am usually a hardcore drinkin machine, then i heard of something called four Loko. I decided to go big and purchased (4) fourlokos. What a great idea it was. After 2 four lokos. i took on an alternate identity as the Trash Hunter. I proceeded to prowl around my dorm building investigating each trash room on the floor. I found garbage that someone did not put down the shoot properly. I then procceded to conduct a thourough investigation into whom the trash belonged. I discovered whos trash it was. I ripped open the garbage bag and dumped the contents outside the perp's door, used tampons and all. I <3 four loko. Toot it and Boot it. 51 44 Show
Hide 2229 britttttt094209 i donated blood prior to a huge party and drank 2 four lokos... apparently donating blood and drinking beer is extremly dangerous and will get you drunk quick, i drank lokos so i was feeling drunk off my ass. i hooked up w/ a fat ass and didnt get home until 6. I had the ACT at 7:30 and made a 19 due to my huge headache, bodyaches, and you know where aches. 60 60 Show
Hide 2228 Loko Bol I don't have a four loko story for you all, cause it got fucking banned... fml 51 55 Show
Hide 2227 iDrink ..ok..i am currently reading a book...and by reading i mean consuming...and by book i mean four i have been reading these posts sent in by dedicated loko drinkers...they all seem to be the same in a sense...they all consist of one crazy time they had...i personally have drank several four lokos every day for 4 months...and i don't plan on stopping any time soon..and mentally retarded shit happens to me every god damn this is what i have decided...i "iDrink" going to post every night..and let me say this..the only thing that i hate more than my ex's vag..(i really do love it tho) people who post on here with fictional stories of the loko as i typed that..the wind blew and knocked my loko over and spilled it on matter how crazy the night gets(unless loko finally kills me)..i will post the god's honest truth about the retardedness that is my life...good day and i will post tomorrow...cheers mate <-----i'm not british..i just love aldous snow...look it up ;) 49 61 Show
Hide 2226 17 first loko experience. pregamed with whiskey, then drank two four lokos. friends were saying "how fucked up i was going to be" and i didn't feel any different than any other drunk. ran out of loko so i started drinking beer. nothing crazy happened youre all pussies loko is overrated. 44 58 Show
Hide 2225 i go loko for loko So, my first time on loko, I chugged an entire can of the stuff, had a couple shots, and a weed brownie. I proceeded to attempt to make out with every single person in sight, dance in the streets, call the bus driver a "hot mama" (it was a guy), and throw up. a lot. THIS. STUFF. ROCKS. 48 43 Show
Hide 2224 loko slither-jacked I'll make this short a sweet. Numerous beers, shots, and 2 lokos a peice for me and my buddy. It ended up with him mooning a taxi cab, in the middle of a major intersection(the exact intersection will be left out for legal reasons) and me pushing him into an a/c window unit, which fell through the window along with my freind, right into someones living room....opps, loko-licious. The next day it continued with blacking out, hitting a curb while driving and shouting at random pedestrians, and being just all around buligerant and drunk. 64 66 Show
Hide 2223 Hollywood After a night out at the bar I drank a Hulk Piss Four loko (lemon lime) While drinking I saw an interview with Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman. I grabbed a 15 pound jar of change and decided to re-create his 2 missed field goal from the loss to Nevada. THANK YOU FOUR LOKO!!!!!!! 53 60 Show
Hide 2222 jon One night me and two of my friends decided we were going to get drunk. I drank two four lokos fairly quickly. I woke up around 9 PM the next morning at my friends house, many miles away from where we had drank the four lokos. We walked probably 4 or 5 miles. There was dried blood all over my hands. Apparently I repeatedly punched a garbage can and cut myself trying to climb a fence with barbed wire. My mom said she talked to me on the phone and I sounded incoherent and very intoxicated, this was apparently around 11 PM. 47 46 Show
Hide 2221 iDrink first off, i would like to start by saying..there was a day when i made fun of my younger brother for drinking "a sissy drink"(four loko) my defense..i had not yet experienced the gasoline mixed with bleach and crystal known as four loko...i can't remember the last day that i "didn't" drink four here's 1 out of 16,221...what?..i love four loko.. i was at my brother's house...he lives with his girlfriend(cassie) and her mother(lori)...i was out in my car listening to music and drinking a couple four loko...apparently i started to pass lori came out at 2am to tell me to go to bed...i got out of my car and started to walk inside when i decided to go out back and smoke a cig first...lori went inside and i went out back...lori wakes me up again...this time at 6:15am...i was still in the patio chair...passed out...she says "you're still out here"?!?!..i stood up and my right arm didn't work..i thought nothing of it because everyone has slept on their arm wrong and it fell i went upstairs and went to bed.....woke up at noon and my arm was still dead...from the elbow down..nothing!... 3 months and many four lokos later.. i'm now on the way to see a neurologist about my current nerve problem...on the way i drank a couple four lokos...big make a long story even the waiting room i ended up proposing to..what seemed like a 90 year old woman..but she was probably really like 105..she looked good for her age...i told the receptionist that i was running for mayor..then i got called in to see the doc...i have nothing against jewish people...or anyone else...but after i told the doc the he smelled like a french whore..i told him he had a jew fro..not a good thing to tell the man who is on this earth to fix your dominant hand that four loko had i was asked to i did the only logical thing at the in my car and drove to taco bell...because why not? the moral of the story matter how bad a situation is...even when all hope is lost...even when your limbs stop working and your lap is covered with meat, cheese and can make it all good again..with four love ps..i'm consuming an original grape right now.. :) 49 45 Show
Hide 2220 Nuked one time i was drinking four loko with my friend sunni and we were driving to pick my friend rylee up in shelby, nc because she was moving back to asheville. we got wasted before we even got there and somehow ended up in south carolina. then, we picked rylee up then had to pee so we drove to a WaHo and after peeing i knocked on the window and told this girl to come outside. when she did, we borrowed cigarettes from her and she told us that the next day she was moving to a mormon farm. she hugged us all except my friend because she said that rylee "had puke all over her". we told her that she didn't so she hugged rylee but rylee was already pissed so she told the girl that she was fat and then tried to fight her. we ended up lost again on the way to asheville so we stopped off the side of the highway and sang a few songs before heading back in the direction that was somehow the right way. we got home okay (i know because i woke up the next morning) but it turns out there was puke all over the back seat.. that mormon chick was right. then, rylee started her new job a few hours after that. 52 49 Show
Hide 2219 Zack Morris Alright, Im not gonna go into too much detail since I dont wanna be identified. Anyhow, I drank 4 cans the the magical juice, and from gathering information what happened was a night Im glad I do NOT remember. It started with stumbling back into the store to get more, and when the guy said they had run out, I apparently raged & went over the counter to "fight" I guess. Well, first of all Im a regular, so besides my dodging the store now, Im pretty sure thats why he didnt call the cops. BUT that didnt stop me from accidentally bumping into the "cop button" underneath the counter during our may-lay. Well, after I was told I was caught on camera, and some persuasion from the people around... I took off. I ran and left the party I was with and apparently disappeared. After this you would think I would wake someplace butt raped, but a skilled fighter (drunk or not) yet somewhat intelligent, I was able to run to an old girlfriends house. Now, she loves to party... so she wasnt home. Ok .. So the next part I cant say for sure how it happened, but I guess I had tried to climb in her window "to hide from the popo" when I was spotted by her mother. She recognized me (of course), and surprisingly didnt kick me out. In fact im not proud to say this, but I ended up boning her. I woke up naked with my raw dogged dick tucked between her wrinkled ass cheeks. I jumped up (now sober) not remembering wtf happened. She in turn woke up and said she had showered me and told me how the whole thing went down from the moment I had climbed in her daughters window. She told me not to worry she wouldnt say anything to my ex... now, as Im getting dressed (as quick as possible), with a look of horror, she says her daughter didnt come home last night. Granted I was curious where she was, but I wasnt trying to stick around especially since I had just piped her moms! So I took off.. forgoing the ride and breakfast offer. As I turn the corner to the nearby Taco Bell, confused as shit. I call my friends... who meet me and tell me the first half and that I "may be wanted". Im still hiding, but omfg... I have now retired from my Loko ways *as I down one* ... right after this one. Really though, Im probably never gonna live this one down. But shit ... they say there is always a silver lining ... and I guess if I really think about it... yea, Im not gonna lie. I pat myself on the back knowing I plowed a semi-hot GILF, and her still smoking daughter... all in one year. Thanks to 4Lokos, Ive now filled a mom & daughter full of creampies. WOW. TRUE STORY 127 90 Show
Hide 2218 2Pac One night me & Suge was kickin' it at Death Row studios, fuckin' bitches and whatnot, smokin' on that fuckin' chronic gettin' blazed out our fuckin' mind. Me and Tha Dogg Pound copped about 20 Four Lokos apiece and started drinkin' 'em at about 10:00. BY about 10:20 I was fuckin' LOKOOO'D bro. Me and Snoop started showing bitches our dicks on Sunset blvd. like woah. LOLZ. Then we rolled to Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles and beat up the kicthen staff. LMAO. Well, just me, Snoop and Tha Dogg Pound did. Suge was too busy eating. Nigga ordered like 5 buckets of chicken and shit, 3 plates of waffles smothered with gravy and covered with bacon bits and a 40 ounce of maple syrup. Then the five O roll up on us cuz we beat everybody up and shit and I was all like don't tase me bro and they was all like you guys need to leave and we was all like cool buyut you know it's westside bro. Shit, then we fuckin' left about 1:00 am and I don't remember anything after that bro. I was fucking LOKO'D dude. I wake up the next day and we at war with Biggie, Puffy, Bad Boy, Mobb Deep and Junior Mafia cause of some song called Hit 'Em Up the homies said I made when I was blacked out on Four Loko. ROTFLMMFAO. Then I call Biggie and I was like look bro I didn't mean it I was fucking LOKO'D out and he didn't want to hear it. #real talk #truestory #thuglife #outlawz 56 66 Show
Hide 2217 Loko4ThemLokos Well Im 15 and decided to go to one of my friends partys and drink a 4 loko and then drink 10 beers with it. I didnt black out or anything but i did put 2 cans of grizzly wintergreen in my mouth because my friend dared me and slept with the 2 cans of wintergreen in my mouth, i woke up to a mound of chew laying underneath my cheek.. i did something none of my friends did that night, i drank 4 loko first, and fit 2 cans of chew in my mouth 48 41 Show
Hide 2216 4lokoEsNoJokoo On a long ride out to my boys college, i consumed two four lokos on close to an empty stomach. Least to say i was feelin crunk, looking for anything to punch or kick. We arrive at my boys dorm and notice the door is slightly broken but still locked. I call him since knocking on the door brings no answer. He say's he's in his room not opening the door for an hour because we took too long to get ther...i got pissed took a step back and kicked the shit out of the door. I could hear i was doing damage, i landed kick after kick. The friends who i came with, were tellling me to dip but i was determined and with one last effort i ran and jumped into the door completly knocking it off the hindge and leaving the lock itself on the floor (knocked off the door). i felt so accomplished but my boy wasnt in there..he was downstairs eating. I quickly closed the door, but it would lock. The cops were called because a few girls has seen me. They came and because nothing was stolen they left and the night continued. I never told my boy it was me =) 49 51 Show
Hide 2215 WTFDUDE!!!?!?!?! Well one night I was stoned, when I decided to go to the liquor and bought 6 4lokos got drunk and woke up on a plane to Amsterdam THANKS 4LOKO 59 56 Show
Hide 2214 TimmyD So, like, last night and stuff, I drank 8 FourLokos and read stories on and TOTALLY realized most of them were made up... and stupid. 88 80 Show
Hide 2213 57 50 Show
Hide 2212 ATLBrent Four Loko topped w/Whipped Lightning=Thunderstruck! 45 41 Show
Hide 2211 40lokos So i went to buffalo to stock up on 4 loko before it is off the shelves. also, you cant get it in canada so its nice to be unique. i drank 5 of them and woke up next morning with some homeless chick on a park bench. she gave me a blowjob, was nice cause she had no teeth and i puked on her the next morning lol she liked it cause there was alcohol in my puke, fuckin bum! 51 58 Show
Hide 2210 LIZALOKS Hi LOKOS im LIZ... Now that fourlokos are banned:( NOW I drink TILT. I love the grape can Its good but nothing cant replace my GRAPE FOURLOKO!!! 0ne night at a party... 0ne of my boys got 12lokos i had 4 all grape. I got soo fucked up (i blackd out) I was told that i was dancing on top of my friends car screaming fuck niggers with a american flag not giving a fuck. Then i went to a 711 store AND did a beer run and took 6lokos in my i drank 3 and got horny i ended up in a 3sum with my bestfriend(girl) and Zack (my bf boyfriend) woke up the new morning with my pussy sore and hickes on my neck and 3 gape lokos im my purse. I was grossed out that i couldnt drink no more. I made a homeless man happy that morning and gave him my lokos THANKS PHUSION PROJECTS... 4LOKOS WERE FUN... =) NEW 4LOKOS WITH N0 CAFFEINE ARE C0MING OUT SOON! BUT WILL NEVER B THE SAME 47 53 Show
Hide 2209 kookooforlokos i drank 5 four lokos and ended up fuckin one of my friends goat lol the good thing was that i used a condom and to make it all worse my friends mom was drunk as shit and i fucked her too but i didnt use a rubber so now we are expecting a baby girl in 5 months....i love lokos 51 51 Show
Hide 2208 lokoman Jersey shore first time I ever even seen a four loko I drank one and couldnt stop taking shots of soko then started danceing with old ladies & I dont dance but I was swing dancing like a pro then after a break a drank another then couldnt stop taking shots of vodka then more dancing I was so drunk I didnt want to have sex with 4 girls then I went to beach and past out standing up oh shit it was beach first girls after see thats how fucked up I was 61 57 Show
Hide 2207 sam jackzzz i drank a 4 loko and now i am non gay vergin thank u for lokos 45 36 Show
Hide 2206 josh johnsons mom. my sond died. 98 82 Show
Hide 2205 vegGoneLoko My night started off with me buying 4 cans of 4loko; one lemon lime, one blue raspberry, and two cranberry lemonade. i chugged my blue raspberry within 30 minutes at my friends party. felt pretty faded, moved onto a cranberry lemonade and ended up chuggin that on a dare.. bad choice. things got blurry. then i realized i was almost done with my 3rd... lost track of time(blacked out) and came out of it running out of a KFC with half a bucket of chicken.. my friend told me that i chugged my 4th at the party and proclaimed; "i need some goddamn chik'n!". ended up buying a bucket ate half, threw it up on the counter and ran out of the place... I've been a vegetarian for 8 years, and i'm a member of PETA.. damn you 4lokos... 224 98 Show
Hide 2204 HOM3BOI ma homeboi home from college in cinci nd he told me ta head ova to the crib and bring sum gatorades. shitt i wasnt bousta bring sum gatorades ova, i went and bought me some lokos. got a couple of dem and went ova to ma dudes house where we pounded dem down. we was feelin it a lil then we started pounding them bud lights. next thing ya know we goin wild n out on facebook doin the wop on my homegurls wall. shit ma dude looked a mess but it was iight. then we was like shit the homegurls roomie is black so she deserved a wop too. then bout 5 mins lata and 3 red lights passed through i was back at the crib. wadafuck happened last night? 48 55 Show
Hide 2203 BeachLoko So.... nice day out at the beach. I bought 3 Fourlokos. One for myself, a friend, and boyfriend. Which neither one of them ended up liking their flavor. So me, being a penny pincher make the decision that I wasn't going to waste my money and drank all 3.(Alone)Made an ass out of myself,reportedly flashed my friends. After a "very pleasant" day at the beach I start feeling frisky. Proceeded to get a little dirty in the back seat of my car before leaving beach parking lot with my boyfriend. Manage to get home, get sick, lay in my bathtub while shower running, lay on bathroom floor naked, and got sick again. From what I was told I was extremely violent at one point. Story comes to an end when I wake up next morning covered in bruises and the back of my head has a large knot. I tell my boyfriend how badly it hurts and of course apologize for being completely retarded the night before. He continues to tell me that while "gettin frisky" in the car my head apparently repeatedly was hitting the car window. When I ask him why he let me do this...His reply was, "Well, you really seemed into it at the time". FML 42 40 Show
Hide 2202 BOMB Worst night of my life............ 58 59 Show
Hide 2201 PDizzle Picture it, New Orleans fall of 2010. My senior year. Got the perfect date why not drink the perfect drink? My date and I each consumed one and a half four lokos and many shots of vodka at the before party. We both started violently throwing up and passed out in my friend's bed and i blacked out. I woke up at 3:30 am to her coming come from the after party. I missed my senior homecoming. 49 40 Show
Hide 2200 Joe Yea i was working out then had the shake after words then i took a shower came home ate some pizza then i had 2 four loko drinks back to back then i woke up in the hospital two days later they said the found me butt naked in the middle of the high way swimming and singing the sponge bob song 52 50 Show
Hide 2199 JOHNNYLOKO 4lokos got banned everywhere because of stupid fucks that cant control there liquor... and yes you white people!!! That get all retarded when they drink to much and end up in the ER... plain DUMB White people cant handle malt liquor. Sad but true dont get mad im only being real... 47 60 Show
Hide 2198 Phillatio I wanted to show my bandmates the awesomeness of the Loko so I somehow go all of us to drink a 4Loko before our cd release show in Boston. For anyone who's played a stringed instrument, its easy to forget that a lot of hand & finger coordination is involved, well me and the bass player couldn't even play our fucking instruments let alone our songs, long story short, we got booted offstage after 2 "songs" at our own cd release show in front of a shitload of friends. 54 52 Show
Hide 2197 The box The weekend started out with too many fourloko and a bunch of doods that made a bet to see who could "eat box" first. Starting drinking vodka then had two lokos, and started feeling loko. We went to the ugly sweater party, where I found myself waiting by the mistletoe trying to makeout with anything with teeth. I found my mouth attached to a girl with a terrible southern accent. Long story short, I woke up the next morning with a bunch of texts sent out saying "I won." One actually saying to my friend who was in detox, "Yo let me know you're alive...bye the way, I won." I won this weekend thanks to you, fourloko...but when my dick falls off, fuck you fourloko. 43 42 Show
Hide 2196 EPICWINNER!!!!! So it was a Tuesday night a the lake and we had one large bottle of Jack Daniels, 30 pack of beer, and 10 Lokos. Well my cousin brings 2 4-wheeler, 1 was a 2010 Can-Am Renegade 800R EFI X xc pretty fast and the other was a 2010 Raptor 700R SE really fast.we start of with the beer out of 5 guys, still sober. Then we go in to the jack, feeling good, 2 Lokos each and we were hammered. Well we had a ramp to jump jet skies on that we brought in to repair it so before we started to drink we fixed it. So my cousin thought it would be a great idea to put the ramp on the end of the pier and jump the 9,000 raptor off the pier but he couldn't even get on so I did it. went back about 200 ft gained some speed and went about 70 ft out and some how got the 4-wheeler out with me and he still has the 4-wheeler. 49 52 Show
Hide 2195 The Bathtub My night was going just as planned until I decided to pound my fourloko when the bars were closing (the last thing I remember). What was followed was me pissing my pants (not yet asleep), eventually blacking out on a bed in which left a small piss stain due to the excellent denim I had on. From there I was woken up in a full bathtub by a 7ft man that once made me put vodka in my nose...repeatedly. This bathtub should never been used, I still feel violated... Water leaked through the ceiling directly onto my cousin's turntables, and I was doing laundry the whole next day. The only good part is I don't remember anything before lunch. That's a vacation for ya. 44 53 Show
Hide 2194 zook37 In honoring our friends who have been legally banned from drinking the wonder that is a 4 loko, a group of friends and I (in total 7 girls) decided to have a "four loko fiesta" last saturday night. The evening started off slow, and then changed when we all played kings with our fours. Just think about it, waterfalling with four's. Highlights of the evening: one of the girls peed off the balcony of a third floor on-grounds college apartment complex, one girl's mid-party status "fdour locko fiestas 11111111111111!!!!!! WHOSSSOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEH3EHES hahaha IF YOUS MESS WITH THE CBUUL YOU GET THE HORNSDDSSSS!!!!!!", and one girl took 110 photos with no pants on. These pictures helped piece the night together because each and every person blacked out at some point. 135 103 Show
Hide 2193 Edward Chakales So my friend was having a huge camp out/birthday party at her house. I decided it would be a perfect time for a Four Loko challenge. I preceded to chug 2 watermelon Lokos as fast as possible. After feeling a huge head rush i decided to smoke a blunt/ a couple blunts. At this point i feel like I am on top of Mount Olympus. So i decide its time for MORE. I continued to open a Grape Loko and take it to the head. After this I felt like Mount Olympus encountered an earthquake. I began to fall all over the place. I then played a few rounds of liquor pong. After i won the 3rd match i proceded to tell everyone that " i am the Loko master and cant nobody fuck with me". I decided to go out by the tents becuase my head needed a rest I cracked my last Four Loko, at this point the POLICE came to the house. My friend Edward told me to stay by the tents i proceeded to walk down by the cops. I had to get tied to a tree and was unable to speak in English. I woke up the next morning to Blunts and orange Juice and my friends older sister completely naked in bed next to me. Not quite sure how this happened. THANK YOU FOUR LOKO. PLEASE SEND US FREE SHIT TO REP!!!! 44 41 Show
Hide 2192 Ajax Started the night at 4pm with 5 rum and tonics (horrible combo). Proceeded to finish a power hour, then slam 2 four lokos in 10 mins playing beiruit. The rest of this story, as I was told: I ran downtown and passed out on someones front lawn. Two girls, I met earlier that night, saw me and talked about calling the police. I jumped up, screamed 'NOOO!!' and started sprinting. arrived at an apartment building and tried to break in, then called 911 on myself saying someone was breaking into a building. 11:00 pm. The cops came, arrested me, took my phone, and handcuffed me. I tripped and because I was handcuffed my face met concrete. Woke up the next morning in the detox center in a bloody pillow, a black eye, and a swollen mutilated face. My friends couldn't reach me because the cops took my phone, and they called the cops because I was missing. 181 80 Show
Hide 2191 Captain Duck Let me tell you something about fourloko, I have a toy pony, he takes big shits. 63 56 Show
Hide 2190 mikeyFcrazy The two times that I have drank 4 loko.... The first time I had 1 and was taking a shot of vodka every 5 minutes, ended up losing my car in the city of Chicago for 3 hours in 30 degree weather at the end of the night racking up a 75$ taxi bill searching for it... The second time I had bought 12 for three guys, residing in Chicago...After 3 and a little whiskey....I was gone, blackout- long story short- Woke up at a hotel in Lake Geneva, WI...passed out in a Jucuzzi 49 56 Show
Hide 2189 JTR Me and my buddies were drank about three four lokos each then the night started and all hell broke loose. we were in my office trailer talking about cars and bullshitting and then we started to get into and argument and then i woke up and in the middle of the night and saw a arnold palmer jug and drink it and it turned out to be antifreeze and oil in the jug and started to projectile vomit all over the trailer and on me. when my friends woke up we were full of scratches and the trailer reeked of four loko and puke and we finally found out some how that we kicked the shit out of each other and wewere all bruised up and hung over like a motherfucker the next morning 52 45 Show
Hide 2188 Whudafxupboi I played beer pong with Four Loko and I took to much and threw up on a wall! then I felt like I was floating and I shot a gun and I didnt even know I shot a gun until the next morning. 52 53 Show
Hide 2187 MysteryEssence Dood. So it was my best friends birthday, and I went to hangout with him and his girl, my girl couldn't make it. We kept stealing cans of Four Lokos and a Heineken. The night was crazy, we were daring people to fight us, etc. His girl ends up going home, then the next thing I know I'm waking up from under some stairs with no idea where he is. Later, after having walked home from where I was, (an hour - an hour and a half walk) I got picked up by my girl, her friend, and my best friends girl. We were searching for him. We found him inside a crack hos house, apparently we were partying it up with her but I had the common sense to leave while he was to drunk and fucked up to do so. Thanks Four Loko! P.s, I'll be having another one shortly ;) I love you babe. <3 52 58 Show
Hide 2186 ATLBrent One day over the summer me and some friends were floating out in the middle of the lake when a bad lightning storm came through. Instead of taking cover we decided to kill a couple of Lokos a piece. To this day I have never once been struck by lightning while consuming Four Loko. Suck on that FDA. 52 42 Show
Hide 2185 AppleBottomYumYums I saw my friend drink a four loko. He went to the kitchen sink and exclaimed, "I'm even enjoying myself while washing dishes!" It was the darkest hour of my life. 59 65 Show
Hide 2184 WTFLOKO!?!?!?! Went to see a band in Houston,TX got shitfaced on a balcony right above a mosh pit fell in got trampled. I got up so fast i pucked on everyone around me all in all one hell of a night 50 44 Show
Hide 2183 drunkenslutTK one nightt i did the 4loko challenge and drank 4 four lokos, ended in up an abandoned house on my knees suckin my ex boyfreinds dick while on the phone with my current boyfreind telling him hold on "i got a dick in my mouth, i love you" infront of all my freinds. and then my boyfreinds mom came out to the neighborhood and tried to fight the dude whos dick i was sucking, when i tried to block her hit she pushed me over a skateboard onto a road that had just got paved, till this day, three months later, i still have tar stuck to my foot. thanks four loko! 55 53 Show
Hide 2182 DukeLoko 6 friends - 6 Lokos and 2 cases of beer for tailgate before another awful Duke football game. 3 Friends didn't show, uh-oh. Screamed at the band warming up for an hour, snuck 2 Loko into the tailgate dance party. Cleverly tried to stash 8 beers in my blazer and jeans while going into the game...all were confiscated. End of memories. Woke up on buddy's couch thinking it was time to go tailgate! Wrong, it already happened. My sweet 70's blazer was ripped in half, gave some girl my cowboy hat, pants covered in blood from gashing my finger open and wiping it off during the football game. Apparently leaving the football game at halftime, I picked up a heavy wooden bench and threw it down a flight of stairs. Saw pictures of me on the ground after using my newfound Loko-strength to bend a metal streetsign in half. Correlation: I snuck 4Loko into tailgate for the 1st time, and after a decade of ridiculously drunk students, it finally gets shut down because some 14-year-old was found passed out in the porta potty during the game. Coincidence? 51 50 Show
Hide 2181 Jsey I wanted to come up with a good story considering Loko is my drink of choice, but I couldn't think of any.. Considering I black out every single time I drink them.. 49 50 Show
Hide 2180 HezDerp It was my first time drinking a Four Loko and it was my friends bachelorette party. She rented a party bus and we were going downtown to drink. I had a twisted tea tall boy and HALF a four loko. Somehow I was wasted by the time we even got down town. Drank nothing at the first bar and went to another. Told the door guy who demanded cover charge that bachelorette parties get in free with the party bus (have no idea if this is true) and just wandered on in with my group. Got up on stage with the DJ and danced with everyone. Friend handed me a "blue mother f**ker" which I proceeded to accidentally drop 3 times and drink no more then half of before losing track of it entirely. The rest becomes a whirlwind blur. One friend suggests going to Christie's Cabaret across the lot. I whole heartedly agree and 3 of us wander over. I throw dollars at the strippers and holler at them. I beg my friend to let me dance with them but she has just a smidgen more sense then me and suggests that I don't. We lose the bus (it was in the parking lot the whole time apparently) and decide to call a cab to the bus' starting/ending location, the bachelorette's house. I'm convinced I'm dreaming and try to control things in my world to prove it. I try my hardest to get the cab fair ticker to go down instead of up. It doesn't work. We end up on the bachelorette's steps and talk. At some point I pee in the lawn and some lady OUT OF NOWHERE comes up and gives my friend and I matching hoodies, saying "she has daughters, she knows how it is" because it is cold outside and we aren't dressed for it. My friend calls another mutual guy friend and tells him to come take us home. He ends up coming (on his learners permit with his father in the passenger seat, he's 30 btw) at 1am and takes my friend to Taco Bell. At some point I vomit out the car. The bus has arrived back home 8 people short. My friends on the bus notice I'm too drunk to drive home and take me to my mom's house to crash (my house is too far away). 49 49 Show
Hide 2179 K-Blue-Sat Dear Four Loko, You were my friend, my lover, my wingman. You equaled a beautiful 1/3 of my college life (for you math junkies that equals 33%, or 0.333333?). With you anything was possible. Anything was exciting. As I gripped your slender waist and sipped (okay, more like chugged? best record was 50 seconds, not to mention the top 5 times I've been extremely drunk had everything to do with you :)..) your sweet (well, more like tangy) nectar, I knew that it was wrong. I FELT it was wrong, but I didn?t care, cause loving you was oh so right. As my arms and legs felt the flooding of your warmth, and as the abstract ideas bubbled under the surface of my conscious thought, I felt empowered. How many times were we both together at a party, trying our damnest to convince the girl next to us that it was okay to kiss me, even if she WAS a lesbian? How many times did we walk home extremely drunk, to wake up in the morning with absolutely no recollection of our walk home? How many times, may I ask, did you have my back, giving me the right words and actions so that every night with you was an interesting one? Who will encourage me to get even more twisted, past my tolerance to a point that even I would find it hard to come back from? Who will do that for me now? I feel as though a part of me (about 1/3 of me, to be exact? this shit has already been stated, my love) is gone, and I am for now alone. I know that you?ll be back; rumors have sprouted that when you do you will be less exhilarating, less hyped, but I care not. I just want to see your pretty face again. We all do. I miss you. You were a good friend, and I love you. ?Sincerely yours, K-Blue-Sat 50 44 Show
Hide 2178 HausMan Drank three and a-half Four Lokos last Thursday along with going 12-0 at beer pong. Tried finishing my last Loko while I danced and made out with some girl with a purity ring. Woke up naked, sweating in her bathroom while wearing a used condom. Saw myself in the mirror while puking in her sink. Got back to bed, fucked her again and woke up in time for my 8AM Calc class. Academics first!!! 120 93 Show
Hide 2177 Spookyzach Forelokos and lifeguarding go hand in hand. This summer i lifeguarded at a hotel pool with a bunch of tourists and i would drink 2 to 4 lokos in a 711 cup on the stand daily haha. It was like a 10 hr black out and it was fucking awesome! The night I got my DWI I drank 4 forelokos and 5 beers. The cop pulled me over for disregarding a redlight twice and I was already drinking a 5th loko and i poured it on the ground so he would see it haha. He came up to the window and said he smelt a strong odor of alcohol. I told him he didnt. As he was walking back to his car I put my head out of my window and was like "DUDE!! NAH IVE BEEN DRINKIN BRO IVE BEEN DRINKIN DUDE". He asked if i was intoxicated and i said "NAH DUDE IM LOKO'D!!". As i was in intake a hot lady cop was asking me a series of questions and she asked me if i was 18 or older and i grinned and stuck out my chest and was like "why yes i am whats good?". hahalokos 113 82 Show
Hide 2176 Balls I drank four loko and then made this song 62 61 Show
Hide 2175 Aspiring Black Woman Once upon a time, in North Philadelphia, it was my friends birthday. What a better way to celebrate a birthday than to go loko. The plans were to pre game at my friend's apartment, then get a taxi to the clubs in South Philly. I ended up killing an entire blue razz four loko before everyone even got to the pre game. After a few rounds of beer pong, we were ready to go out. We called two cabs. I was in the second cab, but it was extremely late. While we were anxiously waiting for our cab outside of the apartment, I chugged the second half of my second loko...screamed "fuck this" then chucked the can in the police station parking lot across the street. We ended up getting the cab for two blocks then changed our minds and got let out. While we were walking back to the apartment, I told everyone I was "getting my black girl swag on", because white chicks don't got no swag. I ended up tripping on a curb, tumbling into the street, and spraining my ankle. After hobbling back to the apartment I felt the need to call my boss and tell her I failed to be black. I looked at my phone the next day and realized i was on the phone with her for fifteen fucking minutes. We ended up going back out, but when we got to the party I had to walk my friend home. I hobbled her home six blocks and then hobbled back. I woke up at 7:30 the next morning to go to work, and I couldn't even stand. Ironically, I was involved in a photoshoot for promotional safety. All day this guy took pictures of me, hungover as shit, in an ankle brace, hobbling on ladders. 134 101 Show
Hide 2174 kookoo fourlokos My first encounter with the Loko: Me and my friend bought 2 Lokos of each flavor. We funneled our first one, and chugged our second. After about 3 we we're already wasted, but since we bought so many we knew it was in our best interest to drink them all. Luckily it was on a Friday night, and there were fat parties everywhere, so we thought we would drop into a few, drink a few free beers & meet some hot guys....... We woke up completely naked; in an apartment we've never been in, in Oregon. (We're from Washington.) There were empty Fourloko cans all around us. We were in a pool of shit, vomit, and urine. Our faces were panted, along with the rest of our bodies & we had no recollection of our night after our 4rd Loko which was around 10- but going through calls, texts & pictures our night didn't end until 7 o'clock in the morning. Washington will deeply miss you, our beloved Four Lokos. 83 68 Show
Hide 2173 sean perry i sucked my first dick when i drank a 4 loko for the first time. 54 53 Show
Hide 2172 whyisthisasite I was on my way to the Roxy in Philly to get my grind on...however Four Loko would have the last say. I drank my first in about 30 minutes before I arrived at the club, and then proceeded to wander around the safe streets of the city while finishing my second. At the end of my second Loko (both have been drank within a 1 hour period)I noticed an abandoned building and thought it be a good idea to enter it with a friend. (fully intoxicated atht this point) We wandered around the possibly hobo-infested warehouse only to end up in the elevator. The only light in this whole place was in this thing, and we decided to go up. I told my friend to just press the first button, but since he was going 4crazy as well he deemed it appropriate to hit floor a fucking elevator that hasn't been used in 5 years. Luckily it didn't move, we got out, and the elevator opened again. We thought it was haunted and ran the fuck out through the broken window we entered through. At this point I am feeling incredibly good, teetering on the edge of being blacked out. My other 2 friends who drove up with me thought it would be a good idea to give the already-drunk guy some of their Loko that they couldn't finish (pussies). I drank about a quarter of each and waited in line to enter the club. I don't remember entering the club even though I waited in line for only about 15 minutes(all it apparently took to dive head first into blackout city.) Almost fighting a huge black dude, calling every girl in the club a bitch (not good if you want them to dance with you)pissing on a wall, convincing a group of people that I was from Australia, and flipping off whoever was on the main stage...I woke up in my friends house waiting to hear them report my night to me like they were journalists for "The Blackout Times". Fuck my life. 48 42 Show
Hide 2171 NeverAgain At around 9pm group of friends and I shared about several 4lokos and started watching 28 days later and drinking jager bombs. At some point somebody (I) decided it would be a good idea to have an underwear only party and a making out contest. I proceeded to make out with 4 girls, while my boyfriend acted as a sports announcer for the event, speaking in a British/Aussie accent. The naked make out party turned into a dance party up until 3am, at which point we couldn't dance anymore and had to figure our how to put our clothes back on and try to make it home. 56 62 Show
Hide 2170 HoggzyPoggz Drank almost three 4lokos, as well as some addtional stuff at a party. stole this passed out girl's car and went to ghost ride the whip with 2 friends of mine. We went to a nearby neighborhood that was just being developed, So the majority of them were unoccupied. While we were outside the moving vehicle, The car started going towards this house too fast. I had tried to get back in to stop it,but due to the fact that I was more fucked up than a dumpster slut on slutsgiving, It proved to be quite challenging. By the time I jumped in, it was too late. The car and I smashed into the A/C unit on the side of the house which caused a fire. The impact had also fucked up my nose, and i had blood all over the front of my shirt and face. So now the car is fucked up and this house is on fire. We basicallly GOT THE FUCK OUT of there and ended up just walking home in disbelief. Myself Covered in blood. Thank gawd this girl wasnt from around where we lived, so she didnt know that many people, But i dont believe that she tried to talk to anyone from that house ever again after that night about her car or for any reason. Apparently she got up and passed out next to the toilet after puking, and people ended up pissing on her. What did we learn from this? On the walk back home we decided that the easiest type of asain chicks are the 3rd generation american ones because they know whats up. Not the ones from straight off the boat. No one was in that house which had a good amount of it charred. Wu Tang 4 Life! 74 74 Show
Hide 2169 biggestfuckup After pounding some natties me and two friends decided to funnell some lokos and head into the Uconn/USF football game... after buying six beers for myself I lost my friends and then got a call that the three of them were in jail.. soon after I was in the hospital.. out of class for a whole week.. why did they ban these again? 61 60 Show
Hide 2168 Fear and Loathing Went to a costume party dressed as Johnny Depp from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Drank 2 Lokos. Don't remember exactly how, but my girlfriend and I ended up hooking up on the roof of a completely different house. And I was still in costume 60 50 Show
Hide 2167 Tini It was the weekend of my birthday and I went to visit some friends in Philadelphia at their apartment, at this time the Loko craze was just taking off. My buddies and I decide it would be a fourloko night. I get two lokos to my self. I drink the first, feeling fine. Second one goes down and some friends of friends come by with Yuengling. In my drunken state I ask these guys for a beer. They say sure. One Yuengling down. I ask again right after. Two Yuengling down. At this point I decide... I need another fourloko. My buddies tell me that if I can walk to the corner market and get one then it's all mine. On a sidenote, let it be known that I had been smoking pretty heavy amounts of marijuana on this night. Even so, I proceed to walk to the market. My last memory was of myself ordering my third and last fourloko of the night, "Can I get a fuckin' fruit punch fourloko?!" From here on out the story is told from what my friends told me I had done. While walking back to my friends place, I decide that it would be a great idea to crack my fourloko in front of the Police Station and chug a bit. Stupidity aside, I make it back to the apartment without being arrested. Next I sit on the back porch with my friends where I apparently spit on my friends who then pushes me and i grab onto him for stability. I fall on my ass then attempt to get up with a nice "1...2...3... UP!" I get to my knees and just face plant the concrete outside scratching my glasses and face up. Have in mind this is only half way through my loko. I eventually stagger to my feet and lean against the fence where I proclaim to the crowd, "Who wants to see me chug this?!" To my surprise, no one wanted to see such a sad sight. That didn't stop me. I chug the rest and decide that it's time to throw up through the fence. After passing out after puking my friend decides that I've had enough and carries my dead weight to his bed where he lets me crash for the night. I wake up unaware of how the fuck I got in my friends bed. The next three days I thought my heart was going to explode. I wonder why? 72 59 Show
Hide 2166 luiss:D this one time i drank twoo lowwks because the lakers one the championship so like i was in celebration mode. i had one and i was drunk so i spined around till i got dizzy hoped on a swingset swang for a bit .opend the second one then drank it. then i threww up .so i took a dip in th3 homies pool. fell asleep and woke up in blue jeans one sock a nepoleon dynimite tee on a floatie bed. in the pool 83 71 Show
Hide 2165 Zach the spook One day at the east coast surfing championship I drank 3 forelokos then smoked dmt under a bridge. Blacked out and pulled my dick out from my board shorts and screamed "Im fucked up!!" with my hands flailing in the air with families looking all around then fell straight on my face. I got like 326723 other stories like the time i got my DWI goin loko 120 94 Show
Hide 2164 Chase Matt My friend Matt and I have the same birthday one year apart which happened to be on a Tuesday before our Calculus midterm the next day at 1 o'clock. We studied all week for the test. All week we planned on having out birthday celebration the Wednesday after the test. As we were doing our studying during that day we felt like we knew all our shit. So then our plan was to get lok'd that night to celebrate the night of our actual birthday too. Right after we planned it, I found out that I had to go to a meeting at 10 that night. I went to my meeting and ended at 10:30. I then went over to Matt's house thinking that we were not going to drink, but he thought otherwise and handed me my first loko. After drinking that loko like water I proceeded to take bong loads and birthday shots of patron. After that I cracked my 2nd loko. Cross-faded out of my mind. I started playing hockey (the drinking game) with my loko and when my can got hit, I had to chug. This last chug put me on the floor. Shivering on the ground face first with my face literally in the bowl, I thought I was going to die. I moved from the living room, to the bathroom and then to the bathtub where I ended up passing out. The next morning, I woke up at about 10:30 still shit-faced. I got driven home and in the car ride I had to puke. I held it till I got to my dorm where I yacked in the parking lot before I stumbled into my room. For the next 2 hours I layed on my floor trying to eat, drink and get better for my test at 1 o clock. Then when 12:30 came around, still hammered, I walked to class to take my test. We went to the test still drunk/hungover and took the test. After my test I went back to my dorm room at 3 and yacked the yellow shit in my shower and then passed out for the rest of the day. A week later, we got our tests back to see a 100% on my paper and a 102% on his. We got the two highest grades in the class. 48 40 Show
Hide 2163 Karaloko Drank a four loko and a 40 of natty ice then went to a karaoke bar and drank shit loads of jim beam and cokes sang my song and proceeded to not leave the stage and sing everyone elses songs. Then I brought everyone from the club back to my apartment for an after party then kicked them out after twenty minutes forgetting it was me who brought them all back. then spent an hour apologising to them all and my black out starts from there and ends waking up in a garden beside a guy i liked with the water sprinklers going off. i woke up the next day for work at 9 drunk off my ass and sobered up probably at 2 pm really sad i didnt get to make out with the guy i liked thinking id just passed out, until at 5pm my room mate texted me to tell me i made out with the guy for about 20 minutes infront of everyone. 4 loko success. 87 65 Show
Hide 2161 Nels Started drinking 4 loko during the day while playin Beach volleyball. 2 down never made one serve. after 4 my friend dared me and said he'd by me a 5th if I shotgunned it. Did so and immediately blacked out. That night i apparently went to SAE and tried to fight EVERYBODY. Finally left when I was told there was weed outside which I immediately ran to (non existant). Woke up at 1 the next day as if I just came out of a 15 year coma. At least the video of my shotgun has made me the #1 Alex Nelson on youtube 67 63 Show
Hide 2160 The Tickler It was the night rumored to be the last night of four lokos being on the shelves of stores (which is not yet true). In order to celebrate i decided to only drink four lokos after 2 four lokos the bar became pretty fuzzy continued to drink while walking home with a lady friend through campus i attempt to flip over a table find out its bolted on the this upset me so i proceeded to grab the nearest wooden chair and smashed it to pieces on the table, tried to tip over a smart car failed punched and kicked it, jumped a fence to a construction site for a new building climbed up one story stole two giant gatorade buckets, run, catch back up with the girl who is now furious with me got back to my place start throwing up bright green projectile vomit in the bathroom goto pass out in my room and the girl is with another girl in my bed i dive into bed with these girls and proceed to wrestle with them pretty much just looking for handfuls of lady parts....continue to puke some more call up a different girl and sleep with her a few hours later i call her the wrong name not once but twice then ask where the hell i am.... quattro fucking crazy 54 56 Show
Hide 2159 Crooked My ex ex girlfriend called me up one day and asked what I was doing and if I wanted to drink. Of course I said sure. She comes by about an hour later with a friend and 6 cans of Four Loko. We all drink two each and then take a walk to the beach. Her and her friend are making out on while we're sitting on the beach. We go back to my place and her and her friend start making out, pulling clothes off in the process. I think "fuck it" and jump in. That was my first threesome ever and they didn't leave until about 7 am. Good times. 57 62 Show
Hide 2158 ECUgirl:) after drinking a couple four lokos and many many shots of rum i proceeded to run into the ALE and get a drinking ticket only then to bawl my eyes out to the police officer and beg him not to give me a ticket. after he did i balled it up and threw it into the bushes because the officer put that i had red hair and i was 5 foot tall, when i obviously have brown hair and am at least 5'5. then i proceeded into the apartment building where i punched a hole in the wall and then my friend stuck his whole arm through it to make it even bigger. i love east carolina. 56 64 Show
Hide 2157 LOCO COCO the other night my friends and i decided to drink a 36 pack of budweiser for old times sake. the 6 of us, believing we weren't drunk enough decided to go grab some four lokos. thats all i remeber but i did wake up the next afternoon looking like Two Face. apparently i fell of two flights of bleachers head first into a concrete floor. now i could definitly audition for a role in the next Batman. 47 52 Show
Hide 2156 LoKoSLORE Last weekend drank a fruit punch 4 Loko. Ended up pole dancing and made a lil extra cash for my skills. I am a slore. 52 57 Show
Hide 2155 Masr MLBk So after a night of drinkin jack Daniel and beer I went home at four am and drank a 4 lokos I got so fuxked upa I went tagging and writtin all over van buren I also ended up getting bitten by a dog. got arrested and then token to the hospital woke up the next day sayin four lokos fucked up my life in one night....... 52 48 Show
Hide 2154 Princess S It was my birthday so some friends captured me and took me out for a night out. Well they got us some four lokos and it was my 1st time. I only remember parts of that night and some of the parts I do remember are half yelling at them that I had to pee, people being shocked that I was drunk, and them having to help me walk wherever I was going. Then I had to hear about that night from all the people that saw me. O yeah, my best birthday present? No hangover. 67 62 Show
Hide 2153 DeSalesU Last night, I drank 4 Four Lokos. I had a great time, but when I woke up, I realized I had vomited in my sleep on the new TV in my room. The TV is eight feet away. 51 60 Show
Hide 2152 Natty ice im a 20 yo girl and one night over the summer i decided to have my bf buy me 2 four lokos and a panther joose simply based on the cool can art. 2 lokos severl beers and many games of quarters later i couldnt even stand my bf had to pull the car up into our freinds yard where i was throwing up to get me to take me home. upon ariving home i opened the car door falling to the ground i remained there for about two hours going in and out of sleep. when finally i dragged myslef to bed. for the next 5 days i was very very sick achey all over and sick to my stomach non stopped along with extreme light sensitivity i will never drink loko again 54 51 Show
Hide 2151 Filthyloko So I drank half a bottle of wine, a few beers and 2 four lokos on my way to a Gov't Mule concert in Myrtle Beach a few months ago. Ended up somehow getting backstage and doing bong rips with the band before and after the show. Next thing I know im waking up naked in bed next to a woman a good 30 years older than me with her granddaughter jumping on the bed and my buddy passed out on the floor. Thanks four loko. 101 65 Show
Hide 2150 R While my roommate and I were enjoying a game of beerpong with two wild girls it was suggested that we play with four loko instead of beer.Not long after,one girl puked than the other girl started puking because the first girl puked. Then one of them punched me in the balls when I tried to help.Then the second girl that started puking ran outside and played in the snow barefoot and locked my roommate on the deck. I then woke up wet and covered in mini wheaties with puke and dollar bills all over the place. 98 89 Show
Hide 2149 Vol Went on vacation to Tybee Island w/my family. Drank 2 lokos and hit some bars w/ my cousin. Hours later discovered by the cops getting raped in a hotel parking lot. Screamed at the cops and I went to jail. Showed the cops the UT tatoo on my ass. 59 67 Show
Hide 2148 usuck+rockfours i drank 2 red fours and blcks out i ended up smoking my whole oz and losing a bill i still had fun bitches 52 48 Show
Hide 2147 FritzVonSmokenPuff Drank some four lokos. Stuck it in the wrong hole. 61 51 Show
Hide 2146 fourlokokid had 2 loko's in 20 min. Went out to my car and yacked all ovver it like a dumb fuck head and then proceeded to drive while puking.. best cruise eva! Drove by a fuckin cop lololol! 52 49 Show
Hide 2145 kvan Drank two four lokos, drove home sober and went to bed. Or so I thought. Later found out my friends begged me not to drive but I pushed them away, ran to my car and took off. Then yelled at my wife that my sisters friends got their crabs all over my guitars(after they had a lingerie photo shoot), mac n cheese, did the dishes, ran the disposal for thirty minutes 49 54 Show
Hide 2144 d one time i chugged my entire four loko during fuck you.. i weigh 90 pounds. later that night i had to pee but decided outside was better then a bathroom while i was peeing i smashed my face in a curb. when i woke up the next day my face was busted up i had no idea what had happened to me until my friends told me 60 41 Show
Hide 2143 Elimanz drank a 4 loko mixed it with vodka... about an hour later woke up on the staircase of my friends project building... apparently i was asking a random chick to give me a hand job.. then she takes my cell phone and txt my cousin who was @ a party in the building telling him she found me passed out on the stairs. we took a cab home and i cursed out the cab driver because he told me to have a good night... woke up the next day with the biggest hangover in my life... fuck 4 loko 75 73 Show
Hide 2142 Herp I drank 2 FOUR lokos, then convinced my friends i wanted to try jenkems that night. I proceeded to shit and piss all over the floor, and roll around in it because I thought the closer I was to the butthash, the more fucked up i would get. I woke up covered in shit and piss with the taste of raw sewage in my mouth. Gotta love the LOKO 64 66 Show
Hide 2141 dam at my house on 33rd street i drank 2 4lokos with 3 beers and a nice rum and coke then on the subway to meet my friends at the party, i woke up deep in brooklin with no shurt one shoe and a homless man telling me that if i dident give him his cart back he would call the police....god dam u forloco 78 77 Show
Hide 2140 snookie I went riches on one four loko. I almost fell off the tv of riches which is hanging off the ceiling. We made friends with a guy driving a truck to later realize he was our toe truck driver. Im still loko for the four loko. 76 81 Show
Hide 2139 broken tree So, i just started school i was bored and my friend texted me saying "Hey wanna buy some lokos? there almost illegal" (this was like december 1st) i've heard about it so i went to buy them so i got 4 2 for my friends 2 for me, so i chugged those down like water and we began walking around the park stumbling , falling on each other. First we pissed n the middle of a baseball field mid-game, and stumbled away laughing our asses off. So were walking, and my friend stops and says "Guys i think i can walk through a gate.." so he continually smashes his head into a gate i was behind 2 weak trees that had just been planted so i grab both walk back and i tried to do a ninja kick foward but the left tree snapped bringing me down so me and my friends stumble on we went to a pizzaria and began rolling around it was about 8 o'clock while i was still hammered my friends began to sober up so tired and aching they bring me i roll around piss drunk until 12 in the morning. 57 59 Show
Hide 2138 derdeeder i was hanging out with my best friend and my ex-boyfriend and his 3 friends. i woke up in a shower that wasnt mine with my youth group leader at church on the floor naked by the toilet. my exboyfriend and best friend were tied together by a phone car charger. one of my ex bf best friend were lying by the door awake, and he looked at me and asked if i wanted to do it again while everyone else was asleep, since it wasnt fair for him to have to loko (: i dont go to the same church anymore. 45 39 Show
Hide 2137 JAYMAN First time having Four Loko, my friends convinced me to "Edward sissorhand" the four loko. I downed both in a matter of 30 minutes. What happened next was a mistake. I went to my best friend, and told him I hooked up with his girlfriend and then went up to his girlfriend and told her that I still had feelings for her. Not only did I do this but on the spot had an urge to make out with her in front of my best friend. Long story short, when I woke up I apparently suffered a broken nose from my best friend and lost my best friend that night. 45 53 Show
Hide 2136 Loko4fourloko had my first loko last night fruit punch i was already pretty faded when i started drinking that shit lets just say i cant remember everything but we broke into two schools from sky lights had to have one guy sneak in cut the steal rope with a knife we all snuk in then wile we were driving 100 done the street throwing bottle rockets with the explosive part ripped off so it was basically a firework but back to the point thru it at some guys car these fuckers thought we shot at them fuck flipped a bitch on us and started booking it after us we lost them and we bombed and broke off a bunch of mailboxes my bad for the long story but itd be alot better cept i cant realy remember shit so i guess just gotta love them lokos 65 63 Show
Hide 2135 mongoose A couple of nights ago some young bucks all sashayed on into the house I was at balooning the chill atmosphere into a swingin high school esque quasi-party. The four of them combined for a gang of bumbling four lokos each with their own commemorative 4loko. They discussed in great loud detail their favorite flavors and how exactly the ass taste of the grape flavor could possibly be better than robitussum fruit punch flavor. Then they started getting real about an ex, then they pissed ppl off, then they left happily ever after and SHOULD HAVE been stopped by a cop that drove right by them drinking in public. Godamn karma never works right 68 91 Show
Hide 2134 LostPIzza I had about 2 four lokos and decided I wanted Dominoes. I ordered two pies. I didn't eat one slice. Before I got back to my dorm room I had offered away every piece. the people ranged from public safety of my dorms to the people I rode the elevator with. I was still hungry. I ordered another two pies. 51 56 Show
Hide 2133 Ian Cross I got drunk on beer and whiskey. When we went on a booze run we decided we need energy. We decided on Four Loko. One of those bad boys sent me into a downward spiral. First, I fought a door. Then I got into an arguement with my roomate about nothing. I gathered up all of my hygiene gear, a Hajii rag, an 8 intch knife, and a bottle of mustard. After throwing all of my hygiene gear into the river, I wrapped the Hajii rag around my head like a terrorist. I found a tree that i didnt like, sprayed it with mustard, and proceeded to knife fight it for about 10 minutes. I disapeared. I found out later that multiple cop cars were on the look out for me for about an hour. I forgot why i was mad at my roomate and started back. thats when I was arrested. Damn fuzz finally got me. My roomate magically showed up and started yelling things like,"TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF!! IT LOOKS BETTER ON COPS!!" I didn't have the knife on me anymore so they had to let me go. Colonel Mustard, in the quad, with the knife. Game over. 117 94 Show
Hide 2132 T.C.41-Ltown so it was me and my boy, we were hanging out and wanting to get into some trouble, we went buy 4 four lokos and began to drink... i passed out after one and the next morning i found a small child, a pit bull and three cases of pudding surrounding my naked body, i then walked in the shower and fount my mom tied up with my name tattooed across her four head... a night ill never forget, damn fourloko :( 61 77 Show
Hide 2131 Big Kat I woke up with a long dildo in my ass and two black eyes. You can be the judge of how my night went. 73 46 Show
Hide 2130 flurdd<3 me and ma nigga floyd drank 7 lokos a peace and by the end of the night he went from a straight guy to a guy that sucked 5 dicks in one night holla at him 4506985 (; 49 49 Show
Hide 2129 damn four lokos me and three friends bought 9 four lokos. we drank the two pretty slow and the last one we shotgunned. We woke up the next morning on top of a cliff and my friends car crashed and dented up there too! the funny thing is its still up there cause theres no path to get up or down lol. 48 57 Show
Hide 2128 Emmy Four loko is my drink of choice. The first time i drank it i gave a guy a handjob while strandling him in the passenger seat while the car is in motion in handcuffs, went to a strip club and thought the strippers were showing their tits so i should too, bar tended in my underwear, threw my cell phone away, attempted to sleep with my best male friend, walked two miles blacked out crying through the most dangerous part of town and let an engaged man put his hands down my pants. I was also dating a bartender at the time and I left his bar with another man that night. He left work crying. FOUR LOKO SOME OF THE BEST TIMES ULL NEVER REMEMBER 50 54 Show
Hide 2127 Beannnnnnn i drank 2-four lokos, pased out, woke up to my clothes on everyonne else and my ex-boyfriend on top of me. my friends tell me i went skinny dipping in a public fountain, and tied my ex- boyfriend up with his x-box controller cord. after playing black ops. all i remember is seeing my ex- boyyfriends best friend and pratically raping him. my friend k. woke up with my pants on her and a condom in her mouth...hmmm... 47 64 Show
Hide 2126 Dre took mixed shots of vodka and a 4loko. decided it would be good idea to drive to another party. ended up following the wrong car, got on the high way not knowing where i was, got off the high way and pulled into the apartment complex i thought the party was in. walked around the complex with no shoes yelling at my phone. i somehow got home, don't remember getting there. gotta love four lokos 62 74 Show
Hide 2125 Scumdog0331 I watch the game at a bar, but was only about six beers in by the end of the game. I go to the gas station in Richland, IA (home of?no one really), the only flavor of Four Loko they have is grape. (Remember this, you will be tested on it later). I buy two. I cracked open my first can, and the flavor did not remind me of grape. ?Canned Ass? seems like a better name. We go to a bar in Eldon, IA (Home of the ?American Gothic? house!). If anyone knows anything about Eldon, you know this was a bad idea. Commence time traveling. Here?s what I can piece together from multiple reports: I brought my rugby cleats in to try to get everyone to ?Shoot the Boot,? no one did it, it probably didn?t help that? I was apparently shirtless most of the night. In fact, I was shirtless so long that I actually lost my shirt and the bartender had to give me another one. (Note: Why was I shirtless? I?m 6?0" 300lbs, I have ?Corn Fed? tattooed TuPac ?Thug Life? style across my gut, and there is universal humor in a naked fat man.) I tried to start a ?fat man wet t-shirt contest? by pouring a pitcher of beer on myself, no one else wanted to play. Here?s what I know from the following morning: I woke up on my friend?s couch cuddling his Rottweiler. My debit card was gone. I was covered in change. I had no cash nor change when I left the bar in Richland. (Perhaps I used my debit card to get cash, then immediately converted the cash to change, and there were multiple denominations, then used the change as confetti in celebration of the fat man wet t-shirt contest.) My pants were FILTHY! My knee was bleeding, yet my pants were not harmed, which means that I fell on my knee, with my pants off, at some point in the night. I had sent over 60 text messages, mostly such insightful stuff as ?I luv yooo,? ?what is my name,? ?it?s so awful,? and ?W0000000!? Finally, and I told you that you?d be tested, another unexpected surprise was that the 4 loko had turned my poop blue. In summation, I?m doing it again next weekend, WHO?S WITH ME?!?!?!?! 57 30 Show
Hide 2124 hahaha soo i had about 6 locos in the time span of 3 hours. my bff and i created our own religon and procced to damn ppl to hell. while also yelling our own sermans. one of them was do as i say or fuck off. afterwards we went to a catholic church service and played becky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got fined for distrbing the peace 63 64 Show
Hide 2123 lokooo someone has a video of me singing "I've had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you" a four loko can. 59 68 Show
Hide 2122 Scared Localist My friend chugged 7 four lokos........... The same day he played soccer and then died of a heart attack. plz do not drink these. 53 89 Show
Hide 2121 JJMAY39 so me and my bros thought it would be cool to try four lokos since we only drink wine coolers. So we split 1 loko between the four of us and the last thing i remember is going to sleep 20 minutes after drinking it... i woke up with 3 naked guys in bed with me the next morning 61 62 Show
Hide 2120 cdoc42 It was a regular friday night, i was chillen with my boys floyd and perry smoking joes left and right, we had a case of beer between the 3 of us and decided it would be a good idea to go buy 9 four lokos-3 for each of us. we headed out to a party and began drinking our share, the last thing i remember before waking up naked in floyds bed was running threw a fire with face paint on me screaming "Were the sleeping giants!" 685 137 Show
Hide 2119 GW93suooooop I started off the night with a couple keystones. Then somehow i ended up drinking 6 four lokos at my niggas house. Then woke up butt ass naked in a forest with blood all over me, also smelling like straight reefer. 49 46 Show
Hide 2118 Naked Football Chase My friend had a LOKO and a half. We started throwing a football around. Next thing I know he's chasing me around with his shorts and underwear at his ankles. I ask him if he had any idea what happend last night. He replied... "No idea". 46 41 Show
Hide 2117 whocares123 i blacked out after two four lokos. i was told this morning that last night i suddenly had to piss and walked outside to do it, but came back in, pulled my pants down in the livingroom, sat down on the recliner and pissed myself. i then proceeded to take my pants completely off and the only thing i remember is waking up on the couch, with no pants on. i have drank ALOT and have never blacked out before, this shit is crazy! 73 93 Show
Hide 2116 iloveliquidcrack The first time I had a four loko, I found myself belting old-school Christina Aguilera tunes while standing on my friend's kitchen table and then eventually ending up passed out, head on the counter, at some shitty bar in the ghetto of baltimore. Not discouraged by these embarrassing situations though, I continued to be a regular four loko consumer. Did I black out often? Yes. Did I do dumb shit such as have sex with a non-Jewish kid with a Jew fro? Yes. Was I the least bit discouraged after the constant humiliation that four lokos seemed to cause me? No; not yet at least. Even after drinking a blue raspberry four loko before a Sublime concert and as a result being kicked out of the concert once I was spotted vomiting a neon blue substance, I remained a loyal fan of "getting loko." The breaking point in my relationship with the "blackout in a can" occurred on my 19th birthday. After wandering the streets of a little beach town while drinking a cranberry lemonade four loko, I managed to blackout (surprise, surprise) before we even got to the party. Needless to say, my birthday ended with a bang in a few different ways. 1. I literally fell down an entire staircase and my blacked out friends watched as almost all of my body parts got a chance to bang against each wooden stair. 2. I was, "the life of the party," and apparently made quite the impression amongst the party guests. 3. I actually got raped by a 20-something year old lifeguard with long, blonde hair and somehow ended up stealing (or unintentionally taking by mistake, we'll never know) his shitty blue nokia cell phone. Due to the bang my birthday ended with as a result of getting loko, and the awkward rendezvous with the lifeguard man (returning his cell phone that i maybe accidentally stole and asking him basic questions such as "hey, do you have stds?" and "do you think i'm going to be pregnant because of you?"), I have decided to officially retire from such activity. I once loved Four Lokos, but was finally given a reality check of how unpleasant they can make your life both while under it's influence and recovering from it's influence the next day. I'm waving my white flag Four Loko. Please do your best not to tempt me again. Regardless, I just have one thing left to say about my Four Loko experiences - #sorryimnotsorry 54 54 Show
Hide 2115 Loko...Next Question I'm a laid back person, first night I drank a loko I punched a whole through a wall, flipped a table over in a pizza parlor, then chirped a frat kid. Second time I drank one I fell face first in the snow, got to my friends house and punched the top off a steel standing lamp, then headbutted it cutting my head open. My loko friend walked outside in the snow with no shoes holding the remnants of the lamp and proceeded to smash it over a tree in the front yard. These are just the things I remember doing. 46 42 Show
Hide 2114 nickiminajfan?? Oh my gosh, i barely remember what happened!!! First i drank like about 3 and i STILL coulnd't get a buzz, so i kinda put some suger and coffee together with some fourloko. I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that i wake up and find myself being fucked up by someone, and he was doing it really hard too. i love sex in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 51 56 Show
Hide 2112 IDR, breh!!1! Drank a variety pack. Learned how to dougie. 57 60 Show
Hide 2111 shitwreckkk last time i drank lokos i went to the club and got kicked out after drinking one loko and getting in a fight. my bff and i decided to go back to another friends house where we drank another loko and some rum. we then moved to the last house of the night. (the last thing my friend and i remember is leaving the club, i was told what happened when i found out where my car keys were)at the last house i lost the only set of keys for my car. my car was uncapable of moving for three days. three days later my friend finds my keyes in a coat pocket of his jacket that he was not even wearing that night. oh loko how u got meee<3 48 55 Show
Hide 2110 LokoMadeMeLoko So before i went to a party, I pregamed at my house with my best friend(basically drank alone cause she drove). Went to the party feeling pretty good, then saw a Four Loko on the counter and my friends told me to have it (now I'm a pretty small girl, 4'11 and weight 94 pounds..nd yes I am old enough to drink dont worry). After drinking the whole can of Loko I blacked out. The next morning I woke up at the top of my stairs right before my bedroom, didnt even make it to bed. I looked at my phone and saw that i had a text from a random number saying " you were crazy last night, I cant believe you stripped in front of everyone and jumped into the pool, your lucky I jumped in after you because you almost drown you crazy little girl." Never will i drink one of those sneaky little drinks again! 47 47 Show
Hide 2109 bigraab four loko...where do i start one fine night at my house at school i felt the need to prove my manhood. After drinking one blueraspberry loko i decided to fill up another and take it down through the beer bong. This promptly triggered 2 more beer bongs one filled with a mixture of beer and 2 shots of vlad. After waking up in someone elses clothes i was quickly made aware of my actions the night before with a video my friend showed me, Which included 5 minutes of me walking around butt naked and a beer pong slam dunk in which i slid off the table and broke my ass on the firplace.. i still have the scar to this day. Thanks for the memories 4loko 52 49 Show
Hide 2108 LokoIDVandal Had a graduation party for some friends and I got tired of drinking keg beer so I switched to Four Loko. After about a four loko and a half I decided to start my moving process. I was moving out soon and had a huge desk I couldnt fit out of my door, so my friends and I found an axe started chopping up the desk and throwing it out my window into the apt parking lot when. I was outside with the ax and a cup of four loko when a cop rolled through the complex looking for parties. He looked at me with my drink and an axe and got out of the car to ask what I was doing. I responded "oh just chopping up my desk, I couldnt move it, Im not drunk". 58 62 Show
Hide 2107 TedBundy4Loko Had 2 lokos then hit the bars. I left all my friends at the bar and didnt tell them i was leaving. Ended up going to an unlocked building on the campus where I go to school and approached the vending machine for late night munchies. I had no money, so I decided to tip the machine. It fell on top of me instead. It took me a while to wiggle my way out, then I passed out for 3 hours next to the machine. Woke up at 6am and pass out on my neighbors couch. P.s. me and 3 frinds attempted to lift the machine back up the next day to no avail, luckily I didnt get caught. 74 84 Show
Hide 2106 richard goesinya a few weeks ago I read these stories ddecied to try one bought the blue tropical kind went home started playin xbox downed that one drank whiskey by the time i bought 1 more i remember nothing i remember feelin sleepy then got up my roommate said i stumbled sideways into the kitchen table head first into the kitchen table i woke up feeling shitty had puked over the night and had a inch gash on my leg that is still there..Bought another one the next day 75 50 Show
Hide 2105 So dumb I drank 2 Four Loko's and half a bottle of Jager. Last thing I remember is arriving to the bowling alley with my friends.. Next thing I knew, I was in my dad's car driving to the gas station. You want to talk about a blacked out night? I could have killed myself and others. The next morning I found out from my friend that I was peeing outside of the bowling alley and I got kicked out, so I went and sat in my friends car, and tried to drive away but had no keys, and just set off the alarm instead. Then they drove me home and carried me up into my bedroom. And since I still lived with my dad at the time.. For some reason chose to drive his car instead of mine, and got out of my black out while I was driving his car to the gas station... OH and, I did not know how to turn on his headlights, so I was pushing forward his brights the whole time while driving. FML! Living La Vidi LOKO! 58 63 Show
Hide 2104 OMG Well woke up this morning feeling like death, apparently I drank only one and a half blacked out talked shit to my neighbors ran up and down the street screaming rolled all over my other neigherbors lawn, took off my shirt put my hoodie on and keep flashing my husband. Called my husband all types of profanities, kept spitting on everyone in reach. Flung dinner on the floor what else...Im so embaressed to go outside. I dont even want to hear anymore cause I dont even remember. I will never drink one of those again wow. 50 44 Show
Hide 2103 Sir Stinky Pants After drinking a few beers I decided to drink a Four Loko... within 30 min I was swimming in the ocean with a pitcher filled with sea water. When I got back me and my friends had a sea water chugging contest. All I remember was throwing up my dinner in the bath tub and eating a pickle that I had just thrown up... 78 90 Show
Hide 2102 swik to many loko'ories to tell so i assume ill start with the most recent....UK UT football game last weekend did a little pre-gamin and post-gamin with these things...After the 3rd loko of they day and a stout margarita at the restaurant my whole family (grandparents and all) and i attended, i blacked... Usually this part turns bad or involves something stupid but somehow I picked up the waitress and convinced her to walk about two miles to my place once she got off where as i also got my mom to run to the store on a condom run convincing here that if her son got a std that it would have been her fault 77 70 Show
Hide 2101 igetmoney808 me and my friend smoked a $50 blunt. and we were soo stoned that we went to the liquor store and bought 3 4lokos (blueberry). he drank all 3 in his backyard and he was f*cked up. and since he lives right by a golf course, we hopped the fence. he fell down the fence and the neighbors were about to call the cops so we digged. and we ended up f*cking up the entire golf course. he threw up all over the course and i pissed and took a shit in one of the holes. and we dug holes in the ground and f*cked up the grass. and we smoked another blunt. then the security cart came and luckily we saw their headlights so i had to pretty much carry my friend and help him hop the fence to get out of the golf course. then the cops came driving towards us so we booked it and ran back to his house where he threw up some more. EPIC NIGHT. 50 50 Show
Hide 2100 Don't Deny The Loko At a frat party I beer bonged 8 Four Lokos (one of each flavor) over the span of 10 minutes. 5 minutes later I died. The renter of the house, an alumni of the fraternity in question, freaked out and decided to hide my corpse in the walk-in cooler of the Pakistani-owned liquor store he worked at. He couldn't decide how best to dispose of my body so he left me hidden in a burlap sack behind the rack they kept their Four Loko shipments on. Three days later I awoke, resurrected, with life in my body and still with a blood/alcohol level of .32. I return to you as Four Loko Jesus, and I am here to forgive all of the sins committed by those who drink The Loko. 49 56 Show
Hide 2099 badbadbad night I love four lokos, i usually just have one and im good but my dumbass was going to a huge party that was going all night so i got 3...well every things going good till midway the 2nd one i leave the party my friends do not know where i am 2 hours later they find me with my hands up on a cop car im butt naked at a park pee on my pants with a random guy. i got an indecent exposure ticket i still dont know what i did but i guess its pretty obvious. than after that ordeal i decided to go and take more shots than we go to carl jr and i flashed the guy who was working. my friend was driving i grabed the wheel on the freeway almost killing morning waking up with a riped up piece of paper in my bed...that was my ticket the other half i threw out the window thank god they are banned because i probably would do that shit again. 79 55 Show
Hide 2098 LokoStripClub A bunch of people from work said they've never drank Four Loko. I bought a case to show everyone what they are missing out on. We were going to a strip club for a coworkers eighteenth birthday. On the car ride up we decided we were each going to drink two, however since they have these silly open container laws we decided to crack one at a time and share. Four Loko being an acquired taste, I was able to guzzle much faster than these rookies who've never experienced the drink. The last thing I remember was getting gas on the ride up and pissing on the grass in front of the station. I blacked out and have no recollection what so ever of the strip club or the events that occurred the entire time we were there, which was from 11 pm - 4 am. I was told the next day by many people the events that transpired. The people in my car were the troublemakers, out of control, and basically babysat by the rest of our coworkers. I was all over a new girl that worked with us, who had a boyfriend, and I was previously not attracted to in any way what so ever. Another girl in our car got up on stage and stripped nude. Eventually I couldn't walk, stand, or even talk and communicated to my supervisor with a series of nods. I literally was unable to speak. I was thrown out of the club around 3 after vomiting grape Four Loko all over the floor of the men's bathroom. I was told it was literally the most disgusting thing anyone has ever seen. I then slept in the car until we left at 4 after blowing a .36 in a portable breatholizer. I have absolutely no recollection of the night what so ever. When I blacked in I was sleeping in a cot at my grandmothers house fully clothed. Apparently I was taken there because I told everyone it was much closer then my house. She was furious about me showing up blacked out at 5 am and then throwing up all over her bathroom as well. The results of this were very polarizing. I hooked up with the one girl I work with, and another digs me. Some people love me for introducing them to such an awesome drink and think I'm a legend. On the other hand my grandmother hates me and there are people who refuse to imbibe alcohol with me ever again. I'm so upset these drinks are banned. 65 91 Show
Hide 2097 AussieDan my first run in with four loko was a few months ago a mate of mine told me that not even i could behave myself after a few cans(ive been told that my alcohol intake can be at times hard to believe) not being one to back down from a challenge i said to my mate i will have one of each and a bottle of bundy rum that i had just got from duty free.i had 2 cans in about an hour then started on the rum.i remember starting the rum but nothing else, but buy the end of the night i had drank 3 loko cans and a bottle of rum, my mate said it was the only time ever he had seen my be sick but i still dont remember what happened but i woke up with 21 stitches in my arm and in hospital getting my gut pumped and a police charge for assaulting a police officer.and to this day i have only the up most respect for the only drink ive ever had to fuck me up like that.P.S i dont drink four loko anymore 97 67 Show
Hide 2096 ginger nutts i drank about 10 four lokes i ended up fuckin my mom,.... then i got really pist so went to the bar to cool it off and turns out i shit all over the bar stool, later.. omg i was gonna have sex some guy was trying to give me a rim job i splatted ass queefs all in his nose, it was the greenest shit ever, soo it was really embarrassing and i had to tell my dad, he then took advantage and stuck his cock in my ear and busted a fat nutt, i stole 3 immagrant kids that night along with a car and some ciggs, i ate shit swalolowed pee and piucked it all on my sister my life is soo fucked, btw queefing is a natural hobby oh what four lokos do to my ass queefs 49 48 Show
Hide 2095 Concert Was pregaming for a concert with a few buds, one of which bought a 12 pack of four loko. We each drank about 1 or 2 before we went to catch the train to the show. One of my buddies showed up late and in the absence of time proceeded to funnel one and chug another. We drank a few more on the train. I ended up getting arrested which I do not remember too much but the ticket/summons explained it all. The next day I texted the four kids I was with to see how the show went. Three of responses were I never made it in, I got arrested. Haha only 1 of us made it. 48 42 Show
Hide 2094 Our Friend Hines So NYC is banning fourloko (I wonder why?) So now me and my boys had to try it. Only we can't find it anywhere. Its 1 in the morning store to store looking for it. We finally get one each, and are walking down the street drinking them in brown paper bags. That very corner, the cops roll up. I try and toss mine and some of the guys duck behind a phone booth but by the end of it 5 cop cars lights and sirens flashing are handing out tickets to everyone! So fuck you can of four loko, You cost me sixty bucks and didn't even get buzzed! 48 48 Show
Hide 2093 Call of Loko Four Picked up some grape Four Lokos last nite. got home and threw Black Ops into the 360 and harnessed myself down into the couch. I slammed my first loko down before nuketown even managed to load. So I am doin terrible in duty with .99 K/D ratio. I figured 2 more lokos might help like it does with the ladies... Feelling real fucked by now; my snipers all over the place and shit, games are takin forever to start and i blackout. I Woke up the next day and a real shit storm musta brew in my stomach last nite as soon as i stood up, shit blasted out of my anus . it looked like a mudslide occured on the couch...clearly the shit gods were not on myside :) the couch was burned yesterday. 73 57 Show
Hide 2092 caballo loko when lokos first started becoming popular me and my friend decided to drink 2 a piece and i continued to win 16 games of beer pong after that. well i blacked out after a couple of games of beer pong and i woke up with a busted up lip, a bruised nose and several bruises throughout my body...i was told by friends that i fell flat on my face during a bp game and started to spitting blood everywhere then i went outside to try to call somebody and then i was found rolling around outside on the grass tryin to get service then the ppl that owned the house tried to put me to sleeep and i started to cry and to top it all off i rolled down a flight of stairs....and i havent stopped drinkin them since 49 42 Show
Hide 2091 loko4dali So last weekend my buddies and I decided it would be fun to drink 4loko and then go to a museum. We started off with 3 4loko each and then proceeded to take shots during the car rife there. It just so happens that the museum was located in the city so we ran across a few homeless people on the way. We sat with one and each drank a 4loko out of a brown bag next to his shopping cart. Next thing we knew it we all woke up in jail with the homeless guy sitting next to us...thank you 4loko 49 52 Show
Hide 2090 dfksafl i went to this party. drank a shit ton of beers and thats all i remember besides waking up the next morning naked, sore vagina next to someone in some random room that i found out was my best friends ex boyfriend. ive never blacked out in my life and i ALWAYS remember everything and would never do something like that. i was absolutely convinced i was drugged and never talked to any of my friends after that because they were the only people there. here it is about 4 months later and i figure out that i drank a couple four lokos after all the beer.. makes sense 51 47 Show
Hide 2089 Rick Price Drank 2, called a girl a CUNT, played two overly long beer pong games, passed out in the park......woke up in my bed 69 65 Show
Hide 2088 PabloEscabar due to the recent ban of 4loko i decided to drink 8 of them in 2 days and ended up in the hospital with rediculous blood pressure, dehydration, as well as an illegal BAC 8 hours after drinking. I vowed I would never drink a LOKO again, but two days later drove to 8 different liquor stores and bought everything they had in stock. It amounted to 94LOKOS and a $282 charge...I cant wait to black out and end up in the hospital again for my sins 79 63 Show
Hide 2087 nate had 2 1/2 lokos. the night i dont remember. but i woke up the next day with the contact "mah boiiiii" in my phone and i found pictures of me in some asians kids car on my pictures. idk either 47 56 Show
Hide 2086 austin4loko friday after thanksgiving me and my brother were chillin at the mall bought some new nikes. later that night got 2 4lokos he drank his and i chugged mine then we went to main event(arcade). i was buzzin pretty good til i wanted 2 more. back to the store and bought myself 2, chugged one and started buzzin really good. from there we went to sixth street (in austin) i blacked out as soon as i stepped out of the car. all i remember was meeting some hippie homeless dude, he smoked me out with some DANKY ASS BUD. i also remember punchin some dude in the face for no reason at all the cops were following me and my bro too idk how we didnt go to jail. i never even got the chance to drink the second one i bought 52 62 Show
Hide 2085 AVOCADO LOCO I don't know what kind of poisons or acids that are in Four Loco's but it turned me into the craziest, most psychotic freak that you could possibly think of. I had the brilliant idea of drinking a our loco before going out to the bars with my friends. It was thursday, college night, one of the biggest parties of the year. I drank the four loco, had about a pitcher and a half of beer, a shot of patron, and an adios mother f**cker to finish off the night. We got picked up by my friend and she took us to Safeway at 2 am, she should have never done that. I guess I went to the frozen and grabbed 10 boxes of CPK frozen pizzas and tried running out with them through the locked doors. I dropped all the pizzas, picked them up, and ran out the other side. I dropped off the pizzas and I guess ran back into Safeway to grab apple cider and an avocado, couldn't tell you why I did that till this day. I woke up the next morning to discover that my jeans were completely covered with avocado, so were my friends jeans and the car. Apparently my friend had bought a bag of chips, and I began making guacamole in my hands, because I wanted to dip my chips in it. Then i psychotically started throwing avocado at my friend in the back seat. That night I became someone else. 61 56 Show
Hide 2084 EMZI omg, i had the WORST experience!i have about 5 lokos and long story short, i remeber partying at a party and i remeber waking up to a a nigga fucking me. i kept blackingout. the next day when i was still wasted, people were showing me videos of me humping the wall, and whilee i was having sex with a guy ...i started to pee. :( 50 51 Show
Hide 2083 tktitty My friend drank 3 four lokos one night and for some reason he tried to give himself head. Not gonna lie, it was the funniest thing ive ever seen. 162 99 Show
Hide 2082 Propez Im having my first loko right now... lets see what this is all about. 11/30/10 50 50 Show
Hide 2081 big daddy Drank 3 four lokos with my kid. He`s missing. 149 105 Show
Hide 2080 No_longer_virgin I'm a 16 yr old male. Got off work at 9pm on my birthday. Headed over to my boy's house where he had 2 Four Lokos waiting for me. Chugged them both in the span of 30 mins. Proceeded to then smoke weed, and take shots of tequila(the tequila from mexico, with the worm on the bottom, not that water downed shit here in U.S.) Was fuckin wrecked by the time my gf showed up, could hear her drinking and having a good time while I went to puke in the bathroom. From this moment on I have sporadic blackouts. The first time I wake up from a blackout, I was on the floor next to the toilet, huggin it with my face halfway in the damn thing. I looked up to see my boy pissin in the sink cus I woldnt move. Blacked out again, woke up to the lights off, and my gf kissing me. Blacked out, woke up grabbed her hand, led her to my boy's mom's room where he was watching TV, proceeded to tell him to leave so i can bang my girl in his mom's room. He denied me of course, so we went to his room, proceeded to lay down, blacked out, woke up to my gf and I makin out, blacked out, woke up to me takin her pants off, and proceeded to eat pussy for the first time(tasted terrbile) blacked out, woke up to her guiding my dick into her, blacked out, woke up to realizin I was losing my virginity and didnt have a condom, blacked out, woke up to apologizing for not being able to cum, blacked out, woke up in the backyard in my boxers and nothing else the next morning with a pounding headache. 56 54 Show
Hide 2079 C my friend came over one night to play karaoke revolution. each of us had 2 loko's and got wild. we ended up eventually going to sleep at 5 am and i woke up with bite marks all over me, scratches down my back and arms, and some dirty sheets. I'd do it all over again if given the chance. 55 56 Show
Hide 2078 WestVillageLoko One night recently I drank three Four Lokos and nothing too terrible happened. After reading through a few pages of this site, I think my story is by far the most insane. 111 88 Show
Hide 2077 tom drank 3 before halloween then preceeded to scream at my girl friend as she took take of me id rather be homeless then with her...then faught a homeless man who was concerned as i tried to throw her into a cad...ended up passed out at Port Authority the next morning w a summons taped to my shirt LOKO 74 58 Show
Hide 2076 AndrewMKE All I remember is drinking Four Loko, doing six shots in one hour, snorting Ritalin, some guy kissing me, almost getting hit by a car, drinking a beer, and eating Domino's before passing out. 53 62 Show
Hide 2075 smooshsnooki If fourlokos are being banned, I'm buying 2 cases of them and selling them to freshman for 5 dollars a piece. I should have been a business major... 66 68 Show
Hide 2074 oaky Pregamed at home with a grape loko, then went to a friend's house where I pounded an orange in about fifteen minutes. My friend insisted he had already had 2 himself but like to talk shit and told him to open another. He poured us out equal amounts and in another twenty minutes we had each finished a third. I blacked out sitting on his couch and at some point left, called my girlfriend, and started walking to her place--everything I know after this is based on what she heard through the phone. Apparently while I was waiting at a corner some girl ran into me and knocked the phone out of my hand. As I picked my phone up I was yelling at her that she was a fat cunt and she'd better never run into me again, because nobody gets between me and my girl when we're talking on the phone, fucking NOBODY. I assured my girlfriend many times that nobody gets between me and her, especially not fat cunts. I stumbled into a pizza place, incoherently ordered a few slices and finally got to my girlfriend's. I threw up for two hours then passed out on the floor in the middle of her apartment (she lives with 5 other girls) with my pants around my knees. I woke up the next day covered in blankets and sweatshirts, wondering why my pants were down, and missing my glasses. Glasses weren't at gf's place, not at pizza place, not at friend's place, not anywhere along the street. Best guess is that the fat cunt knocked them off my face when she knocked my phone out of my hand. Fucking fat cunts. 49 45 Show
Hide 2073 Sassy Drank four loco. Argued with my ex husband. He murdered all my co workers. 43 36 Show
Hide 2072 VegasLoKo Slammed two lemonade in my room at the flamingo with my roommate, felt nothing, played six games of pong at O'Sheas, gave the leprechaun a piggy back ride, then blacked out walking into caesars. Woke up naked, not in my room, with puke on the bed. Found out I went home with "destiny" who went to my high school, got escorted out of the casino for repeatedly spilling drinks on the pit boss claiming to have starred in The Hangover and my roommate got arrested for assaulting three Scots and telling their queen to suck it. Oh, and he had six bills in his pocket of our winnings. I just stocked cases of this magic juice in my closet. LoKoooo 64 68 Show
Hide 2071 Vano Me and another gal pal bought one and stole another. Drove to our spot and started drinking. Got all hyper and we were having fun. I decided I wanted to visit my guy friend in a city nearby. So we got in my van and I drove off. As I sped off to his house we were blasting the music and singing out loud. We got to his house safely and continued to drink our Four Loko. Now my gal friend had never met my guy friend and she knew we were dating. My gal friend starts rolling on the floor, drooling, slurring her speech, and rolling her eyes. Im assuming it was because she was drunk. I go outside to smoke a cigarette and when I get back they're making out. They didn't see me so I come back in more loudly and they stop. She walks to the kitchen to get water and I stay quiet. I finish the rest of mine and her can. And then my guy friend says he's going to go check on her. When I go back to check on them they're making out again and I hear them go into a room and slam the door shut. So I decided then I was going to let them handle their business. I get in my car and leave her there. Half way home I realized she left her phone and belongings in my car. Still feeling crazy and bothered by my friends I roll down the window and throw all her stuff out the car. I get home safely and raid my fridge of left over turkey from Thanksgiving. In the morning I find texts claiming how sorry and fucked up she was. I send a text back claiming that I was fucked up too and threw all her stuff out the window as I drove home. Yup. So four loko makes you crazy and do crazy stuff for sure! 55 53 Show
Hide 2070 Childress A chronicle of my recent 4loko escapades. I first discovered 4Loko on a nice day on the lake during a buy week. Dont remember much, but people now call that the 'love boat scandal'. Apparently I call Deana a whore everytime I Loko. Most recently, I bought a full case of Lokos and regained my senses a month later...Apparently Randy Moss was on the team 72 61 Show
Hide 2069 ChaseBOSS so i drank two lokos after spiking them with vodka. apparently i tried to fight five innocent bystanders because my pizza was taking too long at rocco's and i punched the taillight out of cars in front of a bar. this was all after i ran into zac efron on bourbon street and tried to get him to party with us. at least he showed some love and gave me a high five followed by a pound and laughed at my drunkeness. 41 39 Show
Hide 2068 hey budddy well in the summer time i downed a fouloko in less than 5 mins. then smoked then drank some of my friends fourloko and ended up on the wet lawn for like hours blabbing who the fuck knows but i couldnt control myself then somehow ended up in a cvs parking lot peeing. Then my friends brought me in there car i was crying and screaming and then someone brought me home. Next morning i woke up shaking and i smelled like fruit punch. FU lokos :D -__- 47 50 Show
Hide 2067 Nannerpuss I had two four lokos and two fourties ended up at some dorm party where some girl gave me four pills. Instead of doing the reasonable thing and taking one or two I gulped all four down. took a piss in someones room, then apparently shook a lamp post until the bulb broke and then picked up the glass and threw it. then took my bike on a ride with a black and mild. Ended up in my bed. woke up the next day with scratches everywhere and noticed my bike was crashed with a bent tire next to a tree with the black and mild only half smoked. I love you four loko 49 41 Show
Hide 2066 carrotcock i down 2 lokos at 8 p.m , dipped from the cops, lost my wallet, made 30 prank calls,and smoked and box many times throughout the night. woking up at 6:30 a.m to find myself alone in the back of my boys car awaken by his car alarm going off not remember a second of what happened the past night. i had to be told what happened just like how i just told you. 54 51 Show
Hide 2065 TacosTacosTacos Me n my GF were drinkin 4 loko, I think we both had 2 and were probably arleady buzzed off Carlo Rossi (that cheap wine that come in a big ass jug). Uhm. I just remember we had sex, or at least attempted too, since I woke up around 4am naked on the floor next too my GF who was also passed out naked. Luckily I woke up when I did cause my head was down by her ass, and as soon as I got up she started too piss the bed. Or maybe she did piss on me and that's why I woke up? Hmmmmmm I'm not sure. More probably happened that night, but that's all I can recall. 46 42 Show
Hide 2064 lokoNObueno I drank like 15 beers with my buddies then dipped into the four loko. I was doing fine until that point. I don't remember anything after my first big glass of the loko sauce but apparently (as told by my buddies) I demanded to go to the bar to clear my name cause I thought the bar was talking shit about me, I tried to sit in an invisible chair, knocked over a plant, table, myself, and my girlfriend thinks I'm a looser! FUCK YOU FOUR LOKO! 53 51 Show
Hide 2063 donworryboutit i had a party at my house and we started chuggin fourlokos. Woke up the next morning with 3 people lying down in my basement.. two of em naked 55 56 Show
Hide 2062 EY I drank a 4Loko and nothing crazy happened, but I went online and made up a story like everyone else, it was mad loko. 61 53 Show
Hide 2061 Shelly Bobwa Drank 4loko then walked to the bar. I guess on the way back i decided to take an entire oneway street sign. From the sign to the pole and even some of the cement was still on the bottom as I rolled over in the morning with it next to me. I couldn't move my wrist for 2 weeks after that 47 47 Show
Hide 2060 swisssh. rip lokos..<3 you will be missed.. ill never get fucked up like i did again. 46 51 Show
Hide 2059 JAM drank 4loko for the first time before a yankee game with my best friend. ended up front row of the game (which we later discovered thru pictures on our phones). blacked out we remember wakin up in the projects of the bronx with 5 unknown "gangsters" at about 5 am. ran for our lives. our money was missing and our phones were dead. proceeded to walk thru the hood and found ourselves surrounded by prostitutes trying to steal our cell phone and there pimp getting them away with a gun. drank some more n woke up in my house (in nj) with a t shirt signed by every yankees player 108 80 Show
Hide 2058 rasheed wallace I have drank as much loko the last few months as anyone..due to it being banned I went to 4 liquor stores to find some..I ended up buying to cases and blacking out on saturday, and when i woke up i had no clue where i was..needless to say i played speed quarters with loko the next day and ended up in the hospital..i now have been ruthlessly shitting out mud..RIP four loko 56 57 Show
Hide 2057 smoKING SO MY dude chugs some lokos and falls off really bad. we did cpr on him in the middle of the sreet and then chased him down the street to our old high school after we find out he dosnt like cpr. anyway his cousin was like we need to put him to sleep cuz he wil b to crazy. so while i ditracted the drunk with a piece of cardbord his cousin sneak attacks a choke hold on him and knocks him out!passed out on the ground we wait 3o mins to make sure he was out. this was a 2 in the mourning i later find out he woke up at five stole some baked goods and went to church and went to sleep in the pew like angel i dont mess with lokos i just watch there byproduct ...smoke weed 46 47 Show
Hide 2056 LeBron James This summer, I drank 3 four lokos and signed with the Miami Heat. We are only 9-8 so far this season and I'm now the most hated athlete on the planet. Thanks 4loko! 45 44 Show
Hide 2055 Chinesse John mayhugh and Hannah butler had sex after the first four loko 50 56 Show
Hide 2054 heleno It was freshman year in the dorms on Halloween. Four of my friends from home were visiting me at school and we were ready to go loko! Through the duration of the night, I lost my ID card to get back to the room and my cell phone. Come 4 AM, I had ran around campus by myself dressed as a devil with no luck finding it. The next morning I woke up on a couch at a frat, my friends no where to be found. Stories told over breakfast include me getting lost, crying to everyone and asking every person I saw for help, and my friends finding a random place to stay the night... 57 56 Show
Hide 2053 Fousheezy I decided to try Four Loko. I blacked out halfway through, though I am able to glean from my tweets I was still quite able to function. I woke up on the toilet in my guest bathroom with a broken leg. 56 50 Show
Hide 2052 ThePrettiestGirlatQU monday night i had 3 4lokos. i woke up with my jeans on my arms and my shirt in the sink...and then the random stranger next to me bought me coffee. success. 57 54 Show
Hide 2051 Skate rad mouth So my bffl jesse beery sucked my dick ofter the many sips of my loko. I might have came maybe six simes in one night and after I realized my dick was green. I went to the doctor and was worried that I had a STD because we all know where Jesse beery has been. I later found out from my doctor that it was just the watermelon flavor look that made his mouth green and made my dick a different color. We are still friends to this day . 50 47 Show
Hide 2050 Brooklyn Apparently when I drink Four Loko, I love to blackout and do the absolute most ridiculous things. Not only am I getting less wealthy the the amount Delis charge for these beverages, I am also turning into a fan of the opposite sex every time I blackout drinking these. I haven't done anything borderline what a baseball player would do after a good play, but it's getting pretty bad. I could only imagine getting wrecked with my girlfriend on Four Loko, it would probably be the end of my relationship. 50 58 Show
Hide 2049 Rowe One night for my friend's 21st, we played a game of "Four Loko Hands" before heading to the bar (same concept as Edward 40 Hands). 25 minutes later, everything was a blur. Within an hour I was kindly asked to leave the bar for throwing foreign objects at the Hot Shot basketball game. It was the weekend of the annual Corn Festival, and there were hay bales everywhere...the next thing I know, I was covered in hay, face down on the sidewalk outside my friend's house, with a cop handcuffing me. Apparently a friend and I decided to carry a bunch of hay out into the middle of the street, right in front of a cop car, from which we decided to (try to) run while carrying bales of hay. I ran just far enough to be tackled onto the ground outside of my friend's house, where everyone who didn't go to the bar yet was partying at. I blew a .29. The resulting disorderly conduct and public drunkenness ended up costing me about $ was the only time I've spent more than 10 bucks on Four Lokos. 61 59 Show
Hide 2048 Dan I'd been talking to a girl for a week to find out that John Mayer is coming to Austin the following we. Nice. Thanks in advance, Mayer, for you are about to get me laid -- I think to myself. I don't even own a car because I'm just a lowly college sophomore at the time, so I borrow my roommate's truck. I pick the girl up from her place and smoothly offer her two of the 4x Four Lokos I smoothly brought with me once I park outside of John Mayer's venue. She declines. But I figure she'll be down for some Loko once Mayer loosens her up, so I chug one and throw the rest of the Lokos in my backpack. We head in. Who ends up drinking the rest of the Lokos himself? *Points to self* This guy. The next morning, I wake up in the bed of my roommate's pickup truck. She obviously tried to drive me home, but didn't know exactly where I lived, so she parked in the alley near my place with me in tow. She'd stuffed my roommate's car keys in my shirt pocket and deleted her number from my phone. And she probably laid John Mayer. 54 42 Show
Hide 2047 never again i got to a party thinking that i would take it easy with the drinking that night because i was around people i didn't know and i didn't want to make a fool out of myself. i bought two 4lokos and finished one and a half. i remember finishing the first one then waking up in my bed the next morning. thank god my boyfriend was there to a.take care of me and b.tell me the great story afterwards. i guess i ended up climbing on a roof smoking ciggarettes talking about life with some random guy, throwing up numerous times in some random persons bathtub, passing out in the same randoms bed, somehow got to my car and threw up all over the curb, and somehow getting home passed out on the bathroom floor where my dad found me and carried me back to my room like a child. i had a hangover for two days after that night. 49 41 Show
Hide 2046 Mike Bresk Was down in Florida after getting my fake I.D and was ready to go clubbing. Slammed one at the house and one on the way there. When I get there I started doing shots and wandering around the club into the V.I.P, after standing on a V.I.P table I fall off and get right up and wander to the bathroom..take a piss and tip the guy that dries your hands 100 dollars. I stumble back to my table do another shot and my friends are leaving, walking out i decide that jumping over a table instead of walking around it is a good idea. I try to jump over it knocking the whole table down spilling a whole tables drinks..soon after a guy tries to fight me with his girlfriend holding him back and me walking out not realizing what I did, after this I blacked out waking up in the bathtub of my friends apartment with 3 CDs from rappers outside the apartment, hell yea! 56 46 Show
Hide 2045 RIPloko Bought the last 4 lokos from the liquor store i manage. 2 for that night and 2 to save. Get to the party late at our house from work. Funnel a lemonade to catch up. a blue rasberry soon follows during the first few beer pong games. blacked out from here on... can 3 is opened. every time my good friend turns away from his girl i smack her ass and feel her up. She smacks me. they leave. proceed to grind up against some wasted redhead as shes slowly walking. Start to dance the robot pointing in different directions. bring out the bong and all off an 8th of bomb buds. smoke the entire party up. I get angry. Insist to the ugliest girl at the party that i have a place for her to stay over for a good time. She pukes on the couch. I make it to bed. Wake up with the 4th can of loko next to my bed opened but not a sip gone. Rip 4 lokos im gonna miss those good times with u buddy 62 68 Show
Hide 2044 WORST LOKO EVER !!! Had 3 Four Loko's at a friends house, we all were parting with his parents. I then preceded to bring my buddies mom upstairs. We had sex for an hour until her husband came in the room with a baseball bat. Ran franticly out of the house and somehow got my car home. Worst thing is, the mom was my girlfriends mom. YIKES !!! 45 47 Show
Hide 2043 sfresh I beerbonged 2 loko's, and i was about 8 beers deep. After that all i remember is throwing up on the kids below my floor and waking up :) 48 46 Show
Hide 2042 fuckingloko i drink and steal lokos like its my job. but one night i was more fucked up than usual, i sat in a driveway for hours, put on my friends moms clothes, did some coke and slept in the back of her moms cougar and her mom founf me there the next morning drooling when she went to go to church. hahahha 46 39 Show
Hide 2041 Bweezyy Went to my guy friends house with my best friend, drank 1! Loko drunk off my ass completely naked half the night, gave some guy head and bit his dick , threw up on him, pee'd my pants ,oh and it was only me me one other girl and three guys, great night.. 47 48 Show
Hide 2040 DAGNASTY! drank one of these beauties went to the bar and the next morning I found my shirt in my girlfriend's front yard and my bike underneath my car. Apparently I rode my bike around at 4 in the morning with no shirt and then thought driving would be a good idea but stopped after I ran over my bike. I don't remember anything. 48 42 Show
Hide 2039 lokofademlokos Om goin loko fa dem LOKOS!!!!! 49 54 Show
Hide 2038 jen01 Had 3 on an august afternoon got pulled over..argued and cussed with cops the whole time til i got to the sheriffs was like i was picking a fight..they thought i was on something else...i blew a .17...lost license 2 weeks..then had a provisional license for a month...had to put a blowing machine in vehicle..2500 legal court expenses...cant drive out of the state..did 24 hrs comm service...all over less than 10.00 worth of drinks... 50 50 Show
Hide 2037 Rape Monkeyy So Me And my friends were drinking 4 locos Right we had atleast two each, my friend alex, jonathan, and nancy so we were just Kicking Back At Jonathan's House When We Decided To Go Out For Some Air, Then Right When I Came Out The Door I Remember I Saw The Ugliest Guy Ever So I Screamed And i Had To Trow Ah Punch At Him Then After I Went Inside I Saw Him In The Window And He Started To Jack Off! Haha Funny Right But What Is Not Funny Is That He Had Put All His Sperm On Our Door Knob Then Ran So Nancy Had To Wash It Off With Her Soda that's What She Had To Drink Then After We Drove Drunk Down San Fernando Road, Then We Saw 2 Hobos On The Bus Stop Having Sexx So We Thought It Was So Funny And We Recorded It Haha Then We All Went Home.! -The Endd TRUE STORY 48 56 Show
Hide 2036 Mike Tonight I drank lokos with my friends and my friend got with the girl ive been tryng to talk to for about 3 months .... SCREW YOUR FOUR LOKO 62 69 Show
Hide 2035 Matrixone i drank a four loko then went to a bar and i don't remember getting home or sleeping and i woke up and i felt like a million dollars then i get a text from a girl i didn't remember meeting but i hit it off and got LAID!!! 43 42 Show
Hide 2034 Blackout Wednesday Wednesday night a couple of friends and I were celebrating black out Wednesday with 4lokos. Started off normal enough, we pounded out first 4loko pretty quickly and got working on our 2nd one. About an hour after starting drinking we all finished two 4lokos and were drinking some beer. Then 2 of my friends go downstairs to get a beer and end up disappearing for like 5 min so we go looking for them. Turns out they were in the basement drinking his mom?s bottle of jose cuervo margarita mix. But they made a little game out of it, see one person would start saying the pledge of allegiance while the other would chug the bottle and you couldn?t stop chugging until they finished the pledge. After a few rounds of this we decided to bench while one person poured the margarita mix in our mouth. This continued until we finished the rest of the bottle. So at this point the four of us our each 2 4lokos, 3 beers, and ¼ of a handle of cuervo margarita mix 12%. Then one kid bitched out so 3 of us stayed up drinking and singing songs on youtube until one guy threw up in his mouth and ran to the bathroom. After this we decided we were hungry, so we went upstairs to make some grilled cheese. Halfway through the kid who puked in his mouth says he needs to go 2 bed. So I continue to make grilled cheese while my other friend takes him to bed. They walk in his room flip on the lights wake up his little brother and proceed to completely ignore him. Finally they lay down, spoon, and say the pledge of allegiance together until the one kid falls asleep. Meanwhile I am cleanin up puke from the other kid who bitched out, while cleaning it up I had to go puke because it was so disgusting. Also we couldn?t find carpet cleaner so I used clorox wipes. So I get that cleaned up and my friend comes down and we eat our grilled cheese and watch old school. Finally we go upstairs wake up my friends little brother to drive the one kid to his gf and me to mcdonalds for a mcflurry and back home. Now granted we all blacked out after the 2nd 4loko and had to have all this told to us by my friends sister who was in the other room and his little brother, but was a great time. 58 56 Show
Hide 2033 Mandy B I heard about Four Loko and decided to go out to South Beach on a froogle persons budget. I drank the first Loko at the apartment... the second one was consumed in the car ( I wasnt driving)... We got to South Beach on 18th and Washington...I peed in an alley ( classy I know) ... walked around and thought I was MISS AMERICA OF sobe... spoke to the homeless... eventually we got to 12th st and washington... I dont remember getting there all I remember was my date ...screaming at me telling me I needed to stop acting like a crazy stupid b*t*h... I lost my celll phone.. I lost my date...I think my dignity is still somewhere on the floor along with my tweezers ...that came out of my purse when I apparently chucked it at passerbys... but not before I was fondled by some strange man...all in all ...had I not blacked out it would have been a very fun night...I honestly didn't remember how I got to the Betsy Hotel... I dont even remember walking towards Ocean ... a night I forgot that I will always remember ... 69 64 Show
Hide 2032 Adrians daddy... Four loko gave me my son.. 53 43 Show
Hide 2031 Swagz I woke up the morning after Halloween sitting in a plastic lawn chair out front of a supply store with a deadmau5 head on. 191 89 Show
Hide 2030 Wreckless I drank two lokos last night and completely destroyed all of my friendships. I got in a fight with one of my guy friends, tried to hit him(i'm a girl), got kicked out of their house with no shoes, no keys, and no phone, proceeded to walk home barefoot angry and yelling, decided to do more damage and send out angry facebook emails to everyone telling them how much i hate them. i woke up 12 hours later with nothing left to my life. fuck you four loko. 52 52 Show
Hide 2029 Little Gremlin Last night was my best friend's 28th birthday, lets call him Steve. I bought a six pack of Anchor Steam and as a joke/surprise I thought it would be cool to buy 4 4Lokos as an added birthday bonus. Birthdays are always better when you're getting Loko'd. Steve didn't know a supercharged diesel train would be taking over the night. We barely made it half way through Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure before we each had pounded our two Lokos', three anchors and half a bottle of scotch. I think thats where we made the mistake of going out to the bars. The next couple of hours were kind of blurry. From what I do recall we found two girls at Lucky Dog (in Williamsburg). The blond one was pretty fat, but her friend Andrea was smoking hot. We took both the hot and the ugly girl to the Woods for dancing. There was no way in the world that I would be jumping on the grenade last night. I think we got bored or angry of them, because when we came back from the bar with drinks the blond chick was passed out and the hot one was making out with some random hipster dude. We stumbled back to some place for food after that, since we were like "fuck this" we brought this chicks here and this is just horrible. Flash forward to this morning where I woke up and there were bits and pieces of falafel in my beard. I never knew that I would have such a wonderful evening. Thanks Four Loko! 57 46 Show
Hide 2028 Hand Job Joe It was like any other Tuesday night only this Tuesday night my friend got four lokos. I had my first and felt pretty good. After having my second i was pretty wasted. That night there was a full moon and when the clock struck midnight I transformed into Hand Job Joe. From then on I spent my waking hours trying to give hand jobs. 56 52 Show
Hide 2027 OORAH Had a pregame party before my fraterniry's semi formal at my house. 70% of the participants were pregaming with four loko, causing the semi formal to be an absolute shit show. After an epic bus ride bound for Milwaukee, filled with incoherent murmurous chants and crammed with 60something wasted people, we finally arrived to the destination. One girl had to be carried into the function (resulting in her and date being kicked out immediately), another passed out puking on the bathroom floor, and everyone else was absolutely blackedout-shitfaced beyond belief to the point that less than $100 was spent at the bar among everyone. The night ended with the supervisors of the venue locking all of the doors as she threatened to call the police...LOKO! 61 53 Show
Hide 2026 Leonitus after 1 four loko and a couple of beers. went out to walk the dogs and ended up with a broken hand in three places and half of an eyebrow missing... now needing $$ for medication No more loko for me !!! 62 56 Show
Hide 2025 fo-loco after me and my ex ended things i thought we'd never have sex agan. then i helped him move in e cracked open a four and a joose at 2 p.m by 3 we were rolling around in the sack till about 7:45 p.m. it was awesome. but i felt like shit all night after ahaha. 63 66 Show
Hide 2024 16 Loko Drank 4 cans of four loko (16 loko) 2 weeks ago. I blacked out in New York City and woke up in Chicago. Apparently, I took a plane to Chicago at 5am. Don't remember going through security or anything. Just woke up at the gate when the guy next to me nudged me so i could let him out. He told me that I slept the whole way and that the flight attendant had to fasten my seat belt for me. Obviously, I purchased more 4 loko upon arrival. Ended up pissing on my buddy's rug. Sorry Doug. This shit is like time travels, but it only travels forward. 98 79 Show
Hide 2023 Black Friday My grave yard in a 3 hour span 2 lokos 1 beer a adderol and a bowl hit. From wat i can remember i was so drunk i put my lips on da wrong side of da bowl burnt my self twice, heard dere were cops at da party so i go in da back yard where i try to climb a fence and said fuck it. Leaving da party with my friends i kept askin him if he got dis bop number while shes standin in front of me. Threw up on my new timberlands and in steak n shake bathroom. Fell asleep standin up for a min den sum how made it in da house. Gud nite lol 70 77 Show
Hide 2022 fruitpunch blacked out. woke up with my pants on backwards, not my pants. a guy has a video of me making out in the middle of the kitchen with everyone watching. my elbow hurts. and i think someone stole my coat. 45 36 Show
Hide 2021 jonlopz Im here in LA for my friends daughters baptism... Drank 5 cans of loko between myself and one other friend... ended up getting a hooker while my friend pretended to be sleeping... I felt like I was on coke! 65 65 Show
Hide 2020 JohnsmithJR I drank fourloko and died. 61 58 Show
Hide 2019 Jennifer PSU I am a junior at Penn State. My roommates and I drank 4 Loco at a party. Woke up the next morning in bed with her. Yeah!! 56 52 Show
Hide 2018 Chris What a crazy night I just had- I'm so glad I found a place to share. Well, here goes: I was walking towards the Lorimer St. station and WHOA-BALBOA: a half-eaten chiclet made contact with my button downs and next thing I know, I'm splayed across the sidewalk like an old mare in labor. I even think a couple hacidics tripped and fell in, there's still that much of a twitch. Anyhoo- I collected myself as best I could and continued on my way, now nearly 35 minutes late for my pap smear (I had been "sm-iced" earlier in the day-- see NYTimes for details). Having finished the task, I carried on with the day by way of a bagel-egg-and-cheese at my local; as per usual, the running-shits ensued. Fool me twenty-million times, shame on me, the saying goes! Have a nice day everyone! -Chris 58 48 Show
Hide 2017 siv Drank 2 four lokos, and the night got real fuzzy. I drifted in and out of consciousness as my night led me further and further from my dorm room. I woke up laying on two half eaten burger king whoppers in the bed of a pick up truck wearing clothes that were not mine. but I did find 20 bucks in the foreign jeans! Score! 56 62 Show
Hide 2016 mr looney so news years. already a place of horror for storys on this site. bunch of ppl at the barn house drinking locos gettin shitty. after close to seems what was 3 or 4 locos i had broken the seal and started pissin in what seems like every other 20 mins. ( understand this is a group of close to 40 ppl on new years with multiple cases and lokos just sitting out for friends to drink. cause remember friends if your gonna have a real party, ur friends shouldnt have to bring money. just for future refrence.)so after chugging the last sip of my loko and throwing it into the ground i start walking out side to piss, as i walk i already start unzipping my pants. the whole night i had been pissing around the corner of the barn in a dark area where i couldnt see. this last piss was interesting. while peeing i heard a voice litley say "whos peeing on me". i zoom in to where im peeing and its a girlfriend of mine passed out on the ground and i had pissed all in her hair. lol. awesome. then i rush back inside wobbleing and laughing. as i tell the boys we all giggle and my buddy passes me a blunt thats been in rotation. i take a huge hit and start coughing my ass off. my buddy ask me if i would like a sip of water from his aquafina bottle. come to find out it was everclear. i took a huge sip. even before i could blink i was already throwing it up. funny thing is i didnt let it out the mout. i held it in. so i started running for the door to go out side. without thinking i just ran to the corner where i had been pissing all night and threw it all up. guess who was still laying down passed out. the poorn girl got it in the face this time. lol. after i pulled myself together, laughed my ass of, and punchd my buddy in the stomach we had all the girls take ms. sleep to the house and wash her off. what a great night, and all thanks to loko. why would we ever ban this acid drink lol 62 58 Show
Hide 2015 Yogi Four Loco pong = arrests and a next day rendition of the Hangover 52 56 Show
Hide 2014 SP December 27, i went to my friends house for a bonfire. we were all chillin. then i brought out the case of lokos. we all had some. me an my friend drank two an we dicided to have a race around the house. when we started we agured about the start/finish line for about 10 min. then finally we started running an the race took about 45 min. he forgot to turn an got lost in the front yard. later that night after i had more lokos. my friends couldnt find me. they all went searching for me an finally found me on the side of the house standing up leaning against it passed out. they walked me inside an locked me in a bedroom an called it jail an left. they turned the tv on an it was that Proactive commercial. the commercial scared the piss out of me. i ended up shitting my pants an hiding under the bed. my friend walked in to check on me then started yellin cause he could smell me. they made me take a shower an it was pretty nasty. then i ended up fallin asleep in the shower so they took me to my friends room an i passed out an slept. i woke up the next morning an went outside an everyone was passed out in the backyard. it was a pretty great weekend 66 62 Show
Hide 2013 lasell college four loko. whats your excuse? 66 75 Show
Hide 2012 4lokopower My friends and I decided to crash another schools prom after party. We each bought ourselves some four loko, and cracked it open on the ride there. We get the party realizing no one else is drunk, and here we are four loko-ed out of our minds. I ended up peeing in the bushes in front of everyone, then throwing my underwear in a pine tree. I don't remember much of the rest of the night, except for stepping out of the car puking up and down my sidewalk. My friends had to tell me I was puking because I didn't even realize it. I'm going to miss you four lokos<3 48 45 Show
Hide 2011 Loko 4 That Loko I shotgunned three four loko in 30 minutes. I don't remember the rest. 59 69 Show
Hide 2010 .... My friend and i were the only two girls at this bonfire, along with 4 other guys. consuming 2 4lokos each and a few shots later, we decided it would be a good idea to go swimming, and make out.... naked in the pool. so much for worrying about the guys taking advantage of us. i can only imgaine how the rest of the night went. 56 56 Show
Hide 2009 zircon My barf was green. 68 61 Show
Hide 2008 shaq search first four loko experience was on the night of halloween. me and my friends all got our first four lokos from my friends older sister. after each chugging 1, we proceeded with vodka shots. after that we werent able to find my car keys (thank god), so we decided to walk from my friends house to shaquille o'neals because we thought it would be a good idea to trick or treat at his house. he lives in our town, BUT 5 miles away from the house we were at. I'm not sure, but something tells me we never made it there considering we woke up in the neighbors yard the next morning. Shaq, consider yourself very lucky 59 60 Show
Hide 2007 Ickie I drank a quarter loco and tried to assemble 4 IKEA closets. It was difficult. True story! 63 55 Show
Hide 2006 mesoloko drank half of a fourloko and ended up sucking a dick 71 67 Show
Hide 2005 matt stone one time i drank 3 four lokos and got my dick caught in a elevator door and instead of taking it out. i sat there in a four loko delirium and thought that i might like being a girl. so i just pressed the 5th floor button because 5 is my favorite number. now i am happily a girl. thank you 4 loko. only amazing things happen when you drink a 4 loko or maybe 3 hahahah GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND FUCK AMERICA if god was ever going to come grace us with his presence it would be absolutely, positively over the 4 loko ban . shame on you us goverment. god shits on you. you are a abomination to man kind love, once daniel zavagan now danielle mary zavagan 57 81 Show
Hide 2004 captain loko i was sleepin over my best friends house and we decided to sneak out her ex picked us up frkm a wawa and we went to his house im in love with alcohol so of course when he asked i couldnt resist and 5 four lokos later i was playin the get naked game and chuggin some captain morgan ive never woken up as confused as i was...naked in some dudes bed layin next to him and his best friend while my best friend sat on the floor lol everyone called me a pimp after tht and i got a bf out of it too 49 50 Show
Hide 2002 Wild Child So on black wednesday, my friends and I pregamed with four loko's and by the end of the night we were all super black out wasted. well, it turns out that i booked a 5 day trip to Aruba for the first week in december and then had to call the credit card company this morning and explain to them what happened. Conclusion: four loko and credit cards don't mix. 72 74 Show
Hide 2001 Little Sinful Slut I drank 3 four loko's and I sucked two dicks at a time. while one guys fucked my pussy and the other fucked my ass. it was a gang bang. i remember everything the guys dont remember nothing. OUR DIRTY LITTLE SECRET (; 59 63 Show
Hide 2000 EdwinR Back in June, my friend was celebrating her 21st birthday party. The party was BYOB so I brought myself two Blueberry Four Lokos. I drank one Loko slowly while playing the game Never Have I Ever. I then chugged the second four loko right before my friend picked me up from the party. Once in the car, I started calling my friends, who were still at the party, and I was singing Selena songs to them (I was already blacked out). My friend took me to a fast food restaurant to sober me up. After eating my meal, I still was not sober enough to drive so my friend dropped me back off at the party. My concerned friends made me a sandwich to sober me up, which I threw at their faces while yelling "I already ate bitch, im not hungry". I woke up at 7AM with about twenty missed calls from my concerned parents. Never again will I drink Four 57 56 Show
Hide 1999 Haik I put four loko cans in my bum. 56 52 Show
Hide 1998 Oofberry Last night I had 6 four lokos. I don't remember anything past the 4th one. I woke up this morning in a friend's bed in my underwear. My shirt was outside under a machete, both covered in puke. There was a rolled up $20 bill in the pocket of my shorts which were underneath the bed I slept in. My car was in the back yard parked precisely between two obstacles with no damage to anything. Apparently I bit my friend because he was beating me in trivia and then broke his coffee table before pouring water on everyone and driving myself home in a fit of rage. Never Again. 52 41 Show
Hide 1997 hi had a four loko then went to bed. It was a crazy night let me tell you. 48 46 Show
Hide 1996 disdick So today at school I tried a Loko...ya not the best idea, I started to feel wuzzy, n for some reason I woke up on the principal desk, an found a condom on my stomach. Later on a girl in my classroom ask me "hey are u just getting here because my mom left her cellphone here." 63 64 Show
Hide 1995 Meshell Not just one story. Everytime I drink just one four loco I end up butt ass naked dancing my ass off and this last time, my roomates and I all had one. We were all naked and dancing to techno getting glitter poured on us. Not to mention I had my first lesbian experience trashed on fours! I dub this amazing drink "sex in a can" 53 63 Show
Hide 1994 skeeter drank about two four lokos... ended up hooking up with the fattest chick at the party... took her home... fucked her... woke up the next morning with her there and a huge blood stain on my sheets... 155 92 Show
Hide 1993 J killa i went to the halloween parade in nyc and drank four lokos there. After i had taken all my clothes off and was running around in the freezing weather with an american flag cape. Some guy punched me in the face and stole my wallet and phone and my four loko. When i got the train i got a summons for hopping the turnstile. When i got home i had was throwing up blood. I went to the doctors and found i had gotten Hemoptysis 95 72 Show
Hide 1992 DAVE me nd sum homeboyz were tryna get f*cked up we drink four locos and the next thing u kno i through my friend through the door punched holes in the door glued rubber ducks on his fan and then stole his motorcycle for a joyride. Later on DUI later to get beers and then played beer ....worst mistake ever we all were bleeding and had cuts from punching the door, i have a scar on forearm. we party hopped for mischief night and then passed the F out on the couch and had stomach aches threw up, and felt bad. they do the job but its lethal. 56 54 Show
Hide 1991 youngM this website is gay. 51 55 Show
Hide 1990 southman I co-run a recording studio in Brooklyn. I'm sorta crabby and don't care about much but playing the bass and bangin my lady. I drank two four loko's and cleaned the whole studio immaculately. The end. 53 56 Show
Hide 1989 IwantMYlokos Every story I've heard with 4lokos has happened with me before with either Bartons vodka or some cheap whiskey. I don't think it is necessarily the "four lokos" that are making people so drunk.. its called ALCOHOL people & one can does contain 12 percent. What do you expect? Honestly.. if you cant handle your liquor you shouldn't be drinking. Now those of us who enjoyed these will suffer the consequenses. 49 53 Show
Hide 1988 brittberry So the day before they banned Loko in NY, we decided to pick some up for a casual friday night party. A few games of beer pong later, we thought it was a great idea to play Loko pong...a few hours and a fire extinguisher later, no one was wearing pants or shirts and we had built a fort in the living room...this is about the time Lowell blacked out and knocked the fort over and I awoke from my blackout just as the fort collapsed on top of me...and broke my leg...the next morning you can imagine my surprise when CNN informed me Lokos are being banned in NY...RIP LOKO <3. At least I've got the home brew recipe lol 50 50 Show
Hide 1987 FUCKITDUDE I went to my friends house one night and we killed some 4lokos. My friends have this thing called Team Horrible and it's not anything known to anyone else, but them. They decided that my friend Sophia and I needed to be initiated into said team. Evidently this was worthy of stripping down to our underoos and crabwalking backwards across Moreland [a busy street in our neighborhood]. We got honks and cheers from cars as well as bruises on our hands to show for it. We collapsed laughing in hysterics afterward, and again when we realized the next day that it had actually happened. 58 64 Show
Hide 1986 Loko Lyrics Me and few few friends had a party held in aid of us leaving (collage exchange) at our friend Ray's ex-frat house. Myself and my friend Goose bought six 4 Lokos and 6 beers. I think there was one 4 Lokos left the next day, and i do vaguely remember several vodka shots being hastily imbibed on the night. So we put a little back. If they werent 4 lokos we were drinking we'd probably have been fine, just a bit hungover. BUT since our tipple of choice was the aforementioned crazy tonic, we woke (revived ourselves respectively- rrrisen from the depths) up with to a lot of red angry faces. Goose, it turns out, had been hesitant for his friend Chris to leave early, so led him into an empty room and pinned him on the floor in a headlock (sentiments and emotion greatly exaggerated from the booze). Gooses restraint was so much so that Chris had no choice but to punch his way free - aiming mainly for the face. It must have taken quite a few blows because Goose woke up with two black eyes. In the mean time i had taken the role of purveyor of of all in the house, and thinking i owned the roost was making people more than a little uneasy - pinching asses and staggering around the place mumbling unauible instults (or perhaps complaments to people id never met). My girlfriend was woken up at 2am, 3 hours before she had to get up for a final, drive over to the house and pick the two of us up from the front lawn - since we'd been ceremoniously chucked out on our asses for the safety of everybody else present - where being reunited for the first time since our inner journey began, unable to contain our joyous new found rage, were fighting eachother on the ground..On the ground in a martial art that can best be described as retard wrestling. The drive home was no piece of cake either, with me trying to climb in the back to affectionately pummel Goose and visa-versa. As well as a 'pull over, chunder/ make a break and try to escape' stop. the next day we remembered little, but had to deal with two black eyes and one very pissed off girlfriend, and a collection of people who feel they are better off with me back in England and G-to-the-letloose in Sweden. 61 55 Show
Hide 1985 mesoloko drank half a fourloko and ended up suckin a dick, happy thanksgiving 47 42 Show
Hide 1984 Dr.Blackout I am going to be a father... 2 different times.. sad part is.. i don't even know em.. 45 43 Show
Hide 1983 Payam Had my first 4 Loko ever....then half of a Joose and a scotch on the rocks. Blacked out for the first time in 2 years, got kicked out the club, got back in, got kicked out again. 48 47 Show
Hide 1982 HoboInTheBPT Drank some four loko...killed a hobo...raped a goat...guh 64 61 Show
Hide 1981 texas lokos drank two lokos and decided to fight my sober friend. lets just say i missed almost every shot and woke up with a bloody lip and a black eye 55 58 Show
Hide 1980 Faithfully FourLoko All you muthafukkas are just fucking stupid it's not Four Loko that's making yall dumbfuks act crazy it's all the shit yall drinking and doing with it and the state of mind yall be in because I been drinking the shit for 5 years and I have never act no wilder than I do when I drink Tequila,Vodka,Jack Daniels,or Tanqueray I used to go to work after drinking Four Loko and I used to drink it during work so I think they need to ban selling it to you dumb ass college students instead of banning the whole drink 51 49 Show
Hide 1979 jphat i just wish i could drink four loko & go to work. In addition to being promoted to vp in one day, no one would fuck with me! thanks four loko for giving me the strength i need when i don't need it. 47 49 Show
Hide 1978 Dude, Wtf happened? UBer long ass story. Ok starts off on New Years im at my friends house with a bunch of other friends and all partying yada yada. So we start walking around outside like at 10pm and we found a chill spot ontop of a randomass liquor store. (I brought like 2 bags full of 4lokos with me as well) So we all crack another up while we're up there. (Also, i've had about 2 before that) Every ones having a blast then... blank... i pass out (Fail) I wake up with some girl in my arms as im laying down ontop of thee liquor store... its 12 at night and my friend calls. i end up walking with her and my friend 2 his house then thee girl falls asleep once again at my buddies house. so i then walk home get pulled over by thee cops they didnt smell me and let me on my way then i make it too my door step and ya... fall and hit my face on thee door. Ya My story. 63 62 Show
Hide 1977 W. Rooney I drank a Four Loko and almost signed for Man City! 53 50 Show
Hide 1976 Homie This story is about my sister. My 24 year old sister had never had a 4loko before and me, being in college, convinced her to drink one while we floated the river. She drank 2 4Loko's. And was absolutely SHITFACED. She began talking to a bearded man named T.J. who owned a marijuana dispensary. Then he smoked us out and my sister gave T.J. her number. I finally got her home and had to call her best friend to tell her my sister (her brides maid) was too drunk to make it to the dress fitting. Then she yelled at me telling me, "GET ME OUT OF THIS COLLEGE LIFE!!!" She didn't like the pizza she was eating so she threw it at our dog. Then in her bikini she ran out our front door into our neighborhood yelling and screaming as my parents chased her. The next day she called me and asked who the fuck T.J. was. Thank you 4Loko for turning my sister into a retard for a day. 53 41 Show
Hide 1975 Whoops So there I was with a huge bowl of paella and and a naked chick named Destiny. I had already had half a 4loko and was completely convinced that I caused Hurricane Katrina. It was at this point I noticed a copious amount of blood on my bed sheets and no visible wounds. After some quick detective work i deduced that "Destiny"(stage name)was on the rag. I didn't let this slow my stride, I drank another 4loko and chugged two bourbon and cokes. At this point i was getting hazy so I went with the flow and funneled three more 4lokos. I came to driving my car four states away with an IV hooked to my arm and a police dog in the passenger seat. I'm gonna call this one a fluke. 71 55 Show
Hide 1974 lokocalitenteee one weekend this year my bf at the time procided to down a couple four lokos.... we went to a few parties and when we got to like the 4th, he proceded to break up with me multiple times in like the amount of 5min, cry, tell me crude jokes, and told me to go F#)K an insane amount of people... like a list of 40 men and women... Next day I get a call all cheery from him like nothing happened. Oh loko and your awkwardness the morning after... 49 46 Show
Hide 1973 Geoff Bockelman I drank two Four Loko's, cut up both my arms with a dull butterknife, burned the backside of my hand with my cigarette lighter, then went over to Evan Davis's house and pissed on his bed sheets and shat in toaster oven, then f*#&ed a poodle. 45 41 Show
Hide 1972 LokoLiz had a Sunday Funday and decided to start drinking Four Lokos at like 4pm, my friend and I had two each. then we drank a bunch of beer that was sitting on my porch that someone had brought over God knows when. We decided we needed to blaze, but had no pot, my friend scraped my bowl with a bobby pin. inhaled huge chunks of resin accidentally, woops. Walked to the back, its 0.75mi away. Went to like four different bars, tried ot pick my friend up and basically ended up tackling her to the ground. Kept trying to get high, keps asking strangers for pot, because I wanted to go blaze in an alley. went to a classy restaurant and drank Bloody Marys complementary from the owner, ate a shitload of olives. closed out the last bar we went to, got into a huge argument about hong kong (I know nothing about hong kong), decided to take our beers to go, chugged them on the street then smashed the bottles on the ground. went to a chinese food restaurant and housed Lo Mein and chicken fingers. journeyed home from the bar, mostly SKIPPING down the street, in the middle of the street (no cars were around). FOUR LOKOS IS AWESOME 59 64 Show
Hide 1971 Wigger Mark I bought 4 watermelons one night and after drinking 2 I went crazy. I tore up my girfriend's house and would've beat her to death if her friend hadn't called the cops. Three cops showed up, cuffed me, confiscated my last two lokos and threw me in a van. I tried to explain it wasn't me it was the four loko. The big black cop replied "I just drank one myself, they makes me horny. Good thing I brought rubbers!" They burst out laughing but I soon discovered he wasn't joking. He raped me while the other two cops drank the rest of my four loko. Don't drink four loko!!! 48 47 Show
Hide 1970 LOKO Run I go to Texas Tech University. My friends and I decided to get drunk and go climb the Will Rogers Statue by Memorial Circle. I decided to prepare for the adventure with 2 Lokos. It was around 1am and we were going to go to a bar and then go to the statue after. Because of the caffeine in the Lokos, I decided running to the bar would be a good idea. Apparently the Lokos affected my ability to see the curb, missing it, and eating shit off the curb. Had to go to the ER for a severely sprained ankle. I'm now on crutches for at least 2 weeks. 50 49 Show
Hide 1969 Daumer So last night I housed 3 loko bluerasperrys in an hour. After the first loko I called some hos over to get the party started. They were all bitching like, "wheres my loko?" I said right here bitch and chugged it in their face. Bitches drinking four loko? Yeah fucking right. By this point I was well on my way to blacked but found a leftover loko watermelon from the night before. Chugged that shit in 30 seconds. From there its a little hazy but I woke up the next morning with my dick in an empty loko can and one of the hos sucking on my toes. Thank you four loko! 46 47 Show
Hide 1968 yung jeezy one night me and my boys decided to go 8loko, two cans, at the park. after partying down and gettin loked we decided to to roll back to my homies house. upon getting to his front door i blacked out and about 3 hours later i awoke on a beanbag chair. thinking that i had just gotten home to my own house, i stripped naked and fell back asleep. at about four in the morning i woke up feeling super jacked on caffeine and drank a gallon of water. after that i went back asleep and then woke up to my alarm at 8:30. i put all my clothes back on but had managed to lose my keys, phone, wallet and bike lock. i rode to work and spent the first four hours on the floor in the back not wanting to ever move again. that was my first loko experience but it was a great one. 42 46 Show
Hide 1966 Tbyrd so i had my buddy pick up the last two four lokos in the county for a party. we proceeded to drink beer and then decided to drink the lokos. at the end of the night i literally took a shit on my nightstand. wtf 41 37 Show
Hide 1965 Tony Parker My name is Tony Parker. One time I drank 2 four lokos and decided to cheat on my wife Eva Longoria. Fuckkkkkkkk. 55 54 Show
Hide 1964 Adios Andy ho Attended a supervisee's birthday party. Having recently heard that 4-loko was about to be banned I thought it would be novel to bring a case to the party since people could try it before it was banned or modified. I only recall drinking 2 although some reports suggest I had more. I noticed that I was impaired in my ability to play the piano which I thought was odd. At one point I got a blank stare on my face and then sat down in a chair. A while later, I crawled on my hands and knees across the tile floor to the bathroom and began vomiting in the toilet. I guess I victimized some rolls of toilet paper near by and some of the wall. I got in the shower and sent my girlfriend out for a shirt from the car. I was escorted to my car and after my girlfriend drove me home I went through a half a case of arrowhead water, threw up most of the night and fell asleep on my bathroom floor. Needless to say the hostess and her family were none too happy with me or my residue the next day. In short, don't get any and if you got it ya might want to pour that stuff out for the homies instead of imbibing (your family and friends will thank you. 56 56 Show
Hide 1963 Carlos Irwin Estevez Hi my name is Charlie, I drank 4 Four Lokos, snorted 3 ant mounds of the white, and inhaled a few Whip-its from a Glade Can I found in the Janitors Closet of the Plaza Hotel. I don't remember much that evening other than fact that my Ex Denise was acting like a real bitch...I'll show her I said. I ask my agent Rick what was up with the 'whore' that was sitting opposite end of our dinner table, and he mentioned "have at it bro". Next thing I know lamps and silver dildos are flying at me across my suite. There was a black out period, then the last thing I remember is standing stark naked in the hallway explaining myself to three or four cops with this whore at my back yelling at me that I owed her 20K and a new Armani Purse...WTF??? Where's Emilio when you need him! Thanks Four Loko! 55 49 Show
Hide 1962 vinny gee one night while drinking with a few freinds, one of my buddies decided he would just crash at my house that night so he wouldnt have to worry about getting a ride home. my buddy drank 3 lokos that night, and proceeded to run around my neighborhood after i was asleep and everybody left. i woke up the next morning and found about 50 newspapers, peices of fences, and lawn decorations all over my kitchen, along with my buddy unconcious on the kitchen floor. he went around by himself all night stealing these items from my neighbors. why four loko? why? 48 50 Show
Hide 1961 Armand Joseph So me and my bro split 5 lokos between us. Fucking crazy night. We wound up stealing a schoolbus from an elementary school and drove it around campus and ran into all kinds of shit. We took it back and then stole a church sign. But we left the bus lights on ... then the cops found us. Woke up in jail with like 3 criminal charges but no DUI. FOUR LOKO IS FUCKING AWESOME. 51 51 Show
Hide 1960 Loki I drank two cans, time warped, and this video was on my computer. Wild! Bodega Empire! 52 54 Show
Hide 1959 loko4youuu well first off i cant drink a four loko without a straw. dont ask why.. cause idk. the frst couple sips taste lke shittt. but the rest are great. i recently drake two four lokos, and i was bouncing off the walls. i was at a costume party and the cops came. with a blunt in one hand and a loko in the other i proceeded to say WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU.. I REALLY LIKE YOUR COSTUME IT LOOKS SO REAL! WHERED YOU GET IT?! . than realising it was a cop i had hid in the bathroom shower for the rest of the night i ddnt want to get arrested. lmao. 52 56 Show
Hide 1958 Lisha Pregamed at my place and had one Four Loko, then apparently went to the bars. Didnt realize I didnt have my id for the nxt bars we went to. Went out to my friends car thinkin I left my id in his car, passed out. Cop knocks on my window, saying "what are you doing in this random car. Your pretty drunk, do you even know where you are?" Told him it was my friends car, and that I was downtown Green Bay infront of a bar. He didnt believe it was my friends car so he asked me 20 questions and made me get out and stand in the cold until bar close. Woke up & didnt have my phone, shoes, purse, id, debit card, wallet, keys was a very expensive night. 43 40 Show
Hide 1957 NoMoreLoko I drank a grape Four Loko and a small bottle of Jose. I proceeded to puke all over my friend's townhouse (the purple color at least matched her sorority's color). Puking all over the rugs, the walls, everwhere. The kicker? I was yelling at everyone to open the door so I could puke. It was a window. Whilst this was happening, I called my ex 19 times, left 6 voicemails one of which he claims I was actually puking in. This story has been put together by various sources because I blacked out and do not remember any of the aforementioned story. 49 51 Show
Hide 1956 Jesus Drank half a loko and killed a hooker!!! SHIT 55 47 Show
Hide 1955 ruined I go jwu in providene and this was my first time ever drinking for loko about a day before halloween I shot gunned three four lokos blacked out woke up the next day in my shirt and boxer on a bench in front of a river walked back into my dorm have naked on sight was told to wait for saftey and security apparently last I was running down the halls being on doors sat down on the floor masterbated till I cummed on my own costume. Then ran out of the dorm picked a fight with the handicapped kid and stole his crutchs needless to say I'm expelled and going to alcoholics anynamous and am banned from ever stepping on campus again thanks four loko you will be missed 51 53 Show
Hide 1954 Neveragain I dont know what happened tonight. All i remember is walking down the highway then throwing a cone off a bridge and getting arrested. Oh and i lost my pants with my phone, wallet and keys in it. FML 60 64 Show
Hide 1953 David Four Loko fucked my entire summer so fucking hard that I had to make a mixtape about Four Loko. You would be suprised how many tracks in different languages are all about four loko! 62 58 Show
Hide 1952 kim22 i drank 2 fruit punch four lokos, ate some ramen noodles and fucked my bf all night. awesome. you guys need to act like you've drank before and stop being stupid frat douches/ sor whores. 46 43 Show
Hide 1951 ASU Went to the ASU vs USC game with some 7 friends, 30 beers, and 8 fourlokos....Left the game with 4 friends, one black eye, one broken jaw (we are girls, we were hit by dudes) and no shoes, and no booze. 57 63 Show
Hide 1950 Thisrsty Thursday last thursday i drank a four loco and then... kiddnapped a kid, ran from the cops, went to a kegger, had another four loco, made out with a 13 year old, threw up, made out with another 13 year old girl, went on a beer run, went to mc donalds and tryed to pay with monoply money at 2am, went streaking, past out on some random guys couch,woke up the next morning and threw up some more and then drove to school. 80 75 Show
Hide 1949 zz me:damn that was crazy as hell last nite nick:ya wat happened?!?! me:you dnt remembr we 3 wayed your mom bro 60 68 Show
Hide 1948 wakkawakka lokos are gay 57 50 Show
Hide 1947 tank i just drank hella 4 lokos and didnt wake up till a week later 72 50 Show
Hide 1946 livie I have drank four locos for a while now and at least over 15 times. It became a big habit of mine and I'll share what I beleive is a no Loko. A few nights ago I drank probably my last four loko I'll ever get to on account of they are banned now and gas stations are running out. I was hanging out with my friend driving around to all different places. We went to my friends house where my bestfriend was and the four loko made me so emotional that I cried for an hour about everything, went back in my friends car to leave, started having trouble breathing, and blacked out. My friend told me that I would stop breathing and start up again and when he tried waking me up, it was not possible. He drove me home which is a half hour drive and stayed outside with me until I woke up. When I did, I was still waisted and barely made it into my house, went upstairs and crawled in bed with my aunt cause' I thought I was convinced I was going to die. My body was shaking and my heart was racing. I still love four loko's because not all my times drinking them were bad, some were the best nights of my life. But I think that road has ended now! 60 59 Show
Hide 1945 Lokoforever! They put locko for a reason! 50 51 Show
Hide 1944 CJ Styles Yoooo.....this video explains a typical four loko night for my friends and myself.. 50 49 Show
Hide 1943 muffet it was halloween, my friends and i pregamed with some lemonade fourloko, we chugged 2 in 10 min. then went to chipotle asked random people for foil to get free burritos. i ended up calling some guy about 20 times, than got picked up. got another four loko (watermelon flavored) ended up at some guys house i barely know curled up into a ball with a blanket in his closet... couldnt find my shoes or my friend in the morning... oh and the whole time i was dressed as little ms. muffet... RIP four loko nights. 52 46 Show
Hide 1942 f*cked I had a loko and some popov and then hung out with my friends and smoked a cig or 10 and then went inside and made out with this hot chic and then we went to my bedroom and i got up to go to the bathroom and puked everywhere, then she left. 43 36 Show
Hide 1941 paigetasticcc where i live we have a beach that has no authority so children and teens sit on the beach and drink the most common popular easy to buy drink, fourlokos ones day like any other because the entire beach was drunk on a school off day a small game of football ended up into a huge mob fight involving over 40 kids plenty of innocent people got there face smashed in thankssss fourlokkkkkkko 61 58 Show
Hide 1940 barracade boy! after splitting a few four lokos with my gf, we make our way to the bar. We left an hour earlier than everyone else only to make it 2 blocks before my roommate found me running around in the street with a large, orange parking cone and my gf laying on the sidewalk yelling for me to help her up after she fell down. They helped us home, and we woke up in the morning with all our clothes including jackets and shoes on. 62 60 Show
Hide 1939 M.I.A So a week before four loko was banned, I snuck out to chill with my friends. which turned into me pregame-ing it with a few tropical punch four lokos to myself. my friends pick me up we get to his house, than they start to smoke, so i hit the gravity bong a few times. within in minutres i was claiming i was dying and talking about jesus as well as angels. i was saying this while throwing up in a random bag my friend handed me... i woke up at 12 the next morning and my parents had filed a missing persons report because they thought i was chopped up and raped when i went on a run this morning.. loko. 70 58 Show
Hide 1938 DJ Well shit halloween I had about 3 of them joints smh bad move I was walking around puking everywhere I was told that I shouted over a banister on a roof screaming "fuck you" and puked on some guys car. My friends told me I was passed out sitting on the curb sleep on some dudes car door. Later on went to hollywood an I felt like I was walking down the street in a fucking movie gossh what a great night! Long live being smashed! 53 63 Show
Hide 1937 loko44loko i pregamed for the bar by drinking one 4loko, 3 beers and several shots later i woke up with beer soaked clothes on and was told i got half naked in the bathroom of the bar with no reccollection of it...bless you 4loko 51 48 Show
Hide 1936 Maria Trombley When I discovered this website, I was confident that I was going to blow you all away with my Four Loko stories, but then I realized that I don't remember anything I've ever done after drinking Four Loko's. 216 88 Show
Hide 1935 rabittbunny four lokos are stupid. 48 53 Show
Hide 1934 5B Brunettes True Story: I don't remember any of my Four Loko stories. I really just don't remember anything I've ever done after having a Four Loko.. 51 54 Show
Hide 1933 TahoeLoko Last New Years at SouthLake Tahoe, with so many underaged drinkers and so little money, we opted for a 12 pack of Loko. after a Loko and a half and a belligerent attempt at climbing a street post on the California/Nevada border, i was deemed the most sober to drive. After dropping everyone off at the party, i was flagged over by some friends, went inside to take shots, and then was whisked to a new car for some more bar hopping. Fast forward to the next day; i wake up with a sparkly purple sequin tube top on in downtown Reno. CUATRO LOKO!! 59 52 Show
Hide 1932 sam drank a 4loko-died-came back to life 60 67 Show
Hide 1931 R.S i drank four 4lokos on the 4th of july this year i remember cracking the first one at 8pm after that the night is a complete blur i just remember waking up with the hottest blond next to me she is now my girlfriend thank you 4loko<3 44 40 Show
Hide 1930 Brett Favre Had 2 Loko's before game against Packers, threw 5 picks, got coach fired. Thanks 4 loko 92 76 Show
Hide 1929 mc1229 Chugged an orange flavored loko during a party, played beerpong, and took a few shots all on an empty stomach.. sat down on a couch an hour later, puked all over my lap, and my cellphone broke due to puke related water damage. 61 34 Show
Hide 1928 The Trauma So I've been a big advocate of Four Lokos since my first, and especially since their banning. Last night, before going out to the bars, I funneled one (I'm a Watermelon or Lemonade man) and chugged one. At the bars I had the usual handful of double whiskey gingers and Vegas Bombs. On the way home is when it gets fun though. I chased a girl on her way home from the bars across an elementary schoolyard, hopping the curb and completely freaking her out. After she headed into the nearby trees I get bored and start heading home...not before I ram into somebody's locked chain link gate. Why are they trying to keep me out?! Got stuck in the driveway of course and was just happy to make it out before the owners call the cops for trespassing, so again I start to head home. I make it home alive and well, until I start messing around with friends - from here it's all an educated guess as I have no memory of it - but I'm guessing I hit my head on something because next thing I know I'm in the ER getting 12 stitches and have various gashes across my head. I took it like a champ though, made it to work an hour and a half later! 54 43 Show
Hide 1927 fuzzy black tail day this past summer me and few of my good friends were bored, we decided since we all had nothing to do that night and the next day we would get drunk.....We began drinking at around 2pm...i got myself 2 four lokos...i drank the first one pretty quick...while we were at my friends house apparently i put on my bathing suit and was walking around my friends pool....which was completely empty. I stood on one leg pretending to swim around the pool...(i know this only because of video footage) as the night went on i drank another loko...followed by a good amount of marijuana...i ended up walking to my friends front yard..feelin nautious...letting myself into her neighboors back yard...i ran down a large hill and hid behind her neighboors yard where i proceeded to throw up for a good 20 minutes...I woke up the next day (still wearing my bathing suit) in my friends empty room on .the friend was having her room redun...i noticed i had tiger like stripes all over my arms...apparently in the middle of the night i laid all over her freshly stained furniture. I dont remember much else of the night...but I do know I was sick for the next 3 days....never had another 4loko again. 60 53 Show
Hide 1926 420 blackout after blackout...pretty much how my 4 loco nights end up.. ugh and the pounding headache the next the one I have right now. 58 55 Show
Hide 1925 100 % true Me and a buddy of mine brought two twin sisters to a haunted house about a month back. We all decided to get LOKO before. After sneaking in, stealing pumpkins and scarring the workers at the haunted house the four of us went back to my basement to play rock band. We decided to drink a second LOKO. About half way through our 2nds me and my buddy were getting lap dances from the sisters. Next thing we know one of the twin sisters is on top of the other one trying to make out with her and lick her breasts. She is literally trying to rape her sister. It was amazing to watch at first but we finally had to step in and stop them. But then the sister who was trying to make out got into a LOKO rage and tried to beat everyone up who was getting in her way of making out with her sister. She threw beer cans, candles and rock band guitars at us. I still have a bite mark on my arm from trying keep her off her sister. Thank god for lesbian LOKO sisters. 48 53 Show
Hide 1924 Ginger Guy So I was at a bright & tight party when I decided it would be a great idea to shotgun one of these blue raspberry babies. It was, for like a half hour. I then proceeded to go in and out of coherence the rest of the night as I polished off a six-pack of Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade. I ended up having to be walked home by some Freshman girl. I didn't boot that night, but the next day I booted no less than four times. 62 56 Show
Hide 1923 hillbilly ;) one night, i thought it would be a smart idea to drink two lokos on top of everything else i was drinking. let's just say i woke up the next morning with half of my front tooth missing, two scratched up knees, and ripped jeans. i love you, four loko. <4 53 41 Show
Hide 1922 Thatguy I drank a 4loko and ended up taking a dump of my 3rd story balcony at 2 in the morning. Next morning i go outside to have a smoke and i see someone's dog eating it. 51 43 Show
Hide 1921 booboo My boyfriend drank three and started puking. I grabbed a taco bell bag and tried to hang it from his ears since I couldn't stand the smell. He won't eat taco bell anymore. 54 62 Show
Hide 1920 Oh boy I went to a dorm party in my building. We were all chilling having a good time playing pong, flip cup, etc. My boy went out for a beer run and brought back 4 4lokos for me and my girl. I drank one and felt it right away. Drank the was history. I woke up the next morning with my roommates pants half off me and completely naked with no shirt. I looked around my bed and there was puke on the walls, carpet, and ceiling. My roommate came in and looked at me in disgust. I asked him what had happened last night and apparently I had thrown my laptop at my speakers but surprisngly nothing broke. My girl also had brought in a bunch of random girls into our room and I had tried flirting with them right in front of her and she broke up with me for that. After she had walked out my roomate put me in my bed and told me to sleep. I then proceeded to take off all my clothes and run around the suite naked while yelling "IM FREEE!" I layed on the girls laps while he tried covering me up. I passed out on the floor with a sheet over me but later said it wasnt comfy and went to sleep in my bed. I dont know i took his clothes or what else happened but 4 lokos isnt a joke. 64 66 Show
Hide 1919 Cuz My first 4Loko experience was Halloween this year. I started with 2 4loko's at my place, along with swigs of cheap whiskey. That should give you a pretty good indication of how my night went. From there we went to a party a few blocks away. The first thing I did upon entering was crack a third 4loko which I promptly spilled all over my friends rug. No big deal, still have the whiskey - take more swigs, obviously. This is where I blacked out the for the first time in the night. Before the concert (Chromeo), I decided it would be a good idea to stop by the bar I work at (still blacked out). My roommate ordered a water for me and told me it was vodka & tonic, which I believed and drank. We then went to a Mexican restaurant near the concert hall wherein I started loudly and obnoxiously singing Chromeo songs, to the point where my roommate told me I was scaring the other people in the restaurant. When we got to the concert, I vaguely remember being inside for a few minutes, dancing to music and creeping on chicks. What I don't remember is being outside, hunched against the side of the building, huffing and grunting. A girl I knew from high school apparantly saw me and said hello. I didn't remember who she was, was confused as to how she knew me, stole 3 cigarettes when she offered me 1, and scared her away. At this point I'd lost my friends, had been banned from re-entering the concert for being too drunk and was just coming out of my second blackout. Not being able to reach any of my friends cell phones, I walked the 2+ miles back to the bar I work at, plop down on a stool and order a drink from the barback. He looked at me from a few feet away and just shook his head and walked away. I then called it a night and walked home. The next week Chicago banned the sale of 4loko. I do not think this was a coincidence. 66 61 Show
Hide 1918 Dirte Loko One night i had two 4lokos before i went out to the bar (bad idea).. The next thing i remember i woke up wearing a thong on my head lying next to the toilet with shit in my pants and puke on my chin....... im loco for those lokos!!! 46 52 Show
Hide 1917 JkLeScH Me and my bros were planning on chilling at my crib one night, but we decided to get Loko instead. After waking up to 4 broken windows, a missing refrigerator, 24 empty boxes of fruit by the foot, and a warrant for my arrest, I'm still confident that we made a good decision. 48 43 Show
Hide 1916 blondiiie A group of my friends and i decided to drink some four lokos on a random tuesday night for the first time..we each got 3, being 120 pounds i had no idea what i was in store for.First one down started feeling good bein a little loud talkin shit even thought i had no idea what i was all.Started to drink the second one half way gone i was fighting people off, a hott mess, couldnt stand. Finished the second one let my friend with no license drive to the gas station, got to the gas station did almost 100$ worth of scratch offs on the table at the gas station while screaming at the clerk,ate 2 chili cheese dogs,2 sponge bob icecreams, one of which was all down the front of me.Blacked completly the fuck out afterwards. Woke up in the guest room looking for my clothes...heard plenty stories from my friends the next morning..FUCK FOUR LOKO. 45 32 Show
Hide 1915 Bighottamale It was Halloween night! Dressed in lol skanky costumes, me an my friend started the night off with a four loco! Not knowing what we were in for! A little time went by just mingling with friends and dancing... But after that, not much is remembered! I don't recall anything that has happened, everything that happened has been told to me! I peed in the front yard of someones house, laied on the tile floor to cool down, made a bed in a storage room, laid on the grass talking to people messing with peoples cars, getting undressed and not being able to get them back on, thinking the dog was a cheetah, and running through the yards! 60 46 Show
Hide 1914 DthXwfflz Was fed a chocolate doughnut and made out with said chocolate doughnut still in the mouth by the "wife of the 2nd in command bandito (biker gang)" at the cash register of a convenience store at 3 AM Thank you fourlokos, although i am afraid for my life 60 59 Show
Hide 1913 Gosu My friend came to visit me and my new place. That night he suggested that we play Four Loko Pong. We bought 8 Four Lokos, 1 handle of rum, and a case of beers for four people. I only drank 1 and a half Four Lokos and about 4-5 shots. Next thing I know, I wake up to the fire alarm. My room was filled with smoke and my roommates running around frantically. My head was spinning and was to drunk to assist them, I just fell right back asleep. When I woke up, they told me that apparently I lit a coal for my hookah, and just passed out alone. The coal ignited the box, and the whole thing caught on fire. I don't remember anything after taking the last shot. Four Loko made me light my apartment on fire. 57 65 Show
Hide 1912 neveragain drank four loko for the first time last night first can went down pretty well, decided to split another one with my cousin. soon enough i started feeling the effects. my cousin my brother and i were sitting around the tv not really watching just talking about what i have no recollection. next thing i know my brother is on the phone with my ex yelling at him my cousins laughing and i'm confused. after that i remember walking into the kitchen to find my cousin in a chair with her head on the sink my brother standing next to her both spitting into the sink. when i asked what they were doing my cousin responded "we're gonna throw up" in a matter-of-fact tone and my brother just smiled and continued to spit. then my cousin went into the bathroom and told me to come in with her. she proceeded to vom bright red puke four times. after i put her to bed i went to the bathroom and proceeded to vom bright red puke to which i responded by calling a friend and crying "i'm puking up blood, i'm puking up blood, omg theres so much blood". this morning i'm still shaking and i've discovered i lost an earing. never again four loko, never again 57 65 Show
Hide 1911 poopstain drank 2,...shit myself...not drinking 2 again 47 45 Show
Hide 1910 HawkLoko I popped open a can of Cranberry Lemonade. I offered my friends a sip. They proclaimed it tasted like death. I said to hell with them and consumed the rest of the 20 ounces on the spot. I don't remember what happened for the next couple minutes except that my hand was gashed and bloody when I came to. I couldn't stand up straight, so people forced me to sit down and drink water. I apparently didn't have enough motor control to hold that because more H20 ended up on me than in me. I walked a couple blocks to the tailgate when I was feeling more coordinated. I bent down to tie my shoe and couldn't get back up. After a recovery that stretched for eons, I advanced toward the aroma of grilled food. When I got to the tailgate, I staggered up to the line and started piling burgers on my plate. Literally every time I put a hamburger on my plate, it would fall to the ground without me noticing. I would look at the plate and wonder WTF why food disappeared to. I would then proceed to grab another one. I must have dropped my food too much because the staff eventually refused to serve me more. The story isn't over though. Eight hours later, with a pounding headache from the first Four Loko, I went to the bars. They don't serve Four Loko so you know that wasn't an exciting time. The fun didn't start until the afterparty, where I had two more Lokos. Needless to say, I was up until 7AM and accomplished nothing that whole time. At this point, I had the choice of going to sleep or shooting handguns all day. You know what my impaired judgment led me to do. When we stopped at a crowded gas station, I was still smashed enough to get out of the car and drunk dance while the meter ticked. I was trying not to puke on the ride to the pistol match. I don't really remember all that much about what happened aftewards. I was told I put two hundred rounds of ammo downrange and was bitched out for my poor safety habits. Apparently you're not supposed to have your finger on the trigger while running, especially not if you're wasted to oblivion. It's a fucking miracle I didn't somehow blow my own leg off. I'm done with 4L. Who wants the 30 cans in my fridge? 47 41 Show
Hide 1909 terminatrix Chugged 2 Lokos; woke up naked in a canoe in the middle of a river. Still not sure how I got there. 45 40 Show
Hide 1908 lydz Fuck stupid people who were too pussy to handle it in ny, now the only drink that got me drunk for cheap is no longer sold near meeeee, shit is WEAAAAK i dont have retarded stories of myself dying on loko. why? cuz i can handle my shitt 53 43 Show
Hide 1907 DJ T.Knight Ok so im having like an old group of high school buddies over my house and i got a lemon four loko and chugged it in about thirty seconds then proceeded to have Oj and vodka. I awoke the next morning to find out that I was loud and obnoxious the whole night. Everything that i picked up i threw to the ground and screamed in laughter. I got in an argument with my girl because i took my dick out and started playing with it in the living room. So i proceeded to go to sleep in the shed. My mom grabbed me and pulled me in the house. Went over to the piano and started playing with my friend matt. Then i turned and laughed wicked loud at my cousin who just fell and she almost cried. Talked to my mom i guess about deep stuff then went downstairs and slept. FUCK LEGISLATORS AND THEIR AGENDAS TO TAKE LOKOS OFF THE SHELVES. THEY'D RATHER HAVE US DRINK THE MUCH SAFER BACARDI 151 INSTEAD 45 52 Show
Hide 1906 ukno I sucked my drug dealer from freshman years dick. 60 57 Show
Hide 1905 sbblonde lokos pong-->woke up in the Chumash Casino parking lot. 59 56 Show
Hide 1904 cam'ron yo i did some crazy ish you don't even wanna know my boy jimmy was like 'cam check this ish out' man... man you don't even wanna know no homo 57 66 Show
Hide 1903 Matt Well, I decided to try my first Loko the other night..Im a male, 120 lbs and about 5'7. Had a few friends over for beers, when one pulled out a loko knowingly I never drank them before. After drinking 3 beers and a Loko, I was immediately rocked. I ordered pizza, and thought the cops were knocking so I turned out all the lights in the house. Got the pizza somehow, (didnt even get to eat any..) and woke up a few hrs later with no one there, a baseball bat sticking out the front of my pants, and a huge penis drawn on my face. Thanks Loko, will try this out once more before I never drink these again... 53 52 Show
Hide 1902 OttosMom 4Loko is about to be banned in New York so you know I had to try me some. I split one (yes, just 1 can) of the purple flavor with a friend and almost immediately lost all sense of space and time. I ended up back in my hotel room an hour later having tweeted the word "poop" for no reason & chowing down on room service sauteed spinach and a turkey burger with a fried egg on top. Weird choices but who knows what I was up to while under the 4Loko influence, even if it was really only 2Loko since I only drank 1/2. 51 51 Show
Hide 1901 BoozedayTuesday My friend Matt and I have the same birthday one year apart which happened to be on a Tuesday before our Calculus midterm the next day at 1 o'clock. We studied all week for the test. All week we planned on having out birthday celebration the Wednesday after the test. As we were doing our studying during that day we felt like we knew all our shit. So then our plan was to get lok'd that night to celebrate the night of our actual birthday too. Right after we planned it, I found out that I had to go to a meeting at 10 that night. I went to my meeting and ended at 10:30. I then went over to Matt's house thinking that we were not going to drink, but he thought otherwise and handed me my first loko. After drinking that loko like water I proceeded to take bong loads and birthday shots of patron. After that I cracked my 2nd loko. Cross-faded out of my mind. I started playing hockey (the drinking game) with my loko and when my can got hit, I had to chug. This last chug put me on the floor. Shivering on the ground face first with my face literally in the bowl, I thought I was going to die. I moved from the living room, to the bathroom and then to the bathtub where I ended up passing out. The next morning, I woke up at about 10:30 still shit-faced. I got driven home and in the car ride I had to puke. I held it till I got to my dorm where I yacked in the parking lot before I stumbled into my room. For the next 2 hours I layed on my floor trying to eat, drink and get better for my test at 1 o clock. Then when 12:30 came around, still hammered, I walked to class to take my test. We went to the test still drunk/hungover and took the test. After my test I went back to my dorm room at 3 and yacked the yellow shit in my shower and then passed out for the rest of the day. A week later, we got our tests back to see a 100% on my paper and a 102% on his. We got the two highest grades in the class. 219 97 Show
Hide 1900 lokoKING blah 49 51 Show
Hide 1899 Moors After consuming what would certainly, to any other human being, a lethal dose of Four Loko, I proceeded in breaking into an Indian reservation and shooting their chief with a musket. Turns out I was actually in a middle school and when I got out of jail Four Loko was banned. What the fuck. 59 59 Show
Hide 1898 Butt rust I drank (2) four loko's and had to take a dump at the bar. Decided to run home and shit in my ran into my shoes. It's hard to hitch hike with a gallon of liquid shit in your pants...I'm 44 years old--- god dammit! 51 47 Show
Hide 1897 homieT I drank a four loko and woke up without a tooth in the morning 47 50 Show
Hide 1896 makeoutblackedout So me and my roommates decide to make a beer pong in our new apartment one Saturday night. It was suppose to be a small gathering and it turned out into a big ass party. A friend of mine brought in a 4 loko and told me I can't hang, I decided to prove him wrong and drink one on an empty stomach. It was a mistake to tell people I didn't eat, everyone was jus giving me beer, grey goose, henessy, and to top it off another can of loko. Man was that a mistake to mix everything, I started making out with a guy I mess with, next thing you know I'm pulling his crooch two my second floor (btw I own first and second floor house) ended up having sex and blacking out, those four lokos sneaked in quick. I've heard I walked on the street in socks, was very agressive to my friends and cried my ass off. The following day I had to work. When I got to work I realized I wasn't wearing under wear. NO MORE FOUR LOKOS FOR ME!!! 68 53 Show
Hide 1895 lillok so i had boyfriend that i dated for a year and we nevr fucked. he moved to a different state across america and then he came back two summers later. my friend, his friend, and him and I hung out and of course we had to go for the damn loko in the Gas station. now i know why these things were banned. ok...we went to his old house, fucked, went skinny dipping in a neighborhood across town, and played on a jungle gym, and puked allllllllll over the guys car seat, in which we stopped at a car wash to clean up. all of which i only remember by a sore vagina, a bruised arm from falling off the monkey bars, and curly hair from getting it wwt. i dont even remember where the guy lives now. thanks loko. 57 62 Show
Hide 1894 Pauli D i would have a pretty bro chill story about lokos but.. i don't remember anything 41 40 Show
Hide 1893 Zues after shotgunning 2 lokos and drinking a third alongwith a fifth of rum and blow down 2 lines of coke which i'd never tried before, i blacked out apparently stopped breathing for a little bit, called a female greenville cop a cunt and asked if she'd fuck me ran to the river naked fucked my ex girlfriend in the ass and then passed out in the back of my truck and woke up there around 3in the afternoon the next day were i proceeded to puke and try to find my keys and clothes get loko for dem loko's but never again will i touch the loko its too much for me 52 48 Show
Hide 1892 pantydropper so i'm at my friend's house, it's 3 guys and 3 girls ; we were playing beer pong in the basement. So i had gotten 2 of the girls like 3 cranberry 4 loko because they wanted to try it. We tore those lokos up. One of the guys and girls went upstairs to make-out while me and my friend stayed playing with the 2 remaining girls. Out of nowhere the beer pong turned into a strip pong. lmao ; next thing we knew, the girls were in their lingere and me and my boy in our boxers. lmao ; the couple from upstairs came back downstairs and were shocked and left. lol ; they then left ; the two remaining girls started grinding on us, so my friend took one upstairs and i was left with one in the basement. So I (feeling buzzed) ended up having sex with the girl on the pong table. lol ; i then left with the girl and parked my car in my parking lot of my apartment building and fucked her brains out in my backseat. lmao ; thank you 4 loko ! lmao 82 70 Show
Hide 1891 IAMRICHTHANKZ Last week i was homeless on chambers street, living my life out of a shopping cart. suddenly a black Escalade pulls up, throws a duffle bag at me, then speeds off. first i thought it was like a dead body, but when i opened i discovered it was packed w/ 4lokoz. i crack two cuz im thirsty, then pass out on the sidewalk. when i wake up i realize I've graduated college with honors, gotten a masters degree in finance, and am working for Goldy Sachs making six figures. I'm now rich enough to purchase the Four Loco franchise. thankz 4lokz!!! 57 40 Show
Hide 1890 gimmi dem lokos so i went to this collage party with my boy nd pregamed with some lokos went to the party chugged half a bottle of bucardi i woke up in the middle of nowhere with the name jen tattooed on my arm without pants or a shirt o yeah i forgot im only 14 nd its the middle of the winter in jersey 49 53 Show
Hide 1889 ohSH!T let's just say, there were handcuffs involved 45 51 Show
Hide 1888 J-Na Na Nasssty the other night me and Rambo drank some loko and then we raped "The Most Awesome People Ever" in some Canasta...16,015 to 5,895...did we break it?...did...did...did we break it? record?...i'm just sayin... 48 32 Show
Hide 1887 G-Rae All I have to say is I'm sending this from the ER 58 47 Show
Hide 1886 queen loko they sell two packs of four loko for 5.25, drank them both, went to 7-11, got a pack of cigarettes, two hot dogs, two bags of chips, and a big gulp. I only spent two dollars, the rest i was told was shoved into my friend's backpack with me saying "it's alright". 4loko, the drink of cleptoes 50 50 Show
Hide 1885 DUUUDEE So 2 friends and I were going to a dance. We pregamed a little bit with vodka and other things before we got the loko. We bought the loko and we were getting smashed. We drank as much of it as we could. My one friend even spilled it on herself. We were on the street and we thought we saw a car and THREW THE LOKO INTO THE LEAVES. Thankfully, WE had drank enough of it to get us all fucked up. Let's just say we enjoyed the rest of the night. Love LOKO. 52 57 Show
Hide 1884 Loko I had a four loko and I was fine. 50 52 Show
Hide 1883 Squatter So I had an annual family camping trip to go to, which happened to be a Halloween weekend. My cousin suggested getting Four Lokos, since they are cheap and you get drunk fast. I'm already frightened as is of haunted houses, so I thought a 4 loko would give me some liquid courage. I blacked out before even going into the haunted house. But I was told I popped a squat in line waiting for the bus, tried starting a fight with one of the older ladies in costume, knocked a lot of props off the tables, bloody stockings from falling, and to top it off, I ended up pissing in the elevator with everyone in it. How do I not remember any of this? Four Loko. 48 45 Show
Hide 1882 Fourth Duke of Loko Took a case of Loko to a friend's apartment party. We started drinking them out of wine glasses, so no real idea how much I had. Blacked out and apparently began harassing some uptight girls. Evidently went to a bar, but the next thing I remember after the apartment is waking up naked in a random bed. After a search around the strange house, I found a girl passed out face down in her bathroom. Decided to dress and bail at this point, so started stumbling down the street. Fortunately, a car full of drunk Norwegians found me and I made it back home. Viva Loko. 48 44 Show
Hide 1881 convict One day me and my friend drank a four loko each and a beer or so and a cranberry vodka. she was driving me home. we got pulled over because we came head on at a cop, which was bullshit. then we got arrested and went to jail for 12 hours and it was the most filthy, disturbing place ever. at least we have good stories from it... 50 54 Show
Hide 1880 Ross So i had never had a four loko before, so when my friends told me that this tiny can would have you good all night i just dismissed it as false. i had always thought that they were just really embellished stories. So anyways they were cheap and one night i didn't feel like spending a tone of money and my friends were drinking four lokos, so i got two. We pre gamed at my friends house and i drank one and was feeling really good. We arrived at the party about thirty minutes into it i finished the second. with the last drop i lost all dignity. every thing was slightly blurry and spinning i was sweating and terrified. It was like two am and my body was exhausted but there was so much caffeine in my system that my brain and senses were crazy functioning. My heart was beating so fast, i was aware of everything but unable to clearly explain how i felt to my friends due to my state of exhaustion. So my heart was going crazy and it was really freaking me out i thought that maybe i was going to have a heart attack, it was scary. While this was happening i was constantly smiling and telling everyone i was scared, of course when my friends heard that i was scared they checked on me patting my back only to be greeted with a frightened look. every time someone touched me my heart would start beating three times faster. I ended the night super tired and sick in my bed. i hate four lokos The next day my friends told me i didn't even look that drunk and that i just sat there saying i was scared the whole night. 48 48 Show
Hide 1879 4CraziesMeech after 2 4Crazies, a "moose juice", 2 jack and cokes...apparently screamed my friends name from a block away like a psycho, didnt know how i drove home, woke up fully clothed and a brand new iphone in my purse. I LOVE 4LOKOS!! 53 53 Show
Hide 1878 NomNom Everytime I drink a Four Loko, I dance and then end up licking random peoples' faces 50 52 Show
Hide 1877 turdferguson my first experience with this shit in a can was on a trip to west virginia, I figured it would be a great opportunity to get drunk in the truck but that quickly turned into a bad idea after only sipping about 1/4 of it and having an intense buzz, so I threw that shit out the window. Next time was this past saturday and I had about a half a can, lets say I got hammered, then woke up next morning and threw my damn guts out. I tried to drink water to rehydrate and i just threw it back up. I hate your guts four loko, they should've never gave ya'll niggas money. 50 48 Show
Hide 1876 Lik-ko I drank two Lokos and fired Brad Chilly. I get free Lokos for life from Minnesota fans. 53 51 Show
Hide 1875 JWSanDiegoBroKing Bought a case of these things on Friday after work. Completely blacked out and woke up the next day at my buddy's place fully clothed, hoodie, shoes, everything. Vaguely remember going to some bars, doing a shot of whiskey and puking into a urinal. Can't really be sure what happened. Saturday we got after the Loko again. The night ended with me, shirtless, wearing a World Champion belt...dominating. Once again, blacked the f-ck out, wife had to come pick me up from where I was because I was too much for anyone to handle. I thought we were together the whole time, but no...we weren't together at all. I ditched her to party with my bros and she had to come collect her drunken idiot husband. Never again with this stuff......never again. 48 64 Show
Hide 1874 ADB I'm an average girl who can hold my alcohol. The other night I drank 2 Four Loko and 4 beers. I blacked out and ended up cutting my own hair, and I'm no hair stylist. I had beautiful long dark brown hair with layers. I ended up cutting myself way too short of bangs and the most uneven layers all around my head. Had to go to my stylist and she had to give me a pixie! Thanks for ruining my hair Four Loko. 45 44 Show
Hide 1873 HERBERT So I decided to drink a 6 pack of 4 lokos before going to a dance... bad idea.. I blacked out to say the least.. but apparently I brought 2 sperm whales home and ended up having a mini orgy with them and a stray dog we saw on the way home and then to make things worse one of the sperm whales got pregnant but after a dna test on maury the dog was the father. the best part is i dont remember any of this 46 38 Show
Hide 1872 Mark Sanchez I pounded a Four Loko and drove my team down the field for a game winning drive against the Texans. 53 54 Show
Hide 1871 Disaster I drank half a four loko. I sprained both my wrists from falling down drunk so much. 49 57 Show
Hide 1870 Jesus C. One day me and my 12 friends were hangin out at my place drinkin some Loko. Man that is some crazy shit. Ive been known around town to have a bit of a high tolerance with alchohol so i figured i could pound these suckers. Shit man those things are crazy. Me and my buds got a little too wild for my place so we walked all the way to Galilee. That place is known for its party scene. When we got there I was already hammered off my ass and my one friend Peter made me funnel two Loko at once!! After that it was all downhill, I left the bar we were at and started fuckin yellin the craziest shit all over town. The sick part is, people were listening and following me! It was awesome! ... Unfortunately a few hours later I blacked out and woke up the next morning with a fucking court date in front of Judge Pilate. Fuck you Loko! 64 63 Show
Hide 1869 JS I experienced my first time being blacked out on Four Loko this past Saturday, and I'm still feeling the repercussions. Drinking nearly two full ones and downing shots of Bernett's led to the following: kissing my gay friend repetitively, calling other guys my boyfriend in front of my actual boyfriend, attempting to drink bong water twice, and screaming at the top of my lungs about how I can't make myself throw up. My last memory is being at one of my friend's apartments, and I woke up at five in the morning on another friend's couch. I woke up to a bruised collarbone, face, and arm. Four Loko deserves to be banned, fuuuck. 45 53 Show
Hide 1868 RAWR!!!! :D aite aite well me and my girl went to a party like down the street from my casa....but we went with my bois...buuttt there wasnt any drank :/ and her both got 2 were at the dumbass party and i chugg them both like in an hour cuz i was so excited to be drunk....after that i dont remeber but being in my bathroom naked and my girl in there with me then waking up!! buutt my bois told me the what happened the next day....i happened to fuckin dance and like make out with this kid i helluh liked confess everything about him..,..a bitch slaped me so i was about to kill her but i guess i got kicked out.....went to S.P (hangout) and got caught by the cops and to end it up threw up in my neighbors yard (debo) went in my house and took off all my clothes and my girl came in and helped me yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :} crazy and last night!! 48 53 Show
Hide 1867 4Loko4Life I had some college friends in town for a bloody beat roots concert. We had already planned to pre-game the concert with 4lokos. I preceeded to have 3. When we finally stumbled to the concert, a boucner wouldn't let one of my friends in because he thougt her ID was fake. I started arguing with the bouncer, I don't know how because I could barely form coherent sentances at this point. After "talking" for 5 min he told me to go home because I was way to drunk to get inside. Instead I went to the other entrance and somehow got passed that bouncer. This is when I balcked out. I was told the next day that about five minutes after getting inside I wasn't able to stand, and was falling on people, knocking them over. Luckily a friend decided to take me home. We tried to get a cab but they would take one look at me, shake their head, and drive off. Therefore we had to walk. The walk which is about 5 blocks and usually takes 15 minutes took over an hours. I was unable to support myself and was dragged/carried (I am 6ft tall) the entire way. Occasioanly I woudl slur let go of me and try to walk myself. However whenever I tried I would run into a wall and fall, or just take two steps and faceplant. Also because I was being dragged my shoes would fall off every 30 seconds. I would yell shoes, and my friend would have to leave me (resulting in me trying to sleep on the sidewalk) and get my shoes that were 5 - 50 feet behind us. Usually they were in the middle of the street, and he would have to dodge traffic to get them. It would take me another couple mintues to put them on, and usually resulted in me falling. I akoke the next morning with a concert wristband and cuts/bruises/scrapes over my entire body. Also my friend, also drinking 4loko, had drunkenly pissed on my floor and my ihome. 57 59 Show
Hide 1866 2Loko Was supposed to babysit my niece, started drinking 4loko, got 8loko deep and was too drunk to drive to my neices. Shes now dead. Proceeded to get 12loko and had a friend drive my car to the bar and woke up back at my place with no idea where I went and where my car is. It's been 3 days and I still don't know where my car is. 48 59 Show
Hide 1865 Xcracer Drank a FourLoko, next thing I new it was 4am, I had been dancing for four hours, and I was making out with a girl I just met. 60 63 Show
Hide 1864 Chandra Levy Drank a 4 Loko and went jogging in Rock Creek Park 68 59 Show
Hide 1863 Bodega Empire if you like four loko watch this: Bodega Empire. When four loko was outlawed, outlaws went loko. 49 40 Show
Hide 1862 loco4LOKOS one night last summer, i had 6 1/4 four lokos. im still drunk 82 64 Show
Hide 1861 4lokois4idiots My boyfriend beat me up because he was drinking this shit. Thank you for making this...because I really wanted to be in an abusive relationship. 47 60 Show
Hide 1860 theshitshowison basically I was out at a party and drank and indiscernable amount of fourloko b/c we were passing several cans around and all sharing them. the night ended with my friend (male, about 6'2 and maybe 180) getting roofied and me thinking that a dormroom sink was a great place to boot. not to mention the messy clean-up after realizing that puke doesnt wash out of a sink very well 46 46 Show
Hide 1859 LokoJeffro I had a couple of drinks over dinner with my fiancee and was feelin' good. After dropping her off and arriving back home, I decided to turn on the hockey game and crack open a delicious can of Blue Raspberry. I quickly developed a headache and began to lose my bearings shortly thereafter. Next thing I know, I'm waking up in my front yard naked at 6AM surrounded by tree limbs, with a huge bruise on my hip. I must have taken my clothes off at some point and ran outside to climb a tree, lighting the surrounding branches on fire to stay warm. When the branches burnt off, I fell a good ten feet right on my hip. Thankfully no bones were broken. I instantly had the urge to go to the bathroom, but for some reason I locked myself out of my own house during the drunken haze. So I found a private spot in my yard to unload, and amongst the feces was my house key! What a night... 45 51 Show
Hide 1858 Saj24 I had three four lokos, then i made out with Justin Beiber. 50 54 Show
Hide 1857 Papa_Smurf hahaha, last Alpine days, i chugged 4-5 of those motherfuckers.... 51 40 Show
Hide 1856 whatever After chugging 2 of these awesome cans, I came out. 58 61 Show
Hide 1855 4loko4ever Me, my girl and my girls home girl drank 3 four lokos each after blacking out I woke up wit to two sexy naked women! I think I got some ass but I don't remember...... 49 52 Show
Hide 1854 Shitshow The last thing I remember is shots of Four Loko Lemonade.. then I woke up wasted this morning, went on a walk by myself, slept at a museum, tried to climb a tree, and found out I went to Harry Potter last night and pissed myself in the theater. Sonofa biiiitch... 53 56 Show
Hide 1853 Muyloko three months ago i had three four lokos within a few hours. next thing i know i was having sex with a black friend of mine...the saying is true..i havent gone back since. muy muy loco bro. 49 51 Show
Hide 1852 TheShotMemoryGuy I drank 2 1/2 lokos last night, got a pretty good buzz for a while, came down, then had trouble sleeping because of gas/diarrhea. Half the shit on this site didn't happen. Not loko 49 49 Show
Hide 1851 R.I.P LOKO So I hadnt seen my firend in a while so we decided to try these new drinks..Lokos..I drank 2..i woke up 9 hours later n a pitch black room all wet,smellin like throw up..ended up being in my i had blacked out turned gay for my friend,bite her like 100 times n she called my ex to come help take me home i ended up yelling at him n scared him off..worst drunkin night of my life..never drank a watermellon loko again...but ever other flovor is the best...i love u loko we had good times....RIP 4LOKO! 51 55 Show
Hide 1850 MAC Went to ECU for halloween. Drank 3 and a half lokos, some shots of diesel, and went to Cook out. Dont remember anything after that. woke up in the hospital with road rash on my face, busted elbows and knees and stitches in my chin. Left the hospital without checking out. Apparently i face planted in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic. 51 48 Show
Hide 1849 $350 strip tease... My girls and I decided to drink a lil before hitting up the town, we wanted to try a 4loko so we bought a few. After 1 and a half 4loko's I wake up in my boyfriends friends bathroom laying in the tub while the shower was running. I was naked, with a radio playing Prince's song Erotic City on repeat, and $350 in wet bills in the tub with me. Come to find out I kept saying how I wanted to make it rain and evidentally took it literally, and did a strip tease in the shower. I make $350 while doing it. Thanks 4loko now to find a towel and my dignity... 53 56 Show
Hide 1848 Comediocracy 51 53 Show
Hide 1847 GGGGG Its my senior year, and I was on homecoming court. Afterwards I drank 3 four lokos, smoked a blunt. I then woke up the next morning wearing nothing but my homecoming court sash sleeping on toilet. Now everyone calls me prince toilet. 48 56 Show
Hide 1846 TasteDaLoko Stopped by the local gas station to stock up on some Loko. After purchasing a 6-Loko pyramid of drinks, cracked open my first can, a delicious lemon-lime Loko. I was snacking on some skittles before the party while drinking my Loko and accidentally dropped some in the can. Looking in, I noticed the skittles made the loko foam. Instantly my friends and I poured out our lokos into glasses and dumped handfuls of skittles in them. Walked into the party with three tall glasses of foaming four loko and instantly became the life of the party. Proceeded to chug the rest and get completely shitcanned off of that plus some rum shots. Ended up starting a fight with the host of the party and threw their beer pong table off their balcony while yelling "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!!" Proceeded to get kicked out while still yelling how much of a fuck I didn't give. Stumbled home with my sober friend and twisted my ankle somewhere trying to chase deer across a park. Woke up and couldn't walk...thanks 4 loko 63 58 Show
Hide 1845 dontUknowimLOKO drank four 4 loko's halloween night. woke up the next morning fine, went back to my friends, slept, then went to iHop after we all woke up. 51 58 Show
Hide 1844 Switz I live in Boston so its now officially been banned since last wednesday. Friday some friends of mine were having a Four Loko Memorial party. I had never had Four Loko before so my roommate and I got our first and quite possibly last Four Loko, we each had one then he had a few shots of whiskey and I had another beer and that was enough for the both of us to be smashed. But that's not the real story. The cops busted the party around 130 but that wasn't the end of it. After the cops left everyone just slowly returned to the party and that's where everyone's intoxication kicked in. Then everyone got naked. Everyone. Except me and about four other people. Sufficed to say we left pretty fast after that, was really in the mood for a bunch of little dicks and little titties. I had the worst hangover I've had in a while they day after. I'm glad this shit's getting banned, its terrible, tasted like shit too, like mixing cough syrup with a Colt 45 and skittles for flavor. Just mix vodka and monster like a normal person and quit whining about it getting banned. 45 45 Show
Hide 1843 Jeremiah So i went to this hipster party with three of my niggas. two of them were already fucked up on four loko. So instead of buying shots at the party we left and came back with 4 four loko cans. Me and my friend drank most of the 4 cans.Then all i see is one of my friends making out then fucking some lesbian with no eyebrows. Then i remember me fingering about 5 different white girls on the dancefloor. I couldnt find my friends in the apartment sized room. I found that same friend who made out with the chick with no eyebrows making about with another chick who looked like Janelle Monae, who got stolen from us by some nigga in a gumby suit. Then i made out with that chick after i fingered some chick who kept telling me her boyfriend was coming. My other friend was getting macked on by some fat chick..who was macking on my other friend. My home boy ended up leaving with the fat chick who was on her period to go smash. I ended up making out with this tiny chubby chick for soo long,then the lights turned on??..all i remember was me and my homeboy and I yelling ?THAT BITCH GOT PINK HAIR?. So by the end of the night my hands were soak with white pussy juice, my dude fucked a lesbian raw and my other home boy never made it back with us. We heard from him the next day. We came with 4 and left with 3. My dude who invited us to this party kept reminding us that we lost our friend to a fat ugly chick who was on her period 58 58 Show
Hide 1842 queenslut me and the "sluts" went out for a normal night of drinking. well it didnt stay normal. first we drank some loko then began to take shots of soco chasing it with our loko. sortly after i fell face first off a five foot ledge. then me and two other friends ended up in the bathroom puking,where we spent the rest of the night with all three of our heads in the toliet bowl. the next morning we were told we were crying hysterically about our ex's and of course made many drunken phone calls.dont forget the huge bruises on our chins from bashing our faces on the toliets. lets just say loko + soco = no go. 70 68 Show
Hide 1841 mollinator After consuming copious amounts of fourloko, i apparently called and texting people dozens of times, ate dozens of chicken fingers and french fries, lost my wallet and had to cross campus 3 times, and woke up covered in hay in a bed with my best friends boyfriend 57 61 Show
Hide 1840 nearlyDEAD Before a party last winter, my friends and I were pre-gaming with a combo of Burnetts and 4 Loko's. We started off by each finishing a 4 LOKO, and then proceeded to take shots. I blacked out the entire night. The next morning, I found out that I had fallen down an entire flight of stairs, fallen into the side of a house from five feet away, kissed at least five different guys, sat on more than five diffrent guys laps, went into a room with the sketchiest guy I know (what we did is still a mystery..), and to top it all off, found our camera and pictures from the night before that pieced my entire night together. I felt like I was in "The Hangover" Best. night. ever. 55 43 Show
Hide 1839 Cougar So I was mom's weekend at my school and my mom came down, thought it was a good idea to try these 4 lokos...well a couple sips later and she was drunk out of her mind. she peed her pants, danced on my coffee table, and then tried to hook up with my boyfriend at the time by saying "im really a college student at heart." She then told us all about her sex life with my dad.. 4 lokos should have an age limit 42 34 Show
Hide 1838 Dan the Man Me and 5 friends went to a party with 12 cans of Loko to share between us all. I woke up the next morning with 5 new enemies. 68 70 Show
Hide 1837 iloveloko Once at a party in the summer i drank 3 four lokos and ended up punching my ex boyfriend in the face for calling me a slut in front of everyone because i hooked up with 2 of his friends. It was the greatest day of my life. Thank you four loko for making crazy <3 61 62 Show
Hide 1836 LostInWallaWalla I was visiting my best friend in Walla Walla, and her older cousin had some 4Loko saved up in his pantry so we each had one and a half. The last thing we both remember is sitting in her cousins car driving away from a party we spent about a half hour at. The next thing I know, it's 4:45 am (5 hours later) and I dont know where my best friend is, or how I got to her cousins house, and where my contacts are. I get a text from her the next morning saying "I am SO confused about how last night ended, I do not recall...". 4Loko you will be missed. 49 49 Show
Hide 1835 molly man drank 2 four lokos and went to a party. before i knew it i had snorted 2 hits of molly and all 20 people i came to the party with had disappearedd 56 57 Show
Hide 1834 LOKO IHOP I went over to a friends house for a party, intending to be able to drive home that night... until Four Loko and I were introduced. In the span of an hour I had 2 Loko Lemonades and half of a Watermelon Loko. I then proceeded to wash those down with a Steel Reserve tall boy. ... After swinging from a bathroom door(a story of which I later found out) I woke up face-first on the floor a few hours later. My brother picked me up and took me to IHOP, where I attempted to eat hash browns but could not form my mouth well enough to chew. After this I journeyed to the bathroom of where I puked more than I ever have in my life and slept face-first on the IHOP toilet seat. A month later I still cringe when I hear the word Four. 120 87 Show
Hide 1833 Chris Some nurses from the hospital I work at and I decided to drink this stuff to excess before it gets banned, thinking this to be a fine idea. It was not. After a couple cans of that Satanpiss, I decided to dissuade a creepy neighbor from staring at the nurses on the balcony by urinating full force off of said balcony and belting out my schools Alma Mater (Love and Praise). They should weaponize this stuff and airdrop it into Iraq. 46 49 Show
Hide 1832 youknowwhatitis consumed 2 lokos and a few other mixed drinks at a pregame then decided to head downtown to the club. ended up grinding with a 40 year old black man, complete with his hands cupping my boobs all night. made the bar into my own personal dance party, doing the dougie and screaming at randoms. i then decided it was a good idea to run away from all my friends and no one knows what happened to me after that. i woke up in the corner of my room covered in pillows with vomit in the corner, and my curtains torn off the racks. i have no idea how i got home, and there is a 4 hour time window where no one knows were i was. 62 66 Show
Hide 1831 stephan i drank won, previously had mudd-butt but then once i finished my first i had the stankiest nagger mudd-butt ever....shout out to ma nigger omar 59 58 Show
Hide 1830 double loker Couple weekends back I double loked it in about an hour and a half and then had a little extra. I blacked out at about 9:30 and when I finally came back to I was in some dudes room alone. Then he walks in with a pizza for me but I wanted to get the fuck out of there. When I walked downstairs I came across 4 guys in bed together which isn't all that bad but then one of the dudes gets up and is butt ass naked and I realize that they are all naked. 55 65 Show
Hide 1829 el capitan so after drinking at a party and shot gunning 2 four lokos while starting a third i don't know if i finished it or not i just no some bitch pulled the fire alarm and i ran next thing i knew i was laying in sum grenades bed while she pulled out the ky jelly and went to town on my dick while her roommate who was in my computer class was half asleep beside us after i reached for the condom we got in a fight she insisted she would not have sex with me if i wore the condom so i left wearing what was not my boxers i don't know what happened after all i know is the next morning i woke up to a $1000 fine under my door for destruction of fire equipment and the apartment manager made me watch the security tapes from that night and couldn't stop laughing after watching me fall down 4 times and bouncing off the walls while i ran from the fire alarm. Thank you for lokoing me over the past few years you will be missed 49 42 Show
Hide 1828 Joko I was attending a convention in Ohio, when I discovered the wondrous effects of a magical drink called Four Loko. I was offered one by a nice man that was only allowed to drink one amongst his bag of four 23 oz. cans. I grabbed a Watermelon flavored concoction, and ingested the sweet nectar of fruity goodness. I decided I wanted to share my experience with two of my favorite male companions, so I immediately got on my phone encouraging them to join me in losing my Four Loko virginity. I had finished my first can when they made it to the hotel, and luckily they came bearing a bag of more cans of the delicious beverage. They offered me an Orange flavored Four Loko, as we walked around the convention delightfully fueled by the caffeine and 12% alcohol. I attempted to introduce my friends to the various B-List celebrities at the convention, and even hook one of their unruly friends with a cute horror gal in the convention halls. Eventually the effects of the drink started to take a toll when I was leading my male friends into the men?s restroom for some private interaction. There was joke playing when a good guy friend pissed on some flyers chucked in urinals, and a few shared kisses followed fueled by Loko. Afterwards, we hung out in the corridor where we took some pictures, and had a hickie giving contest on both sides of my neck. We then ventured into the men?s restroom once more, where I tried to get in a certain friend of interest?s pants besides all the profuse making out that was going on between us, but was unsuccessful as a male patron entered the bathroom cockblocking us. The surprise was so sudden that my partner pulled pants up and ran out still wearing condom. Needless to say, Four Loko made this traditional convention one of the most memorable times of my life! 49 55 Show
Hide 1827 nikkkiii i only had one and a half of these things and i don't remember leaving the trail i was on with my friends but all i know is that i woke up in some guys house like an hour away from where i was. yeah not a good idea these things. FUCK YOU FOUR LOKO 49 39 Show
Hide 1826 neeewyork A buddy and I get stuck in nyc for a week. One of the nights we are up there we get a bunch of lokos. Next thing I remember is waking up in somebodys apartment on their couch. Apparently I was doing shots of loko out of a fucking ladle, blacked out someone tried to feed me I caked the bed and everything in the bathroom with the plate they gave me. Went on a skate sesh at 7am fell on my head on the brooklyn bridge, then had woken up in that random apartment at 8pm. I drink a lot, that was the wackest blackout ever. 47 47 Show
Hide 1825 beastmode Drank 2 lokos and went to the club, told a birthday girl she was a gernade she by fake throwin a gernade at her and doing the blow up motion with my hands. She punched me n the face and apparently i laughed n her face and said "o gernades" woke up the next day with my face hurting and my bro had to tell me wht happened haha 48 46 Show
Hide 1824 Tank-ed Man After 4 pitchers of beer between my friends and I, we decided to grab three fourloko's each at the nearest liquor store, so we chugged a few and went out on the town to Hollywood. Found out this morning through a friend that we ended up getting in with a group of a bachelorette's party for free, told a 2ft. 9 dwarf his mom had hepatitus, got a girls number only to not recognize her 5 minutes later and introduce myself again, which pissed her off but not as much as me telling her "fuck you" and giving her the double bird, went to another club I don't remember that we were kicked out at, then woke up at 4am on my friends floor. As for my friend, he woke up in the street around 2am surrounded by cops. 56 55 Show
Hide 1823 THEBIGMAN Me and a couple of friends bought some four lokos and had a little party. i woke up the next morning to puking, broken shit everywhere, back door wide open and my garage torn apart from me and my friends going crazy. all i have to say is, it was all worth it! 59 68 Show
Hide 1822 big 3rd leg well we decided to shot gun for lokos, i woke up in the woods with a dog with just my shoes on.. latter found out i had i was in another State 61 61 Show
Hide 1821 joko loko I decided to play edward loko hands at a frat party last weekend. Once I finished I remember being at the frat, then waking up in my bed the next day with no recollection of getting there. I also had 6 Big Macs in my bed with me that I don't remember buying. 52 58 Show
Hide 1820 KWall After chugging a watermelon 4loko, I realized that I didn't have my ID to get into this party. The party was outdoors and I got a tip that there was a hole in the fence in the back. So, I went around back, ripped a loose 2x4 out of the fence (I'm a girl), and proceeded to enter the party where I was quickly removed by a bouncer, who ordered the other bouncers not to let me back in. Luckily, I got a ride back to my dorms, where I proceeded to completely change my outfit, draw moles on my face with eyeliner, and defaced my passport by drawing the moles it too. Me and my friends went back to the party, and I got in. After a good hour of dancing, the bouncer that kicked me out came up to me and complimented my outfit change and gave me a high-five. The end. 50 55 Show
Hide 1819 j mackinhos one night i was invited to this banger nd had like 4 or 5 for lokos cant remember anything that i did that night i eventually woke up asked my friend what happened nd he tole me that i have a 3some with 2 other girls gotten into a fight with a huge black guy nd threw up all over my girlfriends jacket which she wore home. that was one hell of i night i wish i remembered 46 44 Show
Hide 1818 toan loko one time i drank four loko, yeah that's right FOUR of them-and since i'm not a pussy I handled it well and had a great night and never blacked out. the end. 68 56 Show
Hide 1817 Murf One time I was listening to Vampire Weekend at Gunthers and I funneled 2 Four Lokos then I went and played golf with my dad and it was so shot. I dreamt I was at a Bruce Springsteen concert but he was playing reggae. It was so shot. When I woke up I went to Lindell Deli. It was so shot. 43 34 Show
Hide 1816 Whatever How fabulous it is to glorify drunk behavior which leads to death, abuse, and mayhem. What a great recollection of losers and lowlifes. Kudos to the creators of Four Loko. Not. 42 46 Show
Hide 1815 BABB I left the club at midnight to walk home and I woke up in my bed with all my clothes on so I thought everything was cool. Later I found out that I passed out on the street right next to my lacrosse coach's office and he found y phone the next day. And all my friend's were looking for me till 4 in the morning. Thanks guys! I owe you some how lol 55 55 Show
Hide 1814 bobby drank two four lokos to start the night off. ended up taking the fire extinguisher off the wall and spraying it all over my floor, and then i proceeded to beat my friends door down with it. yikes 63 59 Show
Hide 1813 crazy one i never heard of loko, well four fridays ago i was taking a 1 1/2 hr drive up north in ohio, when my best friends girlfriend gave me one to drink on the way. I thought wtf and downed it pretty fast. I didnt feel a thing but was in a good mood we stopped got 6 more to drink and got to our destination. This is where things get fuzzy, i dont remember this but they painted me up like the devil an all red face,guess they thought it was funny. somewhere there was anold girlfriend of mine and she yank down my pants!!!!!!!. i dont remember any of this, but i was smiling in the pictures!!! next thing i remember is 6 hrs later waking up in a strang house with my 3 friends waking up with no pants on and them laughing at me. They dont remember everything but thanks to all the pics they took i can laugh at it...this was like that scene in the movie the hangover where u look at all the pics to find out all the shit u cant remember!!! There were some pics of them naked too so i wasnt alone lol...oh what a night i wish i could of been sober to enjoy it lmao!!! 50 46 Show
Hide 1812 Vacation Nation Visited the Food and Wine festival at Epcot this September with some of my friends from college. We decided the 'sample' size drinks were not doing it for us and left the park to find at 7-11. We all got a four loko and killed them in the parking lot. The other drinks we had didn't kick in with the four loko until it was time for us to stand outside the car. That is about the last thing I remember. Apparently I insisted on climbing out of my spaceship earth car into the one in front of mine...the people in front of me were not with my group though and I guess didn't speak English. They just watched me try to go feet first into their moving vehicle. I was kindly escorted out of Epcot when the ride stopped and woke up the next morning with instructions on how to get my car back from their parking lot and how I am not exactly welcome on Disney property for the next 12 months. Oh was cheaper than drinking around the world 47 43 Show
Hide 1811 LoKoKiNg here is my story... all of the stories below me were written by complete dumbasses you cant drink to save their dan lives. yall are all light weights and need to stop drinking period! so stfu and stop posting these retarted fucking stories thanks 48 41 Show
Hide 1810 StupidWild So after getting 6 lokos me and my best friend decided to try and drink them really fast! So after two each we took her moms car and went driving around like idiots both having no licence. I guess some how we went out of town and while driving down the road my friend said she had to pee, so she opened the door and started to piss out the car while driving! Later that night we went to go pick up my sober friend so go hang out at his friends house. After drving around with the windows down blairing solja boy all night and we showed up at the house. I turned the car off while my best friend decided to drink more, She ended up leaving me an hour and a half away from home with a dead cell phone drunk in the hood. No lie! Later to find out she totaled the car was taken home by the cops. So much for a safe night of drinking. 50 49 Show
Hide 1809 Brononymous We had a bunch of loko at our Halloween party, and at about 4AM, when all the non-lokers had passed out, me and a buddy decided it would be a good idea to throw all the furniture off the balcony. We were able to recover everything except a chair that got stuck in a tree. AND THAT IS WHY WE SHOULD LEGALIZE LOKO YO 57 48 Show
Hide 1808 Newly Lesbian???? Had two four lokos... apparently took some molly at a Deadmau5 and proceeded to blacked out. Woke up in some girls bed an hour away from my house. My boyfriend said I broke up with him for her after we had a threesome. 327 87 Show
Hide 1807 NG Last night, I had a Four Loko. While I was being drunk and hyper as you usually get, I took a deep introspective look at my life and realized that the girl I love -- the girl I've loved for two years -- will never love me back, and all the time I've invested in her was a waste. The sad part is, most of the time was spent trying to get her to see how beautiful she actually is to me, but she never realized that her problems and troubles in life were her own lack of self-respect, and no matter how much I was there for her when she needed me, and no matter how much I reminded her that she was special and genuinely meant something to others, she refused to believe me. So I decided, enough is enough, I realize that she is still truly a gem but she needs to get over her own problems and I can't waste my life coming to her rescue. But I realized that she will still mean everything to me and the decisions I make in the future, which made letting her go that much harder. Four Loko helped me through that. Thank you, Four Loko. 60 58 Show
Hide 1806 damn i dont drink alot so when i had my first loko i didnt have a tolerance. Anyway i procedded to piss everwere fall down a hill and cut up my hands, get with one girl on a tree stump, and have oral sex with some random girl in my friends laundry room. I also was said to have whipped out my dick randomly in the middle of the party LOKO'ed 59 59 Show
Hide 1805 the things we do.... I was on the bust finishing up my 2nd loko and remembered that i had always wanted to be a bus driver. I walk up to the driver, remove his hat, sit on his lap, and ask him "can i honk the horn" with the biggest smile ive ever seen. He let me do it cause we were at the last stop, and me and my friends were the only ones on it. Only thing was, he then thought i wanted to fuck, cause earlier i was sitting in the back opening my legs saying "you cant get it" from borat. 54 55 Show
Hide 1804 Steve Mitchell My friend throws a byob party, so me and my drunk friend kevan decide to get four lokos for the party to start off. but see thats where it also ended i drank two and a few sips he drank two we both ended up getting so trashed he was walking into everything slurring his words it was bad, i passed out on a couch in the back yard, go the couch flipped with me still passed out on it, got covered in mud and shit. got up had beer thrown at me cuz i couldnt see straight or talk badddd shit, but i just wanna say joose is where its at now , same brutal taste just less throwing up in the morning 48 44 Show
Hide 1802 MyInsidesHurt Had some Four Loko Uva and Four Loko Blue Raspberry before heading out for Halloween partying. Started out with tame pregaming, watching Predator and imitating Arnold Schwarzeneggar saying "DO IT!!! DO IT NOW!!!" over and over again...this became a recurrent theme later that night. Four Loko kicked in on car ride to party (we had a "DD", c'mon now let's be responsible...saying this after drinking Four Loko) as me and fellow Loko-ers took turns wearing a plastic bird mask, sticking our heads out the window, and cawing at old people in neighboring cars. Got to party and tried to spar with a dude dressed up as a 1920's boxer then tried to do a kegstand with a $200 glass sangria dispenser...blackout #1...went back home to drink more Four Loko. Went to second Halloween party that was a 15 minute walk away, made it there in 8 minutes by Four-Loko-speedwalking. Proceeded to hit on hot zombie girl, went back for three beer refills and came back each time to talk to who I later found out were three different zombie girls that I thought was the same girl. Somehow managed to continue the same conversation with all three women...blackout #2...was lying on front lawn taking a quick nap...blackout #3...back talking to hot zombie girl and tried to pick at the fake scab on her face thinking she said she used canned prunes...blackout #16?...somehow made it back home around 4am, lying on my stomach on the kitchen floor eating dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets...not all of them were fully cooked...blackout #42?...woke up around 5am still wearing my jacket but no shirt, just boxers, and one shoe with my guitar still strapped around my neck...blackout #85?...woke up drunk and went to church. 54 58 Show
Hide 1801 Lokos make me horny. So it was a few weeks ago and my two friends and I decided to buy lokos for ourselves. We bought 2 lokos each and went back to our house. We all started to kill down the first loko besides Kevin. He didn't like it! So Katelyn and I (Brittany) Each got threee. We then started taking shots of yeggger. Then drinking some coronas smoking bowls and kicking back. That entire night we felt completely fucked up! Higher than a kight & drunk as fuuuuck. I blacked out the ENTIRE night after downing the 2nd loko. Apparently, I was wandering around the house hugging everyone and telling them I loved them & me and katelyns brother ended up hoookinh up. I woke up naked under the blankets snuggled in Tyler's arms. We then had sex again and I woke up and had some explaining to do:/ 67 60 Show
Hide 1800 Daytonaboy So last night my friends and I decided to pre-game with some four loko before we went to the club. When we got there we got over 21 stamps and into the VIP room. After copious amounts of shots and beer the night began to pop. this girls tits kept falling out on the dance floor, I stole a guys drink, my Saudi Arabian friend got into a shove match, we sung shot by lmfao in the taxi,my other friend stole a guys hat and sunglasses after he lost his phone and we gave the cab driver cigarettes and a four loko as payment for the ride. My friend then got sick after downing another loko and puked in the sink..clogging itleaving it half full and then in the toilet while his friend was having sex in the bed next to him. for ever loko 44 45 Show
Hide 1799 FRob Drank a 4 Loko and a healthy pile of Natty Boh cans. Returned relatively early and savagely, savagely trashed my room: broke a metal lamp in two, ripped all of the notes out of my biochemistry binder, etc. Apparently gained a 'Ferret Frenzy 2010' calendar (wtf?) and 1/2 a box of promotional pens from BIG BOYZ BAIL BONDS. Woke up none the wiser. Got tattooed at 4pm the next day and the artist asked me if I'd been drinking, because the blood was coming out "nice and thin." 4 Loko I surrender. 68 66 Show
Hide 1798 MAFRANDS I have tons of friends in college, but this one girl feels the need to go out on..monday funday, tipsy tuesday..weed wends..thirsty thursday..fucking friday, you get the point..well she went out on thirsty thursday and thought nothing wrong with using four loko's as a "chaser" ..ha, til she came back to the dorm, passed out in the shower, and was talking all night in third person. She also NEVER showed up to her three classes the next time. Man, I love college. 53 49 Show
Hide 1797 DoigenesFiler Aiight so, I was late to work yesterday. I work in a kitchen where six cooks are on at a time. We were slow, and I didn't do so much prep bc it was already done before I got there. SO, me and a co-worker of mine figured we would go gt a few 4locos. We did. We then were taking a cigarette break, the general manager come outside pissed bc i didnt say i was sorry for being late, drinking on the job and taking too many cig breaks.....he then proceeds to tell me he wants me outta the kitchen and that he wants me to start serving (making waayyyy more muniez!!) moral of the story here.....DRINK FOURLOCO - SHOW UP LATE TO WORK - TAKE AS MANY CIG BREAKS AS POSSIBLE.....THEN YOU GET A RAISE. BOOM AND BOOM 61 61 Show
Hide 1796 AlaskanAssassin I head out of work at 7pm Last Friday with a case of 4loko fruit punch, some straight swagger threads and my new $160 Airmaxs?If i didnt pull tail i was gay or not alive, it ended up the latter: People start piling into Dahers room, I am 2 lokos deep. Daher says no but scoot and others are saying Yes?. The 3rd, 4th and 5th Lokos went down like water. the party gets broken up and im pissing straight black death in the bathroom. The roomates gather up the bes tof the underclassman and we head of campus about 3 MILES away(Key point Later) I have two different shoes on cuz i didnt want to ruin my new kicks(Dahers good looks saved me there) We are at the party, I crush what is left of the 6th Loko and get my skanky leg on with some flo rider chicks, straight hoodlums. ALL of a sudden boom hit in the nose, Nosebleed. The girls rush up stairs cut the line open the door and grab the toilet paper and start cleanin me up in the sink. I look over and there is a chick still sitting on the toilet with a face like I just killed her cat. LMAO I got a nostril full of TP and I decide it is bright to walk home?. Like I said it is 3.1 miles home and like 45 degrees out. MY drunkness takes full effect when i pull out the TP and blood starts gushing again?. I pull out a $20 dollar bill and shove it up there to clog it. I used my phone to cut through like a miles of woods to trim it?. Then I came to the side of Route 93. Ya I crossed 4 lanes of highway Mad LOKOS DEEP. Now i see why they banned them. I finally get to my car drunk dial and text my ass 22 miles home and like 1/2 a mile form my house I get pulled over for blowin? through a stop sign. So I have blood all over my hands, face shirt, and a $20 dollar bill up my nose talking to a cop at 2am on a Saturday morning. You try saying the alphabet from C to M wiht out saying LMNOP its fuckin impossible! a couple more sobriety tests he calls for an ambulance. The cop takes off when the Bus gets there cuz someone was Overdosing on great pond road, THANK GOD saved me a DUI. The paramedics asked me if I wante dot go to the Hospital if not I had to sign a waiver?. Print your name Sign here Date here I signed all three drunk as fuck, they gave me a second chance?. Then followed me home to the Heritage green complex where I reside. Work, dressed up in a tie by 8am. FML 51 48 Show
Hide 1795 RussP Well after about 2 months of building my immune system to drink only four lokos, me and a friend went to this series of parties at this house. One night there we had drank about 3 of these things and as you know it hell breaks loose. We are really into hiphop and rap music, but for some odd reason someone decided to put in some screamo. Me and my boy started slamming in the living room by and all brick fire place. Everyone backed around and thought it was cool to watch. I then picked up the fire poker and was about to stick it threw my friends chest. After being stopped and about 30 minutes go by and me and the same friend decide to start slap boxing. I can see the anger build in him and he tries hitting me which I duck and put him in a head lock until he's picked up off of me by 3 people and tamed I said this was one night out of a series. 65 61 Show
Hide 1794 goinlokofordemlokos I started out with friends...after two lokos and a wild night I woke up with none. 59 57 Show
Hide 1793 BlackoutBrigade Sittng on my neighbors porch one night with a few other people I pushed down 6, maybe 7 Four Loko, (I'm borderline alcoholic and drink more than any mere mortal before any says I'm a lying sack of shit.), anyways, I proceed to go through half a fifth of vodka, I'm drunk by then. So is everyone else on the porch, I guess all the testosterone of me and my friends started flowing pretty ferociously along with the estrogen of the women because what ensued next included an eight man battyle royal with a tree for the ringpost, trying my damndest to sleep with a woman 22 years older than me, throwing beer bottles at a cop car and running, punching my best friend in the ear and calling my now ex-girlfriend a "Miss Piggy Impersonator" and then asking if she wanted me to finger her butthole. She did not, she was not happy and she is not the slightest bit chubby. I woke up in a shirt three sizes too small and a beer next to me for breakfeast. Nothing loko about this story, it's a pretty regular occurence. 68 65 Show
Hide 1792 miggs. I had two four lokos. That with a little anger in me, I ran up to my bestfriend and fought her. I gave her a black eye. -________- 52 55 Show
Hide 1791 Ofc Friendly I only drink my four loko out of a cup. I have to when I`m driving my police car. 53 49 Show
Hide 1790 willam howard. i was talking in spanish after 3 of them,i took french in highschool&middle school. 52 50 Show
Hide 1789 FourLoka One night I was at my friends house and the only drink available was fourloko; It was my first time drinking fourloko therefore I didn't think it was going to fuck me up bad.Yeah well, I was proven wrong. I don't remember most of my night, I just remember drinking my first can, apparently I ended up drinking 3. I woke up the next morning with bruises all over my ass. Turns out I ended up running around the pool pretty much naked and tripping all over the place; In front of a bunch of people I did not know. I still get winks and random smiles/laughs in the most unexpected occasions. 58 60 Show
Hide 1788 mary janee i would tell you a story . to bad i dont remember anything that happens with these fucking things . 54 61 Show
Hide 1787 Lokomotive. I had a sip of a four loko and felt like a giant pussy. Stick with 40's, America! 56 52 Show
Hide 1786 4 no-go i was drinking 4lokos with my friend at my house, i remember falling asleep, then i remember bits and pieces of her yelling at me not to pee on my bed.. apparently i got up and pulled my pants down and said i had to go to the bathroom then sat back down on my bed like it was a toilet. 54 57 Show
Hide 1785 ImetAVampire knocked back two four lokos, blacked out and theres a period of three hours where no one knows what happened to me. Upon waking up the next morning i had 8 dark purple hickeys, it's a week later and i can still see them 49 52 Show
Hide 1784 Loko Ono I decided to absolutely run a rage train. I drank 5 four lokos; the entire time I was told that people have died after 3. I loudly verbally abused anyone that had ever died from four lokos. I then apparently met and conversed with several people i have no recollection of and went to a party. Apparently i was hanging out with 3 total strangers and ran into my room mate. According to him within 30 min of the party I lost the ability to form sentences and started speaking in tongues. I woke up still hammered, but alive and slightly bloody. Scared money don't make no money. 52 55 Show
Hide 1783 The Breaker My friends and I were getting ready to go out and were pregaming. I had about four 4lokos with me, and I know I drank at least two of them. We made it as far as the parking lot. We basically turned around from there, but since it was my car, I insisted sitting in the front, and my other friend was deathly ill from her 4lokos. With the ride over and puke in my face, I took her to be cleaned up. The next notable moment is me trying to reach the balcony from the breezeway. Needless to say, I didn't reach it, fell three stories, landed on my feet in grass/mulch, slid onto my back. I ended up with a broken back and now have been in a brace for 10 weeks. I also lost two teeth. 52 54 Show
Hide 1782 Mr Wrestling 2 I realized that I only had $19 to fund my Sat PM so I decided to take the Loko challenge. I purchased I picked 6 cans from the local market and returned home. My plan was to enjoy the night safe in my backyard with my two dogs. Sun AM I awoke to the somewhat puzzling sight of a Mexican man unconscious next to my bird bath, a eight foot section of my fence smoldering on my gas grill, the rear of my neighbor`s home coated with fecal matter, my washing machine overturned, blue spray paint on my feet, and a prominent six inch gash on my chin. I wholeheartedly recommend your product. 58 68 Show
Hide 1781 Kuku4Loko usually I drink the fruit punch one, but New York just banned Four Loko's... so, whatever the store has of Four Loko's - that's that! So, 7-11 only had Grape... these drinks has tons of coffee, usually I'm wired and blasted outta my mind. Instead, the Grape... I got niggaitis and stopped paying my bills on time, had 6 kids by 5 women, lost my job, got on welfare, made a rap mixtape, sold some bootleg dvds and Air Jordan's, and eat nothing but KFC with my GRAPE Four Loko's.... ALL IN ONE NIGHT. 54 58 Show
Hide 1780 df i ate a puppy, just kidding, i didnt really do anything all that crazy........ 49 57 Show
Hide 1779 IWasFuckedUpBrah The other night i was going to a party me and my crew decided to pre-game with a couple 4lokos. No big deal. We drove to the party and after that i can't remember anything. All i remember is me, fucking a gatorade party and then proceeding to drink my own cum...I woke up in my bed next to some random girl. I love 4lokos. 58 54 Show
Hide 1778 Bunny Last night I tried Four Lokos for the first time...only had two.....and puked all over myself inside a cab. 60 67 Show
Hide 1777 beasting it I was at a hookah bar I regularly visit and I sat across from a guy I had never met before, but for whatever reason he had it in his head that I was some sort of celebrity and needed Four Loko immediately, to which I obviously did not object. However, after consuming three of these and five shots of Jack Daniels in the span of a little more than 60 minutes, I was shit tossed. For some reason I decide to drive, and half way home on the highway I realize that I cannot see ANYTHING. I proceed to pull over on the median of the highway, drunkenly stumble out of my car, and vomit over the guard rail. I then get back in my car, drive another 20 yards or so, and come to the same realization again that I cannot see anything. I then pull over into the median again, turn on my caution lights with the last bit of soberness in me, and vomit over the guardrail again. After this point the story was told to me by my own mother, who I apparently called and asked her to pick me up from the middle of I675. She shows up, and not more than 30 seconds later a squad of four sherrifs arrives behind her, she then proceeds to negotiate with them to keep me out of jail while I am still puking all over the guard rail and yelling obscenities. I'm then rushed across the highway to my mother's car, abandoning mine, and driven home. On the way, I decide it would be smart to vomit all over the side of my mother's Saab. She doesn't enjoy this. We pull over half-way home and I get out to blow chunks for the umpteenth time and two more police cars show up behind us, but pull away after about 20 minutes of me hurling. We then get home, I collapse with my head in the toilet and wake up somehow in my bed wearing backwards pajama pants. Needless to say, it was a relatively Loko night. 71 73 Show
Hide 1776 AJ Pitts Boring night, decided to have a can of loko. Proceed onto having a tall can of bud, then I decide it's time to hit the bars. Have some beer here, some wine there, and a 40 of schlitz. Somewhere between bars I started blacking out and began my drive home...less than a mile from my house I somehow get a flat and this cop is watching me try to change it from across the parking lot. I'm throwing out random shit stuffed in my trunk...a/c's, jacks, you name it. I proceed to attempt to jack up the side OPPOSITE the flat whilst the cop makes his approach towards me. The cop sees the open 40 in my car and all he does is make me call someone for a ride (and just had to be my ex girlfriend I have only seen drunk lately). After all that, he didn't even offer to help change the flat! ...but thank you police for letting me off from a potential DUI for the 2nd time. 61 58 Show
Hide 1775 Slick Willy Drank a 4 lokos while playing poker on my roof. My gf comes by, later, drunk. I convinced her to put on her little nurses outfit for the boys. She changed, came back to the roof, but left the keys behind. I called a locksmith, but he couldn't understand my drunken directions. I called the cops (!) to break into my apartment. They weren't amused. 4 am, no other choices, I tried to check into a hotel. They took one look at me and said the entire hotel was booked. Next thing I know I wake up with my gf in an hourly hotel with LOTS of stains. We walk back to my place, with my gf still wearing nothing but the nurses uniform. Locksmith opened my door in 5 seconds. Never found the keys and my gf left her Channel $5000 necklace in the hourly hotel. Love 4 lokos! 54 64 Show
Hide 1774 vampire bill Typical Friday....I had off that day so decided to do a modest night at home and kill off two four lokos...bout half way through my second one my friend calls me saying she wants to go downtown. HELL FUCKIN YEA! I shouted...We arrive at the first place. feeling pretty drunk so I of coarse ordered a xl long island. Thats where i blacked out...Ended up going to a gay strip bar where i was shouting "i can do better!!!, left there somehow managed to steal what i think is a fancy wine opener then did a somersault over a chain-linked fence landing on my head, cause i needed to pee real bad..saying goodnight in german to people who walked by. and finally trying to "glamor" the burger king employee into giving me a free whopper. yea i watched true blood before going out. THANKS FOUR LOKO! YOU MAKE DRUNK SHAME AWESOME! 48 43 Show
Hide 1773 Ketabate my first month in college in corvallis oregon, i thought my tolerance to alcohol was rather impressive until i got my hands on a four loko. we went out to a house party when i pop open four loko number one, number two and three came soon thereafter. after number three i feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. i take it out and look at it..."work" fuck. it didnt occur to me that i was on call. i deliver pizzas and if you cant come in when youre on call youre fired. all that went through my head was how the hell am i gonna pay rent without a job? i answer and they say john we just got rocked were gonna need u in as soon as possible. i was absolutely shitfaced heading into work which entales a lot of driving...i wake up in the police station the next day and find out i puked on someones doorstep with their pizza in my hand. i got fired and a d.u.i but it made for a hell of a story...thanks four loko 58 55 Show
Hide 1772 thatchick so it was my friends 21st and he decided to come to wvu for the weekend. thought i'd pick up a couple lokos and bring them over. i decided instead of the usual one loko i'd go for two tonight. not only did i drink two four lokos but i beer bonged them over a 45 minute time period. needless to say i dont remember anything after 9pm that night. let a sober kid i just met that night at the party drive my car/me home. apparently got little caesars with all the guys. and woke up at 5am with no recollection of that night with a garbage can full of puke next to my bed. i got up and went to the bathroom and the shower curtain and rod were in the bathtub. i went downstairs to see my friend who was staying on my couch that night and asked her what the hell happened. she said "do you really not remember anything?" clearly she has never had any loko experience. and clearly i drank way more than my friend on his own 21st birthday. 51 69 Show
Hide 1771 BLUNTMAN. me and my friends decided to go out of town to a big party, on the way into town we all down a four loko and smoke a blunt.. once we got to the party we realized how insane shit was going to get and we all downed another loko and started pounding cups from the keg. after a little while, were all split up by now and all pretty smashed. i go outside for a smoke and start on my third loko..then i get a call from my ride saying they already left the party and there gunna meet me..once im in the car i realize how hammered everyone is and that we shouldnt b driving.. of course the driver doesnt agree and we get in an Argument. resulting in the driver kicking everyone out and speeding off.. pretty pissed off we start walking around the city and do a whole bunch of graffiti.. after about 4 hours of bombing and talking to every random drunk person we come across we call someone to get a ride back to our hometown.. this takes about and hour and after a stop at mcdonalds we get home and pass the fuck out.. i woke up with a bad hangover and the douche bag who left us there woke up to a huge shit in his drivers seat and his back taillights samshed out... ;)cant wait to do it again next weekend! FOURLOKO FO LIFEE 52 52 Show
Hide 1770 Charlie Manson I was bringing a case of tall, frosty Four Lokos to a party at Roman Polanski's house when I stopped off on the side of the road to drink one. I don't remember what the fuck happened after that! 51 50 Show
Hide 1769 ??? drank 2 lokos and some beer....guess black out so everyone who says they do must suck at drinking and is def not helping to keep it on the shelves.....learn how to drink before you down 4 lokos!! 47 51 Show
Hide 1768 Lili19<3 OMFG. So I was at a parking lot party at my college when I first had Four Loko. Some guys just asked me if I wanted to get a Four Loko since they were driving to the store. I had never tried that drink before and I really thought it would be like a Corona or something. The guys came back like 30 minutes later. Many people told me that Four Loko tasted nasty but I had to try it for myself. So I was just sitting with a few other people on a car just casually sipping the drink. At first I was like, "this isn't too bad." Around 3 in the morning I was hysterical. I could not stop laughing, I was leaning on some guy next to me, and every sentence I said had curse words. A few minutes later I got really nauseated. I got up from the car and walked to the nearest tree. As soon as I got to the tree I could not stop puking. I had to ask someone to walk me back to my dorm building. As soon as i got back to my room I ran to the toilet and pretty much laid there for hours. Two RAs had to come to my room to see if everything was fine. They even put me in bed and fed me cup noodles since I had no food in my system. It was a sad scene. At 8 in the morning i was still throwing up. I even called my boyfriend and cried about how sick I was. It was an experience I would never forget. 51 61 Show
Hide 1767 Nicolette Bono i got so crunk on halloween one lemonade 4 lokos woooooo! 53 57 Show
Hide 1766 imtooloko My friends and I thought it would be a good idea to have a "loko" night. Outcome= me, straight girl, managed to get a girlfriend that night, and in the matter of 20 minutes of dating I cheated on her with a guy, cheated on her with my bestfriend, witnessed my "girlfriend" and bestfriend faceplant into the cement, walked around for an hour trying to find my car, dropped my phone in a toilet, lost my best friend in the city....woke up with a drawn hitler moustache that i apparently bar hopped with....i guess loko was the perfect way to describe last night 56 66 Show
Hide 1765 VR baby Decided to play flip cup with my Lokos which would have been fine if I didn't switch from cranberry lemonade to watermelon to blue raspberry. I ended up puking at the frat house I was at, laying on the couch snuggling my puke-filled bucket, getting a ride home and passing out in my roommates bed. Woke up the next day and didn't know how I got there, but I didn't have a hang over. I <3 LOKOS!!!! 59 59 Show
Hide 1764 PhillyCheeseSteak So one night I decided to buy two Lokos. After consuming them within two hours I was transported to another world; a world in which fun was plenty and smiles were in abundance. At first I was feeling rather exceptional. However, things started to go downhill pretty quickly. For instance, as I was macking on this chick, I began to give her a grammar lesson, and I explained to her that in order for a woman to be an acceptable bride for me she must have perfect grammar. To explain this better, I began by writing a story on a chalkboard for her. Needless to say, she was very turned on. At the end of the night, I autographed my Four Loko can and then presented it to her saying that she will remember this night for the rest of her life (as well as me). True Story, yo. 56 54 Show
Hide 1763 Poondocks So I ate 97 m&ms then drank 2 4locos. After having a few shots at a bar downtown, my friends and I apparently decided to somehow acquire a few prostitutes for the evening. I remember very little about what happened after that but I do remember not being able to find my car and searching for what seemed like hours. (still haven't found it and that was 2 nights ago). Anyways, my roommates said that we stumbled in around 6am with 3 "rough" looking girls. The next day my 2 dude friends and I woke up naked in the same bed together. I just really hope nothing gay happened... 56 63 Show
Hide 1762 ThatGirl After having three drinks I ended up running through the bars, passed out on a bench outside, fell on the ground, and decided to take a nap there. Apparently I was woken up by cops who I then flipped off before being hauled away to the hospital...Never again! 51 64 Show
Hide 1761 sammmii me & a few friends drank enough four loko to take a picture with a pyramid of them, while having power hour, pregaming to go out. Got to the bar, tried to find my friends in a freezer. End of my memory. 58 58 Show
Hide 1760 AG69 i drank 16 4lokos... next thing i know i wake up handcuffed to a hospital bed with an IV drip dressed in a tutu because i broke into a kindergardeners house, stole her tutu, spray painted her bedroom, climbed out the window, peed on her dog, and then had a heart attack in their front yard.. needless to say im now on house arrest and have a fatal heart condition WISH ME LUCK!! 49 45 Show
Hide 1759 BigTonyDanStory Yo we're currently drinking four lokos right now and we're so fucked up that we fucked our grandma for money. She was in heat and we wanted some dough to go out to a party and get more four lokos, and she was like yo, bang me and I'll give you some head. And some cash for the lokos. SO... we said sure and drank another loko, and banged her out. She only has one eye (the other is glass) so we skull fucked her too). She cried when we were done, but she still gave us the cash. It was so cool that we fucked her again, even though she didnt pay us the second time. THanks for the cash grams! 49 45 Show
Hide 1758 Kailz woke up at 5am with an irrational fear of the thing standing in the middle of the living room until i realized it was the traffic horse i stole and carried half way across campus that night then was startled again by the noises coming from underneath it.. until i realized that in a drunken stupor my best friend made a tent out of it by propping it up, placing a blanket over it and falling asleep underneath. 60 52 Show
Hide 1757 steele I ended up in a tree, refusing to come down until they put the Bernie Mac Show back on the air. Upon waking up in the branches the next morning, I remembered that Bernie Mac is dead. 51 63 Show
Hide 1756 boogiedownbx 2 lemondade lokos, wired til 6 am..wrote and recorded an emotional r&b song..then I had the most amazing dreams...why r they banning this shit again? 58 62 Show
Hide 1755 a_killa_killa What ever happened to an ice cold beer? Four Loko sucks! 47 51 Show
Hide 1754 PardY I drank so many lokos i killed a man 57 55 Show
Hide 1753 kneecaps I remember downing two Four Lokos with my friend before hopping into a really nice Trans Am. We hung with guys I didn't know and after a few shots later, I don't know what happened. I woke up with a broken ankle, a nose ring, and cuddling the center console. Apparently my friend pierced my nose as a dare, I climbed the roof of a Catholic school, and broke my ankle on the way down. I was in the neighbor's car. 62 70 Show
Hide 1752 puto culero drank 4loko and 2 coors 24oz and ended up trying to kill 3 people one a guy talking shit to me 2 my friend 3 my friends dad i ended up shanking guy number 1 hahaha 61 62 Show
Hide 1751 quatre crazy i drank 2 lokos and a half a water bottle of vodka, i took my clothes off in the woods, stole 2 blunts, got home and fell off my toilet naked, passed out and woke up with a goose egg and a black eye 53 65 Show
Hide 1750 peter shaw I was at a party at my friends house when I had a a quarter of a handle and 3 lokos. I decide to go into my friends bathroom cause I had to shit. I walk in, couldn't find the lights or the toilet so I decide to just pull of my pants and take a shit on them. I shove them in a cabinet, the next day the parents came back and found my shorts with shit covered in them and the best part is it had my name on it, not akward at all going to his house the next day to pick them up from the parents 52 62 Show
Hide 1749 Se7en I heard of 4loko so i thought i would grab a few flavors to try them. First, i pre-gamed with a blue raspberry(gross). Then when i got to the party i split a fruit punch(yum) and a lemonade(yum) with another person. About a few games of flip cup later(with beer) i was gone. apparently i got so pissed for no reason so they tried to put me to bed. but 2 minutes later i ran down stairs and started screaming at everyone for talking behind my back. I then apparently ran out of the house, which they then tried to stop me. In the process of my girlfriend trying to bring me back in side and me trying to leave i ripped my phone in half. After that my girlfriend just let me go and i ended up walking/running a mile and a half through town completely wasted. I wake up the next morning in my own bed at my house with no shirt on and scratches all over my chest. with only bits and pieces that i remember from the night before. be smart kids. only drink one. Its a black out that doesn't let you sleep. 59 51 Show
Hide 1748 Lokolokoloko So I had 6 four loko's, yes six, when I decided to pre game for a friends birthday party. Lets just say we would've turned this into The hangover part fucking two. My friend & I thought it would be a good idea to jump into a random bus, we didn't know where we were going, we ended up making 37 dollars on that bus ride from who knows what, we got off the bus, started harassing old lady's, ended up finding a random cat that we stood with the whole night, Half of my hair was purple, my friend's face was painted on with purple marker, we were covered in silly string, Oh and not to mention I found Casino chips in my purse, and a completely different outfit on. Thank you four lokos <3 56 53 Show
Hide 1747 Da Mufkn ppl champ I drank 4 loko went to cookout threw a lighter at a car got ma knicca chased down almost ran over than kicked a cars side mirror off, threw lawn chairs in da pond thing, took the dog poop outta da trash and threw it in the pool, took pppls pumpkins and smashed them on da ground. 53 42 Show
Hide 1746 yoooo so i decided 2 have 3 four lokos the other night. we were pre-gaming to go to a party at my girlfriends house. But i never got to the party, on my way there my friend who was driving got pulled over for not having his headlights on(he was sober) the cop asked if i was drunk and i told him i fisted his grandmother with a hulk hand. then he said excuse me sir, then i exited the passenger door where i started swinging at him but never connected. he took out his taser and tazed me but it didnt seem to get to me and as i was going to chase the cop again a mazda 3 going about 30 MPH hit me as i was going after the cop. i landed about 10 feet away bloody as hell. but i got up, ran towards my friends car and started screaming at him telling to leave because nazi zombies were coming.(i love black ops) later that night i ended up in jail on a $2,500. my great friend bailed me out the next morning. thanks four loko, im never drinking again. 175 91 Show
Hide 1745 O. Dear 3 Four Lokos. Slept with my friend. Had cops called on me for assault. Got kicked out of Toys R' Us. Got kicked out of two bars. BEST DRINK EVER! 61 56 Show
Hide 1744 toxicwaste The other night I drank 3 four lokos and I've been shitting water since 50 57 Show
Hide 1743 CHAMPION after a 4 loko pound session or 2 i pushed some kid down the stairs and called him a fuckin nerd 52 53 Show
Hide 1742 O-No-oh. I drank a Four Loko and woke up a hero. Apparently I chased down some kid who stole some money from a girl playing Cello on a street in Downtown San Diego. The kid dropped the money as a nearby House of Blues security guard helped me "pickle" him, but instead of giving it all back, I allegedly tried to charge the girl a "rescue" fee so I could buy and try "Blue-Flavored 'Escape Fuel'." I guess I forgot how to say "Four Loko" by then. 50 47 Show
Hide 1741 Ur2Stank I drank three 4lokos and raged all night.. I ended up crashin at my gf's house. Her parents were out at the time so we started havin anal sex on the couch in the living room.. About 5 min into sex we hear the garage door start opening so I pulled out really quick and she shit on the couch a good bit.. We hurried to get out clothes on before they walked in and just threw some couch pillows over the shit.. Well her dad asked about it and we blamed it on "snoball" her poodle.. No lie her dad took the dog in the back yard and shot it.. Swear to god 47 43 Show
Hide 1740 Lokote Went an bought about 7 lokos drank about 3 1/2 an also got sum white girl (Fish scale ) size kicked it at tha homies crib just drinking n busting keys so fuckin way later on that nyte I made it home driving ha.. 420!!!!! 49 45 Show
Hide 1739 Loko Flugtag Recently, the Redbull Flutag event was held in Philadelphia. Two friends of mine along with myself live outside of Atlantic City, so we decided to make our way to the event. While sitting in a Wawa parking lot we are eating lunch and I decide..."lets get drunk!" Mind you, I drank two Redbulls already! We got a 24 pack of Miller Lite and 4 Four Loko's, there was three of us. While on our way up, we finish a good portion of the beer and start working on our Loko, hit us, hammered already, we start working on the second Loko. I start yelling at cars in traffic and guys on motorcycles, then see the Ronald Mcdonald house..where I also yell something very offensive. While sitting in traffic, Jon gets out of the SUV and throws his trash on the railroad tracks in front of many many people. We finally get to the parking lot, destroyed at this point, peeing next to cars and yelling offensive slurs and sounds. We played follow the leader all throughout our voyage to the actual grounds of the event and i somehow ended up falling and cutting my leg. Im not really sure how. We finally get to the grounds and there are literally THOUSANDS of people, just so happens to be that we saw some friends and hung with them. While enjoying our drunken fun, Jon and I decide "it's time to take a leak"..This line for the porterpot is HUGE, we cut infront of a good 80 people and both decide to go in the same PorterPotty..Mind you, I am only 170lbs, Jon is about 250-260lbs! When we are finished crossing swords, we exit and some how manage to split up, i see another person from home and hang with him..Then manage to meet back up with my original gang, where I decide it's a great idea to scoop some people up on my shoulders, just so happens to be the wrong people! So while I am scooping random people up, my friends are taking pictures of the crowd and surroundings, that is where they located me! With people on my shoulders and screaming obscene things! We finally meet and Jon introduces me to some random girls and guys, one guy gave us a brand new bottle of Jager (Jon and I drank it all right then and there)then, one of the girls says "look at my tattoo!" she lifts up her skirt and has the most perfect DICK tattooed on her ass-cheek! it looked more real then our own! While threatening the security guard that i was going to jump in to the Delaware River and swim to Philly so i didnt have to pay the toll, Jon and our friends are breaking bottles on the asphalt.(Very Roudy) Finally we decide its time to go, we head over to the parking lot and I decide "Im going in that warehouse!" Jon and Jay both said "there is noway youre getting in!" well, the first door i opened was unlocked and i was in! Then we head over to Pat's Steaks for some Philly Cheese steaks, while standing in the extra long ride, a Honda Civic pulls up to a stop sign and hits Jon with the mirrors, he looks and just starts laughing at the guy in the car. We all get TWO cheese steaks each and house the things within minutes, then while driving to a friends girlfriends house we see a friend driving and throw food at his convertible infront of police and bystanders on the street. When we arrive at the "girlfriends" house, we realize she is at work until 11! So we think its a good idea to take pictures of the railroad tracks and stuff, while doing this, we manage to almost get hit by Septa trains...three times i believe? When the end of the night comes, we are driving down the Atlantic City Expressway, it is 1130 at night, maybe later..(i dont really remember), and already we are hungover and thinking about what to do next. We thank you Four Loko! Sincerely, Justin Jay Jon 62 61 Show
Hide 1738 BEAST the III I live in a fraternity house so i am quite acquianted with alcohol. I had two four lokos for the first time last night. We started pounding away at a friends apartment and decided to go to the local drunk eatery to get our munch on. THere we started a fight with two offensive linemen from the college football team. I dont remember much but i do remember putting a guy into a cholkhold while my friend punch the shit out of his stomach. The owner of the establishment came out, broke up the fight and told us that we were never welcome there again. I somehow managed to stumble my way back to the house and got into my room when I couldnt find my laptop and proceeded to flip a shit. I left three very offensive voicemails on my roomates phone, called some random guy and told him to suck a dick, and flipped a 200 pound couch into the air and watched it land on and break my table. I then flipped over the other couch, kicked the beer pong table and punched a hole through it. I then poured beer into my roomates fishtank and posted up angry post its that told people to fuck off. i also threw my roomates laundry all over the room. when he came back i stormed him and asked "who stole my laptop" when he calmly said its on your bed. OH MY BAD. THen I thanked God and cried into the couch. Fell asleep with uggs on. the best night I never remembered. THanks four Loko 51 54 Show
Hide 1737 melissa and jean jean: 3:40 am - after popping my friends birthday balloon and throwing my purse into the street i ran away from my boyfriend and sat down with two bouncers on a bench. anger in my eyes and tears down my cheeks, makeup smeared and hair a mess, i realized that my cigarettes were in my purse that i had thrown into the street - the contents of which were now scattered on metropolitan avenue and being gathered by the boyfriend. i asked the bouncers for a cigarette - who obliged and tried to console me. after a long and drawn out fight with the boyfriend he said we should go home to which i replied, fuck you! so he turned around and walked into the subway station. my stubbornness exhausted upon realizing that i was sitting on the avenue with my skirt hiked up around my waist and probably too drunk to make it home by myself. after rushing to buy a single ride so i could catch him before the train came, i tromped hurriedly to where he was and pretended not to notice him as to maintain some dignity. when we got on the subway he rolled his eyes as i walked to the other end of the car. several people turned around when i shouted his name across the car. with a look of horror on his face he came and sat down across from me, with no motivation more than shutting me up. we fought the whole way home but when we got there had sex. it seemed he was feeling fairly drunk and horny too, and also possibly needing to expel some rage because he whipped out the buttplug he bought me last christmas and rammed it lubeless up my ass. through the panties that he had stuffed in my mouth i tried to scream, "lube!" but all that was conveyed was the sexy struggle of a pervert. in my desperation, i managed to wiggle a leg free and kick with all my might into his ribcage. as he flew off the bed, i sat up and wildly slapped at his face with both hands. i pulled the panties out of my mouth and the plug out of my butt and screamed, "fuck! lube!!" he pulled himself together and and picked up the dildo. it was dark. our senses of smell impeded by the many ashtrays and old pizza boxes, i watched him attempt to lube up the buttplug with his mouth. needless to say, it was covered with shit. he would mention the next morning as i gathered what remained of my purse that it was poetic that the last sex we would ever have would fill his mouth with crap. melissa: 3:00 am - jean would not stop screaming no matter how hard i hit. she was having another episode with her long time love affair that inevitably would ruin the night for us all. she threw me her house keys and fled my car in a star-crazed fury. my feet hurt from dancing so i decided to call it a night. i drove to her house and let myself in. her roommates were home and confused as to who i was - i said nothing and went into her room and watched porn and cried. 61 62 Show
Hide 1736 AlPal I drank a four loko before going to the bars. After the bars I was walking home with my friends and was arrested, along with both of my friends. I was the only one taken to jail because I was the only one being loko. My friends came to pick me up from jail and I drank another loko when i got home. 62 59 Show
Hide 1735 Mike Daddy I pregamed with loko and cheap vodka, went downtown, got fuckin shit hammered more off whiskey and beer, came back to campus, passed out on my girlfriend, after she finally woke me up i decided it would be a good idea to drink another one to wake me up, i chugged it, threw up all over both bathroom stalls and whiskey dicked and passed out again 59 50 Show
Hide 1734 m t dubs So I was lounging on an icy roof, loko in hand, when I lost my footing and faceplanted a car windshield 15 feet below. That's what the paramedics tell me, anyway. I don't remember a damn thing. A dozen stitches later and I'm writing this from the hospital! 48 49 Show
Hide 1733 Drunkwalks! A few friends of mine got bored and i got the bright idea to go out on a drunk walk... it started off as a small thing, nothing too exciting happened but one night we got 7 four locos and drank them all, walked around until we could barely walk straight, found leaf piles bigger then us and attacked, peed behind trees, almost got attacked by a raccoon, left a present in an alley, lost everything then went back and found it all, stole a croquet mallet and a giant magic stick, played in someones tree house, snuck up on some teenage lovers and scared them, moved for sale signs to random houses, hunted ware wolves, then finally the night ended with all the ladies in a tub taking abath together to cool down.. 63 60 Show
Hide 1732 babygurl I drank two 4lokos (= 8loko), drew a fake mustache on my face, called everyone at the party "babygurl," lost my wallet keys and phone, had to climb my balcony to get into my house. 50 38 Show
Hide 1731 spaz I drank half a 4loko after a couple beers and by the time I came to my senses I found myself at the city harbor in the bathroom with the showers on looking at myself in the mirror crying. of joy. 63 62 Show
Hide 1730 fourloko animal while experiencing the college must do of panama city spring break which also landed on my 21st birthday, I chugged a 4loko immediatley after arrival. two hours later i came out of my blackout in a shower with a random guy....... happy birthday to me! 56 51 Show
Hide 1729 hairy johnson the night started off with two 4 lokos. then i proceded to play beer pong, but instead of beer, we used captian. i woke up under a pool table, mayonaise on my face. several different cuts and bruises, and 8 bucks left. apairently we went to a party, drank, went to jack n the box, i cursed out the guy, threw my burger at him. came back couldnt finish it, played more beer pong,got in a fight with my friend, and passed out under a pool table as they wrote huge dicks on my face. i gave them permission to do so... im only 15, i wonder what itll be like when im 21. 47 53 Show
Hide 1728 Maradona Goes Down I went to a Halloween party at a tuna cannery in Bushwick apres-loko. My friends say I got in a physical fight with a girl dressed as Yolandi of the popular South African rap group DIE ANTWOORD. As they ushered me out of the party I fell down a long flight of stairs and sprained my ankle (leading to my week long stint on crutches). When I got out of the gypsy cab I fell down in the street and my roommate dragged me into our apartment by my ankles. Only the next day did I see the photos of myself trying to pee into our oven. 53 54 Show
Hide 1727 joey loc Michigan banned four loko so I went out and bought out the local store 50 should last maybe a few months.... stick it to the man!!! 49 49 Show
Hide 1726 alkuh-hall-lick i had just one four lokos and shit in my bed 51 63 Show
Hide 1725 Pass that Lok EHOLEY! i cant believe this shit is banned, what the fuck am i going to do over the weekend. this shit literally saved my life, it got me in the most horniest, fucked up pyscho moods i have ever been in. One night i decided to crack that shit open, sucked it down within a span on 10 minutes, cracked another open, chugged that shit so fast i was puking it up like a fucking fountain you'd see shooting up water like a damn water fall. Few hours later, still with my head up my ass, i decided to go horseback riding. that horse was galloping so fast my dick was pounding against its spine and i think i might have jizzed on it a little. Before you know it i flew off the horse, after whipping its ass telling it to go faster, i flew off into a pile of FUCKING HORSE SHIT! thats rite, fuckin horse shit. face down, ass up. fuck my life. slept there all night, too piss drunk to get up. woke up with horse shit CAKED ON MY FUCKING FACE! and as i opened up my mouth to scream the dry shit fell inside of my mouth! oh my god, lord jesus save me please gotta love the loko 49 52 Show
Hide 1724 wasteoftastebuds after consuming no more than an ounce of four loco, i decided it was poison and returned to whiskey. 51 59 Show
Hide 1723 ZachL I pregamed with a Four Loko, went to my friend's party, did a keg stand, and had two more Four Lokos. By the end of my night, I put a hole in my friend's LCD TV, got lost in a familiar neighborhood for 2 hours, had a philosophical conversation with a police officer then blacked out. I woke up in the morning having had my dick sucked by another man, half a shaved head, a 30 pack box on my head and wearing slippers that weren't mine....I don't know where my shoes are. 44 36 Show
Hide 1722 keith stone couple nights ago i drank three four lokos, woke up covered in my own shit next to two dead hookers 42 43 Show
Hide 1721 LokoMotive Loko and Thai food??? Fuck this shit, never again...I have the chills right now and my throat hurts from puking. 59 60 Show
Hide 1720 butterknife Last week pregamed with 3 Lokos then went to the bar. Several shots and beers later decided to leave with a lovely lady I had met that night. We decided that I was the more sober and that I should drive her car back to her place. Apparently I passed out while driving because I woke up after hitting a tree. She was still out cold so I pulled her into the driver seat and walked the 4 miles back to the bar. 206 97 Show
Hide 1719 J Chugged half a lemonade Loko, filled it to the top with a tall boy of Bud Light Lime (awesome combo btw), chugged that, finished off the other half of the BLL, and proceeded to sprint through Penn Station for half an hour while being chased by Pac-Man (I was the orange ghost). Then once I hit the streets, I did a dolphin dive onto two girls, ran into a sidewalk under construction gate and tore up my palm, and hit on a girl dressed as Barbie for about an hour. I love you Halloween. I love you Loko. 51 51 Show
Hide 1718 alexxx me and my friend shared a loko but i chugged most of it ahaha and soon she had to go home so i had nowhere to hangout so i go to a near liquor store to see if someone could buy me another loko..soon after i found some guys who sold me one of theres and i began to drink with some people that i saw chillen at a school....moments later i blacked out for about 4 hours (some girl that was there and told me i kept falling and hit my head on the concrete floor hard)and came back into consciousness at my house where i threw up in my living room( idont even remember) then i just threw up on myself but i was so fucked up i didnt even care ahah oh and i lost my shirt and got my ipod stolen fun night huh?!>:/ ahahahaha never drink two fourlokos its like asking for death 49 49 Show
Hide 1717 ... Nothing Ever Happens To Me When I Drink Four Lokos.. I Always Feel Completely Fine When I Drink Them. 58 52 Show
Hide 1716 M. Smart enough not to leave the house, this is my IM messaging to a friend after 2.5 Lokos..(spelling has been fixed so its readable) 10PM.. M: get me off i need to cum long pause.... 5 hours later.... OK so I woke up at 245 with a vibator in my ass and dildo in my pussy, sleeping on my back (which I NEVER do) watching master & commander on tv..thats shit needs to be banned M: oh and wearing headphones evidently watching porn M: my phone is missing and I seemed to have messaged joe instead of you in a bunch of posts M: now i cant get back to sleep and I'm afraid to take anything M: oh and my panties are soaked =) M: found my phone, stuck in the couch M: 2 xanax it is M: you're lucky i don't call you 46 51 Show
Hide 1715 jbsmith I just moved to Brooklyn for a new job. My friends in the area had been talking up four loko so i figured I'd give it a try and drank two of the blue raspberry cans then stumbled to a local dive bar. I didn't black out but I did muster up the courage to call a cute girl I work with and meet up with her. Fortunately for me she thought I was worth sleeping with. Unfortunately for her I shit the bed at some point during the night. I able to ninja out of her apartment before she woke up. I'll see her in the office on Monday.... 64 70 Show
Hide 1714 AzNdRaG0nFly143 i drank 1 4loko and boy was a already gonzo bananzo and went to sleep. 43 43 Show
Hide 1713 emmaline What started as a happy hour beverage ended with me in bed at 10:00 pm. I woke up naked, with blood shot eyes, a counter covered in chili powder and no recollection of the evening. Somehow in my drunken stupor I managed to do the dishes. Not too loko, but let's just say I am far too old for Four Loko. 64 63 Show
Hide 1712 LOKO Larry Well, I (LOKO Larry) got so LOKO'D out with my main bro LOKO Lance that I shit my pants really hard. Like it was bleeding through my pants. Then my bro LOKO Lance shit his pants to from laughing so hard, and from pounding some LOKO puss. Then I yelled, "hey mom!! Me and LOKO lance shit are pants. Fuck You!!" Then we switched pants, multiple times throught the morning before work. When we got to work, we told our to boss to "fuck you!" Then we beat the shit out of him with are shoes. After the cops got done macing us, we beat the shit out of them with 4 LOKO cans. then we partied with the cops, hard!! with hookers, and LOKO'S, and male hookers. after drinking 18 4 LOKO'S,my heart was beating faster than the flash's. then me and LOKO Lance blew a donkey, twice. after we blacked out we woke the next morning with 15 mexican male hookers, bags of tacos, and billy baldwin. thanks LOKO!!!!!!! 51 63 Show
Hide 1711 Billyunaire Man you guys can't handle your 4 lokos cuz I drank a few plus some beers and Im stilllll writing this after going to a prof concert and stealing even more drinks with a turkey baster...suck it bitches 52 55 Show
Hide 1709 lokay One innocent night, a Tuesday I recall, I was given a free four loco by a generous friend. The night started out very promising, I was going to a bar to see my boyfriend dj. Upon finishing the loko before we arrived at the bar, the loko fueled debauchery started, and I lost count of how many post loko beers were had. Basically, I convinced myself I saw my boyfriend making out with another girl (the bar was basically empty), and I ended the night running out of a moving car....the police got involved and were very concerned for my safety. Lesson learned, four loko makes you mental. 49 47 Show
Hide 1708 roosevelt So i downed 3 crandberry lemonade lokos to pregame this past halloween. Once i got to the party, already gone, i downed half a handle of burnettes blueberry vodka mixed with another cranberry lemonade loko. At this point i was well into my black out, and from what my friends and other random people, like the man at subway, have told me i proceeded to run around in my boxers with my shirt tied around my neck as a cape and black lace bra, which i got from god knows who, screaming "I LOVE LAMP" in an indian accent repeatedly. 44 45 Show
Hide 1707 SSG I fucked "Ron" 65 59 Show
Hide 1706 Four Loko No Joko Pre-gamed hard with 2 Four Loko cans before going to a Miami club. I ended up using my really shitty fake to get in, and smuggled in a handle of captain morgan in my pants. The next thing I remember is waking up on my friend's couch with dried throw up on my shirt and pants. My friend told me that I ended up throwing up in the girl's bath room and then tried to get on a frat bus as we left. I almost threw up in the cab too. 63 73 Show
Hide 1705 steve suked a dick in my room n the shit wuz da best thx 4 loko 48 54 Show
Hide 1704 mc nasty drank 3 of these bad boys ended up running around downtown naked and ran away from the cops and started dick slanging 47 59 Show
Hide 1703 Dirtmerchant Drank deuce Four Locos then spent 4 hours on Ween Forum. Dank shiz for realz son! Hit me up if you wanna hang. 50 44 Show
Hide 1702 4-crazy drank 2 - 4 crazy's on my birthday... woke up naked and handcuffed to my bed post next to a fat girl (also naked), later pictures and video showed a time lapse of my downhill spiral , punched a hole in a wall , my girlfriend broke up with me and I tried fighting my best friends... not sure how I ended up with a chubby =( never again drinking this. LOL 55 49 Show
Hide 1701 Grandmas Boy Went to a 4th of July party, starting off the night with 2 FOUR LOKOS, continuing to drink with beer and liquor. Next thing I know, I was in the front yard behind a truck with a woman on her knees giving me head. After a few minutes of enjoying it, I look up and a guy is staring at me getting head. After she finished and stood up, I realized she was a 49 year old woman, and the man watching was her boyfriend. Afterwards, she tried to convince me to have sex while her boyfriend watched because apparently he's into that sort of thing. I'm 23 and I considered it. Thank You FOUR LOKO. 49 41 Show
Hide 1700 locohype I downed 3 Lokos tonight + MANY beers, and think that the lightweights have ruined it for everyone! Yes, I like the "different" buzz (tried it for the 1st time because it is being banned in my state), I think many people would enjoy this, but it seems that some users have no self-control or responsibility in their lives. My story may not be funny, but it is reality... 53 54 Show
Hide 1699 xyz Most of the night was bits and pieces but me and my friend compared stories to remember it. Okay it all started with a 4 locos drinking poker game. Somehow i manage to get a royal flush (first time in my life) and then get a straight immediately next WTF. too weird at this point being bombed sets in. Next thing I know I was dancing to trance music. I usually hate dancing, I'm also not a big fan of trance music. At some point i was a human skip-it (like the childhood toy) spinning my legs around on hardwood while my friend jumped over me. With a surge of energy Next comes the 1am workout bootcamp in which we proceeded to do alternating pushups, updowns, mountain climbers, squats for about 20 minutes with techno music blaring in the background My jeans are completely ripped and ruined and my cell phone is now broken how i dont know. The night finishes off with having rough 4 lokos sex, in which i pull back to thrust really hard at one point but it seemed not to get far. She pulls away and starts to scream like she just got shot. Tears come down her eyes she's in a lot of pain. She finally says "It stuck in my ass" as she's crying. This is truly an adventure in a can. Someones gonna leave with a sore ass. I am getting a 6 month supply before the ban clears it out. 50 45 Show
Hide 1698 GlenSather Haha, had four of these bad boys three summers ago and wound up signing Wade Redden for 6.5 mil a year! And the summer before that,I signed Chris Drury and Scott Gomez!! Hahaha, ranger fans weren't happy bout them, but fuck em. I'm loko for my loko. 47 43 Show
Hide 1697 Dipsett On my birthday night, all i had was one loko and some shots of ciroc, my boys took me too a strip club where i blacked out, come to next day i heard that my friends paid for me to go on stage with the strippers where they rubbed their stinking booty on my face then stripped me naked and rode me like a horse on stage while people throwing singles until i finally collapse and passed out. wish i had a camera to actually see this wonderful night. 47 45 Show
Hide 1696 FourLokoNoJoko After about 3 four loko's, woke up in a field...naked. The field was linked to my ex-girlfriend's family's farm house. Apparently I tried to ask her father for her hand in marriage. He decided to chase me out of the house with his shotgun and then I decided to "play" with the farm animals. No other details have been given to me about that night. The wedding is next week. 67 62 Show
Hide 1695 blasted After chugging a 4Loko at my friends house, I told her all my secrets then ran out into her yard, jumped over this large wall that led to the main road and sat in a park for an hour with a 2nd 4Loko in hand. My drug dealer showed up out of nowhere and I sat in a car and professed my love to him (his girlfriend was in the car and I don't love him). Got kicked out of his car and made out with a hobo for a ride (hobos don't have cars) but he did give me a third fourloko with which I blacked out and woke up the next day in my front yard (miles away from where I last remember being)where I peed all over myself and had a black eye. No hang over though. Can't wait for my next date with 4Loko <3 59 57 Show
Hide 1694 letsrip Had 2 loko's at the pool..... Apparently my nuts worked on their tan too. No big deal just went to the dining hall and atet some food to soak up all the loko.... but I puked all over the dining hall bathroom. stare 55 56 Show
Hide 1693 Dirk Diggler I was drinking a four loco in a paper bag on the streets of nyc. A cop came up and asked what I was drinking.....uh ooooo.....I told him drinking an energy drink and he asked me to show I did and the fucking cop pig did not even think twice and believed me.....long live four loco!!!!!!!!!!! 55 53 Show
Hide 1692 LERUAL EHT 2 4 lOCOs and a 40. i died went to heaven and came back to life. 52 56 Show
Hide 1691 Sharice Drank 3 locos, don't remember leaving the house but apparently played flip cup for 3 hours. Woke up on the floor of the bathroom in my boxer shorts. My roommate tried to open the door and woke up by smashing my head with it. 58 60 Show
Hide 1690 public bathroom Drank 4loko, blank. Wake up 6 hours later on the floor of a public restroom in the middle of nowhere - not wearing shoes and wearing some guys shirt I have never seen before, and I don't have any of my stuff, phone etc. It took me more than an hour to walk home. When I come home the door is locked so I crawl trough the window. Get inside, go on facebook and see a message from the owner of the t-shirt who tells me that all my stuff is at his place. I go the day after to get my stuff and 4 of his friends are there. At first I'm not sure who's the right guy. and what do I buy the next time I'm drinkin - 4loko! 50 51 Show
Hide 1689 Worm Having only heard the rumors about Four Lokos i had spotted a girl at a party holding one. She hadnt opened it and i wondered why but i had to see what the buzz was about. After some small talk I asked her if i could taste it. She let me take a 1 sip which turned into me downing the whole thing. After the house party we were at we went to a local bar when i was approched by a girl. Apparently we spoke for an hour telling each other everything about ourselves which i instantly forget about 10 mins later. I reapprooched the girl thinking i had never met her before. She was upset needless to say and after about 3 minutes of conversation i manage to fall asleep standing up and when she shook me i threw my drink all over her chest.. WET tshirt contest. YES. All after consuming my first and only Four LoKos 49 39 Show
Hide 1688 DRT Tonight will be the last night I get to drink the beloved four loko. Planning on getting completely shitfaced for the last day and just go crazy, hopefully I don't wake up in jail or the hospital. CHEERS!! 55 55 Show
Hide 1687 The Loko drank 2 n a half four loko's. blacked out, poured the other half of my third in my room mates fish tank, threw our table off the balcony, then set the fire alarm off in the apartment complex with aerosol spray. My room mates banned me from four loko before my state could. 44 40 Show
Hide 1686 scrantonloko went to goodfellas last night and bought 4 4lokos drank them all..enough said 52 49 Show
Hide 1685 Overrated I drank a four loko last night. I got drunk. 46 55 Show
Hide 1684 irish loko so i decided it was a great idea to drink 3 lokos in the span of an hour and then go to a bar. i walked into the bar, ordered a beer, and then blacked out. i was told the next morning that i spent the night buying rounds of drinks for cigarettes, yelling at everyone i saw, pissing a man off so bad he wanted to fight me without directly talking to him, and trying to piss on the side of a police station directly underneath the security camera. i then forced my cousin to get me wendy's, which i almost fell asleep eating and puked up 3 hours later. all in all a great night with senor loko 53 58 Show
Hide 1683 COREY MADDUX So i was jammin with my band, and we were talking about how awesome I am. I told them my awesomeness is untouchable. They told me if I could drink 4 Four Lokos then I was truly awesome. By my third Four Loko I was crying, laughing and screaming in no particular order. By the time I started my 4th I had stripped down naked, painted myself and was the self proclaim Tribal Leader of Awesomerigonee's. I also am now a registered sex offender. 59 59 Show
Hide 1682 AbbyYouLoka! My friend & I drank 2 1/2 four lokos, then went to Dennys, ordered enough food to feed 2 families, & then just walked out without paying. We changed our minds & wanted tacos instead. 59 55 Show
Hide 1681 Flinterz I bought 10 Four Loko for myself and my two roommates. I drank two, Jimmy drank two, and Will drank the other 6. Both Jimmy and I got a little sick and couldn't remember what the hell happened. At 5 am Will came back from the bar, explaining he got kicked out. I told him I needed to go back to bed, and he asked me if I had phone numbers for prostitutes. He then tripped over my shelving and broke it into several pieces, knocking my TV over in the process (it landed right on him so it didn't break, thank god). When I locked him out of my room, he sprayed my shaving cream all over the floor in front of my door, and started screaming about having a threesome with two girls. Jimmy tried to tell him that no girls are awake at 730 in the morning and by 8 he was passed out on the couch with the last Four Loko tipped upside down and emptying onto the carpet of our $4000/month apartment...permanent stain about 2 ft wide...we didn't see Will leave his room for another 36 hours haha 49 49 Show
Hide 1680 queen* i had 3 lemonade loco's widd my homegirl and my mom was there monitoring we brought ah couple dudes over from the street over [we knew them very well doe]....well to make a long story short,on my 2nd loco i was shakin my asx in front of everybody while my mom highly pissed at meh & grabbed me to stop,..but wen that 3rd one came in i was [GONE] and still dnt remember anything that happened but my mom and the boys told us wat happened...but my ex shun called me dha next morning and told me dat wen everybody went to sleep we hadd sex and it wasnt wit my permission..and i still havent told my mom:( 59 57 Show
Hide 1679 Josh The Beer Killer i drank 10 went to a preschool at 10 in the morning killed every baby in site, then proceeded to rape and pillage everyone there!!!! i mean they cant yell rape if there dead right?? 49 46 Show
Hide 1678 Julieffinryan Okay first off, a good representation of the night, and this amount of four loko+alcohol split between four people: myself and three male friends. Pretty fucking insane. If you can't see the picture, we bought 10 of them, one of each flavor and a few doubles, a bottle of captain morgan spiced rum, and a twelve pack of Lionshead. way ridiculous for four people. We drank furiously, slamming down the four, sloshing four in huge beer mugs with the captain, and annhilating the twelve pack almost immediately. All of a sudden, a massive crash, as one of the boys slams a window down too hard in all of his four loko superstrength and glass covered the kitchen. This lead to an all out thrash fest intended only to destroy the entire house. Breaking other dishes and glasses ensued, as well as extending rolls of toilet paper throughout, and wrestling / rolling around in the mess of broken glass and sticky bullshit. One of the boys attempted to initiate sex, and turning him down abruptly because I was only interested in destruction, he is filled with rage and races out of the house barefoot and up the street screaming madly. I, in turn, become enraged, and attempt to take a bicycle up the street to look for him, failing miserably as I fall immediately and destroy my knuckles on the street, creating an open bloody gash on my right hand. All of a sudden, the other roommate, a girl, comes home and is mortified of the destroyed house. Drunken madness ensued as she begins fighting and screaming with her significant other male, and I get involved wrongfully, and after telling me off, I get upset and grab my keys (oops) to attempt to search for the one who ran off earlier. I have with me a half drunk can of four. She comes outside attempting to stop me from leaving and grabs my keys and starts walking away. I make a futile effort to stop her by throwing the half empty can at her, and it douses her from head to toe. She freaks out and grabs my face with her nails SO HARD and punches me square in the mouth twice. I fall backwards and then start crying like a little bitch and take off dramatically in my car. While driving I catch a glimpse of the one lost boy and the significant other running through yards and leaping over fences like track runners after eachother. I follow them with my car to see them rolling around wrestling and hitting eachother in the middle of the street. They keep going and make it to the train station. When I get there, I become so enraged by this sight that I grab the one who tried to initiate sex, and start slapping him angrily and grab him by the throat (presumably in the fashion of the girl who hit me earlier) and try to take him away from this public place. It doesn't work so I decide to drive to Atlantic City? In a flash I was there, which is strange, and not memorable. Considering I was coming from Egg Harbor City, its a decent drive, but I guess I had a blast. Blackout time. Suddenly I'm on New York Avenue as I've crashed my car into the curb. Several men, who's faces I can't recall, approach me, and are shocked to see me I presume because my face is a bloody mess and I'm crying and in desperate trouble with a completely flat tire. Well like good Samaritans, they assist in changing my tire, but before they can get the hubcap on, I become paranoid and some strange four-loko force within me told me to flee the scene. So I take off with the door open, without saying thank you -.- and head back towards ???? wherever/???? I wake up the next morning in the boy who I slapped's truck. We're in Linwood, in an esteemed neighborhood in front of a huge house and the sun is agonizing. (What happened) At some point after fleeing the scene I got in contact with him and he met me at McDonald's where we preceded to have a fist fight , I have no idea why, but I guess it was in the spirit of the night. He told me it was pretty brutal. We treated eachother like worst enemies. WHY?!? I LIKE this kid!! In fact, we all love eachother and are great friends. The only explanation I can have for such rage would be the four loko. 42 39 Show
Hide 1677 White Thunder Drank 2 4 Lokos and felt like I been sippin Jack on Ice all night. I b the white Mike Vick on this shiitt ballin out o control 59 65 Show
Hide 1676 MisterShame Last weekend, I went to a party with my now ex girl friend. I had 2 Four Lokos and 3 shots of tequila. I began to drink another 4 loko when I began to grind on a guy (I'm straight), Apparently I got mad at the guy, punched him out and was forced to go home. My friends dropped me off at home with my girlfriend and she went to my room to get ready for bed. I was still wasted and I had forgotten my mom was staying for the weekend because I had went into the guest room and started to masturbate in her face while she was sleeping. She woke up. Now I'm single and my mom won't talk to me. Thanks 4 Loko. 51 39 Show
Hide 1675 FACINGTIME I drank 5 four lokos..and woke up in the county jail...I am now facing 2 years in state out on bail right now. 50 41 Show
Hide 1674 MrHangover Drank an entire four loko mixed with about a half cup of vodka and a lot of beer. not a good idea let me tell you. piss drunk within 30 minutes. stumbling, puking, and slurring words like there was no tomorrow. when i passed out i was like dead. the next day was the worst hangover i've ever had 52 53 Show
Hide 1673 ks'bdocvbsd I woke up with a headache and sponge bob band aids on my nipples. 53 56 Show
Hide 1672 Hate Crime Last saturday was rollin a few loko's deep, when I decided to smash something. Ended up throwing a brick through a cars window. Was not satisfied so went back down and took a 9 Iron to the back windshield. The next morning I get a call from my friend seeing how I was feeling. He then told me the car I smashed up was one of my fraternity brother's car. FML! 53 48 Show
Hide 1671 C.halen I weight 118 pounds and im 5'6 and one night i had 2 four lokos....all i know is that i woke up at 8 am still drunk till 1 pm and by 8pm realized i had a concussion... 70 60 Show
Hide 1670 fuckthepolize Four Loko should sell ad space on their cans for lawyers. I need a good one. Im pleading LOKO! 49 58 Show
Hide 1669 t-rock Picked up 3 lokos and proceeded to drink them whilst playing Beirut. Desperately tried to convince him we needed to have a motor cycle driving contest, then guilted him into letting me take ecstasy at 2am (Note: I pretty much never do drugs). At some point I ripped the hair tie off his girlfriend's ponytail and demanded she "do something cool to my hair!", then the next 3 hours were a blur. I'm told I was falling into the recycle bin in our kitchen a lot. Then at like 5am, I had a string of about 20 phone calls over the span of an hour where I desperately tried to convince people it was a good idea an hour away to "just hang out and party". I woke up the next day on the floor with my hair in pigtails, fully clothed with shoes on, every conceivable object in my room that could be knocked over was knocked over and when I called back to inquire about the contents of my 20 some odd phone calls, I found that all I really kept saying was "I think I punched my TV" I then went outside for a cigarette, took 1 drag, and threw up. I then spent the next day and a half in bed 103 69 Show
Hide 1668 partyboyz I love you Loko! You make me act like a fool and piss on things in public places. Sorry Dick's Sporting Goods. Actually, I'm not sorry, you guys are dicks! 55 56 Show
Hide 1667 Death by Loko Picked up 3 cans of Loko last night to see what all the fuss was about. Finished about 2.5 of them and blacked out. Woke to find that I had puked in /around all the toilets in my house and destroyed a costume closet and skyped a bunch of random Internet people. Not too Loko, but still woke up with the worst hangover and stomach ache I've ever had in my life. I have been completely useless for 20 hours now and cant keep any food down. Beware the Loko hangover! 59 54 Show
Hide 1666 fuuuuuuuuuuu wtf my story was deleted.. was it too loko? It was epic too.. oh well peace fags. 50 50 Show
Hide 1665 LOKO for THEM LOKOS okay. short story. played about 6 games of beer pong. last memory was puking back into my can of four loco and punching a hole through my friends wall. a night lost to all 4 of us will always remain a mystery. im loco for them lokos :D 52 52 Show
Hide 1664 Chip All I can say is I thought I could handle the four loko. 6 hours later in a car with my friend I found myself at the end of Missouri. My friend looked over to me and said, " what are you thinking about?" I responded, " I can't believe how fucked up those two four lokos got us and not we are in Missouri.(We go to school in central Illinois.)I didnt make it to class for 3 days. 50 51 Show
Hide 1663 sammy swanson Two 4 lokos is like 8 lokos mayn. 52 52 Show
Hide 1662 Lorentz Played loko pong killed about 3 then blacked out.. Apparently went to the local WV strip club (legz) and continued drinking whiskey of course.. Ended up trying to push a dollar up a strippers butt.. They didn't like this and I was thrown out so I walked over an hour to get to the bars where I was kicked out rather quickly bc I shit myself an puked while walking down the stairs to get in.. Woke up on the mountainlair green with 4 cops poking me.. Tried making out with the lady cop and spent the rest of the day in a cell.. Thanks loko 43 35 Show
Hide 1661 NOT "Four" Me Up at my uncles lake house in Tawas, Michigan, I was having a real good time with some Family and Friends on Labor day weekend. I had been drinking for most of the day so i was already pretty buzzed, then 8 o'clock came around and My Cousin and my other Cousin's Boy friend bring home this shit. I had never seen it before and i wasnt sure what the hell it was. But my instant thought was, "hey what the hell, it looks damn good." I finish one, and i was feelin alright... then i open the next one get about half way down and it started to hit me.. but i kept right on drinkin.. Bad idea.. it alll started going down hill form there. i stumbled my way inside and made it to kitchen where i found my Cousin who gave it too me. I hung on him for a second and then i punched him in the arm and told him i hated him, and started cracking up laughing. i was sitting down with a couple friends that came up with me and i told them, "i don't do very good with fruity tasty drinks like this, so if my face goes white, watchout! cuz im pukin.." i sat there for a good.. oh 3 minutes before i just felt my face get cold.. i roll over on the floor crawled to the bathroom and puke it all up.. and puke, and puked... FourLoko is NOT a Friend. just dont drink it, its not worth it. it gets you trashed way to much way to fast. Good luck if you do decide to drink it.. 46 51 Show
Hide 1660 DrunkSandyStorm I was pretty tired from the night before and thought it would be a good idea to get some 4 loko's to wake up for the night, my first experience with them. Pounded 2 in 40 mins Then started with Key ice to slow down. Apparently started to time travel at 9:30, during this time travel was front stage to a local band on my knees playing the air guitar screaming every song, opened a 75$ bar tab, managed to use my phone to pick a fight with my ex gf, and finally slept on 4 different couches in the house cause apparently there were bugs crawling all over me. Woke up the next day at noon with no idea, just a bunch of pictures on someones camera. 49 55 Show
Hide 1659 4loko farewell As a farewell to 4loko (I go to college in NY) we decided to have a loko weekend. I the span of Friday night into sunday morning I drank 6 4 lokos. Apparently I tried to hump my RA, piss in the elevator, score some coke(which I've never done) attempted to ride on top of a taxi cab. I remembered none of this when I woke up on monday night in the hospital. Thank you 4 loko 70 58 Show
Hide 1658 numnut So I had my first 4loko I got the purple one and it definately tasted like old wine, but it was a good pick me up from the jack and coke i had. Well decided it was a great idea to use all this energy and go sing karaoke! Well after having several words with a bouncer about the rules regarding hat wear, I was escorted out by the police and before he could arrest me I took off while he was distracted by a fight! Jumped in my gf's car and about 2 miles down the road decided it was a better idea for me to tell her fuck you ill just walk and walked/jogged the 2 hours home in the pouring rain and lightning and then had to jump over a wall to get into our apartment complex bashing my head on the ground in the process...never again. 53 56 Show
Hide 1657 Natalie Holloway Drank a 4 loko and went clubbing in Aruba 74 63 Show
Hide 1656 love four loko Heythere I don't see what ppls problem is I drink like two to.three all the time.I even do youtube vdeos. My user is joelmacdermid69 and drink them in under three minutes. So theses people are crazy on side affects at allo. Same as drinking yagbombs what's the different...learn how to drink u dummmys 50 62 Show
Hide 1655 ocho loko Started off pretty normal me and my buddy each had a loko, and my sister dare I say went Ocho Loko. Then we proceeded to drive d down to 6th street in austin to catch a show before the Loko hit. Parking the car and walking into the bar is where my memory ends. There were bits and pieces like we remembered being under a bridge with homeless dudes and a lot of tents. I woke up and my new Iphone was shattered. My roomate said he came home that night and I was bummbling around in my underwear pissed off about my phone while my sister and a good friend of mine were playing tonsil hockey in the backyard. The next morning we had no idea where we parked the car and had to get a ride around austin to find it. Oh ya and someone went ahead a urinated on the couch for good measure at some point. Free iphone case came 2 days later in the mail. 53 51 Show
Hide 1654 trip snuck 4 loko's into the midnight premiere of harry potter 7... it was amazing 50 41 Show
Hide 1653 kirbsman had a beach party with a few friends, drank 4 beers and shotgunned 3 more. running low on beer two friends and I go on a beer run, instead we get some 4lokos. I drink one, decide to check out this huge rave party at the end of the beach, i must say hi and introduce myself to everybody. stagger back to my car get on the roof and sing kumbaiyah rockin back and forth. roll of the roof get surrounded by 10 black guys and get beat up and mugged on the beach. Woke up in my bed throwing up all day, all my blood vessels in my eye popped and my head hurts like a motherfucker. Now everyone at my campus knows me as "that one guy who got mugged on the beach" 4 lokos some messed up shit 59 74 Show
Hide 1652 dumbass ozzie Had six shots of tequila and then the bright idea to finish off with a four loko. 4 hours later I come to from my blackout in the middle of sex with some random girl, at lesat I wore a rubber... 46 44 Show
Hide 1651 JohnyontheSpot One time I drank so many four lokos that I thought Nick Swardson's Pretend Time was actually funny. 50 49 Show
Hide 1650 JD woke up in a puddle of pee a few hours ago. Just found out i hooked up with a beast 4 hours after i woke up. FML 56 51 Show
Hide 1649 the noodle dip after three of them i was sitting in my car and i involuntarily puked on myself. 53 49 Show
Hide 1648 4loko-no-joko Drank 3 4loko and burned half my house down. 51 48 Show
Hide 1647 Loko Race My friend and I got a couple of Lokos and decided to see who could finish a can first. 12-15 minutes later i finished mine first. I cracked a high life rack and started drinking that. From there the memories are foggy. i got into a car. hit on an underage girl, went to a party while draining from my rack. continually dropped beer all over the house. cops came. i left. lost my hat and 3 articles of clothing. went to another party but ended up in the trunk sleeping. woke up in my car without my hat and 3 articles of clothing. a week later i found my hat and realized i didnt go out with the 3 articles of clothing i thought i lost. 49 43 Show
Hide 1646 moonayy drank 2 lokos before school on the friday before halloween, went to school dressed as a butterfly, cried in english class, got an A on my math test...hammered thank you 4 loko 57 55 Show
Hide 1645 Flugtag609 Recently, the Redbull Flutag event was held in Philadelphia. Two friends of mine along with myself live outside of Atlantic City, so we decided to make our way to the event. While sitting in a Wawa parking lot we are eating lunch and I decide..."lets get drunk!" Mind you, I drank two Redbulls already! We got a 24 pack of Miller Lite and 4 Four Loko's, there was three of us. While on our way up, we finish a good portion of the beer and start working on our Loko, hit us, hammered already, we start working on the second Loko. I start yelling at cars in traffic and guys on motorcycles, then see the Ronald Mcdonald house..where I also yell something very offensive. While sitting in traffic, Jon gets out of the SUV and throws his trash on the railroad tracks in front of many many people. We finally get to the parking lot, destroyed at this point, peeing next to cars and yelling offensive slurs and sounds. We played follow the leader all throughout our voyage to the actual grounds of the event and i somehow ended up falling and cutting my leg. Im not really sure how. We finally get to the grounds and there are literally THOUSANDS of people, just so happens to be that we saw some friends and hung with them. While enjoying our drunken fun, Jon and I decide "it's time to take a leak"..This line for the porterpot is HUGE, we cut infront of a good 80 people and both decide to go in the same PorterPotty..Mind you, I am only 170lbs, Jon is about 250-260lbs! When we are finished crossing swords, we exit and some how manage to split up, i see another person from home and hang with him..Then manage to meet back up with my original gang, where I decide it's a great idea to scoop some people up on my shoulders, just so happens to be the wrong people! So while I am scooping random people up, my friends are taking pictures of the crowd and surroundings, that is where they located me! With people on my shoulders and screaming obscene things! We finally meet and Jon introduces me to some random girls and guys, one guy gave us a brand new bottle of Jager (Jon and I drank it all right then and there)then, one of the girls says "look at my tattoo!" she lifts up her skirt and has the most perfect DICK tattooed on her ass-cheek! it looked more real then our own! While threatening the security guard that i was going to jump in to the Delaware River and swim to Philly so i didnt have to pay the toll, Jon and our friends are breaking bottles on the asphalt.(Very Roudy) Finally we decide its time to go, we head over to the parking lot and I decide "Im going in that warehouse!" Jon and Jay both said "there is noway youre getting in!" well, the first door i opened was unlocked and i was in! Then we head over to Pat's Steaks for some Philly Cheese steaks, while standing in the extra long ride, a Honda Civic pulls up to a stop sign and hits Jon with the mirrors, he looks and just starts laughing at the guy in the car. We all get TWO cheese steaks each and house the things within minutes, then while driving to a friends girlfriends house we see a friend driving and throw food at his convertible infront of police and bystanders on the street. When we arrive at the "girlfriends" house, we realize she is at work until 11! So we think its a good idea to take pictures of the railroad tracks and stuff, while doing this, we manage to almost get hit by Septa trains...three times i believe? When the end of the night comes, we are driving down the Atlantic City Expressway, it is 1130 at night, maybe later..(i dont really remember), and already we are hungover and thinking about what to do next. thank you Loko! sincerely, Justin Jon and Jay 61 51 Show
Hide 1644 Halo Drank my first Loko and went to my GF house for heer 19th bday. Just so happened she decided to have 3 Lokos that night and I had 4 that night. Black out and wake up next to her and her mom naked....... 47 39 Show
Hide 1643 LC One time I drank a four loko and I swore that the light in my boyfriend's room was an angel. I started talking to it and started yelling at him because he fell asleep.. and wasn't able to talk to god. I think went on facebook...LOL 52 55 Show
Hide 1642 wtfhappenedlastnight I pregamed going to the bar with 2 lokos. Got to the bar and after a few more drinks i was pretty belligerently drunk (im not a big guy). At some point I stumbled over to a fat girl eating a sandwich, slapped it out of her hand, and yelled "DONT YOU THINK YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH!" 55 53 Show
Hide 1641 KILLAK Decided to go bowling and try out a 4loko ahead of time. I drank one, and so did my friend. We then stopped on the way to bowling and split another alcohol/caffeine drink "Joose". We got to the bowling alley which I remember but the memories stopped shortly after that. I was told I bought french fries and signed my name as "My Little Pony" on the receipt and asked the guy "Will this work?". Then I went up the janitor working there and told him I felt sorry for him b/c he had to carry a bucket around that said "janitor" on it. I also stole someones stuffed animal off their table and hid it under our chair while they clearly watched me do it and came and took it right back. I pushed over the tip jar and stole all the money but luckily did not get caught and my friend only let me keep 1$. some other random things occurred that I have no recollection of. This stuff is nuts! WARNING do not drink more than 1!!! 45 36 Show
Hide 1640 4lokoridah so me and a friend volunteered to help out a church on doing their bike valet for their festival. we got there at 8 in the morning finished setting up by 9 so after that we had nothing to do until the festival started so we decided to by 4lokos. we both drank 3 all i remember is waking up in a car outside of the festival at 6p.m in the middle of a hotbox session outside of the church FML 44 36 Show
Hide 1639 Sara had some lokos with the girls.....decided to drive to a different state for a party... at 10pm when i had court at 7am the next day for fighting my boyfriends ex girlfriend a while ago. We got to Pennsylvania completely loko, after a few more lokos me and the girls decided to go in the bathroom and have a naked photoshoot.... then i got in a fight with a guy. PUNCHED HIS FACE... severely broke my hand. Next day i had to explain to my judge and lawyer why i am showing up to court. wasted with a swollen and broken fist... I STILL LOVE YOU LOKO <3 63 61 Show
Hide 1638 RAPED!!! so i was at my brothers house just hangin iout with my friends...i had 2 lokos...i felt perfectly fie...not eve i chugged some vodka...thats it...dnt remember shit after that.i woke up the next morn in my bed..didnt remember the drive home..had no fuckin idea where i parked my car...n supposodly i forced my gf to suck my dick as soon as i got home...and than raed her butt...good fuckin nite *thumbs up* 53 41 Show
Hide 1637 whatanight it was my birthday and i just wanted to usually a rum girl but the liquor stores were closed so my best friend talked me into it.i drank one and didnt feel it so i had another and the last thing i remember was playing beer pong.i woke up the next morning with gauze and badages around my ankle and apparently i decided to go long boarding in a skirt and flip flops 52 41 Show
Hide 1636 damnlokos drinking one and half lokos and an assortment of other drinks/shots. the last thing i remember is cutting in line to get into the bar. i woke up in some random girls dorm room on their couch. i have no idea who these girls are so i just left. two nights later when i was at a party waiting in line to use the bathroom the girl whos room i slept in informed me that she was who gave me a ride home from the bar and let me sleep on her couch. 50 59 Show
Hide 1635 DUB So on a random Thursday night me and a couple of my friends(one who happens to work for 4 Loko) decide we didn't have nothing else to do so we were going to grab two 4 Lokos apiece. After about one and a half and a couple shots of Cuervo that's when I said to myself "I'm not going to make it". I ended up falling asleep at my friends house, which I don't remember and waking up a couple hours later. When I woke up all I saw was blood on the sheets from my knee being busted and my friend comes in the room and says "what the hell happened last night it sound like you fell into something". I didn't know what she was talking about because I don't remember even getting up. Then I decide to get out the bed and stand up and that's when I realize my fuckin shin is swollen, my knee is busted, and my ribs are bruised as shit. It hurt for me to laugh for two weeks and I still don't remember what happened......Oh yea, and supposedly I fell into some furniture and broke some shit, but I won't know how because I was banned from her house. 47 45 Show
Hide 1634 MamalookaBooBooDay Drank four loko, went to a party, destroyed the house, dragged a girl by a car, got away with it. I win. 52 50 Show
Hide 1633 emeraldthefuckinchef Four Loko mixed with protein powder = worst hangover of all time. Not sure what I was thinking. 57 54 Show
Hide 1632 JJ So the night began and my friend gave me a four loco. I drank the first one and being a big guy, i really didnt feel the effects so i drank another one. It tasted like flat cough syrup. Next thing I remember waking up in a corn field with light sticks around my neck and a dude dressed like a angel laying right next to me. I stood up and there was blood on my pants and my asshole hurt really bad. I think I got raped by an angel. 58 52 Show
Hide 1631 Kenny G I had a couple fourlokos with my girlie friends last night...had a blast?blah blah blah? I was really feeling loco you know what I mean?blah blah blah?.flailing my arms around the dance floor, touching my hair to the beat of the music?blah blah blah?The next morning, I called in sick from work. I went back to sleep in my bed. Within hours I woke up and I was at work sitting in my office?not sure how I got to work...but I?m Loco for life now. Fourloko is fantastico!!! 54 46 Show
Hide 1630 BlackoutBoy So on halloween I decided it would be a great idea to make a costume. I made a giant can of four loko, with can holders and everything. It was the hit of the party. I drank 2 4lokos and dont remember much after that.. I fell down some stairs and couldnt get up. Made out with 2 girls as their boyfriends were holding their hands. Started going through the house yelling to "I'm a loko kinda guy" I fell down for a second time and couldn't get up. The next morning I woke up sitting outside my dormroom door, even though the door was unlocked. 44 36 Show
Hide 1629 Ridiculoko I drank one four loko followed by about 8 drinks at the bars, many of which also contained caffeine. When my friends and I reached the last drunk bus of the night, I sprinted (in my high heeled boots) in the opposite direction, screaming "FUCK THE BUS. I CAN GET HOME FASTER." My boyfriend chased be a half a mile around campus before finally tackling me and calling us a ride home. When we arrived at my apartment, I was deeply upset, took off all my clothes, sat on the floor, and began to cry about how Sarah Palin is ruining our country. I then proceeded to go onto my deck and throw an empty pot at our glass sliding doors, causing the pot to shatter. Shit. 46 40 Show
Hide 1628 Jkauff I drank 3 lokos woke up with a turd in the microwave my ramen noodles in the toilet a citation in my hand with rammestein du hast playing extremely on repeat. come to think of it it was a great night 52 44 Show
Hide 1627 catwhisperer After three four locos I was sitting on the porch feeling randomly emotional and the neighbor's fat orange cat wandered up to the house. I thought it was a stray and picked it up and started dancing around with this cat in my arms talking and singing to it saying "you're just a stray kitty and you don't have an owner cuz nobody loves you but it's ok cuz nobody loves me either and i like you even though you have fleas, you can be my kitty i'll take care of you..." etc. etc. I guess I was alternating between laughing and crying and apparently this went on for like an hour. There was a crazy thunderstorm that night and when i got bored with the cat, i remember yelling "I gotta go watch the storm!" and took off running across the street. I woke up soaking wet on the steps of the Old Capitol Building. 50 48 Show
Hide 1626 shmangdaddy It was the Saturday night before Halloween and me and some buddies went to a party at a farm. We heard good things about Four Loko so we decided to try it. we each had two before we went into the party and noticed that there was a dj and dancing going on. We went and starting dancing when a dime piece came up and started dancing with me. She started making out with me and jumping on me before she asked me to go to my car... Good things happen when you drink Four Loko ;) 60 57 Show
Hide 1625 miceman69 my first 3 loko went down great drunk asss shit meat this girl wanted to have sex soo we had sex when i woke up all the was in my bed was a wattermellon with a hole in it.... 49 50 Show
Hide 1624 Not so Loky Drank two four lokos, ripped seven shots of bourbon, and got in on my boys bottle at the Club. Texted my girlfriend asking for another girls number. Ended up cheating on her in my shower while my house was full of people my gf was friends with. Woke up the next morning and started crying, for three months straight. Got Loko'd. 57 60 Show
Hide 1623 loko4themlokos One time I was so drunk on fourlokos that I scraped my ha\ead open running downhill, then after that attempted to walk home, after waking up out my blacked out stage, i realized that i hadn't walked home, I had actually rolled down my hill. 50 53 Show
Hide 1622 lokosucksbad Best way to ruin a date: I chugged 2 Lokos before picking a girl that I knew would give up her poon. First I ended up pissing her off by hitting on her mom, second I shit my pants in the movie theater 30 mins into the movie. Lastly I fucked up bad by drinking another Loko in the car. My girl was giving me head and I barfed in her hair. Thanks LOKO for fucking up my sex life. I hate you! 43 40 Show
Hide 1621 uhohhhhh17 Went out one summer night with my loko later, some random guy massaging my shoulders while im moaning. hahaha 41 38 Show
Hide 1620 Juan Fernando I drank one Four Loko because I wanted to try it before they legislate against it. It tasted unpleasant and I didn't get buzzed. I watched late night television with a friend and then went to bed. 45 45 Show
Hide 1619 ew broke my 12 year non-puking streak after drinking two 4Lokos. thanks 4Loko for reminding me what it's like to yack again. 48 53 Show
Hide 1618 BoominLOKO! SO it was helloween and me and my friends had like 55$ so we when to the store and got 10 or 11 lokos and finished em in like 30 minutes got so drunk that we took 4 or 5 four wheelers went out to the lake where my friends had a ramp so i was on hes 750 raptor and i saw the video the next morning my friends said go for it on he's 50,000$ raptor. What A dumbass! the next thing in the video is I had to be goin 75 to 85 mph. the next morning I had 2 broke ribs and broke my foot in 6 places. But would I do it again? You bet your sweet ass I would 49 60 Show
Hide 1617 Loko4Eva Me and my friends decided to start last night off with some lokos, they are blowing them out at all the liquor stores because of the feds. We each drank only one in about 15 min. After that we went to the bar, only had like 3 beers and a couple shots. We underestimated how bad that shit fucks us up. All three of us pissed off the bartender, stiffed her, and then got ran outta that bar. I somehow ended up at the top of this industrial building outside the bar waving my shirt around. Then we boosted from the cops I think over about 6 barbed wire fences in which both my shirts got torn off my chest and i was running around with no shirts and its 30 degrees out. My buddy lost his northface coat too. Then we go to taco bell, order with no money, end up getting our food given to us and drive home and get stranded outside my apt with no key cuz I lost it. Loko is no joke kids 50 43 Show
Hide 1616 lemon loko Drank two lokos, roamed my neighborhood after getting dropped off back home for four hours, woke up in my bathroom in a sleeping bag with no clothes on, strictly lokos since then. Please don't ban lokos!!! 55 59 Show
Hide 1615 Loko4Loko After polishing off one can of Loko, I can suddenly sing like Mariah, solve everyone?s life problems, and do backflips on pool tables. All for the small price of $2.50. Looks like I'll be driving to NH to stock up from now on. (My rants on this stupid ban: 50 49 Show
Hide 1614 Boom My friend has decided to make a series of videos glorifying LOKOs!! he also raps but this is his Kayne West like Four Loko story. Not spam watch this video its hilarious. 49 57 Show
Hide 1612 Bro Sidon I went on an epic bro fest, which you can check at I murdered a pallet of Lokos, mainly grape, and woke up next to what I though was a nade at the previous night. It was a donkey and I was in a barn. 49 51 Show
Hide 1611 Lokoattack My friends and I decided it would be a good idea to have a Four Loko party. So we started the night off not playing beer pong, but Four Loko pong. My partner and I ran the table for about an hour and a half. We were pretty much done when I lost vision. After I was done playing and throwing up, I decided to play Wack-a-mole with my bestfriends face. Lets just say his face was bleeding and both of my hands were too. I don't remember how I got home that night, but I did hear from multiple sources that the night ended with my knuckle deep in my nose. 47 49 Show
Hide 1610 dang that sucked I drank 2 four lokos and got drunk right away. My stomach started to hurt and I felt like shit. I started seeing unicorns and bears fucking each other. I started to black out after that. Then I supposeably stole a bus, went about half a mile at 20 miles an hour and crashed into a building. When the cops got there and tried to arrest me, I said they were raping me putting me to another offense. 48 49 Show
Hide 1609 RickJames Played a drinking game with 4Loko, woke up the next day in half of a halloween costume and an incredibly large girl in my bed. She's my ra, it was april. 41 41 Show
Hide 1608 natpartydemon I went to my exes party and bragged how I moved on and how he's such a child and how I was so much better than him went to his party drank one loko and a half woke up the next morning in his bed like DOH! 52 55 Show
Hide 1607 gayorstraight Decided last weekend I was gonna try my first fourloko, hoping it wouldn't give me a heart attack. I had a few shots of ciroc and two beers (i'm a 22 year old girl weighing 130 lbs). I then start on the uva four loko, pretty tasty if you ask me. I see a boy I think is incredibly dreamy. My gay friend and i go to talk to him, I am talking to someone else, my friend says something, i turn around, dreamy boy starts making out with me. I go with it. Later find out he is gay! Later on realize I am at an all gay party. Cops come, I don't care, I'm 22, all you underagers can get in trouble. End up laying in the bathroom with dreamy gay boy using toilet paper as a pillow we are so drunk. Friend and I leave, he decides to drive to sheetz, terrible choice. I spill mac and cheese anywhere and everywhere. End up calling my ex boyfriend i haven't dated in two years at 3:30am and making a total ass out of myself (he answered). Wake up the next day feeling like my brain has turned to mush, only to find out that I ended up making out with TWO MORE GAY BOYS. I dunno what the deal is with me and gay boys, but apparently they can't stay away. Thank you four loko, for making irresistable to boys that will never be attracted to me. score. 49 50 Show
Hide 1606 Hiesenberg I drank 2 Four Loko's quit my job and woke up with the competition. Four Loko saved my life!!! 47 44 Show
Hide 1605 Mike Hunt I went to a small college with a limited police force. My roommate was a big guy--starter on football and lacrosse teams-- and normally calm and not aggressive. The first time I gave him a Four Loko he blacked out and swung at a cops face for no reason. The cop-- who was a shrimp-- was clearly too scared to try to arrest him and told me to get him out of there. The second time I gave my roommate a quatro crazy he starting smashing all the furniture in our frat house and screaming "FIRE!" The same shrimpy cop came barging in, was almost hit by a flying chair and started yelling at us. My blackout roommate told him to fuck off, and he asked my roommate if he wanted to "get involved." My roommate got chest to chest with him and said "What if I do?" And shoved the cop into the wall. The cop again realized that this guy had 8 inches, 70+ pounds on him and was clearly on Four Loko. He told me to get my roommate out of there. As I pulled him away he continued to stare down the cop and tell him he is a pussy. Four Loko strikes again! 53 55 Show
Hide 1604 Manda Ok, seriously... I have drank 2 Four Loko's a couple of times, I have also drank a Four Loko while doing shots... I have NEVER passed out or blacked out. Yea, I can tell I am really drunk but seriously people... It's called BEING RESPONSIBLE... thanks for getting it banned for the rest of us!! 48 51 Show
Hide 1603 jstef Was on vacation 2yrs ago when I discovered four loko. Grabbed a few of them with my buddy to relax and enjoy the beach during the day and night. After drinking them a few times throughout the 2weeks of vacation we decided on one of our last days to rent a motor-scooter and buy a bottle of patron with lokos to go along. After drinking throughout the day and riding on the scooter up and down the beach we decided that before the night was over we would need more alcohol. So last minute rode the scooter down the street to the local 7eleven to grab a few lokos. Bought the lokos, stuffed them underneath the scooter seat, and was set to go. Jumped on the scooter and was waiting to pull out the small parking lot to merge onto the main road. Then suddenly a unknown force knocks me, my friend, and the scooter flat on its side in a matter of milliseconds. As I come to realize what just happen and yell at the driver to stop backing up his 4x4 hemi pickup truck. Finally he stops, me and my friend are scuffed up, and the scooter is emerged under the truck. The driver is confused, clueless, and more than likely drunk. Our first concern is getting the rental scooter out from the truck to discover it is smashed. The scooter barely starts up, and its 2am. We had no insurance on the scooter, and the guy who hit us happen to NOT have insurance on him. We get his name, address, etc and he shares his sympathy. Then continues to explain how he will cover any damages and please not to call the police. He explains how he was just getting "Dr. Pepper" for the kids back at his house at 2am. We leave, report the accident to the rental place, return it and give them his info. Turns out the same guy who hit us was in a severe car crash 10min later that killed the passengers in the car he hit. He was charged with multiple charges, DUI, wreckless driving, 2nd degree murder, etc. And what he told us was "Dr. Pepper" for the kids was 2 four lokos he had just picked up at the same store he hit us at. Crazy night... 46 46 Show
Hide 1602 browny had a 4 loko, grabbed girls ass's all night long with my boys, threw a pot through the girs window we were partyin at 52 61 Show
Hide 1601 The Digga' I'd heard the legends, the rumors, the myths of the Loko but never drank a full one til this past August. That night, a couple of buddies and I pregamed a night out at some local bars with one each. After several more beers and a shot or two, I was ravenous: pissed on my neighbor's garage, was climbing fences and running through people's backyards like a hallucinogenic secret agent, and tried to dig up a street sign. No, not like shook it a little and tried to knock it down. I took off my shirt, got down on my hands and knees, and DUG A GIANT HOLE around the whole thing, down to its cement base. After 20 minutes-ish of trying, I gave up, broke off a branch from a nearby tree, and ran home shirtless through some sprinklers, fanning myself with the branch. It was 4 AM... when my parents opened the door to let me in. God Bless the Loko. 176 91 Show
Hide 1600 Mr Rager I was tailgating for the first home game of the season. I was 2 weeks before my 21st birthday party so I decided to pour in orange four loko in a gatorade bottle and have a chill time. The drunker I got, the more they made me drink "gatorade" because they said I should stop drinking and get more electrolytes. Long story short, I woke up at half-time and was missing my credit card. THANKS FOURLOKO! 47 46 Show
Hide 1599 killa yal i drank 3 loks and slept @ your moms house. 47 50 Show
Hide 1598 GRAPEloko I had just gotten back from work on Halloween and drank a loko real fast before the party. After initiating a flip cup tournament and trolling a girl on the way to a party, I had about 7 shots and later 2 beers. Then I proceeded to ask people to punch me in the face if I could punch them. I got 2 takers. Later I was found on a couch apparently. At least I managed to puke in the trash barrel before going to sleep. Next morning, my face was very sore. 49 56 Show
Hide 1597 glub40 One weekend I was drinking loko i had maybe 2 or 3 I was funneling beers and had a couple swiggs of Yukon Jack I ended up with horriblle Indegestion so I drank a shit load of milk threw it all up anyway smashed all my lawn chairs and my brother found me hanging half way in my window with piss in my pants and screaming that one of my friends came back and pissed on me so they dragged me into the shower I ripped the shower head out of the wall fell split my head and that's where I went to sleep 49 56 Show
Hide 1596 yoyoyoyo last year about 6 of my friends and I each had a four loko or two. It was our last night in college and we decided it would be genius to break onto the roof (our dorm is about 12 stories high looking over the city of Philly), haul up 5 mattresses from the dorm and as many blankets as we could. We then shuffled those up another 40 foot wall using a fucking tiny ass ladder -- I really still have no idea how we did this -- and got onto an even HIGHER platform. Set up the mattresses, got stoned, watched the sunrise. Was all gravy till we realized the dormitory across from us could see us perfectly at 6am... needless to say we threw everything off the side of the building and ran for it. 51 47 Show
Hide 1595 Cinco de Drinko The first time I had Four Loko was Cinco de Mayo last year. Me and my friend started off by playing flip cup. Then pounded a second Loko. Then a if we weren't already wasted enough we walked to the deli in town (several blocks away from our friend's house). When we get there I go in and pick up 6 more cans (2 for me, 1 for her, and the rest for people back at the house). The guy puts all 6 cans in one thin plastic bag, so obviously they all fell through the bag by the time we got back to our friend's house. We see one rolling on the pavement spraying out of the can when my friend yells., "DON'T WASTE IT!" so I run over and shotgun the can (this being the 4th can I had consumed). We finally get back inside and I start handing out the cans of Loko to our friends, ended up slurring my friend's name calling her "OnAss". Once all the Loko kicked in I ended up crying because I was nausious, then vomed in front of a bank, cried because I vomed, then kept crying until my 2 friends sang me to sleep in our dorm room. 59 62 Show
Hide 1594 Mr. Magoo so i accompany my friend to be his wingman to for this girl. to say the least four lokos were present. i proceeded before this now gorgeous girl asked me to go to her room. i take some good luck shots and follow. about two minutes in to bumpin lovelies i go limp and have a cramp in my chest. thank god for my my buddie is an EMT and throws on his lights as we blow through every red light to the hospital to find out im having a heart attack. the story of the night, I GOT LAID! 49 51 Show
Hide 1593 NOFOURLOKO when 4 loko started making its buzz around queens, 711 was the first place i could buy it. I BOUGHT THEM ALL. after an intense month of convincing EVERY BODEGA, DELI, GROCERY STORE around my way to get them..i drank 4 one night and woke up in the hospital, my boyfriend in jail. and my friends HATING ME. 57 55 Show
Hide 1592 Pon Jalmer Alcoholic caffeine bliss, How could it have come to this? Name your poison, as they say - My poison hath been took away. Hailed as "Blackout in a Can," Commonwealth, This Will Not Stand! Loko green and Loko blue, What's a college boy to do? Long ago in happier days, I learned to love your Loko ways. Shiny can said, "WE I.D." Just a couple sips would see Me wasted, no desire for sleep - And I could get you on the cheap! Loko orange and Loko pink, You wondrous proletarian drink! Loko has been good to me, The most I ever had was three. Cured me of the ills I had, This Loko balm of Gilead. Hipsters took you as their own And made your pleasures widely known. Loco hip and Loko great, Though some did not appreciate. On the Hill on Friday night, Quiet; something isn't right. How can I be fun and loose Without my quatro crazy juice? All because some lightweight sods Could not handle the drink of Gods! Loko buried, Loko dead, Because of what the papers said. NEVER FORGET --The Night of the Massachusetts Ban, 11/18/2010 49 58 Show
Hide 1591 donutluver69 One night, after drinking a 4 loko, I saw donuts in a person's car and decided to take one. the window was down, so i just reached in and grabbed it. i walked away casually, eating my chocolate chip bear claw but then really had to pee, so i popped a squat in a semi-dark area of the parking lot and starting peeing. next thing i knew there were two officers standing over me asking what i was doing. i did not want to get taken to jail, so i offered to perform a sexual act on them for the discounted price of $80... the worst part, they took the offer. 48 43 Show
Hide 1590 4lokosenthusiast I was outside smoking and saw a girl passed out in the middle of the street. As I approached her I could see her eyes were open but she wasn't responding to anything we said. After realizing she wasn't dead and finding out 4 lokos was the culprit, myself and 3 of my friends proceeded to drive to the liquor store and get some for ourselves. We finished our budweiser 40ozs we each drank 2 4 lokos and in under 2 hours everyone had thrown up on the neighbors house and either passed out in the grass or the living room floor. 55 45 Show
Hide 1589 Wifsifilis My name is Tyler and I decided one night to drink 2 four lokos and then fuck a slam pig. My teammates called me Ronald McDonald for the rest of the night and oinked at me. I cried because I am an emotional drunk. It sucked even worse because I found out a week later that I had contracted sifilis. Shit hurts. Thanks loko. I'll miss you. 48 47 Show
Hide 1588 Pound that shit Shit, where the fuck do i start. Well it was one grand halloween night, and we decided to go to the nearest liquor store in god knows where, oh jesus blame the fourloko. Any fucking ways, i sucked that shit down like i was a thirsty beast in africa. Gotta love the watermelon, shit gets me everytime. So we arrive at this faggot kids party, and before you know it I gotta take a piss real bad. So i piss on this kids lawn, stumble over a few grass clumps, and enter the party. 2 euros to get in. Fuck that, i said. I hopped the damn gate like a beaner hopping the boarder. I continue to suck down more of the loko (not to mention I had 1/4 left of it) almost near the bottom of the can, ya know, juss chillin, hangin out with the people I arrived at the party with, ya know, gettin hornay, grabbed this uglyass kid dressed in what looked like dirty ass rags, and went to the dance room and danced the night away with this ugly mofo. didnt even know his name, once again blame the loko. Grinded on his twisted penis, hooked up with him, and ran away. From what I heard i dived in the pool and was acting like a sea god. Then i ran into the tent and did some fucked up voodoo shit on these 2 that were fucking like horsemen. dont remember the rest of the night.. came home and my head was up my ass 59 62 Show
Hide 1587 Jaimee Currently drinking a blue and orange 4 loko! This should be a fun night :)(add more as the night goes on...)feeling a little bit of the loko and watching horrendous hater videos about the delicious beverage called the four loko. Everyone is just jealous that they finally invented the perfect college alcoholic beverage!! (be back in a few) first off, screaming girl running down the stairs,1, count it, one 4 loko in. I am also one 4 loko in but since guys drink more than girls i'm quite good at controlling myself! We shall see what happens as we drink more 4 lokos!! (be back soon) wait! (from Arad...I love singing and dancing. I just want to do it all the time!) Its safe to say, that I am tipsy off 1 four loko! Keep you updated as we drink more!! This night will be phenomenal! Update!! Arad is puking quite a bit in the toilet and we are trying to get her to bed... its been a rough night for little Arad but she said it has been magnificant :) we will keep you updated! (BRB) We just tucked Arad into bed with a trashcan by her side... I the other guy, is perfectly fine, just very drunk! Oh man.... four lokos can either make your night amazing or a misery! Please dont BAN them :( Goodnight world!! Love, your friendly four loko friends! 45 39 Show
Hide 1586 Ughh My bro and I drank some lokos and decided To go for a drive. 12 hours later and not feeling well, we have driven 12 hours, put 615 miles on my truck, and have been thru 3 states. Thanks Loko. We def. Missed classI 59 71 Show
Hide 1585 Pisser Started my night out with a four loko and about 6 or 7 brews in under an hour. This was a mistake in itself and after this, I proceeded to down another loko, which i do not remember doing. Passed out and had a penis drawn on my face. That is not where the night ended. My roommate was skyping his girlfriend at 4 in the morning, and I got out of bed and started pissing towards his side of the room. He asked if I knew what i had just done, and I responded, "yeah, I just peed on the floor." I proceed in jumping back into bed, and woke up 5 hours later with my pants unbuttoned and the smell of piss on my roommates side of the room. Sad part is I can't remember pissing everywhere. Thanks four loko! 53 47 Show
Hide 1584 Sly Started the night with a 40 and a 4 loko and proceeded to go out with my boys without even feeling the effects. On the walk too the Pub I could tell I was getting angrier at other guys and sexier by the minute to women. Turns put that I kissed the a pretty hot girl at the bar but neutralized it by kissing a defensive tackle sized girl, and later trying to fight peole who claimed it was true. Thank God for Four Loko's scientifict engineering. 48 49 Show
Hide 1583 Beaner I drank some Lokos and I woke up naked next to a large, real-life gorilla. We had bananas for breakfast. I was pretty hung over but she was ok. 57 64 Show
Hide 1582 billy bob one time Drank seven Four Lokos and woke up to ten dead babies and a empty pack of condoms and my only thought was why is my semen everywhere 64 60 Show
Hide 1581 chels The first time i drank 4locos, me and my girlfriend were swimming and each drank three, didn't know how hammered we were drove to the bar with my bathing suit on and a michael jackson jacket over it, and then wokeup the next day in my neighbors bed, found my car in the middle of the road in drive with the keys in it windows down purse, ipod, cell phone, gps, mixed drink all inside with the windows down. happy im not pregnant or my car wasnt stolen..hahaa 76 74 Show
Hide 1580 Bill Cutting Had a four loko with my brother and herbert. Nothing crazy happened because I'm not a pussy. 41 44 Show
Hide 1579 crazy crazy no more only a few sips got me loko drunk ,.. couldnt even breastfeed my baby eff you four lokos 53 49 Show
Hide 1578 Boss One night I bought a case of 4 loko and sold it to underage teens, the next day I saw in the news that 5 high schoolers got into a car accident with lemonade 4 loko cans found in the car. Lemonade is what I bought. 54 63 Show
Hide 1577 DEVINE I SUCKED ROB OFF 65 59 Show
Hide 1576 georgegoogz i drink them i pass out i wake up i throw up 50 48 Show
Hide 1575 Rockstar lifestyle drank 5 cuatro crazies in less then one hour went to school, got suspended, lost all my possessions, woke up in a hospital( not like in a bed like in the waiting area still drunk), walked home half naked, screamed at some people on a bus and lost my virginity to my cleaning lady. probably the single greatest day of my life. 124 107 Show
Hide 1574 loko empire One night in Atlantic City, I chugged a can and a half of blue raspberry Loko, a 6 pack of molson ice, and multiple shots. I'm a heavy drinker and sometime after the 1st loko and before the second, I wound up going to the pool, getting wristbanded and abandoned by my friends, and meeting new ones. After the second half and 3 molsons, I then reunited with my old friends, managed to get off an elevator and run full speed into a wall, pass out face first on the floor of the casino, and lock my friends out of our hotel room...without remembering ANY of it. Needless to say, I got Loko that night and have scars to prove it. 46 40 Show
Hide 1573 TheJizzard I was at a party and some girl left her half full can of four loko on the beer pong table. For the next 30-40 minutes, I savored every minute of it. About an hour later, I was drunk off my ass. I couldn't even walk and puked in my buddy's car. 47 37 Show
Hide 1572 z nasty stopped at a corner store before the bars so i could get a 4loko, ended up getting 2 cuz i had to spend 5 bucks. chugged both right before entering the bar. dont remember anything at the bar. next thing i know im in my car with a DUI...thanks 4loko 63 60 Show
Hide 1571 Idiot Back in the day (read early September), during a new student orientation party at school, I decided that drinking Four Loko was not enough so I shotgunned it. 8 seconds of carbonated, caffeinated bliss and I was done.. That was the last thing I remember well and it's only about 10 pm. Woke up at 3 am with my pants completely pissed and tic tac toe games all over my face and back. Found out later that I was doing octobongs and suddenly puked all over the keg. R.I.P Four Loko 49 51 Show
Hide 1570 Biker? I always pull the tabs off cans to remember how much I had to drink. I woke up at my friends house with a crap load of pull tabs and I somehow own a motorcycle now. 102 84 Show
Hide 1569 post college drank four loko. watched jersey shore. projectile vomited on sidewalk. stashed a natty light in my pocket and downed it at fashionable club. Danced. Danced. Danced. 59 64 Show
Hide 1568 that guy I decided to start the night off with 2 loko's having never drank them. So i sit down crack open the first one and down it in about twenty minutes. Crack open my second and then head out to a pregame with my roommate. We get there and shots start flowing. By the time I get to the bar I was blacked out, but from what I was told when I got to the front of the line and the bouncer told me ID was fake I laughed at him told him what was wrong with it grabbed it from his hand and just walked by. After getting in someone kept feeding me more beer, so I was feeling a little spry and started talking with some girls. After about ten minutes I licked some random girls face and then stumbled out of the bar followed by running home two miles barefoot and pantsless. 58 61 Show
Hide 1567 No Pants Policy My buddy and I got 4 cans of four loko and drank two each. We proceeded to the bars to take two shots each of crown. I felt great. i was having a wonderful time until I was put in an armchair. The arm chair sucked so I got up and rolled again. People were not impressed. Apparently I told my buddies future sister in law that I was going to fuck the shit out her that night. Again,, people were not impressed. The least so was her mother who was standing next to her. Afterward I proceeded back to the bar to take another crown shot. I gave her my metro card to swipe and it obviously didn't work. I began to yell at her while simultaneously pissing myself in the middle of the bar. I was then drug out my the bouncer who beat the shit out of me. It was cool. Afterwards everything began to really suck. I couldn't get a ride home for like 5 minutes and then when I got home my model girlfriend was asleep but woke up and wanted to have crazy sex. I wanted to go to sleep but she just started giving me this amazing the kind where she sucks great on your balls and has no gag reflex, it was awesome, anyway, I ended up having to stay up with her all night. RegardlessI just want to say that through all of it 60 60 Show
Hide 1566 fourloko is love One of the first times I drank a four loko, i was on my way to a party and drank a grape one, no problem. I got into the party and did three shots of vodka. then i was told to do a beer bong of vodka and agreed, the rest of the night was a blur, all i remember was throwing up in a garbage can, puking on the kids couch, getting kicked out..... Starting a huge riot, falling into the dirt and making out with every one in sight. and the best part of the night is I didn't get alcohol poisoning. 44 47 Show
Hide 1565 Balls deep Okay so I heard four lokos were banned so I drank two before going out plus many games of beer pong then went out and then drank numerous beers came back home and fucked a fat bitch...thanks foir lokos cause I didnt remember what I had done until I looked at my texts the following days 73 71 Show
Hide 1563 jim shot a ton of heroin and drank a four loko. it was fun. do it. 50 55 Show
Hide 1562 Wheelin n dealin The night started with two lokos then some smirnoff and uv blue. The party was starting to die down so I found the girl I hooked up with a few nights ago. We went into a backroom and it started to get pretty intimate and as she was taking my pants off I passed out. All I remember is waking up to her saying and I quote "well that was quick". Gotta love four loko <3 52 50 Show
Hide 1561 Mandi4ever I think lemon-lime LOKO is awesome! I have struggled with weight gain/loss since I was 15. 2 cans of Loko will make you puke until it hurts and you will shit your butthole inside out. I'm finally in a size 2!!. Thanks Crack-in-a-Can!!! 49 54 Show
Hide 1560 Thank god im alive I disappeared with a stranger for 45 minutes, asked a random girl to be my best friend, made out with 7 guys of all different ethnicities, got a huge scar on my arm (don?t know how), and drove home singing party in the USA at the top of my lungs. All within a few hours. Ohh yeah, that girl, she?s now my best friend :) 52 51 Show
Hide 1559 Iwasbornunicorn My story spans over the course of two nights of straight loko. Well I went to get some watermelon four loko one night and went to a local bar where there was this gorgeous Aussie bar back that I had been eyeing for weeks. When I get to the bar there is this bitchy girl chatting him up and she whips out his phone to give him her number and then she does. After that, she charges her phone and walks away from it, so I stole it, ran it under water and stuffed it in the toilet tank. The worst part is that the next night I loko'ed again and ran around lower east side with my two best friends and stole hard hats from a construction site. We were chased by one of the workers, then he tells us we can keep them. We go back the the bar from the night before with the hardhats and proceed to dance our way to the bathroom. At this point I remembered the phone and checked to see if it was still there and it was! I took the phone, washed it off again, then took it to the street and smashed it, then threw it into the gutter. The girl and the hot Aussie are dating now and I broke my iphone. Karma. 63 63 Show
Hide 1558 Future of America I raped all your mothers at one time on the juice. 48 50 Show
Hide 1557 Captain Crunch I'm a career boozer; can drink all day and walk a straight line. Four Loko kicked my ass! The shit will make you see Jesus. Just two of those evil cans had me walking in circles and riding a mower in the dark thru neighbors' yards. I think they were appreciative, as the blades were spinning. Ended up rolling the bitch and burning my forearm; thanks LOKO. 128 93 Show
Hide 1556 cbaby i always say i hate 4 loko &'d i'll never have another one AGAIN but then everynight i find myself at the store buying MORE ! <3 49 50 Show
Hide 1555 Knuckles After 2 Four Lokos (+ some other alcohol I don't remember), I ended up making out with a distant relative 54 69 Show
Hide 1554 baddest bitch mixing vody and locoz is the best idea ive ever had. well i guess i passed out on a couch and i guess cops came to my couch. and so i guess he asked me what i drank and i guess all i said was i drank a four locccoooo sirr drunkly i mean atleast he knows my name now! ps weeeeee floour 47 48 Show
Hide 1553 ferr low koh so i had like, three four lokos (lemonade loyolty). and we're like, chillin, and i had to puke. so i say i have to go puke, and i start walking away, and i make it like five feet and i fall on the floor, just unable to move and i feel so nauseous so i just put my finger down my throat and thus begins an hour of puking. eight times. i just rolled around in the grass hoping i wasn't rolling in my own puke. blegh i wish they weren't getting banned in ny :( 50 53 Show
Hide 1552 champ drank 2 locos, lost chanel sunglasses, keys, and dignity 58 55 Show
Hide 1551 fukd up so this one night my friends and i decided to get four loko's. we all got one can because we didnt know what to expect. i got the watermelon one because i figured my gayness would be most attracted to this flavor. we all drank our lokos in the matter of 15 hours and we all were fucked up. we decided to go to the cop station and ask if we could go for a ride since its our right to as american citizens. they said yes and we went for a night drive. we asked the cops to go buy us some more four lokos for the ride. they asked us how old we were and we said 22. well they didnt check our ID's and we all went and got one more because we are such pussies and dont know how to handle our alcohol. so as we are driving around the cops pulled over and let us shoot their guns. i pulled up shot a cop in the arm. we all laughed and went back to the station for another loko. and by the way this is a made up story just like every one of these stories that people post because they think they are cool by drinking one loko. fucking man up and say that your a virgin that will never get laid because you think your cool by posting fake loko stories. P.S. four loko's are pretty cool 44 61 Show
Hide 1550 gee I peed on my xbox. 48 44 Show
Hide 1549 woofy this day started off like every other day, although it still hasnt ended.. i was chugging a 4 loco while on the ole pooper.. before i knew it one thing led to another and i was writing my puppy woofikins around the neighborhood yelling save a horse, ride a cowbboyyyyy!! 61 68 Show
Hide 1548 BigRed <3 After a Crazyyyyyy night at Enchanted (rave) I came home coming down off three pokeballs, so i took 7 shots of greygoose..Went to sleep for two hours, woke up by 9:30am and was too tired, so i drank my fourloko that i saved the night before, and got my energy back with an amazzzziinng feeling! 47 62 Show
Hide 1547 River drank 5 lokos over the course of an event at a club and a renegade rave. not only did i make a best friend and then declare to my friend that he was following me and i wouldnt get in the car because he was there (he was giving me a ride) but i then danced for about 6 straight hours and almost had sex with a stranger in a corner. although when my friends found me i hopped away from him happily, and then told him i didnt give my number out to random guys. i got to know them first. obviously. 58 60 Show
Hide 1546 TheHillCrew flokoats. four loko+ice cream. not as good as it sounds.... 61 57 Show
Hide 1545 wizard The first time I drank a four loko was at a house party the second week of fall term. After I finished my loko, I opened up a bottle of champagne and cheerily skipped down the streets of campus to a frat party. My friend took my champagne and hid it by a car, we got into the party free because I was so drunk. We went in and danced with some guys, after 5 minutes of being there the party got rolled by the police. Then we left and walked back to the dorms. On our way there I shouted at people and told people I would add them on facebook. When we got to the dorms, two friends had to take me up three flights of stairs, to my room, where I proceeded to throw up off and on for 30 minutes. I was still drunk when I woke up and had the worst hangover. Never again. 70 67 Show
Hide 1544 «3 the time I drank my first four loko,it wasn't just one it was two. That night I crash into the corner of a table rip my favorite jeans and then go and decide to cut the rest of the jeans all the way down the seam :). My night equaled ripped jeans, later on get home and fall from my bed landing on the opposite side to wake up with the worst hangover and headache! Thanks fourloko<3 73 65 Show
Hide 1543 Julez Had 2 lokoz before I went out to party, came back and stole a construction cone (one of the pillared ones that are heavy)that was near my dorm. Had 2 lokoz the next night and decided that the construction cone looked ugly in my room, so I threw it out of the window and tore hella cables. Some people prbbly dont have electricity in my neighborhood. WE GO LOKO 4 THEM LOKOZ 61 71 Show
Hide 1542 Natty The FIRST rule of Four Loko is you don't talk about Four Loko.. this page is so not helping the cause to keep this drink alive and available... 171 101 Show
Hide 1541 NYC LOKO Lets see I started off with 2 Four Lokos. I then did some coke, took a Four Loko with me on the train, got to the club, took 4 tequilla shots...well thats all I can remember. I have pictures of me in a Limo, making out with a girl, a $279 tab, and food all over my bed. GREAT NIGHT 61 58 Show
Hide 1540 ashley four lokos gave me the best night i cant remember(: 53 64 Show
Hide 1539 NC My night: Drank 2 Four Lokos. Wondered aloud if that meant I consumed 8 Lokos. Friends looked at me weird. Went to a party. Woke up spooning a garden oranemt. Still drunk and concerned that that gnome went roaming, I called campus police to report a crime. 66 55 Show
Hide 1538 NC My night: Drank 2 Four Lokos. Wondered aloud if that meant I consumed 8 Lokos. Friends looked at me weird. Went to a party. Woke up spooning a garden oranemt. Still drunk and concerned that that gnome went roaming, I called campus police to report a crime. 51 50 Show
Hide 1537 loookkkooo 1 Four Loko + 3 Tall Boys + 3 shots = $30 in alcohol...this all led to $650 in damages. One night turned into a $700 blow out. 50 42 Show
Hide 1536 yooo i drank 4 four lokos and was on something else 60 74 Show
Hide 1535 SVB One weekend I got super Loko and had no recollection of what happened. This is the story that had been filled in: I left the party I was at, without telling anyone, to go a mile away to a friend who had seen my car. I arrived two hours later. I then proceeded to fight someone in the street. I then disappeared. My friend received a call from me four hours later, inquiring if he knew where I was. According to my description, I was three miles away. I woke up in my friends house, covered in blood, torn jeans, and no car keys. I love you Loko. 60 57 Show
Hide 1534 Chuckie Holt The other night I chugged 2 four locos. I got shit faced reallly fast! When I was at a party, my friend's drunk grandmother was there too. Shw grinding up on me and because I was so drunk, I liked it :) After that we were led to her room. As we were about to do it, her husband walked in the room. Me, being so out of it, said, " hey do u want to join in the fun?" 46 55 Show
Hide 1533 fuckfourloko im 14 and i asked this old ass man to by me an "energy drink" called four loko, he got me two of em and chugged them both in like ten minutes. (i drink to get drunk) and then i remember..... nothing 54 63 Show
Hide 1532 Poolfight Cops, drinks in faces, kicked out of toys r' us, ticketed for being in the park after closing, passed out on church stairs, lost on the same two corners for 20 minutes, stabbing with a fork... I LOVE FOUR LOKO!! for more crazy stories and fun! 72 64 Show
Hide 1531 pbr well lets see every body that thinks 4 loko is gnarly how bout u drink a twelve of pbr and half a bottle of 151 then when u wake up after that drink the rest of the bottle of 151 59 53 Show
Hide 1530 Ben C. Drank a 4LOKO and next thing I remember, I'm running around with some rando ginger asshole, searching for horcruxes to destroy and speaking with a goddamn british accent! 53 55 Show
Hide 1529 cheech smoked a fat blunt while sippin on some 4 loko... i met lil wayne that night and fucked nikki manaj.... I call it successful. My racist dad is gonna shoot me though.. fml 55 55 Show
Hide 1528 Mike Hunt I went to the gas station, i bought SIX four loko's and went to my high school football game. It was homecoming and during the alma mater my principle pissed me off so i jizzed on her face. lets just say i am now her FAVORITE student. 46 44 Show
Hide 1527 Loko Fan#1 After consuming three fours in a period of around 2 hours, I proceeded to run naked down my street singing gallantly while waving to my unassuming and rather amused neighbors. Later in the evening, still naked, I ordered a pizza. When the delivery man arrived (seemingly within minutes because of loko's time altering effect), I received my pizza for free. On a side note, pizza and fours do not mix and will probably lead to projectile vomiting at some point. But, if you need to introduce yourself to your neighbors and desire free pizza, I recommend you start your night with a couple fours. 103 87 Show
Hide 1526 mr rude I drank 4 lokos the other night. I ended up telling my neighbor I could change the world. Then at 2 am I woke up on the 11th floor at my dorm passed out by myself in the corner. How I got there I do not know. I LOVE 4 LOKOS ! 53 49 Show
Hide 1525 The Beast Some kid told me that if you drink one 4 loko you would get trashed. So I said F*** that and I decided to drink two. So I drank two, smoked a blunt, and woke up with a broken hand next day. 47 47 Show
Hide 1524 BK I drank two and a half Four Lokos. Went to Burger King. Yelled at a TV to change it's channel. A table with three black dudes and a white girl tell me to leave it on since they don't have cable at home, most likely. Told the whore that if I win in rock, paper, scissors that I could change the channel. Beat her. Demanded her to go get me a buckMcDouble from McDonalds. I made three black friends. One looked like T-Pain. 47 44 Show
Hide 1523 Zieg Ryle Well my buddy decided to bong a four loko, trying to impress some babes, took him a solid 12 seconds (really disgusting). He then proceeded to vomit all over our small two room dorm and then onto the babes. 4lokos are awesome and they will be dearly missed. -Ohio U heaven on earth 72 64 Show
Hide 1522 static Drank 3 four lokos and turned into a duck. 57 64 Show
Hide 1521 meister Two loko pregame + 15 beers + two kegstands + grey goose = passing out in a bathtub. With a remainder of some asshole running the tub, waking up soaked, wandering three miles back to campus and booting out a cab's window. 50 48 Show
Hide 1520 lokocool i drank a four loko it waasnt that cool, there not that cool 57 53 Show
Hide 1519 Bro-ko Bro. I dont remember what happen after my Four Lokos 60 57 Show
Hide 1518 bbyLOKS grad party! we'd been up for like two days it was partyy time. all of our friends getting downn. fucking shufflers everywhere and i started to feel sick so i threw up. next thing you know all the shufflers were slipping on my shit, hahahaha. you fucking raver pieces of shits 45 53 Show
Hide 1517 SUPERMAN ok so i was hanging out with friends at a little kick back. i ve had for locos b4 and i know what they can do but i didnt buy any. Nxt thing i know i got 3 of them for free, and i drunk all of them. from i was told some kid kept messing with me, i socked a him in the face cause he wouldnt stop. then after that i fought the ppl that where breaking it up. That didnt go well at all. he beat my ass, then some 1 broke that up and i tried to fight him. Again unsuccesfully. then after that i get a little hazy cause i guess i stormed off. next thing i remeber im surrounded by cops with nothing but some undershorts. My mom woke me up the next day saying i got in fight, i didnt beleive her. My grandfather told me i did, he was the one who picked me up and drug me home. 52 57 Show
Hide 1516 Implied Consent This story I'm about to tell is being told on behalf of a friend of mine because he is too distraught over the mere thought of this night to share it himself... It started off like any other night, flabongos of various malt beverages in preparation for what was thought to be an "average" night of drinking. Little did we know, that upon arrival to the party,our buddy,(we'll call him ze) had already thrown back a fifth of disaronno and was clearly on a mission to get royally fucked up. After ze did some bitching about the lack of alcohol at the party, my roommate decided to turn this dudes world upside down and went out and bought a bag full of lokos, of which he drank maybe one himself... Ze's activities from this point on were not monitored closely enough and within the next hour or so it had been reported that he had consumed at least 2 lokos himself and even finished off the lasting remains of mine as I was leaving to ride back to my house. Back at the pad my girlfriend and I had some sloppy loko dick sex which I'm sure was about as enjoyable for her as getting fucked by a 70 year old man with an external hemeroid, but hey that tends to happen when you party with loko. Anywho, as we were passing out we heard a few friends walk through the door but thought nothing of it as this was commonplace at our house... I cannot even begin to describe the terror that was the morning after. As I was taking the short walk to the bathroom, I noticed a particularly rank smell all around me, no apparent source in sight. I opened the door to discover a shit splattered disaster. SHIT EVERYWHERE BUT INSIDE OF THE TOILET. The floors, the tub, the walls, ON the toilet, EVERYWHERE. I had never seen anything like this before in my life, ever, and I have been involved in my fair share of shitshows. I ran out to the living room to look for some answers where I found ze passed out on the couch, fully clothed, covered from head to toe in shit and vomit, puke stain on the carpet next to him. It was a truly unfathomable sight, a fully inebriated, shit covered human being passed out on our nice ass leather couch, shit all over the couch, as well as smeared into the carpets. A turd was even found on the floor in the entry way to the kitchen. Needless to say I was not pleased with the situation. He tried to deny his role in the mess but the writing was on the wall. His loko consumption had caused him to blackout for the remainder of that night and take a massive sized dump all over my bathroom, part of which ended up on the couch/carpet. Ze spent the remainder of that day on the floor in the bathroom puking his brains out and attempting to get his life back together. It took a solid week for that smell go away and about three full on deep clean sessions. I'll never forget that awful morning and the integral role that four loko had in the making of a REAL shitshow. 54 58 Show
Hide 1515 Imfknloko I'm smoking, drinking loko and listening to CeeLo Green. I'm really gonna miss this when it's gone. :( I feel fantastic. 60 59 Show
Hide 1514 kylerz15 One night i ended up drinking 4 four lokos and attempted to play guitar. I have been playing for years, and i did not even know how to play a single song that night. I also sexually harassed two girls with plastic fruit. i then pulled an upper decker at a random house threw up on a cat and broke my dvd player. 147 93 Show
Hide 1513 tdawg I Drank 2 lokos... I was drunk :) 57 67 Show
Hide 1512 weezy ohhh you know a friend and i drank one each as a road soda, by time our destination was reached, we were apparantly ready to be arrested. friend threw someones drink got arrested for the drink landing on the bouncer, she went to a holding cell than i joined her 15 minutes later with handcuffs on after jumping a fence and going thru a club's kitchen to get back into the club where somehow we were kicked out of. This story may or may not have had a lot more happenings before and after but the only info we got about the night was from the city cops. So happy we got to visit that lovely town again for court about a matter we do not remember, everything was dropped due to connections=SUCCESS 63 54 Show
Hide 1511 other stupid shit you did when you were drunk 82 79 Show
Hide 1510 Abner So it's a Thurs or Fri night, and I'm vacationing in FL and visiting cousins. We made plans to hit the club, and were looking to drink for a bit parked out back. I decided to buy two Lokos after listening to my cousins ramble on about how awesome they are. I knew something was amiss while working on my second can, because I insisted on listening to Lil Wayne's "I'm so hood remix" about a million times in a row. I finish my second can, and we head inside. We go to the bar, and I order a round of shots. After that, I pretty much blacked out. Apparently, I spent the whole night stumbling around the club knocking over people's drinks, working a stripper pole, getting kicked off the stage because dudes shouldn't work stripper poles, and dancing with ugly fat chicks. Then for whatever reason after last call, I ended up getting into a friendly but intense wrestling match with a cousin, where I somehow got a gnarley scrape going up the entire backside of my arm. I wake up the following morning to discover that my bar tab was almost $300, spent mostly on buying people replacement drinks after knocking their first ones over, and covered in blood from my untreated arm. Oh well, it looks like I had fun. 54 64 Show
Hide 1509 PIKE UCSD so i was hangin with my BROTHERS...decided to get our loko on! we bought 3 each...drank my first two. chugged em. like a man. wasn't feelin it too much. wanted to take it to the next level. so i look at my BROTHERS...and we have this connection. BUTT CHUG!!! it all get a little hazy after that but im pretty sure that 4LOKO wasn't the last thing to enter my butt...long story short, we took BROTHER-ly love to a whole new level. PIKE4LIFE <3 49 43 Show
Hide 1508 Go to where you can vote on stories and leave comments. Share your four loko story at 60 60 Show
Hide 1507 rockerchic First time i went to a club i had a four loco along with my friend. Apparently i met a few people, had a few more drinks, and passed out on the bathroom floor after puking my guts out. they kicked us out because they couldnt let me stay in the bathroom all night. When we got back i sat in a puddle, got humped by a dog, and dropped a cigarette on my face (nice little burn mark on my cheek). had a few more shots then woke up in a bed with no sheets and a huge black dude with all my clothes from the previous night still on. GET LOCO 48 50 Show
Hide 1506 Loko 4 Loko I was at a friends house and he was checking his email and he started laughing. Apparently one of his friends tried to go 16Loko and threw up all over the couch. I'?m gonna miss the way Four Loko gets you trashed after one. If you are affected by this '?ban'? on Four Loko, and if anyone has a facebook, you should all '?Like'? this page. 69 57 Show
Hide 1505 >>LOKO<< One night i smoked 5 blunts and drank 2 fourlokos. i walked around for a little then went home and slept. the next morning i woke up and everything was normal. ALL of these crazy stories must be made up or the people writing them are pussies that cant handle being LOKO 55 53 Show
Hide 1504 Walking Loko 2 FourLoko's= 80hrs, 90 days loss privledges, 60 days room restriction, no x-mas break or thanksgiving you 4loko 111 83 Show
Hide 1503 Articulate Bro I drank Four Loko, and then I died. That happens, sometimes. 49 48 Show
Hide 1502 BrewMaster69 So I buy a green one and a blue one and instantly I new I was in for trouble. The main thing with these drinks is to not mix um. But I did and I failed big time. Went to a kickback and partied with a bunch of old jr high buddies. So fun..kickn ass in pong..pretty girls ..just a great night couldn?t get any better. And great music. I drank these two demons and I was rocking! And then outta know where I fall and then I fell again both times on the same thing. A doghouse. Haha it was so weird, it was in slow motion. I just melted like butter. Soo now I gather myself and im cool and then out of no where while sitting around a table with my buds ? I start Projectile Vomiting. A blast like a fire extinguisher!! I grabbed the closest thing..a beer bottle and tried to finish in that. It kinda worked. Soo then I apologize and then passed out on the concrete next to the pool.haha somehow I woke up staring at the carpet. Face down inside the house haha !! Thanks 4loco 52 46 Show
Hide 1501 Retired4lokodrinker yeah two nights ago we went to a party i being such a hardass never drink more then 1 4loko but this time i drank I blacked out and dont remember the night. I guess i threw up everywhere in someones room and got naked trying to take pictures with everyone at the party? wtf! never again, not lday like behavior! 73 70 Show
Hide 1500 TysonYuP33 One Day I Decided to buy 4-four loko's instead of my normal 2-Fourloko's & Before the night was over i was blackedOut & My Buddy told me i went back to the store & Bought some hennessey & A 12-pack & three of us finished that & He told me i Threw The 12-pack in the Street & started Putting all my money On the Hood Of A Car while Standing in the Rain......And all i could remember about that whole day was when i woke up at home(But HOW)with my pants half way down with my phone missing its i walked the way i normally do to get home & it was by the entrance gate of my house half broke more FOUR LOKO'S for Me. 53 60 Show
Hide 1499 chad one time i was double fisting fourlokos while listening to my favorite band in the world, phish. i was smoking mad bongs of legit chron sour d when all of a sudden this chick was sucking my dick. i put the bong down (i was holding the 2 fourlokos in one hand while i smoke, i know, hardcore)...before i knew it i threw up on her while she was doming my piece. she didn't stop because she was also double fisting fourlokos. this was all going so well until i realized that my roommates puggle was licking my balls, i was naked and passed out on the kitchen floor of my apartment....phish was playing though. 62 55 Show
Hide 1498 ED3 I drank two fourlokos last night and wound up having an epic meltdown due to an OkCupid Quiz Result. Suicide was threatened. Thanks Four Loko! I will miss you. 56 50 Show
Hide 1497 brolokos I'd explain my favorite loko story... if i could remember what happened.. 166 96 Show
Hide 1496 lalaleah Two and a half lokos and I was dancing to Girl Talk one minute and crying in the fetal position the next. 53 44 Show
Hide 1495 mad mama pants Drank two locos in about ten minutes snorted a tab ten, went to work at pizza hut. I didn't wear nonslip shoes. 46 45 Show
Hide 1494 loko Last night, I had two 4lokos. Could have sworn i stayed in my room all night. Instead, i woke up in a random bed with none of my things. How i got there? some girls found me lying on the ground crying by myself in a military parking lot, a cop then came and i proceeded to laugh in his face when he said he'd arrest me. I was then carried into my dorm and threw up all over the lounge 46 45 Show
Hide 1493 8loko'd So I finished 2 lokos before going out. Getting that drunk that fast just made me want more, so I did a number of shots I don't remember. Point of the story, I woke up without feeling in the right side of my right arm/hand...I attribute this to the beauty that is Loko. 66 66 Show
Hide 1492 Julz My first four loko... i drank a four loko, beer, some shots, a bunch of shit mixed together.. next thing i know we're leaving the party, then i'm asking my friend to pull over so i can puke.. but i forgot to open the door so i kind of puked on the window.. then i blacked out and woke up the nxt morning NAKED in my friend's roommates bed ( he had left for the weekend ). no clothes around me to be found. i look over and see my friend and say "sean, why are u in my room?" he says "julz? what? i thought u were brian?" then i ask "sean, why am i naked?" he starts cracking up laughing. I guess i walked to his dorm naked....... no more 4 lokos 106 74 Show
Hide 1491 Kait. After one loko, a beer & a long island.. let's just say I was a fucking shit show. According to the scrapes on my hand, knees and top of my foot, I'm pretty sure I fell down a million times on my way home. **** & I practically fucked on the stairs outside of my apartment. The only neighbor of mine that I actually know had to squeeeeeeze past us just to get up the stairs. ("Oh, hey, Joe!") Laid down on my living room floor and proceeded to drunk dial my ex-boyfriend. Hung up with him, rolled over & vommed. Got up, stumbled to the restroom, and sat down on the toilet , peeing & leaning over the bathroom sink to vomit at the same time. Passed out in that position & woke up a few hours later. I. HATE. FOUR LOKO. 135 84 Show
Hide 1490 alzballz Last night, after spending my evening with the kids in mathletes, a few of us split a four loko. I quickly had my share (1/10 of the can). I've never been so drunk in my life. From what I heard, I stole a grocery cart from the local walmart and rode it around the perimeter of my dorm pretending I was Captain Jack Sparrow. Campus police chased me until I crashed into a nearby tree. I woke up on the floor of my dorm wearing a shower curtain. I am soooo loko. 57 59 Show
Hide 1489 Kurt-bot Me and my friends showed up at at open mic night at a bar and proceed to drink four loko's in my van all the while drinking $4 pitchers of PBR at the bar (I think we had 8 between us). I was trying to keep my cool while playing drums but my band mates created havoc. One of us had tear away pants which he proceeded to tear away till he was in a diaper screaming that he had a viper in his diaper. While the other ran around hitting things on his head or slamming it onto tables. then he ran back and started knocking the drum set over and screamed into the microphone while writhing on the ground. We are never allowed back into that bar again. 61 58 Show
Hide 1488 Lokomocojoko I drink four Loki all the time. Tried every flavor, even use it as the chaser for my hard liquor....still no black outs. It tastes fruity, almost like a bitch drink. Don't understand how you pussies can't handle the flavored beverage. It's not loko's fault you suck at drinking and blackout after a can of watermelon. Stop being a bitch and man up. You know what makes me strong...old spice deoderant fuckkkk yeaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm coco for loko mannnnnnn 54 47 Show
Hide 1487 bmackers i woke up this morning in Matt Cooneys bed. Fuck my Life & Four Loko's <3 52 45 Show
Hide 1486 dirtyBAXTA Sup fellow lokos, had my first loko last night. Started off at my friends party, at this point i was already a little tipsy, next thing i remember i was on the side of the road lying next to a racoon carcass, and my friends were laughing at me. I was cradling a car battery claiming that it was the holy grail. Wake up, in some shrubbery, with shit in my pants and gravel stuck in my nose. $50 dollars, covered in shit, stuck to my chest. I wish i was joking when i told you all this, but its the truth. <3 four loko 50 42 Show
Hide 1485 The Italian I drank two and a half four lokos at my dormitory last year. I ended up lighting an American flag on fire and tying it around my back while yelling insults at passing people on the street. Someone put it out (my shirt still has burn marks) and I finished the third in my friends room while going insane to some dubby ass dubstep. Then, I announced that a monkey had just pissed on my mind-brain and left the room. I then walked up to a fire alarm in the dorm and pulled it, for no reason that I can remember. I sprinted out of the building falling on the way and crossed the street, watching my dorm-mates pour out of the building. After we were led back in, I sprinted past the security guard upstairs and wrote a drunken confession letter, turned it in, and ended up in jail 2 days later. Most of this has been told to me, I barely remember it. Now they tell my story to all incoming freshmen every year! And somehow through all of this, I ended up being referred to as "The Italian." I'm a pale guy of Irish and English descent. I'LL MISS YOU FOUR LOKO!!!! You won't be the same without all your stimulating chemicals. 160 95 Show
Hide 1484 Western Loko Drank too many lokos.....when i woke up i thought i was skiing down a snow capped mountain in the alpes gripping on to 2 skii poles but in reality i was giving 2 dualing western style hand jobs to 2 amigos with curious but gentle mustaches all while my thumbs were free for exploration... 41 43 Show
Hide 1483 Connor X ?Just an average Connor X Tuesday night,? I thought as I double-dogged two broads from behind. Whoa. Hold on. Back up a minute. Rewind. Let?s start at the beginning. I was chilling with my boys, watching ?the game? and doing Four Loko. No big whoop. Like I said, average Tuesday night. I was maybe thirty lokos deep when my boy Shawn suggested we go down to the trendy new nightspot where all the vapid *beep* and collar-popping asshats got together to try to bump uglies. So we all piled into the patented Connor-mobile (heh, of course I?m not drunk driving, officer?) and went to the spot. Now bear in mind, I?ve got like seventy lokos in my gut at this point, so I?m a little sloppy. But hey, I?m Connor X. The night?s just getting started. We roll into the club and I just see this vast expanse of vapid *beep* One vapid *beep* steps up to me and barks, ?you?re kinda cute.? I look at my boys and just know. Countdown to destruction in five?four?three?two?I smirk and reply, ?Yeah, I know. Now who ordered a doggie bag? ?Cause we?ve got a genuine d-o-g on our hands!? Her lip quivered and then she pulled out a gun and shot her face off. Roasted. Toasted. And burnt to a crisp. I high-fived my boy Steve-o and walked to the bar. I started pounding beer shots. I had probably eighty mugs of beer before the barkeep said, ?Whoa, fella, I think you?ve had enough.? With a wide grin spreading across my beer-encrusted face, I told him, ?Enough?s enough, ?fella?.? He toppled backwards into the shelves of beer and booze and his head fell off. Score one for the Con-man. I slammed about twenty more beerskis and?whoa. Let?s just say I was starting to feel it. ?Let the games begin,? I told my boy Jakester. I scoped out the room. ?Jokers to the left of me; jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with me, myself, and I,? I thought. I scoped out one broad and the veins in her rack were busting out of their seams. I sidled up to her. ?Hey, I think there?s something wrong with my receipt.? ?Hm?? she asked inquisitively. ?Yeah,? I yeahed. ?It doesn?t have your number on it.? She laughed like a hyena and then laughed some more. I took this opportunity to pound a booze shot. I had her eating out of my hands, literally! Just then a popped-collar assbasket walked up from literally out of nowhere. ?Is this guy bothering you?? he asked the broad douchely. ?Not as much as your breath is bothering me, twathandle,? I deftly proclaimed. ?Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, say hello to the dog-faced boy. I don?t know whether to shake your hand or give you a pat on the muzzle.? I knew I had another burn in me before I closed the casket on this one. I tore off his popped collar and threw it across the mighty Potomac , deftly proclaiming, ?Fetch, Lassie.? He aged two hundred years right before my eyes before promptly decomposing, like that dude in the end of Last Crusade. I flashed my infamous ?pwned? grin and with a twinkle in my eyes, turned on ?the game.? I told the broad my infamous ?dirty knees? story and before long, she was literally eating out of my hands. ?I think you should meet my friend,? she flirted in my direction. ?Game on,? I volleyed back. Flash forward to two hours later and I?m sack-deep in some premium poon tang. The two broads are doing orgasms left and right. We?re getting it on so hard. Racks are bouncing everywhere. Clits stand at attention and then nut girl stuff all over the place. You name it, these broads and I did it. 69. Doggie style. Karma sutra. Just low-down, nasty sex stuff. If I told you, you wouldn?t even believe me. Let?s just say, do the words donkey punch ring a bell? We made sex for like three days (Viagra? Yeah, right! Meet Connor-agra!) and I was just nailing these broads. Racks, boobs?you name it, I nailed it. It reminded me of the time I got a blowjob while skydiving off the Eiffel Tower . But that?s a story for another day? Then it hit me. These weren?t just broads; they were vapid *beep* I hastily busted my nut and shuffled them out the door. ?Call me?? they said in unison. ?In your dreams,? I shouted back, slamming the door in their vapid faces. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was my boy Chas. ?We?re hitting the new hotspot nightplace; you wanna come with?? Without hesitation, I duded in the affirmative. We rolled out. Oh yeah, I was also totally drunk, having done lots of Loko while slamming the sleazes. But not too drunk, because I have a very high tolerance (what can I say? When you ?get your drink on? as much as Connor X, you?re bound to build up a tolerance). We rolled up to the hotplace nightspot. It looked new and shiny in the crisp autumn air. I took my pants off and we went inside. The bouncer stopped me. ?What do you think you?re doing, sir?? he meekly asked. ?It?s the no-pants zone and I am the zonester,? I hurled back as I strolled in with nary a care in the world. He fell backwards in his bouncer chair and cracked his skull on the baseboard. Brain matter and spinal fluid leaked out in a gross way. I didn?t give a crap. I scoped out the broad situation. Affirmatory. Broad at 10 o?clock . I sauntered up. ?I?m Connor X. Spank you very much.? She melted like butter in my hands and was also literally eating out of them. After I shot the shiat with her for a while, I said, ?my place or yours?? She vapidly suggested mine and we got a cab and headed back to Connor X H.Q. for a night of romance. Then we bootiefarked. 54 61 Show
Hide 1482 loko cowboy Loko 4x4: 1 4Loko- passed out on a toilet, pants around ankles. Note to self, lock the door next time. 2 4Lokos- Woke up and had to make a dental appointment to fix missing front tooth. 3 4Lokos- Turned into an instant Casanova... and told a friend that I'm an IT major and would work her like an iPhone. 4 4Lokos- Woke up 27 years old. 49 45 Show
Hide 1481 Jpizle What is Four Loko? It's a Life Style, it's your best friend, it's Rollin 50 deep but it's just you, it's doing the Windmill but your only Fist Pumpin, and just so happens to be what Moses was leading the Israelites to, the Land of Flowing Milk n Honey, but totally different and in a can my friend! Hope this helps. Unless your in a place in your life where your ready to change, grow, or just flat out take to another Level, *****WARNING*****DO NOT EVEN HOLD A CAN OF DA LOkO! 46 47 Show
Hide 1480 Gee Couple weeks ago i was at a party, i finished my loko ( +a buncha shots that i cant remember how many of .. ) i go to the bathroom &. while im on the toilet.. i hit my smashed my head on the sink on accedent.. i didnt really feel the hit that much bc i was so numb from the alcohol, but i knew that it hurt ... i go outside to tell everyone at the party what happened.. & i guess that i showed them a reenactment with the sink, but i bent down so low, that i hit my head on the fire pit ( which was lit up btw) .. woke up next morning.. biggest bruise on my head ever, & and a shape of an X from the metal fire pit. 103 75 Show
Hide 1479 Randy Savage it was halloween and we were in NYC dressed up at 90s wrestlers. My buddy's new apt is above a chineese restaurant, and he told us we didn't have to worry about making noise anymore. So, we chugged our first Lokos with some beer. Turns out, to rub in the fact he didn't care about noise, he started stomping around, to which we all followed suite. The chinese waitress came up to tell us that the customers were complaining from the noise, to which he yelled 'godzilla!' and kept stomping. Grabbed 10 more lokos, and then 6 more, immediately blacked out. Woke up to find his apt destroyed, and the feather bowas we had exploded everywhere. From from people told us, we spent all night body slamming and throwing each other around, screaming about our (championship) belts. It's also been shown (via cell phone) that we were at one point walking around times square. The only thing we're very sure of, is that most of us puked, and 0 puke found the toilet. So while the toilet was still fresh looking, the corner immediately adjacent to the toilet? Destroyed 114 75 Show
Hide 1478 ohhnooo lokos are not intended for nights where you plan on getting laid... dick in the dirt 49 55 Show
Hide 1477 BlackOut on the way to some ghetto ass club with my exbf, chugged half a 4 loco on the way and another full 4 loco when we got there. stood in line, lost all my friends and wandered back to my car. met three buff marines who proceeded to beat the shit out of my ex. tried to drive a random stick shift car home. stalled it in front of security. convinced them i could drive my own car. woke up in the morning with my clothes ripped, bruises all over, no license, and i had to be on a plane in less than a week. love you 4 loko. 47 56 Show
Hide 1476 goober express I went tailgating and after I ran out of beer, I went with a friend to the gas station, got a small bottle of B.V. then my girlfriend got 2 cans of four loko, didnt like the taste of the lemonade or the fruit punch so I drank it, next thing I know is I cant explain what I am saying, then yell alot and my friend said it was time to go because I was with the g.f.s family making an ass of myself, then I was trying to high five traffic, talked through the window to a police officer who told me to roll my window up, yelled profanity at everyone walking by and then went boating, thinking that I would try it again I got a can drank it and went on a rampage in walmart knocking over a stack of pringles yelled at everyone then got drug out....I am going to try it again! 46 54 Show
Hide 1475 Brown Loko So I was at the Cleveland Browns VS NY Jets Game Sunday Novemeber 14th 2010 in Cleveland tailgating with some friends in the parking lot with four loko. I have a brief memory of entering the gates after about 3 four lokos and some other drinks. I have a brief flashbacks of the whole day which concludes with a memory of myself and a young boy in a Jets jersey laying on the ground with friends pulling me away with eagerness to leave. I am then driving to work the next day hearing about this drunk idiot in the parking lot following the game tackling a 8 year old boy in the parking lot following the overtime loss. Four Lokos = Wild Times 52 57 Show
Hide 1474 LOKO NINJA After finishing my SECOND loko, it was time to go to the bars. on the way I felt a strong wind, and my hairs stood up. All the sudden I got the power of CHUCK NORRIS! jumping off a curb into a FLYING ROUNDHOUSE I took aim at a street cone. A visit to the hospital and 2 X-Rays later i found that I am NO Chuck Norris. Just a kid with ambition and a broken ankle.. 66 56 Show
Hide 1473 Facebook Post your stories here! 48 45 Show
Hide 1472 Pita You are all a bunch of fucking morons. 75 59 Show
Hide 1471 Edward-4lokohands We played a game of Edward 4loko-hands for my birthday party. It works just like Edward 40-hands, but you play with 4loko instead. I knew that I would end up pissing my pants if I didn't finish quick, so I drank both my 4lokos in under ten minutes total. The rest of the night was amazing... Baby bird shots, girls stripping on the kitchen table, and various other blurs. I will miss you 4loko. You'll always have a special place in my heart and in my liver. 163 89 Show
Hide 1470 NottaLokoGirl I had 3 lokos at my roommates birthday party. For a guy, that seems like a crazy thing to do... I'm a little girl. I had never been the crazy drunk girl ever before... until the lokos got inside me and I thought it would be a smart idea to use my body as a beer pong distraction... Let's just say it was a long night and I woke up with a herniated disk in my back and a 2 hour drive to the beach waiting for me... 54 52 Show
Hide 1469 NoLoko Four Loko is the affliction tee of the alcoholic beverage world, drink beer and bourbon you fucking GDI's 50 47 Show
Hide 1468 It was a pleasant evening when my Central Washington University freshman buddies had a four loko party. After 3 lokos and some shots we realized that Loko gets you intoxicated (wait? its not just an Energy drink??). Suddenly, things weren't so pleasant. The cops got called, laughed at us for being unable to hold our liquor, and hospitalized everyone. Because I'm a bitch and can't drink, no one in Washington should be able to drink either (only logical) so as of today, Loko is now banned in my state. Now I can't wait for next week's Beer Bong party. I've never used one before but it sounds fun. 47 39 Show
Hide 1467 L0K0QUEEN My night consisted of watermelon, fruit punch, and lemon lime four loko. I woke up in the hollywood hills overlooking LA covered in differnt colored puke..fuck yeah im loko. 57 61 Show
Hide 1466 Gregory Hickman so i go to the liqour store and see the 4 loko never heard of the drink before so i tried it..i get home drink 1 with a couple friend (there drinking corona) i feel buzzed so i drink another. no im feeling it for the first 45minutes then after that all i remember is waking up in my daughters crib with a dora doll and blanket with my knuckles skinned..apparently after the second one i had another went over to my 100 pound heavy bag and though i was an mma fighter and went crazy slamming the bag like they do in training and hitting the bag then decided i was tired and went to sleep in my daughters she wasnt in the bed.still dont know how i climbed into the crib drunk... 43 38 Show
Hide 1465 bill actually drank a 4 loko....that's it. 42 45 Show
Hide 1464 lokobound So, I drinking four lokos with my friend one night and we were riding our bike up to the park to watch the fireworks. After the fireworks were done, i still had my four lokos, we started to ride our bike to go some where else. We couldnt really ride them on the side because there were way to many people on there to even move. So me and friend start to ride the grass and soon enough i hit a hole and go flying off my bike along with my four lokos and my friend that was right behind me ran over my head and i thought i broke my toe. But instead of caring about my body parts i was more concerned with my four lokos than anything. I was like " where is my four lokos" and some guys over here is trying to help me up but he gave up after I wasnt cooperating with him. It clearly became an even more crazier night. 51 50 Show
Hide 1463 Murdering Rapist Crazy night last night, drank 3 4 lokos then I cleaned my kitchen, donated to charity, helped school children cross the street, carried some groceries for an elderly woman, changed a strangers flat tire on the side of the road, did my roommates laundry, went for a jog, read a book and took a nap. 59 60 Show
Hide 1462 kimboslice soooooooo... me and my 2 best friends attempted the 4 fourloko challenge. nothing else just 4 lokos. after the 1st loko was downed we went to our colleges student art show. it wasnt untill we were inside around all the expensive artwork and sober professors that we realized we should not be in public. sooo after conversing with my academic advisor about the joys of my profession, we decided it was best that we get the fuck outta there. however on our way through the door we all did mamage to almost knock somethin over and sighn the guest book. So we proceeded to drive our drunk asses to the beach (15mins away) We downed another 4Loko during the drive, while proceeding to have a dance party in the car....not a good idea. At the beach we went to a friend of friends house, gave some lap dances, rejected some creepers, tore down a confederate flag(asshole) and stole some shades. Then we meandered our drunk bums to the sandy shore, where we wanted our feet to be exfoliated! So we would not have to pay for pedicures? after our feet had been exfoliated to the umteenth degree, we left the sandy shore, but gypsy (dumbdrunkass) left her phone on the beach! So we scrambled around like chickens with our heads cut off lookin for it, after about another half of a 4Loko we found it at the beach. DENNY"SSSSS our stomach called at midnight! Stumbling through the doors flabbergasted by the grilled cheese sandwiches with fired mozzarella sticks inside! Oh dear drunken munchies. We didn't stop there.... biscuits and gravy, french fries, egg and cheese sandwiches, pancakes, and onion rings (keep in mind this is 3 small girls) After gypsy got pissed she proceeded to yell fuck you at everyone in Denny's. We left a crappy tip, and crawled back to my dorm room, where we drank two full gallons of milk b4 passing out.... After a night like this how could you ban 4LOKO? 50 51 Show
Hide 1461 SnowBeef Took a shot of four loko and pwned 25 noobs on COD Black Ops. It was LOKO! 44 51 Show
Hide 1460 Memoryloss Drank one Grape Four Loko and another Raspberry Lemonade Loko. Banged the virgin down the hall and now she's my girlfriend. 56 57 Show
Hide 1459 Lee Price Me and my bruh's ripped some of the firemost one night and then decided to schwill some balloons and a few cans of 4Loko. Anyhow, we ended up in some parking lot in Miami and some dude tried to sell us precious gemstones out of a case. We fought the guy and a bum, then I slammed another Loko. Next think I know, I wake up with some chick and 1 month later shes pregnant. We named the kid "Loko Firemost Price" 48 47 Show
Hide 1458 Wildebeast Slayer After drinking 2 Four Loko last night, I was awaken by the sounds of a howling Wildebeast in my bed! Where'd it come from? 54 62 Show
Hide 1457 Mike Johnson So it was 8:55pm and I decided to through a FacebooK party @ 9PM. tHANK YOU 4 LOKO 51 48 Show
Hide 1456 MacGyver I had a bunch of my little sisters friends over, and didn't have any roofies, so I let them share two cans instead. They don't remember a thing, but I will get to keep the video forever!! Thanks FourLokos!!! 44 40 Show
Hide 1455 Kelscene I drank 4 Loko and woke up with no hair on my body 148 95 Show
Hide 1454 shum my friend and i decided to go and buy some breakfast after being drinking a lot of beer and (2 each ) four lokos.... then my sister had to pick us up both of us lost walking on a main street without sandals and looking like a homeless... the car that we used to being driving was at a restaurant dont even why..... 51 57 Show
Hide 1453 yohn I had two four Lokos in the course of a few hours at Mardis Gras' 2010 in New Orleans. We met an Italian bum after buying pot from a guy selling it out of a Coffee Container, the tin can kind. He did a really great Christopher Walken impression and threatened to stab me when I asked him if he liked Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He spoke of the horrors past when Katrina hit, how he was in the second floor of his grandmothers house as the ocean consumed the low profile city streets. We went on to eat and I bought him some fries, by this time I was really 'feelin' it and began displaying my drunken ego, a narcissistic fool. Being completely drunken, we stumbled around aimlessly with this homeless Italian New Orleans resident whose name I could not pronounce so we called him 'Z'. We walked about 8 blocks to a musicians house where 'Z' played some Tom Waits on the acoustic, uncanny resemblance, as we smoked pot and watched. Well, my friends were smoking pot, I went in the guys bathroom and barfed in his tub for a few hours, closed the shower curtain, got some water, and hailed a cab out of there. Then we left. I never saw 'Z' again, and I can only imagine that whoever's house I was at was surprised to find his tub full of my innards. 51 55 Show
Hide 1452 Bro Sidon Me and my bros each downed a couple lokos at some party while watching football. We went downstairs and starting macking on everything in sight. I found this girl that my bro had invited and decided to take her in the bathroom to seal the deal. When my bro found out, he was pissed and told everyone there, including the chick that I had AIDS. She ran around crying hysterically. It was the most ultimate Loko induced cock block ever made in the history of man. 65 80 Show
Hide 1451 Happy Valley Took a trip to State College (Pa.) to visit some old friends. When we arrived, everybody was on Four Loko. One friend, a chemist with a degree from Penn State University, decided it would be a good idea to arrange a pile of leaves in his front yard, pour gasoline on it, and light it on fire. As he leaned in practically face first with the lighter, the pile ignited into a huge fireball. Everybody who was in the house had no idea what was going on, but came running outside because the blast shook the floors. Thankfully he was fine, just some burnt hair. Amazingly he was probably better off than the rest of the group, who all seemed to have cuts and/or broken bones from fighting one another. 51 61 Show
Hide 1450 phil 231 Four Loko brought our ethics class together. 76 63 Show
Hide 1449 findadoctor these stories arent that good... 83 79 Show
Hide 1448 Lok Wilson I shit my pants. 92 79 Show
Hide 1447 A-A-A Shamed One! I drank a few Four Lokos and when my wife got home from work, we fucked for two hours. At some point I realized that it was my mother-in-law, not my wife. We did it for another hour, but then my wife told that bitch to get out and not come back. 56 53 Show
Hide 1446 Amy Drank 2 four lokos starting masterbating. Just when I hit my climax my little brother opened the door to my room and I projectile squirted into his face. 61 60 Show
Hide 1445 lisa woke up topless with a busted, bloody knee, towels from the attemped lesbian shower on the floor, mcdouble wrappers scattered. never left my room. i'd call it a loko wednesday. 57 47 Show
Hide 1444 Ledwetter Drank a loko, 4 beers, 2 shots of moonshine, smoked 4 cigarettes (not a smoker) then wrote a song about my teacher, puked in my bed and passed out, then woke up realizing i was sleeping in puke so i took a shower, then got back into the puke bed and slept 6 more hours. 48 46 Show
Hide 1443 Tyits I actually combined 2 four locos (or however the spelling, sorry grammaticly correct guy) with a blue tilt. After drinking these I looked riddiculous, my friends said "you look like you just got done making out with smurfette." The setting I started drinking was at my friends house I was listening to them jam out for an upcoming punk show. The finished their set I drained the last of my death juice and proceeded to ride with my friend the 10 miles back to town.(at this point he was driving my car). Next, I told him to slow down making like I was going to puke, rolled down the window, then "spider" climbed onto the roof. I was shouting commands to "go, go, let's do some stunts!" Fortunately my friend was not as wasted as me, which must have made me mad because I jumped off the hood took off into the woods, busting ass on a barbed wire fence, shouting "I will name my campsite after you!" Miracuously, I treked 10 miles back to town woke up at 10 a.m., picking cactus hairs out of my leg and nursing two black eyes... 46 46 Show
Hide 1442 Swiisssh. I have tried lokos MANY timessss. I never get fucked up off them..but one night after my boyfreind and i got home.. i went to a party, when i walked in 3 girls were in the house drinking lokos.. as soon as i walked into the party a girl comes up to me crying asking me if she could use my phone.. i have even closed the door and a girl is already crying the other 2 girls were cracking up.. i didnt know what to do but laugh and take my phone.. 5 minutes go by and the girl is cussin her mom out. lol Idk what happen between them but that girl should never drink a loko again!! 49 56 Show
Hide 1441 Raggy As I sat in my room stalking bitches on Facebook, one of my roomates came in and said "Four Loko Night?" I said, lets do it. Once the two of us agreed to a Four Loko Night we convinced our 3rd roomate to join us. We went to our local deli, and bought 9 Four Lokos. We chugged the first Four Loko and then sipped on the second one. By this time we were pretty much fucked up already. So then out of nowhere we got horny and we were like yall want to get some Craigslist hoes. We all agreed and began our search. Unfortunately patience and alcohol are not a good combination and after 5 minutes we gave up...BUT then out of nowhere we yelled out "Massage time" and once again we all agreed. We began to sip on our 3rd four loko but did not finish, so we left them near a homeless person so they could also have a Four Loko night. Anyways we began to walk to the spot and we got in the elevator. Funny thing was that in the elevator this lady saw us and she knew what we were up to. She was a worker there lol. But lets get to the good part. We all go in to the spot. They tell us it cost 80 bucks for the massage. We all agreed and went our seperate ways. Got my table shower and then got my massage and then out of nowhere I had two Korean girls wrestling with me trying to jerk me off. One held me down and the other one jerked me. For some reason though I was wilding out and at one point I ran into the lobby butt naked and funny shit was that one my roomates was there already, naked! 48 39 Show
Hide 1440 ManBearPig0 Drank 2 Four Lokos and went swimming... that doesn't seem like too much of a problem till you realize that it's November in western PA 119 76 Show
Hide 1439 Capital Drank 3 lokos then made this: 49 45 Show
Hide 1438 jpwhre Well my story isn't an over the top story. At 38 years of age, and not a power drinker, i am shocked to see this going on. I started with the grape four max 10% in 12 oz can, then a year later loko came in a 12% in 23.5 oz. I drink 1-2 cans a nite, and i mean it takes me 4-8 hours to drink them. I get my buzz on and milk it thru the nite. Not looking to get hammered in 8 min and black out the rest of the nite with a bottle of jack, few joints, and then off to kill a bottle of yagar. 57 58 Show
Hide 1437 sarah some of the most fun memories i have (that are all a bit hazy) are all because of this magical beverage. now that four loko is banned in New York, you can bet i'll be wearing this t-shirt while i'm sipping on the stockpile i have in my fridge. RIP. 56 58 Show
Hide 1436 Chronotherm Hello, fellow Four Loko users. Today I decided to buy a case of Four Loko to celebrate, or "mourn," the disappearance and/or outlawing of our mutual friend, Four Loko (Phusion Products is in trouble for absolutely no reason by New York State because of stupid bullshit.) Said case consisted of twelve assorted Four Lokos. I had a Four Loko, then a girl who was located in my fraternity house also had a Four Loko. We attempted to go into my room and have sex, at which point I blacked out. Hours later, I became acutely aware of my surroundings. I was in a shower, with a pounding headache, and -- unable to get an erection or ejaculate because of "four loko dick" -- I found myself urinating on her face. She also had a Four Loko. The only part that I remember thereafter is her thanking me for taking a piss on her face. I never thought I would get thanked for peeing on a girl's face outside of the adult film industry. God bless Four Loko; she was pretty cute. I got a second date. I don't plan to pee on her next time. 119 99 Show
Hide 1435 Loko Pong: The other night me and my bros wanted to play beer pong. Unfortunately we didn't have any beer but we did have a few lokos so we settled for loko pong. After about 8 games we are all sufficiently smashed. I call up my ex girlfriend pleading for her to take me back. I then proceed to black out, and wake up the next morning in her bed, both of us naked. She woke up and we got in a fight. We're no longer on speaking terms. 59 54 Show
Hide 1434 Team Street Drinkers Sitting around in Esco drinking Lok's with a buddy. Three deep and we decide to go drink Loks aside our buddy verno's gravesite who just passed way. Our mode of transportation were bikes and a minute later we're charging down a gnarly hill. We collided and got messed up! My buddy broke his collar bone in a couple places. My ear got ripped off and i broke my nose. We both were on pain pills for the next month and could do nothing but laugh about it. (I'm Lokd right now so sorry for my awesome story) 55 51 Show
Hide 1433 whoops One four loko followed by a couple shots of vodka led to a whirlwind of a night in which I apparently kissed a guy to make him stand still, questioned the sexuality of a couple of marines,and managed to lose track of everything in my possession sans my phone and wallet. "Everything" would include: my bag, which happened to contain my only hairbrush and all my makeup among other trinkets, and literally every article of clothing I had on apart from my bra and boots. That's a lost dress, cami, leggings, and jacket. Needless to say, the following morning resulted in a particularly shameful walk of shame. The best part though was the two-hours-later meeting with my set of mortified parents who happened to be in town for the weekend. 43 37 Show
Hide 1432 LokoMotive Last night I was chewing on my girl's nipples as she was watching an episode of Bad Girls, out of nowhere she decided that we HAD to watch the last showing of SkyLine (Best Movie Ever!) at 10:40pm. After my third Loko, I realized that I was shitting my pants directly outside the theater, I went inside and hurriedly payed the attendant after a quick conversation regarding the cut off age for children. After entering the elevator headed to the theater, I pulled out my fourth Loko and began singing Christmas carols to the people on board. Out of no where I heard a high pitched sound that seemed to resonate from my ass but come to find out it was me crying in a puke filled corner of the elevator while the my Loko was draining down my pants. After crawling into a seat I woke up hours later to find that everyone was gone and my jacket, wallet and shoes were gone - but I still had the rest of my Loko. 106 80 Show
Hide 1431 Rick One time I drank three four lokos. The next morning I woke up with two of my bestfriends laying naked in bed. 58 58 Show
Hide 1430 oste drank a four loko, grinded with this one piece, then made out with another. blacked out at this point, proceeded to go steal a skateboard from a good friend, then after 6 hours of sleep, i woke up on the curb with a deer in my face. i love ann arbor 51 55 Show
Hide 1429 GG blacked out.... was told by my boyfriend we had the best sex of our life.... couldnt remember shit fuck u loko!!! 56 61 Show
Hide 1428 Buttorscotch So the other day I picked up a couple cans of Loko and got Lok'd out of my mind. I drank the first can and decided that it would be a great idea to see if I could drink the next one through a tuba. Braap brapp barppppp! I had a friend empty the second can into my expensive tuba and half choked on the incoming alcholic energy drink frenzy. Now for some reason here, at the end of the 2nd can, my body decided to rebel and produce projectile poops. I pooped on my friends antique rug and rolled around on it while arm farting the national anthem. The third can was administered via catheter. Talk about living the Loko dream. 56 52 Show
Hide 1427 Frosty My boyfriend and I were halfway through our four lokos when we starting arguing over nothing. He got so heated he threw his four loko against my bedroom door, smashed his bong against the wall, and punched my TV, causing him to break two bones in his hand. He's in a cast for 4 weeks. 58 65 Show
Hide 1426 loked My first experience with four loko started with me leaving a party where the neighbor was waving around a gun at all the fucked up kids and ended with me and all of my girlfriends running around naked in the local elementary school park in the sprinklers in front of all of our guy friends. Since then, everytime i've dranken four loko i've ended up publicly naked with no recollection except for the interesting photographs. 42 40 Show
Hide 1425 FadyPerry My friends and i decide to have a loko slushy night. A loko slushy being fourloko blended with ice and sky vodka. We drink these bad boys out of measuring cups and mugs and all hell breaks loose. We blast the music, one guy jumps up on the beer pong table & starts dancing like a russian baker, kicking off all cups and cans. Another one then jumps up with him & they start dancing/humping on the table as it starts to collapse. and boom they hit the floor. Everyone's jumping around just going nuts, and then i black out, wake up on a couch with my other friend to the sound of 5 of our guy friends blacked out banging on a drum set as well as pots & pans with spatulas & knives. They are just screaming at the top of their lungs and banging on things from 2am-4am. Then they stop and climb up on the roof, and from inside the house i see one come rolling right off and hitting the ground. After that they proceed to roll around in the grass with the hose wrestling & beating the shit out of each other, as the sun is now rising. I pass out again. It's now 9am and we look at the pots and pans they were banging and one metal pot has a bunch of dings in it. We then find a bloody knife. Someone was banging the pot with a knife so hard and for so long that they sliced their hand open and bled everywhere. No matter how drunk you are a loko also gives you the energy to party on. 49 48 Show
Hide 1424 TC Last week I had my first four loko. I had a blue raspberry then proceeded to play a few games of beerpong in my front yard. The next day I woke up to see that half of my beerpong table was missing, my fire pit was knocked over, my grass was burnt black, and my living room was littered with mexican food. Good times. 51 54 Show
Hide 1423 Crazy Carl Drank 2 four lokos, fought off 6 dudes in a fight and made out with 8 chicks in da club. All In one night, average loko night 53 50 Show
Hide 1422 4LokoFailWin My friends and I were passing around a couple of 4lokos like weed, taking swigs of each nasty-ass flavor. We made it to the dance party, but after chugging a beer I decided the line for the bathroom was too long, so I went outside and peed in the bushes. But then I couldn't get back in, somehow belligerently yelling at the security guards did nothing to help my cause. I ran into some other friends and we went back to their place, where we all proceeded to make out with each other. Then, apparently I thought one of her suite mates was cute because next thing I know we're banging! What I didn't know was that the window was open and all of his friends were watching/ filming the encounter (I bitched him out the next day and got him to delete it - political scandal averted.) As I was walking back, my douchebag fratboy ex-boyfriend called me and told me he and his best friend are waiting in my room. When I get there, I find out they've each had two 4lokos and are drinking a third. I proceed to steal copious sips and thus go into a blackout. I come to getting eaten out by who I first assume to be my ex, but it's actually his best friend! Apparently, we banged all night, and I was moaning and screaming so loud my friends two floors up heard me. But since neither of us knew we banged, he didn't realize that that was why he couldn't get hard in the morning, and thus he proceeded to eat me out for a long, pleasurable time. As a result, my ex hates me (but not his friend, hmmmm) but hey, it happens. Best part of the story: The last time my friends saw me, I was bringing both my ex and his best friend into my room. And when I woke up, there were a pair of boxer briefs that I'm 90% sure are my ex's. In which case, I probably had a threesome with him and his friend! Which is especially hilarious cause they would so not be cool with male-on-male action. What's sad is that either no one possesses knowledge of this event or whoever does isn't saying anything... 51 55 Show
Hide 1421 Viva Las Vegas Saturday November 13, 2010 Las Vegas, NV. Like a rock star I had a Four Loko for breakfast follow by another Four Loko at Noon. In it all I had 4 Four loko in 16 hours. I don't remembered what happened at the night club but they had to call the cops on me. The cop took me downtown and then let me go because the jail was overcrowded. No fucking Joke. The Jail was overcrowded. I was charged with Trespassing. If you think that's crazy just imagined the look that was on my face when the officer told me to go home. I got on the bus and didn't know where i was going and then some lady on the bus said the wrong thing to me because I didn't know where I was going so I when off on her for 20 minutes calling her every name in the book. At one point i told her to stick a big black dick in your mouth and try to sing the national anthem. Eventually the bus driver kicked me off the bus so i walked to a friend's house I think(don't know how i got there). I woke up at his house with his cat next to me and now I'm having an allergic reaction. My entire body itches like crazy. My skin is turning red and I have a huge knot on my head and I have a stupid hangover with no money and no ID. 60 63 Show
Hide 1420 crazybitch threesome with two guys...on my period. they said "it's ok, we'll put towels down" best night ever haaa 50 53 Show
Hide 1419 wackooo drank 4 beers one night and 1 whole four loko. ended up going down on my cousin for her boyfriend on webcam. im a girl. getting in a fight with her. feeling fine going into a different room made a bunch of videos on my webcam went to bed feeling great waking up at 7 am and projectile vomiting and diarrhing until 8 pm that night. didnt think it was that loko until looking back on it! hahaha 46 49 Show
Hide 1418 bravodelta this one's embarrassing.. drank two lokos in about 30 minutes during a fucking pregame. dont remember leaving my dorm. but apparently i guzzled two cans of beer and then stepped out to inhale a waterfall of weed. while in the woods smoking, i started rolling around laughing and then tried to jerk off in plane sight of my friends. they carried me back inside and i was yelling at people in german, then i passed out, they drew on me etc, and my night ended before 11pm. i have now retired four loko from my inventory of drinks and my friends have never let me live down that fateful night. 47 40 Show
Hide 1417 partyxanimal one time i drank 4loko and it tasted bad and then i got drunk 53 56 Show
Hide 1416 heyyyyy123 me and a girlfriend decided to celebrate halloween in the nyc (we're from jersey). we bought four 4 lokos and had a nice night out. -_- at some point in the night, like at 4 am, our drunk asses realize we were missing our wallets, cellphones, and our last 4 loko. we were really confused and started recapping...which was useless because we didnt remember shit. somehow we ended up at the nypd then made a journey back to jersey still drunk the next day. 2 days later we realized we had actually DRANK the last 4 loko, which explains how we lost our things and/or got robbed. lesson learned, the end. 51 56 Show
Hide 1415 The Loko Challenge 4 4lokos in 4 hours...enough said 47 55 Show
Hide 1414 4crazy I finished the 1234 challenge (1 blunt, 2 shots of Jack, 3 Coors, and a 4 loko) and the next thing I know I'm waking up in a bed god know where with two dogs licking my face. Having no idea where I am I try to leave but the first step out of the bed has my barefoot in my own feces. This is when I realized that I have handcuffs on. My buddy told me that I escaped the police after they arrested me for vandalism (I was spray painting the house I was at 'This is MY HOUSE, BITCH!) They had me in handcuffs but when their attention was elsewhere I booked it. I have no idea who's house that was or why I took a shit right next to the bed. wow. 194 88 Show
Hide 1413 Dizz A friend suggested I try a LOkO. Downed it, then I piled a few 7 and 7's on top of it. Later that night, I played pool with 2 biker girls who looked amazing at the time. At this point I was blacked out because I woke up with scrapes, cuts and bruises underneath my eyes and have no idea how I got them. Hopefully I didn't get rolled on by the Biker Girlz boyfriends. I hope thats not the case, because I have no idea and my boys who drank the LOKOS dont know either 43 37 Show
Hide 1412 lastNight i'm about as reckless as teletubies. needless to say, i'm not a big drinker. i drank two four lokos and the only thing i can remember from last night was that i was hanging out with about 25 members of the Latin Kings, and every one of them was cheering me on. i really wish i could remember why. thanks four loko. 61 58 Show
Hide 1411 TheItalianStallion So last night I was DJing this bitchin' 80's dance party. There were hoes, there were bros, and midgets in panty hose, but im not complainin! Im the god damn DJ and im happily sippin on a blue raz lokodoko. It was a totally rad party, until the night was closin in. I was finishin with pour some sugar on it; classic. Things were getting hot, getting heavy, so i said fuck it, Im cracking another loko. BIG BIG BIG Mistake.... My vision started to blur, it started looking like dudes were grinding on a dance poll, and my woman was nagging me for not cookin her dinner earlier. Needless to say my head was goin loko from the raz loko. All I remember from this point on was stumblin into some kids house, yellin "the mother fuckin DJs' in the house BITCH!" and getting thrown out. Unfortunately my woman was left at the house. Gang banged, like bein tamed by a train. The unfortunate part was, I was supposedly plannin to meet up with this other chick and my OG woman had my house keys. So i guess I ran around the town telling everyone how much my woman was a ho, while grapplin this new chick jessica. Needless to say I went loko... in a good way. Right??? 56 62 Show
Hide 1410 sp? Why can't anyone who's posted a story on this page spell? Do Four Lokos cause permanent brain damage? 71 71 Show
Hide 1409 fart i farted. 59 62 Show
Hide 1408 lo ko After three I decided to steal a hobos shopping cart and ride it down a busy street into oncoming traffic meanwhile being chased by hobo. Then I stole the mans booze right out his cart, ran, drank all of it and passout in a bush in front of my apartment. I can't believe I'm alive. 131 93 Show
Hide 1407 Mr.Patel Had a few beers before i got started on the second of two of my four LOKOS. Soon after i told one of my friends there to smack me in the face as hard as he could. He refused at first but eventually did it. Right after the hard smack i started flailing my arms trying to fight him. He eventually drove me home in his car. Fucked up part....i walked through my back door stumbling with a non-lit cigaratte in my mouth and speaking gibberish(indian language too). i wake up on my futon with half of it off the ground ( so im guessing it was tilted all night). Look at my phone and read a text from my sister the night before saying "stop making fucking animal noises and go to sleep" 65 52 Show
Hide 1406 thaaaaat niggguhh last night i drank 4 4loko's. today i have no car, and now am the owner of some brand new J's and a baggie of medical marijuana 53 55 Show
Hide 1405 Drunk i had never had a 4loko in my life but heard they were great. so i decided to try one. i finished the whole thing and all i remember what dancing in my friends garage to my ringtone, taking hideous pictures on my friends camera, and making out with one of my best guy friends. i love 4lokos. they're a great excuse to do whatever you want. 51 47 Show
Hide 1404 NB Well, decided to finally go to a bar having been 21 for a month. Had a loko, went into the bar and had free beer, more beer, and a brooklyn buzz bomb, and other drinks I don't remember. At some point, I left the bar (not that I remember) and dropped a friend off. I was left with this girl and I drove 15 miles to a beach and only was aware that I was driving when I had to slam on my brakes to prevent my vehicle from sailing into the water. Went skinny dipping at the beach with this girl I had never met, fucked in the backseat of my car...then I blacked out again. Woke up the next morning, and thought to myself "Oh shit, I definitely brought this girl home last night and fucked her again. What is her name? I hope she doesn't ask." 53 55 Show
Hide 1403 ye bittcch so one day i had 5 four lokos...bye 50 58 Show
Hide 1402 troatlette last weekend I drank a quater of a four lok, from then on it was all out troating. i woke up with the worst cum watermelon breath. night=success. loked for life. 68 54 Show
Hide 1401 Jeran Williams I recently visited one of my BFFs in Lousiana with my cousin and a friend. They were talking about 4Loko on the way down there, and made it sound crazy as fuck.My friend's fiance was in med school and was treating three individuals that were under psychiatric evaluation due to the effects of 4Loko. We were like "fuck no...we are not drinking this shit." 'But of course, as soon as we get to the beer store, we had to get some fucking 4 Loko to test the fucking waters. I'm just gonna say that what was originally an awesome night turned into a slow motion rush that became very trippy. Last I remember, we were walking through the casino to get to our hotel room in slow motion. All of us were drooling as we talked, and every sound or voice I heard was "chopped n screwed." Let's go one more time before they take it off the shelves!!!! 53 53 Show
Hide 1400 lezy4life im a five foot 98 pound girl last weekend i experienced my first four loko i was told not to finish it by myself but, like a champ, i did. i ended up wrestling my best friend, also a girl, and making out between positions. the porch across from us cheered us on putting bets on which one could get the others shirt off first. we ended the night by dominating at ruit and booting in a bush. 84 72 Show
Hide 1399 peee peeee last night me and my pals were drinking four lokos and i already had 4 of them so anyways i wonder off to find a nice spot to piss at just an fyi we are out in the woods but anyways i find a nice spot and i start to pee as i do my friends are laughing at me because i didnt unzip my pants so i was in my pissing cloths the rest of the night four lokos is great. 51 48 Show
Hide 1398 Andy Mac Friend was having a bonfire in his backyard in the woods so i bought 2 lokos to prepare, drank the first one im all hype and talking my ass off, started getting sloppy on bp so i sit down drink my other one then people started to leave party started to chill out and before some friends left they gave me their naty and 4loko "unopened" so i took it, and decided to shotgun the naty i sat down for a while and was like damn that was a bad idea. threw up after 20 min still had control over my self kinda and my friends and i started talking and we had a discussion about fighting and shit so i talk my ass off saying if someone would mess with my brother i wouldnt just hurt them i would break their arm as in a comparison and how i would paralyzed your ankles in bbal instead of breaking so you wont stand up again then started round 2 with the 3rd loko as i talk more shit and finished it. we put the fire out and i get up like fuckkk i walk up the trails running like im leavinggg and stopped cause my friends told me to and i lean to the left then booom head falls to the right with momentum to the shed, friend said it was soo loud their suprised his parents didnt wake up and it didnt break so i get up and like im good yo and trip then im like im going to my car and their like dude wrong way , i go to the woods again lol, i come back they put me to my car and im like ok i wont drive throw my keys in my back seat lock my self in, friends like ok, 2 sec later open my door alarm goes on in the drive way at 4am their like dude wtf are you doing man chill out and i manage to find my keys with my eyes closed in pain. and then after i dont rememeber anything else but i was told i ran back to the garage then passed out in my friends truck, then ran into the house fell asleep on the floor when their was a open couch, morning time was horrible i was like damn i drank 3 lokos and shotgun a beer wtf was i thinking we went to shoney breakfast buffet im feeling like shit i had work at 330 it was 10 i went home threw up everything passed out woke up at 330 and i found out i had work at 3 so i get there still feeling like shit told my coworker whats wrong im sitting down go to the bathroom 4 times to throw up then 1 last time i threw up straight yellow and then instantly i felt like i wasnt hungover when i woke up except for my throat burning so pretty much if i can drink 3 loko and shotgun a beer weighing 170 then the kids that are fucking up causing lokos getting banned go fucking drink joose pussys 44 50 Show
Hide 1397 Kenny Stocked up on Lokos in anticipation of the impending ban. Bought 4 cases, and to congratulate myself, drank three Lokos within an hour. Next thing I remember, I woke up on the sidewalk roughly 20 blocks from my apartment in a TERRIBLE area... ass naked, no less, except for my sneakers (lost the socks too). As I struggled to regain consciousness, I saw my car down the block... with unfamiliar people in it, joyriding with both bumpers missing and a huge crunch in the side panel. A crackhead then informed me that I had best get out of the area before I get stabbed. Needless to say, it had probably already happened, as my face was covered with dried blood... an ambulance picked me up, and the next thing I remember after that was the doctor telling me that they found a quarter of weed and a mixed baggie of xanes and adderall in my pocket. By the end of the ordeal, my car had been stolen, my nose was broken, and I had a court date for felony possession of three controlled substances with intent to sell. I now have no future because of Loko 59 66 Show
Hide 1396 Bob Saget I drank 3 four lokos the night before halloween and was walking down the street around 12 at night holding hands with a guy and screaming FUKN FAGGOTs at everyone that i saw 44 42 Show
Hide 1395 Hugh g. wrekshin I once had a party at my house and i decided to go with watermelon loko for the night, after playing multiple games of bp and shots with friends because i felt drunk, but i was looking to get completely smashed. I had about 1 and a half lokos and as i was smoking hooka, i fell back onto my bed and totally blacked out. I woke up with my house trashed, a long black hair on my penis (who knows what that was). on top of waking up i walk into the kitchen with my parents there saying we need to talk. I had just realized that i slept in till 1 pm, forgetting to clean the house before they came home. Lets just say four loko prevented me from going out for a month. 50 47 Show
Hide 1394 Fucked Up Knee My buddy and I heard that Four Loco's would get you fucked up. So my buddy and I went and got two a piece for each of us to drink. Finished off the two Loco's, proceeded to drink a few more beers with a little liquor. I woke up the next morning and tried to put on my pants, but I had extreme pain in my knee. Ended up in the hospital with a fucked up knee. Later on; my buddy told me that I was running around in the middle of the street like a jackass, falling over everywhere. It was like the cement was my slip in slide. But I don't remember anything! Four Loco's fucked me up! Literally! 47 49 Show
Hide 1393 too light weighted it was a typical saturday night, me and my friends tryna get hurt. none of us had ever tried a loko before, but we decided it was time to finally try. the 4 of us in the back of the homies car, one can for 2 people. we started drinking and ended up going to a friends kickback. the last thing i remember is yelling in the streets and coming home with the guy who was throwing the kickback. apparently we got inside my house and hooked up, and i remember spilling water all over my kitchen floor and thanking him for not getting mad? then I woke up in the middle of the night with my jeans and bra on, makeup still on my face, and contacts still in my eyes. i get up to see random shit thrown all over my floor. i go to the bathroom and see that vomit has been cleaned up by my mom. all this because of only HALF of a loko..i told my parents that i had a bad meal at panda express.. 106 76 Show
Hide 1392 RED DOG GUY How to Make a RABID DOG: Mix Red Dog with Red Bull and follow it up with a shot of your favorite liquor. AND, after Fourloko, Bobs couldn't even make it into the club yo. U been liftin' yo? Yeaah. 47 50 Show
Hide 1391 Brett Farve Drank 4 Four Lokos one night with Chilly, then desided to return for another season. AGAIN. Thanks 4loko. 43 37 Show
Hide 1390 BostonLokoParty Walking home from classes one friday after noon i decided to try this four loko thing, so i grabbed two. Sat in my apartment alone while my roomates were all out and proceeded to finish both by the time they got back. Of course they brought more beer home so after a few more drinks we headed out to a party. Once again, in the presence of more alcohol, became entirely shitfaced before i knew it. I happened to pick up some lovely young lady and brought her back to my apartment. It was on the walk home things got fuzzy. We started hooking up and the room began to spin unmercefely. While recieving head i asked her politely to stop, it was then i sprinted out of bed, waddled to the bathroom with my pants down and a raging boner and threw up everywhere. I then brushed my teeth and acted like nothing happened. She stayed the night... 55 52 Show
Hide 1389 E_Weezy210 I was going out with some friends to a birthday party at a club one night. We decided to have some drinks before going to the club so that we wouldn't have to spend money on drinks there. I decided to have a watermelon four loko so that I would be tipsy enough that I wouldn't need anymore drinks for the night. I still ended up drinking 5 jager bombs anyway. After the club we leave to eat at a local all night restaurant. As we walk up thru the parking lot a delivery truck passes in front of us. I jumped on the back of the moving truck, hear people yelling at me to get off of it. Little did I know there were 4 police officers working security. Once I jumped down one of them comes charging at me wanting to arrest me. Somehow I managed to talk my way out of being arrested that night. Thanks Four Loko! 50 56 Show
Hide 1388 thisguy thatguy Drank one im white ended up at an all black frat party! enough said..... 47 37 Show
Hide 1387 ging minge I was on lokos and I straight up made out with a girl with a huge snaggle tooth 43 44 Show
Hide 1386 Jay You people are a bunch of kool-aid drinking bandwagon jumpers. Did you ever think that you just might be stupid and that any kind of alcohol given the right amount will bring stupidity to the surface? Of course not. You will not be happy until we have no rights. And shame on our government for getting involved. Might as well ban Jack and Coke cause Coke has caffeine. Utterly disgusting. 48 51 Show
Hide 1385 Dr Light Weight It was a typical Saturday night, me and my friends looking for ways to get hurt. None of us had ever tried a Loko before, but we decided it was time to finally try. The 4 of us in the back of the homies car, one can for 2 people. We started drinking and ended up going to a friends kickback. The last thing I remember is yelling in the streets and coming home with the guy who was throwing the kickback. Apparatus I invited him inside my house and hooked up, then i spilled water all over my kitchen floor. I woke up in the middle of the night with my jeans and bra on, makeup still on my face, and contacts still in my eyes. I get up to see random shit all over my floor. I go to the bathroom and see that vomit was cleaned up by my mom, I told my parents I had a bad meal at Panda Express.. 41 51 Show
Hide 1384 DrJeckylland Mr4loko I drank 2 four lokos and some more shots and beers and took 2 hits of ecstasy and then tried to fight the kid who was throwing the party over HIM giving ME a cheese sandwich. Even though I was rolling super hard. That shit turns you into a monster. Never again. 54 67 Show
Hide 1383 kittyfucker i fucked my grandmas cat....twice. 54 50 Show
Hide 1382 sir_tokes_alot So, im at the liquor store with my dad and out of curiousity i was going to ask him if he'd buy me liquor, so i askeddddd. This fool says yeah (thank god) he bought me 2 lokz he dropped me off at the homiies jayss and I prettyy much pounded both. Next thing you know im on the floor with an ipod on my eyes flashing colors, with techno music while my homie was like "aye look i took micheal to a rave!". After being on the floor forever, get this i go home and not even attend the parrtyy, the pre-partyin was just too mucchh! 48 44 Show
Hide 1381 Tristanky01 Rollin with my friends one night, they talked me into buying some four lokos. 2 for me, 1 each for the rest of them. They tasted horrible! D: half way done with the first one, I started feeling good. LAUGHING; having a good time. *I think I hit my head on the head of the seat nasty style! lol. We parked by some church school building. Almost to a complete stop, I open the passenger door and fell out of the car. Laying in the middle of the street laughing and crying at the same time. I was about done with my first four loko. Laying there in fetal position. I didn't want it anymore, but my friends told me to just chug the last of it. So I did. Shitfaced, I tried to stand up and fell down. My friends helped me to the car. We were rolling for a little while after that when I opened my second four lokos. I was half way done with it when we pulled up to my friends house. There I cried and cried, started screaming in the middle of the street. The neighbors came out asking "Is everything okay out there?" Yesss my friends yelled. I fell flat on my face crawling to the front door. Let me cut to the the good parts. I needed to pee really bad but my friends parents would wake up. So I stood there crying for her to let me out of the room. Then I pee'd on her floor. I changed undies' afterward, layed down then!! Threw up ALL OVER HER KING SIZED BED. 49 45 Show
Hide 1380 Take a crap Call me 44 41 Show
Hide 1379 Chuckbink666 I was at my friends house and we were all drinking four lokos. All i remember is drinking my first 2, getting duct taped to a chair, and fighting my manager of my job that showed up that night. I did the four before 4am challenge and won! Felt like absolute shit for the next 8 days. 48 57 Show
Hide 1378 steezys i drank half a 40oz then dumped my watermelon loko in the other half. long story short i woke up on the floor of my bedroom in my jeans which were soaking wet, no underwear and i lost my shirt, tanker, sweat shirt, beanie, and one sock during the night. 51 52 Show
Hide 1377 jacksonman Me and friends friends downed a couple four lokos, apparently one of my friends passed out early so I pissed on him. I'm an asshole when I'm wasted. 46 55 Show
Hide 1376 Julian D. It was a typical wednesday night and I was at my friends house swimming. After I was one loko and some sky vodka deep I ended up on top of a wall and a pot full of dirt and I fell into the pool. The next thing I know I'm in some kids garage surronded by gay men whom I had never met before and then ended up at my friends house without my clothes on. 101 80 Show
Hide 1375 Jack I threw up, A LOT :( 50 58 Show
Hide 1374 stephie i like 4 LOKO cuz it tastes good and it keeps me wet. nuff said. 54 50 Show
Hide 1373 the chosen one I was at a friends house with 2 girls and I decided to chug a four loko.. idk if it was one or two but i supposbly went naked infront of the two girls and said, "I'm gonna stick so far up your vag's that I will poke out your babies eyes... Yeah they were pregnant and married.. That why I drink four loko :] 49 47 Show
Hide 1372 b first and only time i've drank the loko. had a watermelon loko to start off the night. i was headed to dinner with my best friend. we had reservations at a restaurant at 8:30 with two guys. finished my can by 8:30. went to dinner, had about 6 vodka drinks because my drunk ass mind didnt think i was drunk enough. left the restaurant and went to a bar. had a few more beers. then came the cocaine. then came the great idea to go to a strip club. it was about 12:30 by this point. we went to the strip club drunk and coked up. polished off 6 bottles of champagne in the vip section. i had the great idea to take a Molly at the club. next thing we know the strip club is closing. its 6:30. woke up from a drunken drugged up stupor at around 9:30, having been taken advantage of by a friend. final tally- loko, vodka, beer, champagne, coke, and ecstasy. weirdest night of my life. 57 45 Show
Hide 1371 aquarius i never had 4lokos...they look gay 2 me. im a EnJ brandy type of girl :) 53 54 Show
Hide 1370 sammybee I drank a four loko with a girl friend.. I ended up calling my friend and we picked him up... ended up going to a semetary and laying ontop of a huge one .. after I gave up looking for a jim morrison tombstone.. blacked out... woke up in seaside at5am.. pee'd in the ocean.. blacked out again .. on a couch on the side of the road outside.. and I saw a bunch of scratches on my legs, and my friend said I was looking for a sabretooth tiger, but not just any, the flintstones pet tiger because I was convinced thats who did it to me. Then I blacked out again and woke up under a gazebo with my friend who's shirt was off and my shorts were unbuttoned... Honestly I think that was the most epic day of my life. It was also the first time I ever drank fourloko. First of many. <3 50 54 Show
Hide 1369 DPR Started the night off just sippin away on a 4loko, which then led to an epic win streak in beer pong, followed by shots of jager, whiskey and a kill chug on the rest of my 4loko. Went up stairs to attempt my vocals at rockband (fail) then I tried to walk down stairs and fell. due to my drunkness two girls were laughing at me so i just joined along in the laughter. went back up stairs and laid down on the couch and made a quick call to an ex (haha) and that's the end of the night, that i remember. next morning i wake up walk walk down stairs where everyone was at. My friends told me my food was in the oven from last night, i thanked for getting me food but they replied back that i went along with them to the restuarant ordered and passed out. went to a party across the street, shotgunned 2 tallboys, left the party and since it was so "lame" i took a full bottle of sky vodka and a lava lamp. came back to the original house and THEN the falling down the stairs incident occurred. WTF? I would say damn 4lokos suck but then again i didnt end up with a bottle of vodka, some delicious mexican food and a pretty badass lava lamp haha FTW! 58 49 Show
Hide 1368 ouch i raped my mom :/ 57 62 Show
Hide 1367 lol I TOOK A SIP 46 46 Show
Hide 1366 NoMoLokoFoMe My buddy and me buy 3 lokos each...about an hour and a hlaf later we go to mcdonalds and he tries to buy 3 mcdoubles. He said he was gonna pay with debit and proceeds to swipe his cell phone through the card reader (unsucessfully) and goes to the bathroom. When he got back he started screaming in anger that he paid and wanted his money back. We got the cops called on us. 50 35 Show
Hide 1365 NoMoLokoFoMe My buddy and me buy 3 lokos each...about an hour and a hlaf later we go to mcdonalds and he tries to buy 3 mcdoubles. He said he was gonna pay with debit and proceeds to swipe his cell phone through the card reader (unsucessfully) and goes to the bathroom. When he got back he started screaming in anger that he paid and wanted his money back. We got the cops called on us. 92 72 Show
Hide 1364 MillerTime Tried 4 loko for the first time. Took a cab home in my boxers from a concert. Lost $400 that was in the pants that went missing. Overall, a success. 85 79 Show
Hide 1363 U.S.S.R. loko in soviet russia four loko get drunk from you 52 51 Show
Hide 1362 dear john i drank 4 fourlokos at some bitches house and i died 45 40 Show
Hide 1361 Ty A friend and I bought 4 lokos (4 Four Lokos haha) and a handle of captain. Drank 2 a piece, woke up in the hallway in front of my room, went upstairs to see the mayhem that was my backyard. Apparently I ran (literally) around a party pouring shots for everyone, came home, broke a bunch of our wood fence with our patio chairs, threw up on the patio and left the back door open. One of my girl roommates woke up to see this, she thought a burglar broke into the house. I told her it was probably me... she's still afraid of me. 47 46 Show
Hide 1360 Doc This saturday night i had two Lokos. Catch is, i drank both of them out of solo cups mixed with vodka. Don't remember anything about the night and the next day my friend told me that I was walking in the middle of a popular road screaming at all the cars that passed, tried to fight a bunch of football players, wiped out while sprinting down the sidewalk, called my buddy and told him that the commies were coming to get me, and then showed back up at my bud's room at 4 am with Cluck U. Oh, and I walked in on him fucking, turned the lights on, and seemed not to notice it. It's Thursday and I'm still sore as hell. 121 97 Show
Hide 1359 shitter the first time i drank four lokos, i felt like i just ate shrooms. 41 42 Show
Hide 1358 BrewMaster69 Here is my most recent encounter with the beast(4loko)! I bought 2 orange lokos; instant stomach ache before I even finished the first loko. Then I drank the 2nd. Sweaty and completely shitface @ this Chico State party. 2 wasted to be in public i stumbled my wasted ass about 6 blocks and ordered the most savage dish at a shitty 24 hr Mexican restaurant. I got it to-go and carefully stumbled back to my house. Falling and tripping constantly until i was approached by 3 dudes trying to start shit. Too wasted and hung I just ran away. hahah coward!!!! but i was destined to get home and eat this meal. opened my door and finally tripped and fell and spiked my mexican food on my roomates brand new vacuum. I was too wasted to clean it and too hunger not to eat it. soo i ate the food off his vacuum. I smoked a bowl and got mad spins. Throwing up and then blacked out. Woke up delirious and to a robbed house. MacBook, Flatscreen, and my weed. Thanks 4 loko! 140 81 Show
Hide 1357 Bobby Poppycock Drank a fourloko, now my butt hole hurts me so... 47 41 Show
Hide 1356 Charles My lass and me drank 3 four lokos watermelon! We woke up, feeling like shit and my member was all wet. She had a can up her vagina. We have no idea what happened last night. We are totally 'loko.' 58 49 Show
Hide 1355 cocoforloko i dont remember so my friend is trying to remind me. after a 12 pack of corona and 2 four lokos i was pretty fucked up. the last thing i remember is some huge black dude and one crackhead looking motherfucker in my apartment. the next think i know i woke up on the floor of my bedroom in a huge pile of spaghetti vomit. i also came to find that i had pissed myself. this was a major accomplishment. ive been drinking for years and have never managed to do that. as i came to i wondered why i was in so much pain and my head was killing me. Apparently i had become possessed by four loko. the story goes me and my brother got into a fight and he ended up choking me out with a belt. and probably punched me in the face about 10 times. my body hurt for a week. but then again i dont know if you can blame four loko because the same exact thing pretty much happened the next weekend, four loko not being involved. now i only drink beer :) 54 50 Show
Hide 1354 DGFL My sister told me about loco saying it was crazy and i should try it but only drink one because it really screws you up.. So hof coures me and my best friend drink 2 and a half plus beers just to prove her wrong that they were really not bad.. Last thing i remember was falling asleep in a chair and before i fell asleep i was screaming i am sleeping in a lady gaga chair ! When I woke up I woke up with a sprained ackle and cuts all over my face.. And to top it 5 of my friends told me i showed up at there partys and they all had diff partys .. I <3 4loco 52 55 Show
Hide 1353 2Loko Okay so the night started out with 4 friends wanting to get drunk and since my state's banning four loko's we decided to drink them while they are still around. Long story short everyone ends up drinking 2 cans of loko, and me and my girlfriends best friend ( my girlfriend is sitting in jail by the way) get into her parents liquor stash and end up taking about 10 shots each AND we end up sleeping with each other. Once my girl got out of jail I was banned from drinking. Needless to say I hate four loko's 46 40 Show
Hide 1352 JDPEE I went to my friends apartment and brought 5, count em FIVE four lokos over.(two girls one man and only one girl was down for LOKO) I thought the girls could hang with me, even though i was a guy. Soooo we each had one. At first. we continued playing cards. After one in, Roomate comes in sees us hammered, she drinks vodka (gross i know) so fuck her, we drank the rest of em. Girl drinking vodka wants food, we go to a diner. Theres a blurred spot in my memory at the diner, then im stuck in between pools of puke at our table, and running with puky shoes from the table to the restroom, everyone puking. Waiters brought us water. Only because i have a penis did i survive this ordeal, next flash im home, heart beating like i ran a marathon. CNN got one thing right, men can handle LOKOS better than women. 46 48 Show
Hide 1350 Krazy Killah Monday night after a game day weekend so not much going on. Me and and friend went out on the hunt for some women, i drank 2 four lokos beforehand. I woke up naked with this girl(not attractive) and my roommate said i came home turned on the lights and blasted music at 3 am. Then I apparently got in the shower with this girl then took her to my room leaving the shower on. the tub overflowed and water flowed into the hallway. My roommate was pissed! I LOVE FOUR LOKOS 46 59 Show
Hide 1349 Sleepwalker I visted UGA(the biggest party college in the usa) for a weekend. drank half a four loko. My friends watched me sleep walk into the bathroom and bring 2 objects back to the couch where i was sleeping...they thought i was awake so they said nothing and went back to sleep. i woke up the next morning with cocoa butter and toilet paper next to me. WTF was i doing with cocoa butter and tp?? 47 53 Show
Hide 1348 CJ Blacked out on my birthday with some guys, woke up in my own vomit and apparently I went pool hopping and the cops tracked us down and I asked mad girls in my contacts for head.. great night.. pause not. 47 41 Show
Hide 1347 Loko4Evar MANNY PACQUIAO FIGHT NIGHT: 6 4Lokos in a paper bag, chugged em in an alley behind the bar with my friends SleezeNutz and DirtySally, all while rolling a blunt. I only remember the first two fights, both of which I would constantly yell at, "WHERE'S MANNY???" BLACK OUT RECOUNT: - According to Mr. SleezeNutz around 7:30PM when the Manny Pacquiao fight began, I became Mr. Pacquiao. I went to the back of the bar and as his entrance music played I pushed through the crowd trying to get to the "ring" or as it was in real life, the "pool table." When I reached the squared circle I climbed right in, as the valiant fighter would, even though there was a game of pool going on. The large men playing pool shouted obscenities at me while I, being the diplomat that I am, spit down on them and screamed "ME MANNY, ME MANNY." Needless to say, I was quickly escorted out of the bar, where I wasted no time vomiting the multi-colored contents of my stomach on the carpet leading to the entrance of the bar. GREAT NIGHT. Woke up the next morning feeling like I had been punched by Manny in the stomach. Spent the rest of the day smoking weed and watching 30 Rock. Let's do it again next week! 60 58 Show
Hide 1346 AlliAnn More or less this is for my friends. Im a veteren wit the stuff. Bout 1 fourloko plus many shots, my 2 130 lbs twin friends started to argue. This got to the point of physical violence to which I had to be a human straight jacket for one of them. this was over who hated one of their ex's more...needless to say i had blood all over my pants and it was bout 5am by the time we got to bed....gosh i LOVE fourloko!! 48 49 Show
Hide 1345 tits mcgee i had never drank 2 4lokos in a row so i thought it was a good night in chico to drink 2 within about 30 minutes. i proceeded to go get pizza with my friends like shooting our finger guns at people along the way. once i got to the pizza plce i ate 3 giant ass pizza slices and threw the fourth at a guy running down the street. we then went to a buddys house of mine and thats when i went even more downhill...i was doing snow angels on the carpet and was slapping myself repeatedly. i then ran through his screen door which i am no paying for and then blacked out on the way back to the dorms where i attempted to get into my bunk bed but fell five feet onto my back and stayed there until 15 hours later where i woke up with a massive hangover 48 55 Show
Hide 1344 lokinator i had two four lokos one night and i was fine because im not a freshman and i know how to drink alcohol and not act like an idiot!! 46 48 Show
Hide 1343 Oh da lokos.... So right before my schools football game, 4 friends and I tried 4lokos for the first time. We each had one and my friend and I split the last one. Once we got to the game I was wasted and had to pee really bad, so in front of at least 20 other classmates, I pulled down my pants and peed on the grass. The last thing I remember is going to an after party where I had at least 5 shots. The next thing I know, I'm lying on the ground underneath a hammock at 2 am with my socks on my hand and my bra missing but my shirt still on? I've loved lokos ever since. 58 62 Show
Hide 1342 jennysdrunk xD well me and all my friends normally get lokos on friday nights. and i am a girl to hold my liquor. but one for loko im POPPED! we have done some of the craziest shit while drunk off these damn things, from stealing, to skinny dipping, to just anything basically you name it. im sad there going to be banned. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee getting these :] 45 49 Show
Hide 1341 CTwitty 4 Cans of 4Loko 3 hours of sex 2 girls 1 dr's visit to make sure no vaginal tearing went down. 'nough said 51 45 Show
Hide 1340 shoe started playin loko this game me and my buddies made up with lemonade lokos, the best of course. killed a 6 pack with 3 friends. went to this girls party a friend threw a beer at me i took a knee and chugged most of it. threw the rest at him (also 4 lokod out). hit him with it, he came after me. i tackled him and cut my head as i faceplanted on the side walk and shook blood all of him screaming "you dont know where ive been lou! we really like this place!" covered him in blood. we all go to the strip club. then next i remember is drinking bread crumbs and choking on them. as i try to go outside i trip on the rug and fall thru the glass in our front door. 54 55 Show
Hide 1339 Hussey1189 So the other night, I went to a bonfire at a friends house and decided to drink nothing but loko. I was almost done with my 3rd when someone had the great idea of branding my ass with a metal skewer. Of course I thought it was a great idea at the time. While everyone argued about whether or not to let this happen I decided to test it out the back of my hand, burning the number 11 into it. Note to self...four loko doesn't also act as a pain killer 146 91 Show
Hide 1338 luckydude so my buddys threw a huge party a few blocks down the street from where i live. During the party i had about 5 beers and two lokos, and to be honest the rest of of the night was filled in for me. The cops came and 3 others friends decided to leave with me. about a block away, 2 of my friends decided to go back to the house and get thier coats. After a miniute of waiting outside, i turned to my other friend and said, hey i gotta go back and get my guys. so i did, only to go to the neighbors house. i didnt realize that it was the wrong house, so i broke in. I climbed up the stairs and ended up on the outside balcony, where i started yelling to the people back at the house "hey, guys, how do i get down?!" i woke up the owner of the house who chased me down the stairs, threw a can of paint which missed my head by several inches, and then released her 2 pit bulls on me. in order to escape, i ran through her wooden fence, not over it through it. The lady called the cops but i ran away by then. i dont remember anything. love loko 49 47 Show
Hide 1337 big booty oooy i luv fourloko because i can walk around naked and since the four loko is in my hand its excused!!!!!!!! <3 63 57 Show
Hide 1336 BahaJOKES So three of my friends came to visit, we managed to share a couple 4lokos, we ended up riding a drunk bus downtown to a bar, proceeded to drink more there. By the end of the night we were all seperated, one woke up in a hotel, one woke up at a random school, one woke up at a house and one woke up in an unlocked random car. Needless to say the way we got in contact with each other was via fbook message the next morning...where are you? Bahahaha it was like the hangover 2 recreate. 49 55 Show
Hide 1335 DrHolliday After sipping gin I was lured into a game of kings. I chugged two in waterfall mode, finished in about half an hour. Blacked out and woke up in the hospital at about 4 am, at which point the night was explained to me. I'd gotten in a fight with a girl, headed to a bar and gotten kicked out. At my friend's house I fell backwards over a table and smacked my head against his door. I hit it hard enough to split open my head leave a blood splatter and pass out in my friend's arms while she held a paper towel to my head. 7 staples. I also apparently told the nurse, "Give it to me straight doc - AM I GONNA LIVE??" 252 84 Show
Hide 1334 peach drinking is ba 51 56 Show
Hide 1333 Domestic Violence So, I've had Loko many many times before. This had to be thee best/worst experience ever. Me and my friend/roommate each drank half of our Loko and then filled it back to the top with Tequila. This is where things went horribly wrong. We some how manage to walk all the way back to our buddy's house (which is about 2 miles away). Once we get there we start fighting, over nothing. It got pretty heated and fists were thrown. Soon, his girlfriend is balling her eyes out as me and him continue to fight each other. Finally, the fight ends and I go and cool down in the bedroom. Next thing I hear is "Everyone get out here, before I start kicking down doors." To my great displeasure it was a fucking cop. I guess someone called in a Domestic Violence/ Noise Complaint. We managed to talk our way out of any trouble. Lucky for me too, I just got off probation. Needless to say, for the rest of our lives we will call Half-Loko and Half-Tequila: "Domestic Violence" 54 60 Show
Hide 1332 TyTy So I started off the night with a watermelon loko (my favorite flavor). The plan was to pregame it before a frat party, unfortunately I felt so good I didn't stop. After my first loko I took 2 shots of vlad which tasted like pure water. My friends and I decided to leave to go to the frat after this and I WAS FUCKIN PUMPED. I was convinced that I was the world champion of Parkour, jumping on and off of every obstacle I encountered. Finally got to the frat, somehow avoiding an underage. From there shit went downhill quick. literally. Turns out they had lokos in addition to the traditional Natty. I chugged a lemonade (my second favorite flavor). Then I danced. I danced like a mother fucker until I was drenched in sweat and all the fat sorority chicks looked like Megan Fox. I decided to cool myself off with yet another loko. All they had left was blue raspberry which tasted amazing even though it is without a doubt the worst flavor. About three fourths of the way through it, I threw up all over one of the frat bros. My friends apologized and tried to take me out. I refused insisting that the frat brother was dissing Kid CuDi. I took a pathetic swing at him and missed. He swung back and didn't. Right in the stomach. THERE WAS SHIT EVERYWHERE. The fat bitch sandwich I had earlier from Are U Hungry now resided in my pants. After realizing what happened (and smelling) everyone immediately started fleeing the frat. The problem was, it was 3 in the morning and the cops were goin hard. People were getting underages left and right and I laughed the whole way home. Woke up the next morning and figured i needed to buy new sheets. 49 49 Show
Hide 1331 MAHLER Heard four lokos were getting banned, I work at a convenient store so I had one of my friends come in while I was working and steal a few. When I got home we decided to clean out the beer bong and throw a couple lokos in there. Next thing I knew I saw the law office across the streets lights were on and the back door was open. My friend who was also fucked up on loko and I decided to run in there and take a look around. Woke up the next morning with a book filled with incest porn, 5 hustler magazines, an industrial size roll of toilet paper, and some rolls of paper towels. I looked outside and there was a cop in my duplex parking lot, talking to the man who owns the law office. Luckily I wasn't caught, but needless to more lokos for me :p 54 54 Show
Hide 1330 Four Loko Stories Post your crazy stories right on facebook! 50 55 Show
Hide 1329 bongzalot well it was my birthday and i was so totally ready to get wastey mind you it was a monday so my friends and i were drinking and i decided to bong a whole grape four loko a few hours later i was on the floor of my bathroom so i was told and then when i woke up i had my best guy friend in bed and hickies all over my neck 56 50 Show
Hide 1328 canada meets erie 4loko night: .. 4 friends, 1 got kicked out of the bar lost her clutch/cell/id/keys... slept in a car outside of her apartment(that wasn't hers) woke up and pushed every button in the app before someone let her in. 2nd friend ended up in a hotel with a dead cell phone and a hot boy. 3rd friend stayed at some boys house and was nowhere to be found. 4th friend goes to some res in the middle of nowhere.. wakes up to 8 fb messages WHERE THE FUCK IS EVERYONE. All 3 friends "I HAVE NO IDEA". friend drives to find everyone. CRASHES. THE END. 64 51 Show
Hide 1327 OMGLOKOOO one time i drank a bunch of 4 loko and decided to make a website that copied texts from last night but with a different name! crazy night bros lol 59 60 Show
Hide 1326 Kleon After 2 four lokos + drinks I Stomped on beer bottles Flipped a beer pong table with cups of beer and water Call plenty girls fat Steal people drinks at the bar Credit card statement not looking good 56 56 Show
Hide 1325 Lady Peaches I downed 2 Watermelon cans in 3 minutes and woke up in the at 5 am getting triple teamed by 3 random men i've never seen in my life. My ass is still sore! 53 56 Show
Hide 1324 weber814 On the way back from Millwaukee for a baseball trip weekned at Miller Park, my pal Jeff was a few beers deep. We decided to stop in Ohio for a "few pops". As we walked toward the impressive beer spread in the refidgerators, the lights seamed to twinkle on this section of alcohol known as FOURloco. We saw this Rese Bobby looking beverage and we were in love right away with the 12% alcohol and cheesey graphic looks. ON TO THE LOCO LEGEND: My buddy Jeff (age 27) downed his first logo within 10 minutes. Within 20 minutes he was deeply insulting his younger brother (25), telling him he truly thinks he is a homosexual. He then tried to pee a gallon into a small chewing tobacco spit cup. As you can guess, he soaked himself in urine and pissed himself all over my jeep. It got so extreme that I had to pullover and ejaculate him from my vehicle. We pulled into a shit-hole gas station off an exit. Jeff then wondered into the woods. He came waddling back to the jeep with his peins hanging out and his pants to his ankles. He then stumbled into my jeep singing a slurred version of a Deftones song. His brother and my buddy were horrified. Stayed to for episode 2. 48 49 Show
Hide 1323 weezy Ight its ya boy weezy.. me and some my home boys though down some them locos, in my limo on the way the club in orlando. Ightt, sippen on some hypnotic and redbull at the club. Start dancing with dis shawtyy. Fell down drunk as fuckkk. Woke up the next morning the next morning on the eiffel tower the lord gives me power like them 4 lokos make it shower. 52 49 Show
Hide 1322 Omarion First off, i was 5'6" 110 pounds. I was on a empty stomach with 4 of my buddies, we ant have a job, not shit to do! So we got around 8 cans of these shits and started getting at it. We each had one at the start but i wanted more. Drank another 2, chugging the last one. Some how we ended up getting to the mall, i only remember blurs of punching people, walking out side falling, and puking, Turns out i was quite walking around, randomly told an old lady "hey, guess what" She said what, i screamed "CHARLIE HORSE" hit her in the leg, she droped and i ran away laughing. I ended up seeing my first love there ( who dumped me because i drank and smoked ) screamed, threw a table. sat there for a bit puked, some how mall cops got my phone, called the real cops, called my pops and brother, brother ended up carrying me out to a night of puking. 52 42 Show
Hide 1321 SkyyJohn This drink is a beast and will totally fuck you! It's a good cheap buzz though! Check out my Four Loko review! 65 56 Show
Hide 1320 Teyshawn Yo i Be drankin sum lokos wit ma nigguz last nite nd i downed four... nothin happened... im 120 pounds u pussies 57 70 Show
Hide 1319 mizzgudy2shews I was feeling sick so i was taking advil, aleve, and cough syrup. around 3pm I got a four loko and headed to a friends dorm where i was welcomed with shots. after the shots i downed the rest of my four loko. the meds and loko went really well together for the first 2 hours until i started puking my brains out. i was hugging the toilet and my chin was resting on the edge of the toilet seat. EW. I blacked out like that for a half hour. when i woke up and chugged water i was ready to get the party back on. the next morning i had the worst hang over of my life. Four loko es no joko. 51 55 Show
Hide 1318 Kinetic SO a buddy of mine and I went to a local bar and got a little drunk. We decided to leave, but stop at a local liquor store to get a night cap. We had no idea what 4loko was, but we figured why not. I drank two. I stayed up until 6 am running around campus. I fell down a couple times and had cuts on my hands and knees, but the crowning event of my night was when I pee'd on the administration building. I woke up the next day on a cement floor with my head in a trashcan. 54 29 Show
Hide 1317 4broko drank 2 in under an hour then went to a bar and cut my lower lip pretty bad on a broken glass bottle I was attempting to drink. I started bleeding a lot and instead of cleaning my wound I preceded to spit all the blood over a brohater's back 65 52 Show
Hide 1316 Grim Greg Me and my bro decided to have a bonding sesh. While I was chillin with a few beers, he decides to try to match me and put away 4 in the period of a few hours. The next day, I sat by his hospital bed as the life slipped out of his body. FML 46 55 Show
Hide 1315 Morgan I was hanging out in Chicago last summer at this guy's house who I'd met on the internet, we bought 4 Four Loko's for the two of us to split. Watermelon is the best, imo. We were all sitting out on the porch and his extremely hot roommate came out and I started feeling awkward and tried to drink both of them as fast as I could in an effort to be more "social", or something. First one was fine, and then all I can remember after that is singing 3OH3!, and then being naked in the bathroom and throwing up on myself. I guess I had sex with my friend, and then went into the bathroom to puke right after, walked into his OTHER roommate's room who was asleep (doesn't drink at all) and had also just passed a kidney stone that day. He saw a shadowed figure in his room (me), got a knife and tried to stab my leg until he turned the lights on and I naked sleepwalked in circles in his room and tried to pee on his bed. Then tried to open the door and walk around Chicago streets (still naked) at like 5 am by myself. The door was locked, to my benefit. They don't have this shit in Canada, thank god. 105 85 Show
Hide 1314 Lokomokochoko! Had a four loko party theme at my house. Admission 2 four lokos, end result, broken doorknob, two 50 gallon bags worth of cans...and found out a month later someone got knocked up cause of the party! 63 64 Show
Hide 1313 loko33 I just drank 1.5 lokos.. my first 2.. and i told my wife I want anal.. shes filing for divorce. I'm not kidding. 58 49 Show
Hide 1312 brenda sue i tried playing "sober sally" at a party cuz my friend was turning 21 and needed some watching that night. needless to say, i ended up with 1 dick in my vag and 1 dick in my ass. thx 4 loko! 215 106 Show
Hide 1311 bonebreaker So I had a tasty lemonade 4loko to kick off a night of wild drinking. Followed that up with various mixed drinks for a few hours before blacking out completely. Around 4am, I gradually floated back up into consciousness and realized that my wrist was broken and massively swollen. No one knows what happened because the only person I was with was also blackout thanks in part to getting loko. Drinking 4loko that night: Great decision, or greatest decision? 123 78 Show
Hide 1310 LokoHero So I drank my purple loko and my colt 45 around 10pm. Around 11:30 me and my friends decided to go to a show at a warehouse/apartments. I arrive at the show trashed out of my mind. Next thing I know I'm in line to the bathroom and apparently told one of my friends to come in with me. We enter and I decide its a good idea to rip down the shower curtain, pour out all the shampoo of the five people that live in the apartment, fill the tub up with water, and leave with the shower around me like a cape claiming "I AM THE 4LOKO QUEEN"! 50 49 Show
Hide 1309 EL-LOKO WELLL it all started on friday night when my friends hot mom gave me a four loko with a shot of whiskey. She put the four loko in my lap and gave a really good bj :) then she stuck it in my butthole and i fucking dickslapped that ho! TALLY HO! 54 55 Show
Hide 1308 GingerKat My loko story starts out with me saddling up with the four horseman, then ~10 beers later i pissed on the floor of a strangers bathroom. I somehow woke up the next morning back in my hotel room. I then had to take the most epic shit of my life....It smelled like dimetap. Guess with flavor I started off the night with. 44 52 Show
Hide 1307 TK Last weekend I took down an Orange Four Loko, the morning after I woke up in a Ferrari doing 120 on I-95 with ten cop cars chasing me in south Florida... I'm from Minnesota. 52 54 Show
Hide 1306 loko4lokos Washington state is banning them after 11/17 so I went out and spend over $100 on four cases after visiting 5 gas stations. 60 75 Show
Hide 1305 daneeeel I played a really metal metal show and had a few beers. I then went back to my friend's house. Night of Demons, or something, was playing. I'd never had a fourloko before, and my friend had stockpiled some. I drank a quarter can and was wrecked! I had to have my girlfriend drive me home, as my world was spinning and consciousness fundamentally altered. I WAS LOKO'D! 43 43 Show
Hide 1304 Sir Doltus Told A Fat Chick In A Sweater....That I Love Fat Chicks In Sweaters 174 96 Show
Hide 1303 lastofthelokos Had a couple of lokos and other beverages a few nights ago. Woke up sitting up in my bed fully dressed with the lights on. I thought I had passed out momentarily and went out to continue raging. It was 6:30am, I had apparently been sleeping for 5 hours. 61 53 Show
Hide 1302 Ryde or Die I've had a few Four Lokos before, but the last time I had one was a disaster. It was 5 days before my 21st birthday on a Thursday night and I had a four loko plus a few shots of whiskey and at least 4 beers. And this was before going to the bar, which I somehow got into. I took a lot of Adderall before because I had a midterm earlier and I didn't know it would make me so thirsty and that mixing more than 2 kinds of alcohol was bad. Anyway, I went to the bar, drank more and eventually blacked out while there and woke up in a hospital bed not remembering anything from that point on. Apparently, while walking back to my college dorm, I was yelling random things at people and got knocked for disorderly conduct. Don't remember being locked up thankfully but then I hit my head and got put in the hospital and went home that weekend for fall break. I had been in trouble before at school and I ended up getting suspended for what happened that night plus a brand new case to deal with. Let's just say I would never touch another Four Loko with a 100 ft pole. Oh and I didn't drink or do anything for my 21st because I was not allowed to celebrate it at school or drink period fml. One positive is that I now plan to never got extremely intoxicated ever again. It was not fun. 43 34 Show
Hide 1301 H-Don On Spring Break 2010 in Destin,FL it was the first time i'd ever gotten lok'd. I didnt realize how potent they were and ended up drinking 2 back to back on top of about 7 shots (I weigh about 165) it is the only time that I have been drunk enough not to remember anything from the night. I lost my phone and got some funny videos taken of me while Lok'd out. I still drink Four Loko's to this date, but will never have more than 1. 58 60 Show
Hide 1300 big bambino drank 3 1/2 4lokos shit was crazy my buddies litterally carried my out yet i woke up in a town an hour away from where i live.. but ive never been here.... dont remember getting here... dont remember what happened.. but im sitting in a limo 116 84 Show
Hide 1299 nick408 4 FOUR LOKOS + BEER + TRAMPOLINE = BLOODY ASS NOSE 60 59 Show
Hide 1298 2HANDBOLT Aww man! I had never had a four loko before. Mind you, I'm about 130 pounds and I chugged one entire can in about a minute and a half. I new it was going to be bad when I got a bad case of the hiccups and when my friends started to try and calm me down I screamed, "I NEED IT!" Next thing I know, I went from sitting in a chair to laying on floor, bringing down the table with me. I lost my equilibrium and I could stand but I made my way to the bathroom to puke. Since I had vomit on my shirt, My buddies took off my shirt for me, only for me to take off running down the hallway in our dorm. They take me to my room and I pass out only to realize I forgot my phone in the room. So, I go back to my friends dorm in a drunken fury, ready to fight all my friends, despite it being about 5 to 1 and I'm 130lbs. I think this is quite a conspiracy. Four Lokos should be banned for lightweights like me. AWW MAN!!! 52 48 Show
Hide 1297 moosemonkey I drank 2 four locos plus 4 long islands.... i left a voicemail that i don't remember asking a girl from my church to give me a BJ. Also i ended up in a penguin costume at a bar called the penguin dancing my ass of..... and that was the start of the night! 45 39 Show
Hide 1296 Chuck Norris Jr Twas a Friday night and it started off with my friend "LOKO-ing" me. This is the new icing for those of you who didn't know. Anyway, after consuming this disgusting drink mixed with a few beers, bourbon gingers, and some shots, I blacked out.I have no clue what happened between the hours of 11-3am but I eventually woke up in the basement of a random pizza place, leaning over some sort of appliance, with my vomit all over the walls and floor. And for whatever reason, I somehow lost most of the feeling in my left hand. And have yet to get it back a week later. 4 LOKO doesn't mess around. 45 41 Show
Hide 1295 4WACKo OK. so the night started like any thursday... I got me a LOKO and killed it. Got another and killed it. proceeded to drink all the beer in my bros fridge and smoke... THIS IS THE POINT I WAS FILLED IN ON LATER.... so apparently I went to a party and the cops came so the house owner locked the doors.. I left anyway LOKO in hand. I walked right past the cops fell down the steps and yelled at the damn steps for being so hard to use... then i stole a bike from a large black man in north philly and he called the cops.. the cops didnt believe him and tried to give me the bike.. mylifeisLOKO 142 97 Show
Hide 1294 biddieloko my worst night of drinking 4loko was a pretty rushed night of pre-gaming i downed my four loko for pre-gaming still having a second one and beer at my guy friends party...i ended up playing a few games of beer pong and chugging beer and loko together because i was too "sober" for pong and needed to be drunk for it...needless to say i was told i wanted someone to video tape me in the backyard having sex with a deer, owl, fox and cinderella...that was not the end of its since i kept jumping on my biddies and motorboating them. by the time we were ready to leave i almost fell down the stairs and since i didnt fall there i thought climbing the side of the porch was a good idea to only find out that i couldnt hold on fell straight on the hard ground. i was then carried into the cab and danced horribly to Jamaican music tell the Jamaican cab drivers i loved their the end i woke up not remembering the entire night and had the worst tailbone bruise of my life...i dont mind though because i love my 4lokos <3 48 53 Show
Hide 1293 Four Loko Fred At 9pm I drank 4 Four Lokos, blacked out and went on a spiritual journey where I reached a higher consciousness and realized my path in life. I woke up at 10am with my car crashed into an elementary school, where I accidentally ran over 4 kindergartners. Now that's four loko! 49 50 Show
Hide 1292 mau4loko Watermelon 4 loko: $3 Pizza: $8 Getting in a fight over a slice of pizza: Priceless 56 50 Show
Hide 1291 fourloko started the night with 3 four lokos. woke up with 2 girls next to me. 56 48 Show
Hide 1290 COMO A few weeks ago I met this girl at a party, she was kinda big, but cool and she had hott friends, so I kept in touch with her. Last friday around 6 she called me up and said that her and some friends were gonna go drink and swim at her friend's apartment. I couldn't pass up a chance to work on my tan; I picked up 2 cans of 4Loko and headed out there. We hopped in the pool, me, the chubby girl, her small cute friend and another dude. The more I drank the better the small girl looked, even though she came off as a bit of a whore. When the sun started to go down we jumped in the hot tub and I finished the second can of 4Loko, man that alcohol hit me hard. Then the other guy had to leave so him and the chubby girl headed out to his car leaving me with the cute one. It took about 30 seconds for us to start making out (I'm not proud to say this but there were children present too... neither of us cared). So when the chubby chick got back me and the cute one headed up to the apartment and proceeded to get it on. Afterwards I passed out for a bit, when I woke up i was still drunk and the girls were just coming back from the pool. The Chubby one tells me we need to leave cause the cute one has plans with another guy and he's coming over. We headed out, but I didn't go too far cause I'm still pretty drunk so I pulled over. I chat with the chubby chick for a bit, then I said, "You know what would make this night more fucked up, if we fuck." Yes, I fucked the chubby girl too. So afterwards I took her home, drove back to my place and passed the fuck out. The next morning I woke up with that -what the fuck did I do last night- feeling. 45 47 Show
Hide 1289 el poyo loko had 4 lokos....... according to the cops ended up masturbating on da bus -_- 47 46 Show
Hide 1288 Allie! Drunk one four loko with a bunch of my friend ended up running from "the cops" (really a bunch of teens with paintball guns and flash lights) and ran across a ledge over looking a river. Then went to a party and puked my brains out everywhere and told 40 year old guys I'd make out with them ad offered a bj to a guy dressed as the joker. Yea, bad ass night. 65 61 Show
Hide 1287 lokobid It was the thursday before halloween of this year. We were all dressed up and it was cute. I pre-gamed with a four loko. We went to the bar, drank some beer and played pong. That was the last thing I remember. I woke up super confused. I've been told that I drank way more, started screaming in the bar, and the bouncer told me he was gonna kick me out if I kept screaming. He turned around and I started screaming again and followed him as if I was going to fight him. And let's just say there was still vom in my hair the next morning. fourloko<3 45 47 Show
Hide 1286 Seabass After hearing about the government banning the always delicious FOUR LOKO, my fraternity brothers decided to throw a Loko party. At the party I proceeded to drink my 2 Lokos and an unknown # of shots. I blacked out sometime so my friends filled in the rest of the night for me. The boys called sober phone, but on the ride home I accidentally touched the girl drivers' boob. She wasn't happy about this so I told her,"You're atrocious, I have a girlfriend!" I then proceeded to jump out the car window. I was next seen shirtless and pantless with dick flopping out talking to campus police. A frat bro quickly rescued me from an unfavorable fate and led me to my dorm. I rewarded him in the elevator by picking him up and holding him like a child. My last word before passing out in bed was,"Penis..." Without LOKO my adventure wouldn't have been possible. 115 80 Show
Hide 1285 loko4loko I went out with my girlfriends and we had about 2 4lokos each. Everything was going good until we got to this bar in brooklyn. I threw up on some guy who was hitting on me at the bar. My other friend got lost in Brooklyn and told us she woke up at her cousins house wearing a shower cap and covered in my vomit and found 3 condoms in her pocket. My other friend did not throw up but did suffer a horrible head injury after tripping over a fire hydrant while walking home. good night. 62 59 Show
Hide 1284 MNLoves loko Four Loko is not unsafe. Dont drink it if you cant handle it. Keep it on the shelves for those of us who love to drink this 12% wonderful blend!! 58 60 Show
Hide 1283 ACE I decided one night that life wasn't worth living. My wife was leaving me, and my children were meth heads. I went to the store and got 5 Lokes, and brought them home. I had killed one and a half when my wife and two adult children walked in. "WTF ARE YOU DOING!?!?!" they screamed in unison. They saw the 4Loko, and each grabbed a remaining can and pounded it. We had such a good time that night, it saved my marriage, and the Kids aren't on meth, or any drug for that matter, any more! Thanks Four Loko! 46 50 Show
Hide 1282 lustred my sister and i decided to try four loko.? that night, we fucked. 68 73 Show
Hide 1281 straightFUCKED So let's just skip this whole story bullshit. Me & a friend chugged 2 fourlokos each. My fresh new boyfriend of about a week came over, and that my friends, was the night I had my first legit 3 some ever. Amen. 112 92 Show
Hide 1280 Colbert I used to drink loko's then i grew some balls and started drinking C-zurrrre. 49 46 Show
Hide 1279 Sparky This is a TRUE story: Drank a Four Loco on my break from working at starbucks. I didn't realize there was alcohol in the drink. After my break a soccer mom asked me for a venti non-fat no whip classic hot chocolate, extra foam. I forgot the foam and she yelled at me. I totally lost it, dumped her drink down my pants, jumped over the counter and made a run for it. I never went back to my job again...or had a Four Loco. 76 59 Show
Hide 1278 homoforloko Its currenty 734pm wedsdaynight. bout to pop open a LOKO. to be continued..... 49 60 Show
Hide 1277 GRR I think if your gonna drink four loco or any bevage of that make sure you dont chug it or nothing be smart about it and not stupid all these stories are your own fault! not the drinks fault. ITs your fault that you drannk it and probably drank it to fast or more than one can thats totoally your fault not hte products fault. be smarter about drinking this stuff. so really they shouldnt take it off the market....SO FUCK YOU. 62 61 Show
Hide 1276 kkk I Chugged 2 Four Locos, Went To the bar walked back , next day I was told My mother opened my bedroom door and found me naked in the middle of my bed smoking weed, while 4 other naked girls were passed out in my room.. CRAZY what the hell happened, 58 70 Show
Hide 1275 lokod out Halloween weekend, had a four loko, as usual, went to a party...hooked up with one of the ugliest guys I've ever seen, didn't want to walk back to my apartment so flagged down a car in the middle of downtown LA, told them where I lived and got in and had 3 guys take me back home...thankfully I was not kidnapped....thanks four loko 45 39 Show
Hide 1274 brotastic i remember my first and second loko.... but not my third 54 49 Show
Hide 1273 Dushi decided to have a quiet night, went to the movies with my boy... drank four 4lokos each.. ended up driving home btu we decided to do a little offroading... crashed into a low tree branch shattering the windshield and ravaing the roof. got home yelling, neighbors called the cops.. asked the cops why they were all bald and if any one on the force had any hair. told them iam not worried about cops, i deal with bacon on an everyday basis for breakfast. woke up on my carpet. threw up twice during drug class the next morning.... I love you 4loko 51 46 Show
Hide 1272 cherryCHAPstick sooo the first time i loko'ed i drank two relatively quickly. before i knew it all my friends and i were playing kings and acting silly as shit. then dubstep came on and we all erupted into a spontaneous dance party in which i some how managed to get my feet swept out from underneath me.. it wasnt til the next morning that i realized my back hurt really bad... went to the bathroom to check it out... bra hook= back hook. my bra was literally attached to my back, which was also covered in blood. felt that i clearly wasnt the only one actin a fool; my friends were clearly as loko'ed out seeing as none of them thought it weird that i looked like Carrie on prom night. WOOOOOOOO 65 54 Show
Hide 1271 Your Dad People who get this fucked up on Four Loko are new to booze. Try shrooms then talk to me about fucked up. 48 49 Show
Hide 1270 40Loko It began as a typical friday night. As myself and 2 close college buddies prepared to go out, we decided that we would start our nights with a hurricane and a lemonade 4loko. The night progressed and the 4lokos began to take over. Friend #1 decided against the stupidity serum that is 4loko earlier in the night, and found a girl at the bar and disappeared, unavailable to take part in the revelry that would ensue. Me and my partner in crime for the night needed a place to stay so we aimlessly moseyed to an after party. Apparently being in an apartment with a bunch of strangers was no problem for us as we quickly endeared ourselves to the crowd by teaching them how to dougie. As soon as the song came on we started making out with our new girl friends, and as the party cleared out we had found our home for the night. Instead of pursuing the hook up, we opted for mutual sabotage. As I was making out on one couch my accomplice threw a fastball at my head in the form of an apple. For revenge I waited until he was deep into a makeout before shoving a slice of pizza down his pants. We proceeded to wander outside and throw all the chairs off of their balcony before resuming pleasantries. I wake up on the couch, fly undone, still drunk, and in looking for my buddy i wander into a bedroom which looks like either a slaughterhouse or a scene from Texas chainsaw. The white sheets are stained with blood as were my buddy's jeans and boxers. (He apparently tried to escape in the wee hours of the morning, but made the girl cook tortellini instead). In a moment of brilliance the girl adopted a limp and said she cut her knee the night before, but... Yeah. You get it. 4loko created a walk of shame for the ages. One still intoxicated, and the other the main character in a Freddy Kruger film with a rorschach test on his crotch. Oh did I mention we went to breakfast with my parents? 51 49 Show
Hide 1269 loko4turp me n my 2 housemates threw a massive party, the plan was to get as smashed as possible. after finishing my 15 beer, i started on my 3 4lokos.....i woke up in my bed the next morning, half of one left on the stand beside gfs best friend beside me...well ex gf, apparently i got so drunk, asked her to go fuck n she told me she was on her period n that she wasnt going to suck my dick either...i guess i flipped out, dumped her, n her best frind fucked me insted...pretty loko.. 51 52 Show
Hide 1268 Andy Katz I don't remember any of my FourLoko stories! Y'all are crazy! 53 52 Show
Hide 1267 james the first time i had a four loko i blacked out and puked... yikes.... i love them...sugar -n- booze 46 52 Show
Hide 1266 Hallowloko Halloween night I drank 3 four lokos by about 9:30. I woke up with my head on my keyboard, a half-eaten sandwich inches from my face, a political campaign sign, a silver chain, tiger-striped cat ears, a stethoscope, a bible and a sign that said "Get Down On Your Knees and Pray." 69 58 Show
Hide 1265 missLioness Went to a friends house, he decided to introduce me to FourLoko's. I drank half of one, decided to give him a 2 & a half hour massage. Now he always hits me up for massages. Of course FourLokos should never be banned from these Magic Hands. xo 51 47 Show
Hide 1264 soyloko Long story short I ended up in the middle of my parking lot screaming RAPE and somehow this girl gave me her number because of it... and then We wandered to dennys were i passed out in the parking lot only to wake up an hour later and puke my brains out. And then i was carried home by my roomates because i could not even walk ahaha. Thank you loko <3 53 62 Show
Hide 1263 the 516 drank 2 tall boys,2 quatro crazys(4 lokos), blacked out,kicked both my best friends out of my house, hooked up with both of their girls... at once.. threw up all over me, my bed, and my phone (that broke) and got my 2 best friends to hate me for 3 months. im the man 49 48 Show
Hide 1262 FDA I drank 2 four lokos, blacked out, and the next thing I know, I banned four loko...worst decision I ever made... 48 43 Show
Hide 1261 SOLOKOITSCRAZY I drank a loko and had intercourse with 5 different guys in the same night. i was real energized so i kept going and couldn't stop having sex. It was crazy i really enjoyed being able to have sex with different people and not become tired.....Thank you loko 60 58 Show
Hide 1260 kay Had 1 and 1/2 four lokos at a friends house. I talked on the phone the entire night to someone I completely hate and told them ALL of my secrets. I chain smoked half a pack of cigarettes on the porch. When I finally decided to go inside and hangout with my friends, I passed out on the living room couch, woke up to my bestfriend smacking my ass so hard it hurt her hand. I proceeded to drive home. My friend pulled up next to me screaming at me for driving down the completely wrong side of the road for at least a mile. I woke up this morning with ez mac all over me and in my bed, probably with a 200 bpm heart rate. 104 80 Show
Hide 1259 Four Nojoke-o Went to visit some bros and started off the night with 3 cans of this death juice....that's the last thing I remember. Apparently, we got sick of sitting around and walked to the store to continue getting our rage on. On our way, I miserably failed to dropkick a tree and proceeded to tear the back of my shorts and put a 12" gash in my leg. In the store, I ripped off my shirt, had a flex-off with the old lady behind the register with blood dripping down my leg, and got kicked out by the manager. A few hours and a bunch of tackled mailboxes later, I woke up on the bathroom floor with blood soaked shorts stuck to my leg, throwing up dinner/Loko/blood and crying like a little girl....thanks Four Loko 151 89 Show
Hide 1258 david blaze My first experience with loko started with pregaming one. before we left for the bar i chugged 3 beers and grabbed one for the ride. after getting to the bar i proceeded to shots and drink beer directly from the pitcher. I then acquired a cheap cigar and made everyone in the bar mad because it smelled so horrible. While there i notice that my current girlfriend had ran into my ex girlfriend and ex hung around us all night which was awkward to say the least. We ended up going to another bar in a limo where i continuously spit on the floor and at people even after being told to stop. We went into the next bar where i started buying everyone shots and buying beer only to drop them and spill them instead of drinking them. we then discover that our ride has left and we have no way home so my ex ends up taking me, my girlfriend and 2 of my other friends back to my house. i can confirm none of this from my own memory but this is the story as it was told to me later. I can tell you that i woke up at 12 the next day still very much shit faced and stayed drunk until around 3 when i pulled over in a liquor store parking to puke. All in all i made myself believe that fourlokos were cursed and i have never had another one. but it does make for a great story. 44 44 Show
Hide 1257 Black out in a can four loko is bad, im happy its being banned. i mean are you carzy? do you hear these stories you can die. stay away. 61 65 Show
Hide 1256 Rza - JuZa morning after text: "i drank one last night and i think i hit my limit/im sorry i tried to kill you" 56 57 Show
Hide 1255 Rza - JuZa morning after text: "i drank one last night and i think i hit my limit/im sorry i tried to kill you" 49 42 Show
Hide 1254 Jamjam 2 four lokos and I threw up all over a girl giving me a bj 77 64 Show
Hide 1253 RIPloko At our going away party for 4 loko, I managed to lose the battery inside of my phone and then later the rest of my phone in two completely unrelated incidents. Both were found (in completely separate parts of a frat house), but needless to say neither works anymore. At least we sent it out in style... 69 72 Show
Hide 1252 lokonator Last day of school, bought two 4lokos to celebrate the end of school. Drank those in about 1 hour. Woke up, half my body in the hall, half my body in my room with a blanket thrown on me; cradling a 18 pack of tall boy-- mostly dranken-- and saw my roomate with all my bedding. Had a massive hangover but decided to drink another 4loko that I found as well. 65 64 Show
Hide 1251 Jewlz Tried Loko for the first time with my casual fuck buddy last weekend. We both blacked out and woke up at 4 in the morning drenched. We wet the bed in unison. 78 62 Show
Hide 1250 Snuggles Ok so my x was like lets have a little party.So me and my friend and him and his friend got like 10 four lokos and went to a friends house.There we hung and had lots of fun.Id say almost my third one it kicked in and i was severly messed up.I was goin to the car with my boyfriend and fell down two flights of stairs.Passed out in front of his car and was laughed at.Then went back upstairs and procided to puke my brains out.Four lokos suck.Had my first hangover from drinking ever.Could barly walk for two days it was awful. 46 55 Show
Hide 1249 CNN Rules I drank 2 4LOKO's and was able to make it through an entire hour of CNN until I threw up! 57 52 Show
Hide 1248 Roger I drank four four lokos and shaved my legs. Sadly, no one stopped me and I had to walk around with shaved legs all summer. 55 67 Show
Hide 1247 Aw Yeah?! Two. Daybombed. Heckled some people playing football. Made fun of a girl who dropped a pass. My friends said it wasnt her fault, it was the QBs fault. I then stated "Well FUCK THAT GUY". The QB almost hit me in the head with the football point blank on purpose, missed not on purpose. I told him to try again. At that point my friends walked me home. I insisted on pissing on everything we walked by. Back to my dorm building. I proceeded to spit on anything of interest. Peoples I spit a lot. Tried to fight my friends. Sack tapped one of them, he then decked me. Then I tried to fight another friend, he sat on me for a good bit. My friends put me in bed. Whenever the first person I tried to fight talked, I flicked him off saying "Fuck you". Friends went to dinner, left me alone to pass out. I went into a friends room. Lights were on. Hopped onto him while he was in bed. Little did I know his gf was there too. He pointed this out to me. I responded to his gf "I'm gonna impregnate you ok?". I stood up, turned the lights off and left the room. The guy turned the lights back on. I went back the room multiple times to turn the light off again. Rally vommed shortly thereafter. It was maybe 830pm. 49 48 Show
Hide 1246 Champion Cit y The first 4 loko of the night is the hardest to swallow--gradually you are subdued to the taste in a similar way that a wound must begin to bring comfort on a battlefield as you slip away. The second 4 loko enters the system and urination is imminent. Number 3? Number 4? The return from the bathroom must be conveyed to you the next day as you attempt to piece together how you woke up on your friend's floor at 5am. 81 66 Show
Hide 1245 The boot SO my friends and I decided it was a great idea to play flip cup with four loko. The last thing i remember is waking up in my bed with my ankle the size of a grapefruit. Turns out I fell down a flight of stairs then got up saying "Im fine" then fell off a curb and had to be carried home. I ended up tearing all the ligaments in my ankle and foot. I have been in a walking boot for 6 weeks now and my friends now call me booty! Still worth it 143 four loko! 150 105 Show
Hide 1244 j.sili everytime i drink 4loko i wake up with a sore asshole 50 46 Show
Hide 1243 FourLoko4Life Drank 2 four loko's to pregame in the car with 3 other friends which also downed two cans. Was in the club long before I couldn't find all my friends. Friend #1, lasted 15 minutes in the club before he tried to smoke a cig on the dance floor, puked on the dance floor and then get kicked out. Friend #2 and #3 were in the bathroom puking so they got kicked out. I lasted till closing, not remembering much. Woke up the next morning with some random girls keys and some pepper spray in my pants. 59 62 Show
Hide 1242 4 Loks queen I heard a lot of crazy stories about 4 lokos but i didnt believe any of them. Just one can of juice that has 12% alcohol, yea right? that wont do jack! I bought 2, drank 1 and gave the 2nd 2 my sister thinking oh im not even feeling it, five min later i dont know whats goin on. my body is apparently paralyzed. i freaked out and slapped my sister sittin next to me then she slapped me back but i didn't even feel it! we ended up fighting for 30 min, but neither of us felt any pain till the next day. it looked like we had attempted to wash our house with pepto bismal and metamucil. it looked like we hosted a party for old people. the house was a mess but at least it didn't have nasea heart burn indigestion upset stomach or diarrhea! the best part is we are planning on doing it again tomorrow!!! 53 54 Show
Hide 1241 bobby boxcar the other night while i was all loko i repeatedly went up to one of my few black friends screaming "***** you're a n****r but it's okay because i am down for the cause." i then apparently kept going up to another black friend of mine laughing about how he's a n****r too with a huge smile. i then went into my friends sleeping bag and peed inside of it. i then got up and must have found out that a dog had peed in my bed but for some reason i slept only in the dog pee despite my queen sized bed and couch. 45 44 Show
Hide 1240 CodyTheSofaKing I drink Four Lokos like a champ; and don't do dumb shit. Unlike the rest of the pussies on here. 54 46 Show
Hide 1239 Gooseberry I'm a wee little guy so it only took one 4loko and a couple of beers to set me off while I was at my apartment. Apparently, I wrestled two girls, put one of the girls in a choke hold that she escaped out of and put me in a reverse choke hold, scribbled Aquaman all over our calendar, left a 15-minute voicemail to someone I didn't even know, threw a deck of cards so hard that it hit another girl in the face and caused a deep gash on the inside of her lip that made her look like the Joker from the Dark Knight, pretended to cry while consoling said girl, and finally passed out while humming the theme song from the Office. Oh - and most of it was caught on camera. 62 54 Show
Hide 1238 4BROko It was a Thursday night, and FUCK I was thirsty. I stopped to grab some LOKO's and ended up finishing one, and cracking into another by the time I got back to my bro-pad. I wanted to pre-game the pre-game, cause to be honest with you, who wants to sit around and drink with a bunch of people while making small talk? I was trying to get as fucked up as quickly as possible. I finished my second LOKO and started on the third. Bad idea? Hell no. Hammered? Hell Yes. I started having a gray-out, remembering only that I was hungry and wanted to go to the bar to get some wings. before the pre-game at 9. I woke up 14 hours later with a voice mail from the local police station asking me to come in and give a statement about my public urination and public drunkenness. I got LOKO'd 102 82 Show
Hide 1237 sufjan stevens I drank 2 four loko and went to a sufjan stevens concert. I ended up singing on the stage and later on, I puked on my girlfriends dad while I was talking about fucking his daughter. 213 91 Show
Hide 1236 jan after partaking in a night of loko's four of us were walking back to the car. Apparently i jumped in front of a car to make it think it would hit me. It stopped short and caused an accident. Proceeded to not give a shit. 57 56 Show
Hide 1235 Quatro Crazy So one night I went on a booze cruise around lower Manhattan with some friends. It was an open bar so we were all completely hammered. On the way back to my town we decided to get some 4lokos and go out to a bar for a few more drinks. I remember starting my second 4loko and then I woke up to a beeping noise. I opened my eyes and saw myself hooked up to all these heart monitors with two IV?s in my arms. I immediately freaked out and tore everything off of me. The nurses came running in screaming so I screamed back at them demanding to know what had happened. They said I had already told them when I was brought in on a stretcher: They told me, that what I told them had happened was I got drunk, lost my friends, and phone died. I left the bar, walked to my car, and decided I was too drunk to drive home so decided to lay down on the ground beside my car and take a nap to sleep it off. Apparently a cop making the rounds came over and woke me up. He asked if I was ok and I replied yes, just too drunk to drive so I rather sleep. He asked me if I needed to go to the hospital. I asked him if they have water at the hospital. After he assured me there was water at the hospital, I demanded that I needed to be taken to the hospital so he called me an ambulance. Upon leaving the hospital I heard a familiar voice freaking out just as I had earlier. I peaked in the room and saw that it was my friend asking what the heck happened to him. The nurse asked if we knew each other, we said yes. She put her hand over her head and said: same story, except this guy wanted to know if hospitals had beds. 802 165 Show
Hide 1234 VikingGoneLoko The night started with my good friend and i each killing a four loko and a 24 of Old English in about 15-20 min during a drinking game. Turned out that there was about 6-8 shots of tequila in his fridge. That was gone soon after. This is when the blackout hit. I somehow managed to climb up the Ridge and found my way to my other friends room where a few beers were killed. Soon there after i some how got to my room and decided that a shower was a good idea. I was woken up naked at 8am still in the shower. Turns out i had passed out naked in the shower over the drain. I flooded the bathroom, my room and my suitemates room with standing water. Oh Four Loko. 140 87 Show
Hide 1233 nacho woke up in some girls closet don't remember shit 57 52 Show
Hide 1231 The Kid Curtis Pre-gamed hard with a four loko and plenty of shots before going to a Miami club. I preceded to use my fake ID to get in and sneak a bottle of captain Morgan in with me. From there, I blacked out, the next thing I remember is waking up on the couch of a friend's apartment. My buddy told me that I ended up throwing up in the girl's bathroom and then tried hopping on a frat bus. 44 34 Show
Hide 1230 FULOKOHEADS My sister-in-laws boyfriend pissed all over my dads car after arguing with us cause we wouldnt take him back to the beer store for more. This drink is sick and really needs to be band. All these stories show how dumb you all are making yourself look. Ive been drinking for well over 10 years now and I drink mostly rum and jager and have never ever acted in such away. Nor have any of my fellow friends. But all of my sister-in-laws friends drink it who are much younger then me and everyone of them either black-out or act a fool. Next thing you know you all are gonna end up in jail or worse either raped or dead. 64 73 Show
Hide 1229 Loco FOol The first time I drank 4Lokos was when they first came out a couple of years ago in Texas. I was throwing my lil bro a birthday party and I supplied the whole party with copious amounts of 4Lokos, so needless to say erbody who showed up (which was quite a bit of ppl) got really fukin wasted. The funny thing is that in the morning I woke up in the backyard in a makeshift tent with 2girls in my arms, when I went through the house looking for my brother erbody who came over for the party was asleep on the ground, like 100 ppl!!! I found my brother laying in the bathtub with an ugly chubby chick, best night ever, wish sum1 at the party could remember it though. 49 45 Show
Hide 1228 broloko First time drinking these I pounded three 4lokos within an hour and went to a kegger at an apartment. Started turning on the gas on the stove in the kitchen for no reason, throwing spices all over the place at people then I get kicked out and start sobbing uncontrollably then it's blackout time. Woke up at 4pm sunday with the vague memory of sprinting and then checked my phone and made 23 calls to my roommate at 5am, 21 calls to my drug dealer, and a lot of concerned voice messages from people I don't remember, and best of all...a 4 min 911 call that I don't remember having to make. 116 79 Show
Hide 1227 LokoKegStand You all are pussies. I downed 4 fourlokos, had a couple of shots of Patron, a bong hit, and managed to drive from LA to Vegas. FourLoko, you need to double the alcohol content! 53 65 Show
Hide 1226 cleansetoften drank this and it gave me wings, then my penor broke in half. 54 55 Show
Hide 1225 Ed I drank 2 fourlokos before going out and began to pay for my drinks at the bar with the tip jar money. Go loko 50 53 Show
Hide 1224 south cack loco my stepbrother weights about 250lbs and handles his liquor pretty good. he decided to jump into 4 four lokos and my other stepbrother had to save him from drowning in the toilet. 78 64 Show
Hide 1223 mucholoko69 We tried fourloko last night 4 of us bought 3 packs. I got flower thrown on me so apparently i decide to bust a 9 pound bag of it on the wall in the kitchen after everyone has shotgunned one. My buddy then makes a flower angel. The pictures on fb showed that we had also decided to take our clothes off. I love fourloko forever. 53 48 Show
Hide 1222 LokoLover It was a saturday and my bestfriends were headed to the club...on our way over there,,we stoped by a drive-thru to buy my "orange juice"[my favorite 4loko]....&& i drank it all && half of my friends 4loko...when we to the club i really had to my typical crazy drunk ass just popped a squad in the parking lot..we entered the club danced the night away...after getting in the car i have no clue of what happened...!!!the next morning i wake up to my parents raging fury!!with bruises in my legs&& txt i had no idea i wrote...not knowing i had in a huge fit with one of my bestfriends..what i night...!!! 48 41 Show
Hide 1221 K-Dub The saturday night before halloween me and my buddies got super wasted at a party then went home. i had had 2 four lokos at this point so i wasnt tired. I went out by myself to a different party where i had 3 more four lokos and 6 shots of captain-100 proof in about an hour. i wake up sunday morning at about 9:30 alone in the backseat of my car with the car running parked in this neighborhood i have never been to 5 miles outside of the city limits. i dont remember a thing from the party. 47 48 Show
Hide 1220 Jenkaling Me and a friend who was crashing at my house for a couple of months drunk 2 lokos each and got really blasted. the next morning when i woke up he had moved everything out and still has not spoken to me to this day. 62 70 Show
Hide 1219 Marvin I had a for loco with sum friends I only drank 3 of them and then I got out of control.. I tore all my clothes off and started running around the bar asking people if they had ever seen the purple headed yogurt slinger. I soon was kicked out of the bar without my clothes and set lose on the streets of downtown San Francisco. After that I dont remember much until I woke up the next day on a park bench with (what I didnt know at the time was a toy car)in my ass. I had to hobble to the payphone to call an ambulance to come take me to the ER. $2485.50 later they freed me of my troubles and I went home. I am now the leading anti-energy drink proponent in CA. I hope my story helps you ,sincerely Marvin 61 57 Show
Hide 1218 Chris Last night, my friend let me use his washer and dryer to clean my bed sheets because I don't have one in my apartment. And we decided to drink some FoLo's. I drank two Four Loko's and left my bed sheets in my his dryer! LOKO! 70 66 Show
Hide 1217 rabiddog I drank a 4 Loko as fast as i could before i got to the party... no good. To sweet. It all came back up, what a waste 53 46 Show
Hide 1216 Ferna four lokos are the shit! 51 51 Show
Hide 1215 hot1 I went to stay at my uncles last week and he gave me 2 of these bad boys! I don't remeber much but my ass hurts like hell. 44 51 Show
Hide 1214 Gnomes My cousin, our friend, I'll call him Skins and I were at my cousins place, which was a shack behind his grandparents house in a small dimly lit room with sheets acting as blinds. We started off the night with 4 Four Loko's, I finished my first one, grape(?) in a half an hour and talked Skin's into splitting a second one with me. Then... my idea to try to do the splits, to my surprise and pain - I was able to do them. I thought I'd show off and bounce up and down while doing the splits, with both of the tops of my feet on the carpeted floor. Blacked out. I woke up to: perfect dime sized rug burns that looked like I got stigmata on the tops of my feet. I swear a torn inner thigh. And a purple stain, which I was informed was my barf. 51 54 Show
Hide 1213 EB I drank half of a Four Loko and got arrested... 50 41 Show
Hide 1212 jomamaswish ..made me sick and frisky. 52 63 Show
Hide 1211 chinita last time i drank a four loko i tired doing the worm naked and starting humping anything i see. lmfao 55 31 Show
Hide 1210 Richard Gozinya 2 Four Lokos made my dick stop working for the night. Fuck you Four Loko. 47 40 Show
Hide 1209 Amadeus I was @ this housewarming party and I started off with a rum and cola to get things started, then they ran outta rum so I moved on to Bitch wine. After I gracefully gulped down the wine, I motivated two others on some shot of tequila! Here we are 1 rum, 2 reds, and 2 cues in and I apatite is still desiring more, so I move to the kitchen find some beers, gourmet cheeses and some bubbly. I hurriedly fed myself cheese and beer like I was in a hostage situation to my booze lust. I get close to the end of the second beer and do my social butterfly thing and get the energy a little bit higher, then... we pop the champeezy! As I am in the kitchen pouring glasses I see a bottle of vodka and gin, and nothing goes better with champagne like shots of vodka! As the champagne and vodka is being polished off we begin to stumble out into the magic that is stuy-town. Shortly there after my memory begins to fade and I leave the scene. Crazily it is not the end, it is just the beginning, Jesus, then, takes the wheel and safely gets me to my destination from LES to Midtown! Thank You Lord! I guess the moral of this story is... Alcohol no matter taste/ color or brand... will get you trashed, if you really want it! Oh yea. warning: No fourloko was consumed on this night of epic adventure and imagination! 51 55 Show
Hide 1208 Devastated... I?ve had many a good night with the Four. Most of those nights only exits in second hand stories and photographic evidence? not in memory. Highlights over the years include leading dance parties till 5 in the morning, chugging Loko/running laps in alleyways of The Mission, hitting on bar tenders by attempting to leave my number on the tab but being unable to legibly write my phone number, stealing cabs from good people patiently waiting in line, losing articles of clothing in the hallway of my 7 story apartment complex (found those the next morning- no idea why I couldn't wait till I got into my apt to change) and making loose decisions that I'd rather not share out on the worldwide web. The beauty of Loko is its flexibility- whether in Vegas, Atlantic City or your own home Loko always makes for a good time...RIP Loko, the FDA has no idea the fun they spoiling. 62 49 Show
Hide 1207 EFly I was at a show in San Antonio when my friend snuck in 5 fourlokos. So for those of you bad at math that's 20loko. He left them with me and said "You can get started I'll be right back". He was gone for quite a while and once I was in lokomotion I was completely unstoppable. By the time my friend returned about an hour and a half later I had drank all of the loko and was asking girls, well more like ordering them, to "Dump 'Em Out!" By the time we left I couldn't lokate anyone I knew and I was stumbling through the parking lot talking shit to random strangers. I cracked my phone, pissed off my friends, fell asleep in the car, and had some of the wildest dreams I've ever had. 48 52 Show
Hide 1206 JohnnyBLoko I'm not a light weight at all. So I drank about 7 4 lokos. Thought I could handle it. Woke up in the hospital with a fractured skull after a motorcycle accident. the cops were chasing me down the highway after I robbed a local liquor store to get more four lokos. Apparantly I injured the clerk pretty bad. Now my head is split and the cops are trying to get me for attempted murder 46 56 Show
Hide 1205 cheyweezy i had some loko one night, i woke up to take a look at what pictures i had taken that night, i found a picture of my friends naked ass in the other ones face and a video of another demonstrating how to preform the guy on top version of 69? and the distinct rememberance of the statement (congratulations your a dumb bitch!) 47 46 Show
Hide 1204 Springbreak10 Passed out early on spring break. Woke up went to a night pool party where the drink deal was 2 for $3.00. Had four. Roamed on the beach and raged til 6AM. Glad they were so cheap. Problem is EVERYONE was drinking them so we dont have a clue what happened after the beach roaming went down... 47 52 Show
Hide 1203 Kid Loko Drank 2 Lokos and and some brews. Went to a party where i blacked out soon after. The next day i hear that i pissed all over the neighbors grill, put a stolen crosswalk sign in front of a neighbors door, river danced on a beer pong table like a pro, threw a beer across a crowded kitchen and shouted at some friends claiming that i raised them while being carryed out of the party on a friends shoulder, then later on tried to steal his car... 143 99 Show
Hide 1202 LPizzle me and my roomate got 5 four lokos and mixed them all into one big container. I call it the four loko stew, greatest drink ever. try it 55 54 Show
Hide 1201 LAlok'd Started off a normal mellow night by having a margarita out with a friend. I told her about four loko and she never tried so we agreed on walking over to the 7eleven near my house to grab a couple. She though it was kinda nasty so i told her i would take care of hers too. Two locos deep and next thing i remember we're sitting on the ground in a nasty alley like two hobos calling our friends voicemails rapping about four loko. I somehow stumble home and proceed to vomit all over myself in front of her. Nice little tuesday 87 69 Show
Hide 1200 ugh So I go to school in CT, but went to a concert in the Manhattan. Decided to pick up a couple of lokos after a night of boozin and great music. Everything was great, we were crushing on the train and got pretty hammered. Next thing I know, it's 5AM, I'm in a hospital bed, and I'm telling a doctor a joke (which we both got a kick out of). Upon my release, a visit to the Department of Public Safety tells me that two loko's and a hospital visit later, I was found at a random intersection only to be picked up by the local police department passed out shitfaced. 58 48 Show
Hide 1199 CKY Stopped by my buddys place before heading out to a houseparty and he insisted that I try a four loko or 2 for the pregame. Hadnt tried them before so I agreed. Slammed down 2 and a half watermelons(split the 3rd) and ripped a shot of vodka and rolled out. 5 mins after we showed up I drank a beer and it all hit me at once. Last thing I remember was arguing with some grenades at the beerpong table then next thing I know I'm waking up in the bushes in front of my house in a pile of pink puke with one of my shoes missing and scrapes on my face and a huge cut on my back. Aparently I flipped over the pong table, stuck some kid in the face, dropkicked a hole in the wall and bounced all of which I have no recollection of aside from my battle wounds. Had one of the top 3 worst hangovers ive ever had and I pissed off alot of people I know. Still dont know how I made it home in one piece. Thank You Four Loko!!!! 114 88 Show
Hide 1198 Monster Saturday It is Monster Saturday at a friend?s apartment drinking on a keg of Sweetwater IPA all day. About 9 o?clock a buddy shows up with 3 Fruit Punch Four Lokos that are split amongst the six of us that are left. While consuming the delicious Lokos, it dawned on us that we should walk to the bowling alley and go bowling. Everyone grabs a beer for the walk and we head out. Half way there a BP magically appears like an oasis in a dessert, an oasis of Four Loko to be exact. Each of us proceeds to buy a four loko, head to the BP parking lot, cut a can air breather and begin to chug them as fast as we can At the bowling alley and things are going good until I attempt to take my first roll to only discover I have lost control of my body. By roll three, everything goes black. Come back in to discover that the game is over and my friends are gone and I am running manically up and down the bowling alley trying to locate them. I decide to turn in the shoes and leave. Find out that the game has been paid for already and I am good to go except for the fact that I can?t find my left shoe. So the executive decision is made to head out. Just before hitting the parking lot it dawns on me that I don?t want to ruin a good pair socks. So the walk to where ever I was going, was going to be barefoot. Then through the magic of Four Loko I am instantly transported to my friend?s apartment?s parking deck next to my truck. Where I promptly proceed to vomit my soul up over a ledge, grab a drink of water, drop the tailgate and crawl into the truck bed to pass out. I wake up at 4:30 am to find the tailgate down with a leg hanging out. One shoe in hand, no sunglasses and surprisingly no cuts or punctures on my bare feet. 94 83 Show
Hide 1197 4lokowa Drank two four lokos, some strawberry wine and a beer. I was forced to put my head on the table during a game of Kings. Next thing I remember is waking up to my roomate dragging me out of the bathroom tub, butt ass naked and leaning over to puke in the toilet. Next day hangover I had to drive around with a puke bucket in my lap. LOKO'D. 48 50 Show
Hide 1196 Loko El Cunado After losing a 16 team beer pong tournament and already being 13 beers deep I thought it would be a good idea to drink a wonderful lemon four loko. I ended up blacking out, taking an hour nap on my gravel driveway, got carried in by my friends where they five starred my back/beat me with belts and pillows. I woke up looking like a Haitian refugee. 58 53 Show
Hide 1195 armydrunk me and a few guys in my squad decided to try some four lokos a few weekends ago when we saw them at a gas station and had no idea what the fuck they were. we ended up running the stack on our buddy's apartment with live ammo in our personal weapons. 48 46 Show
Hide 1194 Drizzy Banks After a night of getting Ocho Loko I awoke the next morning to a text that said, "Kelly wants to know your real name, you stole her car last night." I thought I had just blacked out and walked home, but allegedly I walked outside to find a car running parked in front of the party. Someone easily convinced me to hop in and drive it the 8 blocks back to my house. Moral of the story, don't leave your car running in front of a party. 192 96 Show
Hide 1193 LOKO i had a four loko as a pregame and then in the car ride there had 1 more which really wasnt smart once i got there i passed out on the couch and woke up in my room i dont know how i got ther ? 51 48 Show
Hide 1192 mumbytoby chasing four lok's with a popov flask, started doing gymnastics on public transit, then proceeded to whip my dick out and show an entire busy street in china town my bits.. 71 59 Show
Hide 1191 rosiiposii one very hot sunny day in may 2010, i with with my boyfriend and my best friend lindsay at the beach getting trashed.. we got 3 four lokos and 2 40's. i finished off two 4Lokos and a 40 to myself. woke up the next morning in the hospital because i had a tonic clonic seizure. my epilepsy came back. THANKS FOUR LOKO FUCKERS. i havent had one since. 44 51 Show
Hide 1190 FearlessRob Last weekend in Baltimore I drank two 4 Lokos then found out I had to move my car because my street was going to have weekend construction. I promptly moved my vehicle then proceeded to continue boozing at a few nearby bars before my memory failed me entirely. The last thing I remember was starting to walk home, proud of myself for having avoided driving home drunk or paying for a taxi. Next thing I know it was 6:45am and I was in bed still wearing my shoes and my contacts. Several of my knuckles were split and there was part of an orange construction fence entangled on my coat. I set out to retrieve my car before it could be towed, but alas, it was nowhere to be found- not even in the city's two impound lots. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS OF WALKING LATER I found it on a sidestreet in the hood, at least 3 neighborhoods away from where I thought I parked it. Textbook Lokomotion. 153 98 Show
Hide 1189 quatro crazy it was my first month of college, so naturally i felt like getting obliterated without fear of consequences. decided to try a fabled four loko-lemonande flavor to be exact...along with lemon smirnoff, jack daniels, and two natty lights. i'm a thin 17 year-old girl. the last thing i remember is puking on my best friend's bed and banging my head on a toilet seat. i woke up spooning a trash can with a small mountain on my forehead that hurt like a bitch. not to mention i had a hangover that would've made zeus's balls shrink. needless to say, it was a great night. 54 51 Show
Hide 1188 Throwed I downed 2 cans of Four loko on my way to party! I ended up driving my car into a closed garage door in a random neighborhood f*ck 4loko!!! 57 49 Show
Hide 1187 Ehh Was at a rugby halloween party at the end of fall season and ended up drinkin 2 lokos and chuggin 10 beers within 3 hours, which included 3 rounds of pong. I slightly remember attempting to teach one of the player's girlfriends and some other girl how to line dance to Alan Jackson's Good Time. I guess I was trying to fit my character, plaid, boots, jeans and a cowboy hat. I found myself walking half a mile down the road, one foot on the curb, trying to call all my friends. It was a successful night. 55 64 Show
Hide 1186 Bailey New years eve 09 drank 2 four lokos and shitloads of jameson woke up in hotel room with no window and glass everywhere cops knocking our door.. I pushed my friend through a first story window.. Thankfully nobody hurt 59 55 Show
Hide 1185 69wakaflocckaROOM337 well this one time.... i forgot to tell my room mates that drinking 2 lokos WAS A BAD IDEA.... since they have never had one before. soooo they had two lokos and lets just say the night ended with my room mate not being able to make it out and ending up with a stranger in my room mates bed and my other room mate trying to climb to the top of the bunk but failed miserably, fell off the bed, and woke up with bruises on her face hmmmmm.. goodd first week at college thanks fourlokos! 46 45 Show
Hide 1184 princess It was the saturday before halloween and I was dressed as baby spice. I had a hot pink camelbak on me and it was filled with 3 lemon lime four lokos. The night consisted of chugging contests and four loko flip cup. Needless to say i woke up the next morning with no memory, grass in my pigtails, and an empty camelbak. success. 57 48 Show
Hide 1183 4LOKO MASTER i have TOO many 4loko stories. mostly "hey mister" drunkies on the streets of Alavarado....get the loks (Watermelon, or orange when is HOT), in some cases ive lost a wallet with $200, fallen down a hill while hiking at 2am, lost many hats, drunk text messages, calling teachers and leaving voicemail about how much we appreciate them, thrown up in friends restroom in the 11th floor, some random asian guy was mad and told me to clean it up so i ran down 11flights of stairs, fallen asleep in random peoples homes only to wake up the next morning and realize i was late to work, had many vulnerable moments, felt great, woken up feeling even more drunk, taken weird ass pictures, taking taxis to get home, argued with friends, party hoping, trying to get into 21&over clubs, mischievous nights in the streets on hollywood,silverlake and echo park, telling friends i miss them,....and most of all felt really LOKO!!! for the non-spanish speakers that means CRAZY! ps. this is nothing in specific. i dont want to take the time to elaborate on what i consider, my darkest 4LOKO memories AND mixing a 4loko with any other hard liquor only makes your night more memorable! (or LESS) =D 47 53 Show
Hide 1182 firstexperience SO i decided to try four loko for my sisters bday. We went to a place where we can do a lazy river and rapids ride on the potomac river. We got on the lazy river part which was about and hour and half, ended up drinking 2 four lokos 1 before we started and one during. I dont remember getting off my tube for the lazy river part. We ate lunch and then did the rapids part. I dont remember any of this and some how got lost and the first thing i remembered was partying with a bunch of people on this one rock of the river. I asked them what time it was and he said 7:30 at night. The buses from the rapids last come around 5:00 so i had been missing for over 2 hours. My tube was completely deflated and had to have one of the guys blow it up for me and so i then float down the river by myself and go through the woods, lost as shit, no sandals either just my lifevest and inner tube and walk around lost for god knows how long and then a pregnant lady was kind enough to take me back to the place which was 10 mins away, and mean while they had called the police and had rescue teams out looking for me! my mom thought i died. So ridiculous 60 53 Show
Hide 1181 ive got the shakes drank 2 four lokos my first time drinking them, woke up with probably the ugliest girl ive ever scene. her nickname is the dud 69 62 Show
Hide 1180 Wise 1 Had a death smoothie (fruit, ice, and 4 LOKO's) as a pregammer with a buddy then had another one after we brainfreezed ourselves chugging them, blacked out around 8 pm, woke up with two topless chicks, two gallons of milk, a black eye, and 13 pizzas with a receipt from pizza hut of $164.82. I've just been LOKO'd 145 96 Show
Hide 1179 Noloko ran on 7th ave in Chelsea after drinking half a can of Four Loko. ran until I found Wholefood, went in, got some Indian Food. ran back on 7th ave, to my apartment. Im-ed a couple of random peeps on AIM. almost drunk-dialed my friend in LA, except I wasn't drunk. Watched a Katherine Heigl movie until 4am. Advised my co-workers the next day not to ever drink Four Lokos. Felt like shit for the rest of the day. 52 51 Show
Hide 1178 Loko4lokos The first time i had a 4 loko i thought everyone was crazy saying how it is "blackout in a can" because i wasnt feeling anything. So after my first one, i started using my second loko as a chaser for my vodka. The last thing i remember was going to the bar. Apparently, i set off the fire alarm since i went out the wrong door. Then i attempted to drive home, my friend realized i was way to drunk to drive so he told me to pull over so he could. So in the mist of driving threw the car in neutral and proceeded to get out of the driver seat and onto the passanger seat. Idk how we didnt crash. 50 55 Show
Hide 1177 debby cakes i was with my best friend and we went over to this guys house and he was like lets get some four lokos and of cousres we said ok i got 2 blue and mu best friend did to after i drank my first one and half my other one i was so drunk that i as crawling across the yard and smoking twigs thinking they where blunts and smoking cigs to the filter dammm i got told all of this the next morning **i love four loko** ~rip my babys~ 2010 50 50 Show
Hide 1176 killaman's a bitch peep the nick name 50 48 Show
Hide 1175 Francis After me and my girfriend chugged one can a piece, we had 3 hours of wild sex including anal. Four Loko rules! 47 56 Show
Hide 1174 ninja Four Lokos are the devil. But stock up now, and sell illegally later at a higher price. It's simple economics. 56 51 Show
Hide 1173 iAteHER4Dinner I only had a loko twice. Both times I fucked like a por star and only bad thing that happen was I couldn't find my dam drawz. 57 66 Show
Hide 1172 Tom I was at a small Gallery at the UMBC campus near Baltimore. Two really cute female students were drinking Lokos while looking around at the art. There were only a couple of people there and they had offended them and the security guard with their obnoxious laughing. They were so drunk they could hardly walk so they asked me to take them home because they did not want a DUI and nobody else would talk to them. Now I am in my fifties, way overweight with a receding hairline so I assumed they thought of me as a safe ride (which I am). I took them to their apartment complex and helped them get up the stairs and into the front door. I was leaving when they insisted I stay for a while. They cracked open another couple of Lokos to share. Before long they were getting themselves naked and trying to get me that way. I tried to discourage them not to do that but they were persistent. They said they wanted to give me the thrill of a lifetime so they kept me going all night. I tried to resist but they were so aggressive that at one time I considered calling the cops. I was getting buzzed on my Loko so I finally gave in. They were insatiable and it was all I could do to keep them satisfied. Obviously since I am not 19 they had to work very hard to keep me that way but they did. Obviously when they sobered up I was sore as hell and they had huge regrets. They made me promise to never let anyone know what happened. After talking for a couple of hours we became friends and we both shared our regrets. We went to breakfast and I took them to get their car. I could tell they still felt awful especially when we parted ways. They both swore never to drink Loko again. It is true when a young sexy student hooks up with an older fat guy it is the dream of a lifetime for him but it is better if everyone is sober. 54 55 Show
Hide 1171 meloko tried to pregame for a football saturday with 2 lokos and an assortment of beer, vodka, etc. this was around 2pm. woke up the next morning with no recollection. apparently i made it to the game, and snuck a water bottle of vodka in as well. the friend with me tried to do the same and got sent to detox. once in the game i proceed to ditch the girl i'm with, then walk out after we punt while down a touchdown with two minutes left in the 3rd. convinced the game was over. stumble home by myself, where my asshole roommates lay out lines of country time lemonade powder, which i then take despite them admitting to me that it wasnt blow. i guess i kept drinking til around 8 when i finally passed out. i've tried, unsuccessfully, to avoid 4 loko since. 41 37 Show
Hide 1170 sloppy joe one time my friend and i got an 18 pack and two four lokos each. i had my two, blacked out and probably had like two beers. i guess i said i was going to sleep, then barged back into his room asking where the bathroom was 'joe you know where the fucking bathroom is' so i went into the hallway, dragged a huge tupperware tub out to the stairs, opened the top and pissed all over it. when my friends came to yell at me all i had to say was 'shut the god damn door im in the bathroom!' the tupperware was full of important papers like the first bills for the house and cars, loan papers and my friends parents will. he was up till 7 in the morning with a hair dryer drying all the papers up. god bless you four loko. 49 52 Show
Hide 1169 Skippy On halloween night a few of my friends and i drank some four lokos. I dont remember much but i do remember that we tried to crash my friends ex girlfriend's party. We walked at least 3 miles to get there, and we were singing the whole time. Eventually we all split our seperate ways and i forgot how to get home. So i walked around aimlessly for about an hour and ended up in some random shopping plaza with a bum. We had a freestyle rap battle and everything went blank after that. I woke up the next morning in my bed without clothes on, a huge cut on my forehead and a fat hangover (: TGFFL <3 thank god for four lokos. haha 68 48 Show
Hide 1168 senor loko i once had a 4 loko before a basketball game not only was i the leading point scorer i also hit the game winning shot, thank you 4 loko! 63 53 Show
Hide 1167 loko nomo homo had a buddy that drank 2 four lokos,and a few bumps.... decided to let his friend remove a tatoo off the back of his neck with the wire wheel on a Dremel tool, which was largely successful, later on he decided to drive home.. got pulled over, ran from the cop at gunpoint before surrendering, preceeded to get placed in the back of the cop car after calling the cop a racial slur... he then bites the tube in half on the breathalyzer machine.. for some reason there was a teddy bear in the back of the cop car wich he tore the head off of.. half of this story was actually in the police blotter.. Sumter,SC!!! wooooo hoooo GO CHASE!! 112 94 Show
Hide 1166 KC four loko, what happened last night. 74 66 Show
Hide 1165 reality check no wonder America is in such a shithole. what a bunch of morons and idiots. when you're all unemployed, broke, and homeless, don't cry that it's someone else's fault and expect us or the government to take care of your irresponsible asses. losers like you all are the reason why this country has fallen. 50 55 Show
Hide 1164 Young LoKo My friends and I were at my apartment one night. First time all of us had drank Four LoKo at once. My friend broke one of my roommate's bedroom door because apparently we all agreed it would be a good idea for him to throw himself at it, and he went right through it. My other friend was barely able to move on his hands and knees but somehow managed to crawl to my other roommate's bedroom door and (while on all fours) headbutt the base of the door until it cracked into two. I woke up the next morning in bed with a very naked and very, ethnic, girl next to me. Long live Four LoKo! 47 60 Show
Hide 1163 So Loko! Drank 2 four lokos before going to a party on campus and woke up with two girls. 54 49 Show
Hide 1162 @chicagogee I gave my jumpoff bitch #4lokosandmcribs and she sucked my dick all nite!!!!!! 52 58 Show
Hide 1161 Mr.RAM 6'0 260lbs BIG SEXY NIGGA Well it was Thirsty Thursday and since my class ends at 12:15 that day I told myself the night before that I was GOIN IN since Homecoming weekend started that very next day (Friday). I started with a Fruit Punch Loko at round 12:30. Killed it in bout 6 mins. Then I went back to the store nd got another Fruit Punch AND Lemon-Lime and MIXED THEM(Tastes JUST LIKE SKITTLES BTW)...Killed both of those, but a little slower. So Im tipsy as hell at this point BUT FUCK IT...It's Homecoming...So I end up chillin out at ma boy's crib nd we takin shots (Round 4pm).Im up about 5 shots of Grey Goose until he opens his fridge and asks me,"ANYBODY WANT THIS???....THEY TASTE NASTY" I look up nd he's holding a Watermelon Four Loko...I pipe up and say "FUCK YEAH I WANT IT" I mix a watermelon Four Loko with 2 shots of Watermelon Smirnoff....Finished the entire cup of the mixture I had....took a smoke break..came bac in nd BLACKED OUT till Friday morning...3 AM or so....MEANEST HANGOVER EVER 54 60 Show
Hide 1160 johny outlaw i remember my first 4 loko 49 62 Show
Hide 1159 uh oh too loko My first time ever having a four loko i decided to use it as my chaser for my vodka shots during a pregame. we left the pre-game at 830pm around 1030pm my roommate's and some mutual friend came to our apartment and one of our friends decided to just go use my bathroom. They found me completely naked from the bottom down passed out on my face. I had passed out while using the bathroom and just fell to the ground...when they tried to wake me i just had said i wanted to stay on the ground so they left me there. however i woke up the morning fully dressed in my pjs and in my bed..never ever will i chase vodka with a loko again 49 57 Show
Hide 1158 21 bday On my 21st birthday this past july me and my 3 friends were planning on going to a bar. we went to a gas station and each got a loko(or 2) to pregame before we went out. When we got to the first bar they wouldnt let us in cuz we were 'too drunk'...the second bar we got in and had a greatttt time but after a few drinks on top of the whole loko and a half I had already had...upon leaving the bar my friend swung at a cop who was yelling at us and we got arrested. got bailed out and everything ended up fine...for me at least. all in all...a greart 21st bday thanks to 4lokos :) 43 38 Show
Hide 1157 yo limit the length 69 72 Show
Hide 1156 yum i need four loko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 58 67 Show
Hide 1155 LokoGotMeFeelinLoko Me and Loko have a love/hate relationship. I love it because it is so insanely cheap and it gets you hammered drunk. I hate it because more than half of the time I drink Loko I black out HARD. One time there was this huge party in which a well-known DJ was on the turn tables. I started off my night with 6 shots and then had a Loko after that. Irresponsibly, I consumed that in about 45 minutes. After that the next thing I remember is being picked up in a bowling alley parking lot with no shirt on. From various sources what had happened was, I left the party after it got rolled by police with a group of girls and guys. Then I continued to pound shots there and got myself into a bed with a girl I don't remember and have never met before. Then when everyone left the house, they left me behind 7 miles away from my house. I wandered under the freeway to a bowling alley parking lot and called my friend to pick me up. I had refractured my wrist, lost my shirt and had multiple cuts on my stomach and sides. All in all, Loko fucked me up. 59 58 Show
Hide 1154 out4thecount Drank about 3 lokos and killed a keg with some friends. We all woke up wearing eyepatches, on top of each other, inside of a boat we made out of cardboard keystone packaging. Pirate bitch wasted. 134 99 Show
Hide 1153 First Timer I snagged two Fruit Punch Lokos and rode the lightning for about two hours after consumption. It wasn't until a half hour later that I found myself giving an impromptu lecture on the gender and social ramifications of the "Sex and the City 2" movie. I think I also died twice. But I'm not exactly sure. 51 50 Show
Hide 1152 Ndebt4Loko I'm an alcoholic, love vodka, jager, etc... Decided to try Four Loko... I drink A LOT. Well, not anymore. I had 7 Four Loko's in about 12 hours... A few hours after I passed out, I woke up and was immediately taken to the hospital. My blood pressure was 197 over 138, my pulse rate was 139, the only thoughts racing through my head was "I am going to die". I was in the hospital for 2 days. I now have random panic attacks and severe mood swings and I get to take depression and anxiety medicine on a daily basis. But the worst part is.... I can't drink ANY kind of alcohol anymore. Thanks Four Loko. 52 56 Show
Hide 1151 The Squirrel I drank 2 Four Lokos (Or Ocho Loko, as I like to call it) and after a few shots and beers I walked over to a lady friend of mine (creepily) who was talking with a friend of hers at the bar, and he was eating some sort of food. I punched his plate of food, licked my hand, and walked away. Apparently sometime later I told her to leave me at the bar, and a few minutes later I was wondering why I was at the bar alone. I woke up with a hole in the wall next to my bed. 49 50 Show
Hide 1150 Guitar Penis I had 2 four lokos, watched the feature film, Black Dynamite. When I come to, I am in my friend's living room with only my underwear on, dancing to technomusic and playing guitar with my package. Everyone else was naked too, wtf. 42 45 Show
Hide 1149 Justin One night I went "Sixteen Loko", which means I drank four Four Lokos. Right after I finished my third, I realized I was out. There's a gas station less than four blocks from my house. So I walked there, barefoot, wearing only boxers at 1:30 AM. 56 60 Show
Hide 1148 Pirate... Had two Loko's, blacked out, and invented the "party knife." Which as I described it, is a kitchen knife that just wants to party. Drank three Loko's last weekend and blacked out. I found some "party scissors," and someone told me to put them away so I took off running, obviously. It turns out that as I was running around with party scissors I fell down a flight of stairs. Thankfully the "party scissors" were just there to party and didn't stab me. 49 45 Show
Hide 1147 DP Me and the bros were heading to a birthday party so we made some 4loko punch. 13 cans of loko plus some Hawaiian Punch and fruit chunks. Night ended with one guy climbing on the roof to clean the gutters, another guy ripped his own shirt into a mask and wore it for the night. 54 54 Show
Hide 1146 Steve My nextdoor neighbor was an alcoholic. He would buy 3 or 4 FOUR Lokos at a time along with 6 24 ounce cans of natural ice. Pour the Four Loko in a cup with some vodka and drink it and be fine. He is 54 years old. 55 61 Show
Hide 1145 TooDrunkq *Sigh* well One boring night I waited at home by myself on a friend to arrive I was determined to get (Pilt,Blitz,Stoopid)We were going to a bakyard party but before goin I grabbed a loko and a pint of Vodka loko was the chaser arrived to the party felt outta place so I smashed the loko and vodka and felt great me and a friend ran to the car to get more beer and it went downhill frm there dnt remember much after guzzling those beers my friend said I started jumping around pouring beer all over me and this is when the party was over I refused to leave the party my friend and I wrestled all the way to the car and I still refused to get in once I finally did get in we were travling on the interstate and he said tht I continued to grab and pull at the wheel trying to run us off the road arrived to my parents house thnk God friend helping me in and we stumbled kicking walls making extreme commotion at 5am in the morn I passed out for maybe 30 min got out the bed fell straight to my face while pissing my pants Dad said I was in the restroom flicking the light banging the wall yelling Code Blue idk why when he came to see wht was wrg I yelled and cursed him asking why the Fuck he wasnt helping me clean my room most of wht I was saying he cldnt even understand after tht went in room pissed more stripped and got in the bed wondering WTF went on lastnight in the morning...FuckFourLoko never again 50 55 Show
Hide 1144 Amber I've always been attracted to woman, but never thought that i would actually be with one. I've always dated men.....and i've been told that i'm very attractive. I've got long brown hair, hazel eyes, very sporty. It was during my summer vacation when i met *Kelly* . Me and my friends were out clubbing. I had a fourloko and was dancing on the dancefloor, when i saw this extremely hot girl on the dancefloor next to me. I couldn't take my eyes of her. She had long black hair, the most blue'est eyes and oh my word....the nicest soft pink lips ever. And not to speak about her stunning body. I went to the bar for a drink and when i returned to the dancefloor she was gone...when leaving the club I found her in the parking lot on the hood of her car drinking a fourloko, I walked over to introduce myself she gave me a swing and told me her name was kelly, she looked so hot I could not take my eyes off of hers. suddenly she put her hands on my waist and pull me lose to her and kissed me. the rest of the story is private 61 67 Show
Hide 1143 Slut At my friend's party, chugged a blue raspberry loko & split one with my best friend. The last thing I remember was being in the girl's mom's car that was having the party because she tried to take me home for acting too beligerent. No recollection of apparently face planting out of the car, passing out with the chair I fell out of on top of me, throwing up, or hooking up with a black guy which I did not find out that I did until the next week. 47 53 Show
Hide 1142 miszloko mmmm where to start lol just sayin any and EVERY party that me and my friends go to i end up getting us kicked out when i drink 4lokos haha okay so i think i bought like 4 or 5 lemonade lokos went to this party i didnt really kno anyone but my friends, played beer pong got my buzz going, as soon as it hit me i was running around screaming at people calling this kid i know a grenade and telling his girlfriend she was too lol so the owner tells me to calm down ovb i dont calm down we get even more wild and get kicked out eventually and end up at another party in this ghetoo ass place, everything is going well until this dumb bitch starts callin my friend a cunt so i punch the bitch in the face and started a HUGE brawl everyone in the party was fightin my friends against theirs i was fighting dudes, girls anything that moved, got kicked in the face, the cops ended up coming and we locked the door and continued to fight we end up beatin the hell outta everyone cause we're all loko'ed out lol we leave and the cops are waiting outside of course i tell them you cant get me cuz im not driving mwahaha and laugh and giggle me and my friend jump in the car while we can and drive away went to a park near my house and had sex with a friend that i wouldnt have if i wasnt on loko overall it was a great night and wouldnt change a thing except for leaving a loko in their fridge :( 50 56 Show
Hide 1141 Funtimes Had a four loko at the frat house, 2 beers, went to the bars, another beer, shot of jameson, a lemon drop, came back to the frat house, drank 2 more beers, 3 shots of vodka, rocked out to sum 41 went to the bathroom and threw up blood. good times. moral of the story i threw up blood. 48 41 Show
Hide 1140 noloko Idk how stupid you can be to drink a highly caffeinated and sugar filled alcoholic drink. If you know how dangerous these are and continue to drink them, I show very little sympathy toward you because you are drinking something you KNOW is more life threatening than other alcoholic beverages. In my opinion, people who die from Four Lokos are all nominees for the Darwin Awards. 49 58 Show
Hide 1139 Some dude I was hanging out with friends in the city one Friday night, I live three hours driving away from DC. After three lokos and a few beers, I blacked out. I woke up in my bed at home the next morning with 24 missed calls and texts trying to figure out where I went. Turns out I drove home and didn't get pulled over or hit anything. 60 60 Show
Hide 1138 LOKO4EVA I was at a friends ranch, decided to have 3 4 loko's in under an hour. I thought it would be a good idea to pick a fight with his spitting Llama. Not a good idea. Woke up with the taste of iron(blood)in my mouth along with a future trip to the hospital....4 loko'ed. Also the Llama made the loudest noise I ever heard...... 52 51 Show
Hide 1137 MEHH Bircks I was hanging out with my two best friends billy and brian. I then decided it would be a great idea to go downtown to "beyond" the best sushi place ever ever. Brian had two four lokos and i got mad at him because i wanted to drink my six pack and watch con air while eating chipotle. I was just so disappointed with my little's billys failed attempt to run for president. Then i had a beer, threw up and went to bed. I woke up next to billy naked with blood all over my sheets. 44 48 Show
Hide 1136 Katie I've been a fan of the loko drinks for a while. I have no insane drunken tale to tell you, because I'm not an alcoholic idiot out trying to get as trashed as I possibly can. It's pretty sorry that this beverage & its manufacturers are paying for the general publics inability to not only control themselves, but also their inability to take responsibility for their own lack of self control, and the consequences that follow. But that's what people are best at, blaming someone or something else for their problems and mistakes. 48 49 Show
Hide 1135 JuSaNuThAtOoL I saw someone drink 4...and almost die. Stop glorifying something so full of darkness... 53 53 Show
Hide 1134 Habel i was drinking for loco, n so was some friends, one of them had alot! i mean ALOT just yacking n then they just fell to the floor and before u know it....DEAD in front of all of us 52 53 Show
Hide 1133 Drrrrrrrrunk I was supposed to go clubbing with a couple of friends and we decided to pre-game at one of their apartments. Took several shots and chugged at least half a four loko. On the way to the club everything was blurry, and once in the club, we were kicked out within four minutes. All five of us. Woke up the next morning with bruises, hickeys, scratches, and bite marks. WTF? 61 47 Show
Hide 1132 lokolicious Halloween night i decided to drink a few four lokos and hit up some frat parties in boston. i dressed up as a homeless man and was sitting on the side of the street begging for change. a very territorial homeless man approached me... needless to say i got my ass beat. i ran from the man, got to a party, fucked shit up and blacked out. a few days later i found out i had acquired ringworm from some drunk slut.. fml 54 60 Show
Hide 1131 Pullmyfinger We lost doug, thanks fourloko 46 50 Show
Hide 1130 Never again I tried four loko 2 weeks ago. The watermelon one is so good. I downed one in an hour than a second one about 30 min later. Me and some friends were at my house partying. I blacked out sometime after 2am. I woke up 11am the next morning with a snickers bar all melted in my hand, and a horrible taste in my mouth. Turns out I was munching in my dogs poop. 48 57 Show
Hide 1129 Tory Saboton I was going to the opening night of the San Francisco Opera so prior to the reception I had my butler bring me a can of 4 Loco which I enjoyed with some truffle oil peanut butter. My driver picked me up and I felt a bit tipsy. Was a bit louder than normal so my driver put the divider up so he could focus on the road. The next day I realized I had been far more charming than normal. 67 61 Show
Hide 1128 adventures I drank some four lokos. I got a little stupid but nothing like these exaggerated stories. don't be dumbasses and get this banned. oh yeah and you can't really feel the caffiene. it would be impossible for it to have the effect of cocaine. 47 51 Show
Hide 1127 travis me and a couple bros bought 6 locos and a fifth of jager. we planned to go to sorority swap, so we mixed the locos with jager and added half a crushed viagra and X for the lulz. we ended up getting to fucked up to go out. i ended up blacking out, and apparently a brother got a video of mee and my two friends sucking each off. i woke up in my friends bed with nothing but a tshirt one and now my friend won't talk to me or look at me anymore. 50 44 Show
Hide 1126 brownsugar7 4 loko is the best thing that has ever happen to alcoholic beverages. I remember the first time I had 1. I only was able to drink half and my legs were numb but I felt great. It's a good feeling to be on another level without doing drugs. They should never ban the drink its fantastic. 52 55 Show
Hide 1125 You STUPID People I've gotten drunk off of Tequilla, Vodka, and many other alcholic drinks. I've done ALOT of stupid shit. I dont blame the peopl who make the alchol, I blame my own retarded ass. I know where my limits are How about you Fucking idiots take responsibility (yes I know I cant spell) and quit blaming all the stupid shit you do on a drink, and admit once and for all to yourself and everone around you that you're a fucking idiot. It has little to do with what you're drinkning and more to do with the fact you're drinking. Know your limit people! 47 46 Show
Hide 1124 use_ur_brain you're all a bunch of idiots. four loko didn't "make" any of you do any of these things. if you don't know how to drink responsibly, do us all a favor and STAY AWAY FROM ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. i drank a four loko and guess what...... i didn't go out and do stupid shit and blame it on the drink. whoa whooda thunkit? it is not the drink that is the problem here. it is the ignorant fools that are drinking it. 56 63 Show
Hide 1123 Chris V I had myself some Lokos, and ate a fistful of turkey, which ended up being my friend's house cat, it's name was Tim, we tried to save it but I was already deep into its organs 48 53 Show
Hide 1122 Will Read men drink redbull and Vodka. 58 57 Show
Hide 1121 Henrique Was visiting a friend at UMass "The Zoo" Amherst one weekend and of course we were going to rage. He handed me this large purple can, and I read it "Four loko?!". He told me of its amazing powers... and I wish I had listened. Occurrences were told by multiple sources. I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in 7 years, which I don't remember, neither being punched in the face by her friend. Hugging the female security guard, grabbing her stomach and calling her pudgy. Passed out in the hall way in front of a RA's meeting. Last but definitely not least, running away from a K-9 unit through the woods and falling into a small creek. I outran a K-9 unit. I got Four Loko'ed. 118 97 Show
Hide 1120 2k00l4l0k0 One time I had 4 loko and almost killed myself, am I cool now???? 57 69 Show
Hide 1119 blow, not suck. Me and my roommate and a couple of friends were pregaming with a loco b4 goin to a party, and at the party i drank one more, which is a solid pregame for me. i've been drinkin for four years and put down 2 lokos almost weekly since i discovered em over a year ago. so i start drinking beer after my loko and by the second one i was blacked out. 2 lokos and 2 beers and i was gone. never before in my life. i was arrested tryin to walk home, after i was unable to do a breathalyzer because i sucked it like a bowl instead of blowing thru it. i woke up in jail, didnt know where i was or what i did. havent drank loko since. my birthday is comin up tho =) 59 59 Show
Hide 1118 Pampers my indian friend bongs 2 four lokos a night, then he does whatever we tell him to. MLIL 56 69 Show
Hide 1117 lokometal four loko raped my cat. Not just raped, but raped raped. Butt raped even. 58 67 Show
Hide 1116 Crack in a can I pounded two 4lokos, blacked out.. when i woke up 6 hours later I realized I had cleaned my kitchen, voted, and written a thesis on molecular biology.. 102 98 Show
Hide 1115 LuckyLoko We bought a bunch right after the news hit they were contemplating banning it just to see what the buzz was about, threw a big bonfire party with a bunch of friends and started pounding them. First off it TASTES HORRIBLE, but who drinks for the taste? Some where around Midnight things get fuzzy after the third one I don't remember anything until the next morning. I woke up in bed with my friends wife, who now won't stop calling me. 45 45 Show
Hide 1114 DAT NIGGA Alright, so me and my niggas was drinkin on a bridge, and my one manz said ayo,, lets jump the fuck off! So i said I'll go if you go first. So he jumped off and his ass was swimmin with the fishes 55 52 Show
Hide 1113 Loko kills this girl txts me "i need to get laid". i respond " i hear ya" since the vibe as of late was that kinda thing wasn't really on the sched. then i txted " u suck" (having something to do with earlier int he day) " i will not but i will get laid. Come her5e" i shoot back " be there in a few". Standing in the liqour store bout to buy some beer for myself and decide to grab four of the LOKOs since the name suggests, and a six of bud. get to her house and we take a trip to grab condoms and lube. fuck right away. then start drinking. some sumo pillow fighting gay shit break out, followed by a raiding of stop and shop raid to grab 6 stouffer dinners. its time to leave as i have work in the AM but im tied to a chair in duck tape. some indian kid slides me some scissors but i dont make it far before im seduced in th bathroom for another sesh. this time its a bit better with more lube, mabye a litle too much, because the condom got stuck in her. so i i had to fish it out of vag for about a 1/2 hour while she flexed her vasheem. finally got it out and she cried ubntil i left. SUPPORTLOKO 46 56 Show
Hide 1112 Loko Smoked weed, drank 1 and a half don't remember anything. Shit nonstop for a week straight 45 46 Show
Hide 1111 imgayimconlan] klbbbb 45 50 Show
Hide 1110 shitfaced the other night, for the first time i decided to drink four loco. I didn't really know i wasnt supposed to drink the whole thing, so i had 2. I don't remember anything after that except waking up smashing my head on my mail box. 46 46 Show
Hide 1109 really I drank Four Loko and died. 94 84 Show
Hide 1108 Kent State Slutface One night i took eight shots and drank two four lokos went to the frat house two houses down from where i live, the whole night was a blur but i do know a few things happened. i danced and made out with four random guys(all of who i asked to text me their name and ethnic heriatage because "i'm not an equal opportunity employer i love black men". when i saw some guy pissing on the side of the house i told him to stop that i'm dtf and to come inside, i made out with him and gave him my number (he still texts me, guy number 5) Later i ran into a really hot guy who wanted to bang my best friend and i told him that she was gay and here with her girlfriend (true). fastfoward an hour of making out and blocking the doorway that people have to walk though to get in. we at my house i grabbed beer, contacts, plastic flowers, and hair brush that isn't mine on the way out we ran into my housemate (who i fuck on occasion) told him to text me tonight while i was making out with the hot man i stole. we walked back to his place with his third four loko in hand ran through leaves, meet someone from africa, lost his keys, kicked his locked bedroom door in and when i got back to his place he had a "birth mark" on his penis that looked weird. so we argued but i came back to bed got naked started another arguement but only to leave after he told me woman are dumb then i kicked the first hole through his door again and climbed though it for a quick and easy escape. i then walked home with HIS four loko in my hand and twenty dollars that i stole for my brief services. on my way minivans with no doors drove past me and i shouted i'm not a child get away you pedophile! while talking to my other bestfriend on the phone because i was scared of getting arrested or lost. when i got home i texted my housemate he came down stairs and then i vomited during sex which he didn't notice because he also had been drinking four loko all night and thought i was only dry heaving. neither of a came that night and we tried for a really long time. but we woke up to my best friend who is gay and a had a woman in her bed wearing a men's shirt none of us could idenitfy yelling at me WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT! I CAN SEE PAUL'S PENIS! well isn't he just a little guy... two days later i found out it was just a birthmark because i had to go on a scavenger hunt with that guy to find his keys. 47 49 Show
Hide 1107 T Nuts The end of last year, on the last day of the year in Pullman, me and my current roommate decided to do something both epic and dumb. Drink 3 four lokos each and see where the night took us. It was the last night in pullman, why the fuck not. Worst case scenario we die or get arrested or both. But we are not pussies so that shit didnt concern us. Anyways, I cant really remember much of the night after the girls got there. But apparently it ended with the girls getting ready to leave, and i turned to one of them and said if you stay the night, Ill eat you out for two hours. (this of course never happened, but it sure as fuck made the girl stay) ended up with me banging that girl in some one elses bed. When the occupant of the room found out, he came to the door and started banging on the door (while I was banging in his bed) I came to the door cupping my downstairs, totally naked. He said get the fuck out. I said dont worry, were in your roommates bed, and shut the door. So he goes and gets his roommate. His roommate comes to the door and knocks. I once again pull out and come to the door totally naked and out of breath. He says stop banging in my bed. I say dont worry were in your roommates bed. And shut the door. At this point they figure out they have no idea where Im boning down and just want me out of the room. So they keep hitting the door till I come out again. But this time, Im not cupping my nuts, Im balls out naked. I also have a see through pink thong around my neck. I raise my fists up and say IM GOING TO PUNCH YOU ALL IN THE FACE! then me and the girl went to my room, which I dont know why we didnt just go there in the first place. On another funny side note, I had been hooking up with the above girl's friend earlier in the night and gave her a huge hickey. After I was done with girl #2, she had a necklace of hickeys from ear down to boobs up to ear. When I was walking girl number 2 outside the chapter house to the car, I realized the driver was girl number one, hickey totally visible. Instead of saying bye, I just burst out laughing and went back inside. 55 55 Show
Hide 1106 BROSKISON Yo I had this four loko and I fucked a cat dude it was awesome. 61 73 Show
Hide 1105 Naut Drinker I drank one Four Loko and completely blanked out the rest of the night. Apparently I walked from one house to another, at the other I've been told I made out with my best friend, who is of the same gender as I am, started balling and telling everyone that I am in love with my best friend of the opposite gender, and got carried back to the original house. Someone has informed me that I walked back to the other house, continued to cry, and then walked to another house, one that I've never been to, and back to the original house. Other conversations I've had were that I'm depressed nobody will let me clean, as well as random talks about the future. When someone tells me they saw me that day, I ask them to fill me in. I learn something new each time. 47 50 Show
Hide 1104 Valdi I drank 3 Four Lokos before going out in B-More. 2 hours later, I come to and there is a Thai hooker Tasering my nipples. It was so crazy, I pooped my pants. 60 61 Show
Hide 1103 stellap87 Decided to pregame my best friends 21st birthday that saturday. Me and a friend went out to the local Noodle and bought 8 lokos for me and our guests. During the course of the night I drank two and a half four lokos and had 3 shots. Apparently I made out with half of the party, yelled at my friend on the phone for not coming to the party, hooked up with another girl who was not one of my friends, cried in a room and madeout with another guy in that room, went in the student escort with my friend and ended up at larry's steaks. Cried again I wanted to go home, ran into friends, did a lap around the store. My friend stuck me in the escort who I somehow talked into taking me back to my car. drove back to my apartment. my friend rach pulled me out of my car at my place. my guy friends showed up. I then proceeded to run around more this time, but around my building while my friends tried to catch me. Offered to have a 4 some with my guy friends. Offered my girl a foursome with my guy friends. made my friend go outside and check on my car. ended up face in the toliet with two guy friends supporting me while i got sick. woke up with no hangover the next day. awesome. lol 128 91 Show
Hide 1102 Facebook Share your stories on facebook: 49 51 Show
Hide 1100 NickG Ok, so a couple buddies and i were sitting i a car one night drinking some lokos and getting high. Well one of my friends had been talking about going to go see this girl later that night. We were all pretty messed up by about 1:30am or so when my friend turned on the car and started driving towards her house, about half way their he admits he is to drunk to drive and lets another friend of ours drive while hes riding shotgun. When we pulled up to her house he started saying something about he feels "sick" or "queezy"...the girl comes out side and opens his door and starts trying to talk to him....she gets no response for about 3 minutes. all of the sudden he said " could you move?" i geuss she didnt hear him because he puked all over his door, the sidewalk and her sandals. 48 50 Show
Hide 1099 Exotic Dancer Barbie After drinking gallons of alcohol my friend who just went to "pee" disapeared nd was nowhere to be found.. later we found out he was stumbling around a parking garage harrassing staff members nd eating chips. Meanwhile I was dancing around with random whores having men feed me drinks nd posing in inappropriate pics. We later made our way to a bar where we had a sugar mama buying us drinks nd talking about faatards we ended up staying with them that morning passin out on couches nd waking up to my friend nd phone missing... 50 44 Show
Hide 1098 Jade I am considered a nice girl and attend a well known private university where I am a premed student. After finals in my junor year I had at a party in school I had a buch of 4 lokos and got very drunk. Last thing I rmember is going down to a guy friends dorm and walking into one of the bathroom stalls. I woke up the next morning with my hair and clothes very messy and a really bad headache. I will regret that night for the rest of my life. 56 54 Show
Hide 1097 i4loko drank a blue raspberry four loko to start the night off... led to double fisting water bottles of vodka and coors lights... led to fucking twin brothers. 79 62 Show
Hide 1096 Ems For Lokos is No Jokos 51 42 Show
Hide 1095 Nechio We went to the Usher concert on sunday and my girlfriends all chugged a can each in the car. 10 minutes later, 2 of them fell backwards onto the people in front of us. 10 minutes after that one of them passes out and yacks on the poor girl in front of her and then kicks her in the head. This was all before Usher came on stage. 114 87 Show
Hide 1094 iGoLoko4themLoko 43 45 Show
Hide 1093 Cat I drank two four lokos and i ended up sitting on the stairs for an hour as my friends tried to get me to go down them - but i was "too scared" to move. my friend / roommate also drank a four loko that night, and he thought he was spider man, and was jumping down the stairs, and into the bed of somebody's truck. i swear, those things have crack in them. 53 50 Show
Hide 1092 Favre Loko I bought a Four Loko and texted a picture of my dick. I never did get around to drinking it... 55 68 Show
Hide 1091 bubba Drank some lokos fell asleep under someones bed, and i woke screaming i had to leave! I packed all my stuff got in my car and came to thinking "what am i doing?" come back to the room, everyone just stares at me. Then i start crying. 52 56 Show
Hide 1090 LOOOOko Went to a Korean friend's place for dinner. They served up some good food and I proceeded to eat it along with a 4Lo. Koreans love soju - how could I resist doing shot after shot? Eventually back to my place to smoke bowls...convinced girlfriend and her friend to come over before passing out on couch, the puking all over bathroom. Passed out, woke up later to puke again and have diarrhea. 48 57 Show
Hide 1089 derp Had a cranberry lemonade Loko and six beers, went to a dance club with my buddies, and even though I hate to dance, apparently I was tearing shit up. According to witnesses, in my flailing I ended up elbowing this girl in the head on three occasions before we left. When we got back to my friend's dorm I desperately wanted to check my email, but my laptop was in my buddy's room, which was locked. Apparently he had a girl in there, but I was unaware of anything other than the fact that my laptop was in there and I needed it right fucking then. I decided to try ramming the door with my shoulder. I ended up breaking the deadbolt out of the frame. I also ended up bursting in on my friend trying to get it on with none other than the same girl whom I had elbowed in the face earlier that night. Needless to say, she ran the hell out of there, my friend got blueballs and a busted door, and I got to check my email. All in all it worked out pretty nicely. 154 103 Show
Hide 1088 James Me and a couple of bros went out to Vegas and we got a motel, drank 3 lokos each. Turns out we ate each other's loads. Bad night. 50 49 Show
Hide 1087 1,2 um 12 testing 47 47 Show
Hide 1086 What I drank 6 grape four lokos, smoked two blunts, and woke up next week. 52 67 Show
Hide 1085 kingerdinger7 I had about 3 four lokos and shots of tequila at the bar. Came back to my apartment and thought it was a good idea to shoot things in the woods at 4 am. Well next thing you know i get hit in the back of the head and sitting in jail for a couple of days... 51 54 Show
Hide 1084 DAQUE3NOFLOKO I love Loko a lot. I'm gay and at my 20th birthday party i drank multiple 4 loko and had a threesome with 2 other guys i did not know. woke up in my bed covered in dried barf. one time i also fell out of a window and wore a DAFT PUNK helmet all night on halloween, tried to make out with 13 straight guys and fingered a girl on top of a keg in a bathtub. i have also shaved several mannequin heads after drinking loko. I FUNNEL LOKO WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE 69 58 Show
Hide 1083 Steriljoe So after shotgunning a few Lokos I though it would be a great idea to do some cooking. I was really in the mood for some hotdogs but my suite mates had ate them all! Well Loko had me thinking I could just eat my "hot dog". My suite mates heard me screaming in pain and ran to see me bleeding profusely. They called 911 and lucky for me the fine doctors at the hospital were able to stitch me back together... no word on functionality yet... THANKS LOKO! 68 70 Show
Hide 1082 JTank drank two 4lokos, got in a food fight at a friends house party, then decided to bike home from the city. (like 30 miles) starting at 1am. was sitting on my couch at 4am, wide awake with a 200bpm heart rate. also, lost my wallet 60 65 Show
Hide 1081 BemLikesLokoLots Loko and I have had an on and off relationship. I was first introduced to fourloko during the epic shitsnows of jan/feb 2010. I first started by mixing three flavors into a cranberry juice jug and drinking out of it all night long. After I had finished and my roommate was already passed out i was up until 6am complaining of heart pains. My favorite fourloko story comes from when I ventured out of my apartment and into the snowstorms wearing a cocktail dress and a northface with uggs. I couldn't walk and kept falling all over the snow I thought it was great fun. I stole my friends iphone and walked around claiming I had 6 iphones. I had snow matted to my hair and was bright red from being to cold from falling into the snow on my face. I LOVE ME SOME LOKO!!! 49 44 Show
Hide 1080 Kevin G (N.H) Oh man when i had like 1 3/4 of a loko and a couple beers i blacked out. My story comes from many different sources. The only thing i remember is getting cut off mid sentence talking to some friends and waking up the next morning with a bad headache. Apparently i threw up in friends bathroom passed out there and as i was woken up I fell on top of my friends dog. Another friend drove me home and I had to sober up, so we went to McDonald and I threw up in the drive thru. Got home had to go through my gym (which is not attached to my actual house) went to the gym bathroom. It looked like i went in there purposely trying to fuck shit up and ended up throwing up on the side of the toilet (not inside). Got out the gym was in the backyard went through my brothers sliding door to get in. In the process of leaving his room I yanked my brothers hair really hard and then i passed out on my bed. Woke up the next morning, wondering where my glasses my phone and my shoes where at (In the gym bathroom) and why was their a McDonald's wrapper in my pocket. And thats my four lokos story now i just stick to hard liquor and a chaser. 48 57 Show
Hide 1079 blahblahblah Drank a Four Loko to pregame for a college sponsored party. Got taken to the hospital with 22 other kids. 48 62 Show
Hide 1078 lokoforever Four Loko and I have been best friends for almost 9 months now. He has caused me to jump out of a two-story window, allowed me to dump a strawberry cake and grind it into the hardwood foyer of a friend's house, bring another cake out onto a golf course at 3am and throw said cake onto the hood of a friends car and smear it all over the windows, travel 400 miles and stomp on a porcelain baby doll only to frighten 30+ people I had just met, cut my foot while smashing a porcelain baby and then trudge up two flights of white carpeted stairs only to pull the pieces from my foot, climb on top of and straddle a friend while shoving small marshmallows into her mouth and my own mouth whilst wearing a hamburger hat, walk the streets wearing a banana suit and chemistry goggles, steal 5 pairs of sandals from a friend who needed them to walk the 2+ miles to her house while claiming they were all mine (I hadn't even worn sandals that night, I wore sneakers) and wrapping a banana suit around her shoulders when she claimed she needed a sweatshirt then shoved her out the door, and I'm sure there is more but Four Loko and I have a rocky relationship where he hits me so hard I tend to black out. <3 109 87 Show
Hide 1077 Brour Loke I'd seen Four Lokos at various parties over the summer and had only taken a few sips of friends' here and there. One night, my girlfriend and her roommates were throwing a party and I decided that I wanted Four Lokos to be my drink of choice. I thought "Hey, how bad can 2 energy drinks really fuck me up? I'm sure that won't even be enough alcohol for the night". Wrong. After finishing the first one in under 5 minutes, I was already feeling adventurous. We started with some pretty tame drinking games, except I kept losing... but the time we were done, I was rolling across the kitchen floor screaming about, "How badly I wanted grandma's oatmeal cookies more than a blowjob" That's the last thing I remember. I proceded to attempt to bake said cookies, and next morning I woke up with my head in a mixing bowl that contained flour, unbeaten eggs (the yoke was stuck in my hair), fish sticks, yogurt, oatmeal, and (of course) some Four Loko. I didn't get laid that night. 164 92 Show
Hide 1076 loko.4.4.lokos oh boy... so about 2yrs ago when i was 16, me and my 2 friends decided we should go buy some lokes. we each got 3. then we got a phone call from our other friend and said it would be ok to party at his house as long as we went up to his quad trails cause of his crazy girlfriend. we said it would be fine as long as he would give us a ride back later. he agreed. once we got up there and drank 2 in about 20mins he said his girlfriend knew and we had to get the fuck off his property NOW. well ok. thanks. i was pissed. my guy friend who was with us had a pocket knife and i asked to see it and booked it(so i was told) i started cutting my wrists... idk why... i had a lot of stress in my life... my mom, my dad, blah blah blah. i had never done anything like that before. i hid it from them and then the 3 of us started making suicide pacts... so i showed them my wist and they FREAKED so i chugged my other loke and took off, again. (i'm crazy right? no. just LOKO) next thing i know i'm standing on the side of the highway screaming at my friends step-mom. and ran under a bridge and dropped my cell, i don't remember anything after that except dodging headlights thinking they were cops. paranoid. lol. then i woke up on a park bench... and walked home were my mom was waiting. the first thing she said was show me your wrists. next thing i know i'm being charged with mip. fucking awesome. my next mip (off lokes.) i decided to go to a high school football game... i lost my car keys and the principal called the cops and i got arrested for mip, drunk and disorderly and drunk in public. now lokos are banned in washington state. damn. no more good times! :( 54 51 Show
Hide 1075 Big_Rivah I drank a can of Four Loko and there on the infinite horizon was the Goddess Durga. With her supreme voice to me she explained all meaning of the stars and the cosmos, and borne on a deft wind I was lifted up, high upward above the city, beyond the curvature of the earth, beyond space and time, and there I understood all meaning, and the dyad of creation and destruction as I drifted between and among the stars. Also Travis had one too and he puked and the dog stareted licking it up LOL 57 50 Show
Hide 1074 the loko girls On halloween in Tallahassee my girlfriends and I decided to dress as 4 flavors of four loko. The rule was before we went out we had to finish a whole can each the flavor of four loko we were dressed as. We all blacked out before we even made it out, but of course we still went. Lets just we ended up in Ludacris's hotel room that night(he was in town for a concert). Greatest halloween by far. 59 58 Show
Hide 1073 deadlokomotion i had a few beers and had a good buzz going then, being the drunk that i am, bought 2 lokos and went to a party... i had to take a shit real bad and so i did! i opened a gate, went down stairs, took a shit, wiped with toilette paper, and felt accomplished. when i walk out of this building its a fucking church! hahaha i felt bad for like 3 minutes. man... good times 55 60 Show
Hide 1072 Bigga P my one and only encounter with the loko was something else...the liquor store near my spot sells them so i decided to see what the hype is about..bought me a watermelon one for some pregaming at my boys place for a cookout he was having...i crushed that shit and moved on to other hard liquors (and smoked some kush)...i blacked out big time....i ended up throwing my guts out..threw up all over windows and shit and passed out on my boy's staircase like it was the thing to do...being fucked up for 2 days after with discolored feces and a minor case of vertigo..i won't do to that myself anymore 57 61 Show
Hide 1071 niner I drank a four loko once, got drunk, it wasn't that cool, there not that cool get over it 46 48 Show
Hide 1069 testing testing 49 48 Show
Hide 1068 KR1288 My best friend almost drowned in my hot tub at a house party after we double bonged 2 watermelons. 48 59 Show
Hide 1067 LOKO en la cabeza I drank 4 LOKO and ended up in your moms bed...she's a badass chick! 58 68 Show
Hide 1066 BROsen We decided it would be a great idea to pre-game with Four Lokos before running in Bay to Breakers, a 7 mile footrace across San Francisco. I pounded 2 Four Lokos, a water bottle of Vodka, and a bottle of Andre (just to keep things classy)--all in one hour while we were on the metro. The rest of the day is a blur. Apparently, after finding and throwing tortillas at another runner, he proceeded to choke me in the middle of the street in broad daylight. But that didnt stop me! I ran two miles uphill and eventually passed out next to a first aid tent at Alamo Park, across the street from the "Full House" house. I was woken up when a Police officer grabbed the Four Loko I was clutching in my hands, poured it out and then threw the crushed up can onto me--all while threatening to arrest me for public intoxication. I somehow talked my way out of it--and hitched a $70 limo ride home. Success. 143 98 Show
Hide 1065 TImmy i drank 3 Lokos, woke up with a fat lip, missing 3 teeth laying on the side of the house, locked out. i don't live there anymore. THANKS 4LOKO! 46 46 Show
Hide 1064 part of your world my friend and i went to pregame at a house with some a huge lightweight and i drank more than 2 as did she..all i remember is dancing then after that not making it out of the pregame. we jammed to some little mermaid. i carried my purse upstairs and layed curled into a ball on the bed with a comforter over me repeatedly saying "whereeeee ammmm iiiii?". my friend lost her iphone and she thought someone stole it. apparently i felt left out and made up that someone stole my purse so i escaped the room and went downstairs accusing everyone of stealing it. do not recall being carried back upstairs or slapping a guy in the face. my friend found her iphone in a box and i escaped the room a few more times then went back to laying down. got pissed that no one would bring me water so i threw pants and knocked everything over on the table. i continued the "where am i's?" and got shot with a bb gun and then puked my brains out. gotta love them lokos 48 44 Show
Hide 1063 NF47 One night I drank a four loko, bad thing is woke up the next morning with the can in my butt! 56 63 Show
Hide 1062 hellnono i should preface this by stating that under normal circumstances, i am fully a legit lesbo. I met a friend of mine at a dance party after an art opening, where i'd imbibed a few glasses of wine. we went to a deli and picked up 3 four lokos and split the bounty. i did *not* black out, but started hump-dancing a dude in a sweater vest (WHAT?). My friend stage-dove and no one caught her, causing her to break her rib, whereupon I left with the dude. we went back to the radio station he owned and had sex on the couch. he slept on the floor and i left my bra there, doing the most brutal walk of shame i have ever experienced. 157 101 Show
Hide 1061 KringDaddyLoko Friday night rolls around and it's time to booze. Me and my buddies decide to head out to the local liquor stores and stock up for the night. I ended up walking out of the bodega with 17 lokos, preferably watermelon and blueberry, headed to the next liquor store and walked out with three thirties and 2 handles. Things are looking bright after the first two lokos down for me, planned on saving the third for the next night. My buddy convinced me to take some shots before we headed off into the night. And from then on, sheer black out. Couldn't tell you where i went or why. Next morning woke up with dried throw up next to me and my roommate looking at me with disgust. He had a recruit stay over and apparently, during the night, what I thought was me jumping off my lofted bed, ended up with me falling off the 6 foot drop, landing on the recruit who was sleeping on the floor. Ended up putting three loko's back by the end of the night. Shit happens... 46 52 Show
Hide 1060 StillHungover I was going to a friend's co-worker's party, and on the way we stop for gas. I decided it'd be a good idea to wrap up the pre-gaming with a Monster to keep strong for the Monster. I grabbed a couple Lokos, and the next thing I know, I'm waking up to a phone call the next afternoon (well, early evening), being asked why there was shit in this guys tuba. Turns out, it wasn't a gold toilet after all. 62 53 Show
Hide 1059 free sex ok so ive had 4 lokos before, there not my drink of choice and ive never really gotten fucked up from drinking least until now... Anyways, I decided that I would have a 4 loko night. I bought 5 of each flavor assuming it would last me a couple hours until another beer run. I chugged one right after I bought it and headed my way down to a friends party. I ended up playing "4 loko pong" and was undefeated 11-0. This was all I remember from the night. I woke up in a cell at the police station the next morning. They told me that I walked into walmart at 4:45a.m. screaming "where are the fucking donuts??" Apparently walmart tried to ask me to leave and instead of leaving, I got undressed and laid down on one of their mattresses and passed out. gotta love drunken misdemeanors. 67 54 Show
Hide 1058 brittishloko it was my birthday, me and my friend went to nyc. had a loco on the train, bought another one outside grand central. made friends with two brittish guys, made out in the club then got our nipples pierced while they paid for it. then went to nyu and got it in, then ran off to a strip club, got my fake id stolen another four loko later, missed our train, took an 88 dollar cab ride home, peed in the taxi got out and ran away while the cab driver chased us. he called the cops and we finally paid. hott police officer drived us home. <3 lokoss 47 58 Show
Hide 1057 Outside Sales I realize this site is about 4loko stories, but hear me out, maybe I can offer some insight. I am in outside sales, which is currently salary+commission, but will move into straight commission starting at the beginning of July 2010. I have been in this position since July 2009. I have competition from several direct manufacturing sales reps, large distributors, and local distributors. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each: Direct Advantages: Immediate knowledge of new technology, no middle man mark up, one shipping bill (paid by manufacturer or buyer of goods), access to larger range of non-commodity items, control inventory, have access to many distributors that can effectively sell their goods which increases market share, and set prices of commodity they manufacture. Direct disadvantages: Typically have 1-3 sales reps per region (i.e. southeast, mid-atlantic, northeast, etc.) limiting the number of accounts they can successfully manage/cold-call, lack physical customer service or physical technical service available to or affordable for smaller users or altogether, are sometimes not trustworthy because they will go in behind their distributors that sell their commodity to one account in large quantities (i.e. they missed a big account, and have found out about it through a distributor selling their particular product) which leads to the distributor not selling their product anymore, have too many distributors selling the product ultimately driving the set price down through deviations, possibly rely on distributors to actually sell the product, and competition from other direct sources. Large distributor advantages: have access to other commodities that go hand in hand with other manufacturers (poor example- grocery stores sell milk as well as cereal), get direct pricing, many locations regionally or nationally easing the shipping burden of buyers with multiple locations, personal service either customer or technical, many sales reps that are able to cover a broader territory, access to multiple manufacturers of the same commodity allowing to keep prices in check, service programs that smaller companies can't offer and direct providers can't match in price or value, and experts of many many commodities as opposed to one or a few. Large distributor disadvantages: smaller local distributors creating price wars (think Michael Scott Paper Co vs Dunder-Mifflin), direct mfg's going in behind and stealing business, limited access to all of the mfg's (you won't find Harris Teeter name brands in Food Lion and visa versa), can't truly set prices because it's based on both supply and demand, territory management, and tough growth prospects in slower economies (this is true for direct as well really) Local distributor advantages: Typically a good ol' boy setting where the seller and the buyer know each other for years (this does happen at all levels, but mostly at the local level), local folks are right down the street and can be used in emergencies, if the local guy buys at high enough volumes then there is no shipping charge to the end user, and access to both direct mfg's and large distributors. Local distributor disadvantages: easily beaten in price, array of commodities, array of technology, lack of trained staff, low cash flow, etc etc etc. This is what I have noticed in my six months, I am sure there are plenty more that need mentioning. The way I am setting myself apart as a sales person is this: I go after the big accounts right now while I am new. The big accounts, if I land them, will take care of me while I am new and building a customer base. The money made off of those allows me to focus free time on smaller accounts that get me higher margins. I build up big accounts, I would like to have 5-10 of these, then get 20-30 medium accounts. If I lose 1 or 2 big accounts, the 20-30 medium accounts keep me afloat while I go after new big accounts. I don't really waste time on small accounts simply because they basically pay for breakfast or something really small. I will say this, if you can't get a big account in the first 6-8 months (assuming you have cash flow that you can ride this long) you could be in a world of trouble. If you can get one, it will really make going after the others a lot more enjoyable and less stressful. It's simply just very exhausting wasting any time on anything other than big accounts in the very beginning. You work just as hard on the medium sized accounts and see 1/3 to 1/36 of the money in my situation. If you have any other questions, you can PM me. I hope this helps in the slightest! 51 64 Show
Hide 1056 NOTLOKOATALL yeah so all you people must have never drank before I drank 5 four loko and guess what no different than drinking 2 bottles of wine, maybe if you read the label on the drink it says 12% alcohol ummmmmmmm look at wine dumbass a good wine at 15% well non-the-less barely drunk off two pretty drunk off of 4 but no black out here pretty lame since everyone seems to think they had the greatest time ever... everyone get a life and actually get drunk sometime. 46 53 Show
Hide 1055 E bonged a grape one..drank an orange..went to the bar..woke up in some girls dorm the next day.didnt know her name so i left. 67 68 Show
Hide 1054 lol i got a 4loko, then before i drank it, i decided i wasn't a faggot who liked ending up in random situations where i didn't even know how i got there, and threw the can away. p.s. i bet 95% of you got fucked in the ass by a huge black dude while you were "tripping" and blacked it out of your memories, because you realized it felt good. 49 47 Show
Hide 1053 DO WANT i read how to brew it, i want it, do the locators predict its presence in ireland soon? otherwise will somebody ship me some? or at least some jolly ranchers and st. ides? (we have monster here) 47 49 Show
Hide 1052 CincyLoko I had 1 loko, followed by 3 liters of beer (not light beer) at a German restaurant, as well as a couple of unknown shots. Continued to drink all night, but minus the loko, nothing out of the ordinary, and I never really get out of control. This night was different. I woke up in my recliner, no recollection of how i got home, and a half drank bottle of Pedialyte in my lap, opened. My roommate told me the next day he could not get me to move. I was later told by a friend, who heard from someone who had been with me, "Heard you were drinkin beer out of fat girls boobs at the bar." I played it off saying that I was drunk but not that drunk. Come to find out, it was extremely true, confirmed by 3 people. I drink quite a bit and never get like this so it had to have been the LOKO 92 77 Show
Hide 1051 CAC decided it was a good idea to funnel a four loko after already drinkin 1 before. awful idea. ended up hyper and clumsy as fuck runnin up and down new brunswick streets at rutgers screamin R-U-RAH-RAH! over and over. ran into a few cars and was chased by a group of crackheads that live in a halfway house next to my friends house. threw up all over my friends backyard and had the worst stomach pain ive ever experienced. idk wat childbirth feels like, but this had to be close. 43 43 Show
Hide 1050 Ayo4Loko One night I had a house party, and I drank two 4 Loko's (watermelon and blue: worst flavors!!). I don't remember the party, I just remember the end. I had two hours of fierce, hot sex with my new boyfriend, and ended up cleaning the house till 11 AM before I passed out. 42 40 Show
Hide 1049 locofordemlokos! 41 41 Show
Hide 1048 Steal My Idea yo mister site master, program it so we can add comments and rip on the ones that really suck. 145 105 Show
Hide 1047 l0k0 I had about 2 lokos and just a bottle of smirnoff and im a small girl, about 5 feet. It was the night before halloween and there were mad parties happening. SO, after drinks and some smoking im completely obliterated. I hooked up with my best girlfriend atleast 5 times, then we both made out with the same pole. I sat and a cannon and was yelling to everyone to blow my cannon. I caught a taxi with my friend in which i spilled all my secrets to about cheating on my boyfriend. I get in front of a hookah bar and theres a guy wearing a nun costume. I tell him i spit in gods face and asked him to fuck me, in which he gladly accepted thankfully i didnt. then took the train home and i kept telling a man he was dropping candy on the floor... gottaa stock up before its all gone :( 50 39 Show
Hide 1046 Loko in the Ville So me and a couple bro's slay down a dozen of four lokos. next thing I know we want some fucking waffle house so we call up a taxi because were way too shitty to drive. were causing a ruckus at 3am in the middle of the ghetto with all these crack dealers. Finally we get our waffles and it comes time to pay and the waiter refuses to take our money. Instead she waits till no ones looking and slips us out the back door not letting us pay. we get another taxi back to the nieghborhood and general drunkness continues. 46 47 Show
Hide 1045 lightweight I had a half a four loko and proceeded to call every single person in my phone book. Actually talked to some guy in my math class last year for over an hour at 1 in the morning. We haven't talked since. 53 56 Show
Hide 1044 Andy I drank a six pack and two 4 Loko's and sent my friend who drove me home the following text message: "The walls are moving. The ponies dance real good and the hills have eyes breh. Seacrest out." 96 71 Show
Hide 1043 jack_chop Drank 2 lokos and 4 irish car bombs. Woke up covered in gold glitter and blood. Apparently I got in a fight with a tranny at an after hours party. Gooooooo team!!! 73 57 Show
Hide 1042 amazing I was so excited to see Vampire Weekend. Paid for expensive tickets,drove into NYC brought a couple of four lokos....woke up for the last song :( 54 52 Show
Hide 1041 LakeHouse A Southern Frat star transplanted in the north for the summer, decided to drink 5 four loko's in a single night. During the night he ate shit on a dock carrying a chair to the end to sit where there were already chairs. He broke into his own car only to lie down face first in the back seat with his head out of a door, lights on, and alarm going off. Ohh yeah and Cops were sitting in their cars at the end of the driveway, waiting for people to drive away. He also passed out on the dock, in a chair, and in my dog's bed. Throughout the night he quoted Cool Runnings, Step Brothers, and Ricky Bobby. Next morning he had to go to work at 9 am, he made he made it on time, showered and dressed. After witnessing this I am willing to admit frat stars have superpowers. 79 63 Show
Hide 1040 Chim Richalds Step 1. Drink Four Loko. Step 2. RAGE!!!!!!!!!!! Step 3. Regret nothing. 50 58 Show
Hide 1039 LG The first time I had Four Loko was at 9 am right before Lollapalooza. If Lolla was the shit before it's the most glorious shit of all time. Lokopalooza more like it. 50 55 Show
Hide 1038 Thunderwood Drank 2 Loko's and half a handle of SoCo a couple saturdays ago and went to this frat house. Woke up with a black eye and no memory. As it turned out, i thought it would be a good idea to ask everybody at the party to hit me in the face. At least 50 people did, including a 6'3" 270 defensive linemen. 176 93 Show
Hide 1037 locomotivesss ohhh the motives of a four loko, i drank a four loko and a half, i'm kind of small but have a good tolerance like 12 beers im good, but four lokos just shake me up haha. i freaking was out with some friends and this guy i was interested in i guess, i go and throw up, he then proceeds to try to kiss me, when i tell him to wait cause i was texting and it was "really important" [he told me the next day i said this] apparently we did make out, and i checked my messages the next morning to see, i texted this other guy to come pick me up to fuck. i'm a virgin haah. freaking four lokos! :P 50 60 Show
Hide 1036 LokoPoko This summer my friend and I had a competition of who could drink the most lokos in an hour. Take it we are both capable of drinking more than you. On our fourth we are neck and neck and both shaking uncontrollably. His grandma comes down stairs and sees us drinking "the devil". We end up cutting our competition short, running out of his house and the night begins. We both manage to streak a mile on the freeway, not get caught, and then try to hitchhike naked while projectile peeing on cars passing by. After what seemed like forever we walked off the freeway and called a friend to pick us up. I woke up the next afternoon in my friend's grandmother's bed and my friend awoke with a naked fat chick in her apartment. I have no recollection of what happened between the freeway and the bed but in my jeans pocked I found a random fake ID from Wyoming, a receipt from the 24 hour pizza delivery, and a business card of a girl named "Veronica Slumbumkin". 60 58 Show
Hide 1035 Aladdin I fucking killed a guy. I'm wanted in Massachusetts for murder. Four Loko is bad 60 56 Show
Hide 1034 kentstateloko Drank 1 and a half fruit punch four lokos to pregame. Blacked out before I left for the bars. Apparently I decided to "whip my hair" to Willow Smith's song in front of everyone. Later I text my ex boyfriend a misspelled text about the guys I've had sex with and by the end of the night I was sobbing for no reason and smoking away my problems with joints. When I woke up my neck was so sore I could barely turn my head, I had 5 long hate texts from my ex boyfriend and had been de friended on facebook. No regrets, I still drink them. 100 76 Show
Hide 1033 mesoloko drank half of a four loko and ended up suckin a dick 42 41 Show
Hide 1032 LokoLegend My first time trying loko I decided to buy 3 lokos. I remember chugging one loko before the bus to jr. dinner and I continued to chug the other 2 on the way to the club in the city. 5 minutes after getting into the club I was kicked out because I was to drunk and then I asked to go back into the club 5 minutes later to throw up and they decided to call the police on me. After I finished vomiting I got out of the club and laid on the curb completely wasted. Soon enough the cops came and my entire grade had been kicked out of the club because of me and I threw up the entire bus ride home ending our jr. dinner fun hours before it should have. I get made fun of all the time for this and I later found out I tore open my trecea. fuck loko 50 54 Show
Hide 1031 NOTloko4loko purple 4loko made me shit green. 48 45 Show
Hide 1030 KConn After listening to blame it and reading these stories I now know that Jamie Foxx knew about the power of four loko and tried to warn us. 66 56 Show
Hide 1029 LokoKitty Well, my best friend and i kicked off our saturday night by making a quick run to a drive thru convenience store to pick up our lokos, which is what we do every weekend. We repeatedly get completely hammered by four Loko, and yet still buy them every weekend. We end up bringing them with us for a night in the city. We go to a japanese restaurant and bring our lokos because my friend and i were feeling cheap, and did not want to spend money on actual drinks, while our other friend got some sake and beer. The waitress came up to me and asked "What is that?" and i told her it was ice tea that i had and i poured it in my glass. She knew i was lying, but turned and left us alone. Since we are underage, and didnt want to get kicked out, i decided to drink my loko as quickly as possible. Finally i finish and i am feeling pretty tipsy, but i wasnt quite done. I decided to drink about half a personal of sake... lets just say, DONT EVER FUCKING DO IT. We then walked outside, saw some guidos (which i hate) and within 10 seconds i was making out with one. They then turned around and left. we got a cab, went to union square, sat in the middle of the sidewalk and then went back to Penn Station to go home. In penn station we got mcdonalds, where managed to spill iced tea everywhere and all over my food. Then my friend and i went up to one of the little vendors that sell beer. I stood there for a moment, looked at the guy and stole a beer right in front of him and hid it in my jacket. Somehow he didnt notice, and neither did anyone else (need i remind you i DO NOT steal). We then got back to my friends house where i took a million pictures of myself half naked and posted them on facebook (a common affect of loko). Finally after my friend and i decided to order porn so we could get my other friend mad while she tried sleeping, we passed the fuck out. I WILL FOREVER MISS FOUR LOKO. 58 69 Show
Hide 1028 lokosforlife one day i decided to drink four my friend told me i could drink 2 with no problem..keep in mind im only 110 pounds..i woke up on my bed the next morning with my friend sleeping on the floor, burn holes in my mattress, scribbles in chalk all over my walls, and my car parked down the street..but i still drink them anyway :) 54 60 Show
Hide 1027 fourlokoblackout Well I drank one in 15 minutes and proceeded to drink 15 beers in about 2 and a half hours...and then proceeded (no memory of this at all) to fall down 2 flights of stairs in a stadium and completely missed the concert i was going in for because i was put in protective custody by the police. come out of black out in a cage and spent the night in a jail cell and then had to take a $100 cab ride to get my car which was 25 miles away as no one was coming to get me since it was 7AM. Blew a .208 at 3 in the morning and got put in protective custody at 7pm so i probably would have blown at least a .30 at that time. and this was all courtesy of FOUR LOKOOOOOO 61 70 Show
Hide 1026 Atlantic Shitty Decided to try Four Loko for a night in AC. Split half on the drive there with my buddy, drank another whole one before going out, tasted the other 4 that we got several times....went to see Daniel Tosh and drank two giant fosters...asked everyone in both casinos I deemed shady enough if they had coke (which i have never tried before and wasnt even going to do)...was waitin for the jitney but decided to ditch my friends and the girls we met and ran from the borgata to harrahs to ask more people for more friends at this point...yelled at the security guard at The Pool that I am not too drunk to be let in and for some reason he let me in...blaaannkk...on stage friend has apparently been with me the whole time and givin me drinks....bllaannkkk...jump in pool....blaannkk...wet and in some kitchen with a bunch of guys laughin at whatever i am babling friends for real this time...end up in a elevator, think i pissed in it, see two of my friends who have no idea what i am sayin...wake up in the morning face down on the floor, heart racing, no shirt or shoes, soaking wet jeans, cell phone next to my head with a note that says room 5016 (or 5061) and wallet is missing...ends up i told the dancers at the pool i was a photographer, gave away all my business cards that are not for photography, back flipped into the pool, got yelled at for bein on stage wet, and lost $300 (got my wallet form security tho).......totally looking forward to drinkin four loko again and goin to ac, just gonna leave my money far away 188 97 Show
Hide 1025 looookkkoo My first experience with four loko: I went to visit some lax bro friends of mine at another college and we all bought a few four lokos. I was double fisting an orange one and a blue one and TOTALLY tripped the fuck out. I was wandering around talking to randoms. I told one guy to feel my calf muscle. I started an argument between two guys and danced with my Ex. Oh but to top it off I left the sketch house we were partying in to go pee in the woods (?). What I thought was ground was actually a lake which I fell into and lost one of my rainbows in. Thanks four loko you owe me $$$ for a new pair of shoes. 45 56 Show
Hide 1024 Never Again I go to school in Massachusetts and me and my teammates wanted to give four loko a shot. 3 of us each pounded 2 by playing edward loko hands, and then played beer pong with loko. Like I said I go to school in Mass and was brought back to campus by city police as they found on the highway walking, and according to the report when asked where i was walking to, my reply "back to chicago". I live in chicago when not at school. Thank you four loko. 54 51 Show
Hide 1023 d I drank 2 4 lokos.....I dont remember the rest 53 54 Show
Hide 1022 asdfghjklmer I had a party and I had a loko and a half that night and was feeling really good. I went to bed around 5ish a.m. to wake up to my friends mom calling my phone to see if she was really sleeping at my house, and then i went back to sleep to wake up at around 11a.m to run to the bathroom and while running, proceed to step on my dog. I called my boyfriend into the bathroom with me and i got so hot I started to sweat and so I tried to turn on a cold shower. I failed and fell into the shower hitting my head, was pulled out and fell once again and hit my head. I sat on the floor and my eyes were open but my pupils completely black. I couldn't see anything. Was hungover the whole day. 48 60 Show
Hide 1021 bob i drank 4 4 lokos and woke up with to find the the dead bodies of my entire family along with a dead cow jammed in my closet completely covered in cool aid powder 52 51 Show
Hide 1020 4lokoisgay i drank 5 four lokos and got herpes... end of story 78 59 Show
Hide 1019 tommy g last night i drank well over 2 four lokos, and needless to say, things got weird fast. one of the few things i actually remember is sneaking into my grandpa's bedroom while he was sleeping. i just stood over his bed and watched him sleep. i was obviously pleasuring myself, so when he awoke he was pretty startled. since i didnt want to scare him i quickly pretended to be my grandma. it was dark in the room so he totally couldnt tell it was me. so i climbed into bed with him and since i didnt have a wig handy i immediately went down on him(to make sure he didnt get suspicious). now keep in mind my grandpa is pretty hung so it was quite enjoyable for both of us. now again i was so drunk i could barely remember some of the details, but based on how much semen had hardened and crusted over my eyes i think its safe to say he hadnt released in a while. anyway, besides having 12 stitches in my anus and a splitting headache, i had a blast. ps- im trying to upload the video my dad recorded but im having trouble getting it to work on this site. any suggestions? its a .avi file 47 44 Show
Hide 1018 Nice So i went to a metal festival and decided to drink two of these bad boys within 20-30 minutes in the parking lot at 3 pm. Next thing i know its 4 and we are at the entrance where a buddy is puking from attempting to drink 3. I chugged the rest of his and went inside. Next thing i know, its 8 pm and my sunglasses are broken, my camera is broken, and i have scars on my face, and dead leg, and my buddy is puking again. Tried to enjoy the rest of the concert but was too shit faced to enjoy it. Drove home at midnight and went to bad at 2 am. Felt like I was sleeping sideways but was actually on my back. Got woken up at 4 am, then the room started spinning. Next day, had the runs. Roofie in a can baby 49 56 Show
Hide 1017 lolololol;) first time i drank four lokos i blacked out and looked super trashy infront of some wicked hot boyzz.. i then proceeded to pass out on the floor of mcdonalds and then puke all over my friends bed. never again. 48 49 Show
Hide 1016 TooMuchFourLoko I drank 8....threw up on 12 people....woke up in a hospital bed...then a holding cell at the local juvenile halll (juvie)...i have too pay a fine for 800 dollars...for underage drinking...and the cleaning fees for the ambulance...great 52 55 Show
Hide 1015 Jack McDaniels i had a couple four loko's, and then had a nice night. this is because im not a jackass who makes believe theyre drunk to do stupid shit, and im not a 16 year old girl who cant hold their alcohol. way to go, four loko. you fucking suck 47 52 Show
Hide 1014 baayter i drank 4 4loko in about 72 hours. did i mention i did not sleep once in that time. i do not know how it is possible. Now i am considered a statutory rapist. thanks 4loko 49 48 Show
Hide 1013 vote4donnely I drank three locals while staying at my brother house. At five am I was woken up by his wife, who caught me draining the tank in their kitten's litter box, What a bad cat! 52 54 Show
Hide 1012 Vlizzy The first time i had 2 lokos bf the Flyers game with my friend, i remember leAving to go pee and then taking a shit in the portapotty and got some on my pants and i could get bak in bc i lost my ticket, wen i got home i found my ticket in my pocket... 65 67 Show
Hide 1011 Sean I drank three Four Lokos and then proceeded to kill between four to five zombies and one Cylon. You're welcome, humanity. 59 56 Show
Hide 1010 WVU I remember drinking 3 four loko and a shitload of shots. What I woke up to was a video of me shitting in an apartment complex's parking lot. Which all my friends decided to watch over and over again the next morning. 109 84 Show
Hide 1009 Loco4Loko The first time I had a 4Loko, my friend brought me the lemonade flavor. I decided to wear a skirt as a dress, went to a crowded frat party, went home with a black guy. From Africa. Who told me about his homelife in a village in Nigera. Then was stranded with him because of Snowpocalpyse until 2 pm the next day. B4L (blame4Loko) 71 65 Show
Hide 1008 John First time i had floko... i shit my pants. 70 61 Show
Hide 1007 loko lover me and my friends decided to invite a few people over. we bought about 15 lokos for 6 of us. i ended up drink 2 and a half lokos then blacked out. i woke up on a bench on top of my friend on a bench outside american apparel with the sales lady trying to get us off. 91 76 Show
Hide 1006 Four Loko Failure The first time I drank Four Loko, I decided to drink two. I ended up getting naked at my friend's house in the pool while his dad was there. Then I proceeded to allow a boy to finger me while I had my period. When we rejoined the party, other people at the party kindly pointed out that his hand was bloody. Most mortifying moment ever, until I drank Four Lokos again. When I lost my virginity to a boy...up the ass. 187 87 Show
Hide 1005 San Frandisco My friends and I were drinking fourmosas (fourloko+champagne) all day. The next morning when I finally came back to reality I realized someone had torrented Reindeer Games on my computer...apparently fourloko makes you think Reindeer Games is an awesome movie. 45 57 Show
Hide 1004 M@ZE i blacked out 62 59 Show
Hide 1003 doceloko I had 3 4lokos in 4 hours during JMU Springfest last year. Passed out in the Manor (where the riot was) for 6 hours. I woke up and didn't know a riot had even occurred and walked outside into the tear gas. I still drank 4loko the next night and continue to now. 49 51 Show
Hide 1002 TextFromAFriend "I just pulled a taco out of my purse... No more 4 Loko." 61 63 Show
Hide 1001 Four Fingers of Loko Drank a Loko knowing their rep- drank one over an hour and got a nice buzz. Didn't drink anymore because I am 30 and have been more drunk and partied harder than any pansy ass college kids and just like to enjoy a buzz rather than get stupid these days. Nice buzz, better than a steel reserve or camo silver ice xxxxx 46 50 Show
Hide 1000 estoy loco first week back at collge i decided to try 4 lokos. picked up 2 4loko watermelons and continued to day drink with them. come nighttime i proceed to play random drinking games. i wake up from my blackout on the floor of my neighbors bathroom hugging the toliet. the kid that was sitting with me got up to talk to my friend outside. i started to hysterically cry and keep screaming "dont leave me". 69 62 Show
Hide 999 Rocky After 2 nights in Vegas and who knows how many Four Lokos, I woke up in my car in the Hooters parking lot. There were 2 vice cops tapping on my window. 56 30 Show
Hide 998 Ay_MeMe I got so wasted just by opening a 4loks 43 48 Show
Hide 997 TheLokoRock So, where to start? 4Loko swept the suburb I live in Beverly Hills, CA. Now the 90210 has always been made out to be a classy place of partying, but ever since Loko arrived, it has turned into a shit-show. Anyways, my two friends and I decide to get 6 Loko's (2 each for all of you math geniuses) and hit up this girls party. This girl is pretty hot, and her daddy just so happens to own the local Mercedes Benz dealership in town, giving you an idea of the size of her house. Half the school is practically going, there are about 3 kegs, 12 bottles, and everyone has brought their loko. I drink one, feel alright nothing really and then my friends and I chug all of our seconds. Basically we start breaking bottles, expensive bottles too, fucking grey goose and that shit. The girl's boyfriend tells us to get the fuck out, but I mean come on it is three on one. So my friend Luke takes an Absolute Pear bottle and smashes it on this guys head. Meanwhile I start making my way towards my ex girlfriend who is flirting it up with some lacrosse prick. I walk up to her, and pour my cup of beer all over her head, and to make a long story short, literally the entire party is screaming at us and throwing shit at us. We of course challenge the entire mob, but end up making our way out to the street. Now what do three drunken idiots do after getting kicked out of a girl's party whose dad owns a car dealership? Thats right we go to the dealership and pelt baseballs at the windows and cars giving off a concert of car alarms and burglary sirens. I wake up in the cabana of my neighbor's pool, and my two friends are bare ass naked on the porch. That week in school we hear an announcement to go down the office, and when criticized for drinking under age by our principle (which can lead to a possible suspension) we simply say, it was the LOKO!!! 55 48 Show
Hide 996 shithappens So, I hear about this "Four Lokos" phenomenon on the news which makes me go buy one of each flavor. I managed to pound 2 1/2 cans in about 5 min...the 10 min long instant stomach ache turned into me being completely shit-housed. I threw my brand new android cell phone into the street for no apparent reason, pissed in my gf's cat's litter box, walked thru my neighborhood in only boxer briefs talking to myself.. then woke up a few hours later laying next to our community pool in vomit, with a broken pinky toe. Our neighbors now think I'm a total whack-job and hide their children when I'm outside - thanks Four Lokos! 162 88 Show
Hide 995 doobs Started pregaming for an underwear highlighter party by cracking open 2 cranberry lemonade 4 lokos. My girlfriend tried it and was grossed out so I was obligated to finish hers as well. I took yet another 4 loko to the party where I was double fisting it with beer from the kegs. While the party was raging outside and in the garage, I apparently locked the homeowners out of their house and proceeded to moon them through the glass sliding door. Deep into my blacked out state, I began running through campus in my underwear making death threats to anyone around me. I alluded campo and returned to the dead party. 82 57 Show
Hide 994 worst loko night Never had a 4 loko before until one night when everyone wanted to, so i jumped on the band wagon, drank 2, went to the the bar and then another bar and then another bar, taking 3 shots in a row at the last bar was all i remember...the next morning i woke up with a missing front tooth my face scratched up and bruised and my car window was smashed 114 79 Show
Hide 993 Fatty Dingdongs First time I had 4lokos I set my Chargers jersey on fire and subsequently burned my hand with the melting jersey. XD 49 29 Show
Hide 992 KD I had a couple 4 lokos before heading out on a party trolley around Wrigleyville where I consumed a ton of beer and shots. According to multiple reports I ended up leading an entire bar line in singing Bed Intruder while struggling to stand up and proceeded to get kicked out of said bar a short time later. I awoke with my back against my bed, my left middle finger all bloodied, black and blue from apparently smashing it in a cab door and blood pooled all over the floor. 99 70 Show
Hide 991 choko loko decided it would be a good idea to have 4 loko as the primary drink at my friend's party, about 4 am, got up to get a drink and turned on the light in the living room on my sleeping friends, accidentally ended up having sex in front of all of them, which they informed me of the next day... now my friends have seen more of me than my mom has, thanks 4loko 50 50 Show
Hide 990 Shw8sted Me and my boys got a backpack full of Four Locos, the number is still undetermined. I smashed two at a campfire in the woods, when the cops showed up. Everyone went in different directions, but I got the backpack. Ran into a barbed fence, jumped that shit, and tore my tshirt off on it. Bleeding and shirtless, smoked some herb with some girls in a hotel parking lot that were at a bible retreat. Had another Loko. Woke up naked in my dorm with bloody knuckles from trying to break into the building. Neon green spray paint on my hands and pants, then got a text from my lesbian girlfriend saying that I painted "I'm Sorry" on he bunk bed after I tried to seduce her. 97 73 Show
Hide 989 Boston LOKO I drank a couple of Four Loko's...not sure how many. At 4am I get a call from this slut I've been poking on Facebook for a while. She is outside my apartment in her Halloween costume (total slut outfit) begging to blow me. I wake up with 62 missed calls from this girl and over 50 text messages from her saying I shot a load in her eye and she cant sleep or do anything because it hurts so much. 87 56 Show
Hide 988 primetime baby Drank 4 4lokos, 8 shots, 8 beers. ended my night with my neighbor in her bed sucking my dick. I missed cumming in her mouth and shot wide right all over her brand new lacoste clothes. best part she was blacked out so she thought she came on her own clothes. I remember it all; went to class the next monday and got numerous high fives. 58 61 Show
Hide 987 Manuel So my friend Newington and I were staying at this dude Ivan's house in New York City. And we get bored so we go to Thompkins Square Park and start drinkin' Four Lokos in the park with these fuckin' hobos. We drink like 3 cans each of loko and split 3 slammers (four loko mixed with a 40 of malt liquor). Next thing I know I'm in this van that smells so much like gasoline you'd think it would blow up, with like 8 hobos, and they're all drinkin' the Loko. All of a sudden this giant hobo starts screamin "get me outta this car", and we're like "Wait dude!", and he slides open the door and tries jump out, turns out we're on the Williamsburg bridge, so like 5 people are holding this screaming 6'5 massive hobo in the van all accross the bridge while he's trying to escape. We eventually get him in, and he and his hobo girl friend start beating the shit out of each other for like 15 minutes till we reach Ivan's house where we're gonna party. We end up making it there have more four lokos, and Ivan is fuckin' pissed we brought these bums over. He says they gotta go because they all have dogs and he claimed they were pissing all over his house, which I don't doubt. So the big hobo gets up in Ivan's face sayin' he'll kill him, and this other hobo starts talking to the big dude in Polish and he calms down out of nowhere and starts hugging the girl he was fighting back in the van. Then we left. I don't remember what else happened, but me and Newington got banned from Ivan's house the next day for all the hobo trouble. Totally worth it. 147 94 Show
Hide 986 Jude Got Too Loko It was just another Sunday night so a couple of friends came over with 10 Four Lokos. They were gone in an hour. We attempted to drive to McDonald's but instead drove straight into a parked car. I decide it would be a good idea for me to walk to campus and come back on my bicycle. Next thing I know, I'm in a hospital bed with a broken nose, stitches above my eye, a sprained ankle, 2 broken flip flops, and a McDonald's bag with half a Big Mac and what I'm only assuming is my vomit inside. Thanks Four Loko! 51 47 Show
Hide 985 Steven2480 Pregamed a heaven and hell themed sorority mixer with 2 Four loko. While dressed up as Satan, I went to the store bought two more, pounded one, and proceeded to run around kicking fat chicks out and poking their fupas with my plastic pitchfork. I was unaware I did that until 2 days later. 50 49 Show
Hide 984 j fresh had one 4 loko before a movie, snuck 3 beers in the movie, came back to my house had a couple more beers, then started another loko. blacked out in the middle of it. now most of my friends have a video on their phones of me blacked out drunk butt naked doing the stanky leg then busting my head on a table only to get up laughing. gotta love 4 lokos 109 82 Show
Hide 983 joose is better Last time I drank a four loko I mugged a bum and got raped by a crack whore, and I gave her AIDS. Now she's all like " damn white boy how'd you get them AIDS?" an I just be like "blame on the loko, yoko" (she was asian). 56 49 Show
Hide 982 tooloko4loko it was my first weekend back in cali and i was goin to a rave wit some friends i wasnt old enough to drink inside yet so i decited to chug 2 4lokos before i went in...bad idea last thing i remember is standing in line watchin my friend who is a girl pee in a cup(she was pretty drunk herself)next thing i know its like 1 in the morning and my chin is burised black my foot and hand are swollen and i have no idea what had happened haha i guess i was to drunk the security wouldnt let me in so i was jumping over the rails to cut in line n one of the times i ate shit n hit my chin on the rail....good thing i was fukd up or that would of really hurt 46 46 Show
Hide 981 DJ Drank 2 1/2 four lokos on July 4th. Apparently 2 1/2 because I poured half of my third on my ex girlfriend but that ain't the funny bit. Shot a Roman Candle at a cop car and he tazed me 200 89 Show
Hide 980 Amor Haha, oh.. The wonderful 4 Loko. So I had seen some friends drink it before and say it was really fun so I thought to myself, "Hey, you're young. Have fun! Why not?" So I did it. I drank some.. Thinking this tastes like liquid candy, it's lovely. I finished my loko and next thing I know I'm onto another. Now, I'm a rather small girl. 2 4 Lokos within an hour or so time frame, good idea? Not. I'm like half way through my second one and I find myself wanting to play flip cup. No beer? That's ok, we have a bottle of Jose Cuervo! My friend and I (drunk off our asses) fill half a red party cup with tequila and chug! Then we decide to mix vodka with wine and drink that. Next thing I know, I made my own dancing circle. Then I find myself on the floor of someone's bathroom and trying to break the sink off. The next morning I wake up and telling my friend, "I think I threw up on your floor". We look over and yup, I was right ahaha we move a little to discover she had peed on herself. Hahaha the following days I found the most random bruises and scratches. Moral of the story is: who's ready for round 2? 49 30 Show
Hide 979 @MarinaBoyProblm Started off a night in Austin with what I like to call Livin' La Vida Loko shots (jager bomb into Loko). Three hours later my buddy got his tooth knocked out by a bouncer and broke his iphone. I wound up in the attic of a Super 8 covered in glowsticks. #supportloko 148 93 Show
Hide 978 2loko4u Drank 2 four loko's and 3 shots of who knows what. Woke up at 5 am in the front yard of a sorority house, and then proceeded to walk 7 miles back home. I can only assume I got laid 53 54 Show
Hide 977 imadumbass I decided to shotgun 2 loko's in 5 minutes. fast forward to next morning: I wake up with a sprained ankle and blood all over my bed, had to call 6 people to find out what happened: threw up in a bar, fell into a bag of trash on the streets of philadelphia, and was kindly assisted up by a homeless lady, who then proceeded to ask my friends for money for helping me up. You guessed it, I'm loco for them loko's. 49 19 Show
Hide 976 4x4x4 Loko I was at my buddy's cabin for a weekend this summer. I'd had experimented a few times with Four Loko. Usually 2, sometimes 3. Always blacking out to the extreme. This was the day I drank 4 Four Lokos! Full black out. I woke up in the corner of a woodshed with scratch marks all over my body (apparently I'd stolen this bed from a raccoon). Then my buddy's girlfriend told me that when I was blacked out, I caught a decent sized salmon and did a bear impression trying to put it in my mouth while it was still alive, and took several bites out of it and then washed down the scales with Four Loko. Things went downhill from here. I lit off a mortar that started a small brush fire that my friends had to contain in a panic. Then I crashed my buddy's 4x4 off his neighbor's dock. Oh, and apparently before that, when we went on a snack run, an old lady smiled at me when she saw my penis while I was taking a piss in the parking lot but I scared her off by screaming obscenities. 48 43 Show
Hide 975 tastefully ashamed me and my buddies were dropping flaming shots of disaronno and 151 into beer one night (it tastes really good). well i soon ran out of beer..and disaronno so i started just dropping strait 151 shots into glasses of 4 loko. had about 4 of those and woke up in the morning with puke all over my bed and bedroom window and hand lotion everywhere. i still dont know what happened 50 61 Show
Hide 974 Fashoko Picked up 4 four lokos for me and my friend to go drink at the USC tailgate party. Got there and it was a drunk parade of USC fans. Drank the four lokos and: Stole pumpkins then threw them down a flight of stairs. Found the campus bar and proceeded to make up fake names and majors then had a bunch of sorority girls buy us more shots. This eventually caused us to forget our disguises and we get caught by one of them so we bolt. Snuck into a dorm building to crash a party and literally no one was home. Field and cart wheels. Then somehow ended up on a parking lot roof where we saw abandoned cooked sausages and tons of beer. Steal handfuls of both. Climb a tree and drink some more. Head back to my car but not before running across a house with a porch full of pinatas. We steal one and run (smashing all the beers). Eventually find ourselves at another party and forget the rest. The pinata is still in the back of my car. 56 23 Show
Hide 973 eskimo first time drinking 4 loko i decided to get 2 of them... one to pregame with and one to take out... definitely got drunk off the first one and started on my 2nd before leaving my apartment. my roommate told me that i was walking in the middle of an empty parking lot yelling that i was an eskimo and that i make igloo's, then telling some strangers that my ass hole was the holy land... thanks four loko 98 73 Show
Hide 972 KeepinTheBaby Drank 2 and a half that night. Got knocked up. 80 62 Show
Hide 971 Hank I had 2 four lokos and a shit load of beer. I was talking to a girl in person, and she gave me her number. Instead of putting it in my phonebook on my phone I posted her number and name as my facebook status. 59 49 Show
Hide 970 lovelyy First time I drank Loko...I have no story, because I don't remember. 56 56 Show
Hide 969 Monkey Sno Sno I kept hearing all of these stories about people dying and going nuts on 4 loko, so I had to try them. Personally, I am more of a beer/weed man myself. But I figured fuck, lets try these things out. I decide to go 8loko (2 four Loko's). After my second one I was on a rampage. Now I live in downtown chicago so going on rampages down the street, people are out, and people will see. It's 23am and I find myself stomping the hood of parked cars, I punched a moving el train full force and busted my knuckle, I flipped over flower baskets outside of an upscale bar. I was laughing the entire time. I went 8loko and that was too much for me. Back to beer, weed and shots. 60 54 Show
Hide 968 oh crap I tried to light a cigarette on a gas stove...instead a I lit my hair on fire... I then cried and tried to walk home because I thought everyone was making fun of me 53 56 Show
Hide 967 JPF My day started off waking up to my room mate yelling at me to wake up and tossing me a Four Loko. It was July and the day of the Mad Decent block party in Philly. We pre-gamed at my apartment then rode our bikes to the block party. I drank two Four Loko's at the block party making my Loko consumption for the day at 3. We then went to a bar to see Ninjasonik preform live and continued to drink. I was pretty browned out by 1AM and we decided to ride our bikes to a local corner store to get more alcohol for the after party. On our way to the after party I crashed my bike. I woke up in the hospital with no recollection of what happened. I was getting stitches in my lip. I looked in the mirror and my eye was swollen shut with cuts all over my face. My friend explained as we were riding I disappeared and when she came back and found me I was out cold on the pavement blood pouring from my head. They called an ambulance and that is how I arrived at the hospital. I apparently woke up and freaked out when the ambulance was on its way, thinking it was the cops and screaming that I didn't want to get a DUI. I also fought with the medics refusing to get on the stretcher or go to the hospital and telling them I was fine. Once at the hospital I was cracking jokes and goofing off with the staff while my friends poured into the ER to make sure I was okay. I spent the night in the hospital with a concussion, 7 stitches in my lip and one hell of a headache. 65 36 Show
Hide 966 space ghost one night i was hanging out with friends and we decided to play circle of death with four lokos with a loko in the middle. so long story short i drank two whole four lokos in all. the next thing i know i'm in an ally way swaying from side to side hollering i'm drrrrruuuuuuuuunkkkk. played hide and seek with my friends. peed on my friends car on accident. and then i ended up in a car. then my bed. woke up a hot mess yeaaa you can say the four loko got me. 53 58 Show
Hide 965 Chippy After a loko night, I decided to jump on my friends back for a ride back to the dorms. It didn't last long before we were both face on the cement. I picked up a white chunk from the ground and became mute for the remainder of the night. After finally making it back to my friend's dorm room I immediately asked from some calcium enriched milk to save my FRONT TOOTH that i had just knocked out. I was pissed once I realized I couldn't save it and chucked it into a bush before irrationally bawling my eyes out. This is less than a month after breaking my elbow from a similar drunken episode. Washington will miss you four loko. 78 62 Show
Hide 964 Nerdy Hillbilly Drank 3 Four Lokos with my friends last night. Woke up in a trashed hotel room missing a tooth with a tiger in the bathroom and a baby in my closet. WTF IS GOING ON??? 48 26 Show
Hide 963 Ell Pollo Loko Drank a fourloko before hittin up free drinks at the bar. I evidentally decided to leave my ride home and Ussain Bolted home. By 5 A.M. I was banging my face against my friends house all loko n *hit in extreme pain. Next morning i woke up covered in mud with a fractured ankle, and not much of a story to tell the doctor. Thank your sir may I have another!!! 51 44 Show
Hide 962 Nonya So I'm hanging with this new guy. He picks me up with a friend and we go to her aunt's house. We get there he give me my 4 loko and I sip on it and was like 'Oh. This ain't shit' WRONG!? The room started spinning after I drank half then a shot of vodka appeared in front of my face. I toss it back. Whoo damn. After a few tooks of some weed I was handed and the rest of the 4 loko I found myself in the basement, against a washing machine getting my brains fukked out by this linebacker built ass dude! I woke up the next day and my whole effing body was sure. 44 43 Show
Hide 961 dammnn people who r hating on all these fnuny ass fiour loko stories needa get that shit out their ass quit trippin kidds! i drank a four loko one time chilln wit da homies and tha next time i was chilln with them i saw this girl and when i was bouncin out i was like yoo wadup ill catch you later ya? she proceeded to tell me that she met me the week before and i tried to hook up with her TWICE baaaahaaa four loko you crazy fk 49 43 Show
Hide 960 Broseph "its not just "sweeping" college campuses. im 15. and i fucking love four lokos. get ur facts straight cnn bros...Off my tits bros, 4loks arent entirely THAT bad. They're delicious. and i dont have to drink a bunch of weird little shots laying around so theres a much smaller chance that i will get drugged and raped. 4loko saved my life." 60 47 Show
Hide 959 John Alveraz It was my 21st birthday. well to be more accurate it was the day before but we were partying that night. I got a loki as we call it and continued off to the bars. I got to one bar before that loki hit me like a bullet through jello. The rest of the night I was dragged to and from bars, while continuing to take shots/drink beer. I woke up the next morning with very little time to get ready for a test, walked to class, failed the test. I mean lowest grade in the class failed. Damn you loki, the nectar of your juice has screwed me over hardcore 46 45 Show
Hide 958 Nartek My girl friend drank 1 can after some whiskey at a party. She seemed great and friendly. About an hour later she was laying in the grass with drunken strangers asking if she needed help. (She doesn't remember any of it) but she just laidd out in the grass for another hour telling people to 'leave her there to die'. I quickly told off the many dumb strangers who wanted to take advantage of her while she was like this and carried her to her car and drove her home to take care of her. 63 52 Show
Hide 957 DirtyDan It was nearing 7 pm & was eating dinner with the family and I figured i would grab a four loko out of the fridge, & mix it with some jager... BAD IDEA... (it tasted pretty good with the grape though i must admit) Next thing I knew I had woken up in the morning in a fucking jail cell, apparently i had fucked my 8 year old daughter in the ass hole and slapped my dick against my 11 year old son's face... I apparently also broke the officer's nose when he tried to arrest me and had at some point had a wet dream and woke up in the cell with a terrible hang over, and jizz covering myself... fuck four lokos. 44 52 Show
Hide 956 JR5 Did a four loko power hour which amounted to about 3 in 50 mins went out to the back porch of my fraternity to smoke some hookah, the next thing I remember is waking up in my 9:30 am class with one shoe taking rather illegible notes. I hadn't been to this class in over 2 weeks my blackout self apparently is an academic. 338 95 Show
Hide 955 love my lokos I started the night with many shots of svedka, then proceeded to play around 4 games of pong with four loko. I was already fucked up by the end of that, then proceeded to chug bottles of champagne that all my friends had. I threw up before we left the pregame, then had some more champagne.... When we got the the party I think I was inside for around five minutes, and my friend helped me upstairs and tucked me into bed. I spent the whole night going back and fourth between the bed and the bathroom, threwup, called someone and dont remember the conversation, but dropped my phone in the toilet i was vomiting into in the process. Dont remember who I talked to, lost one of my heels, went to sleep with one person next to me and woke up with a completely different person, and woke up with my jeans un buttoned and almost no recollection of the entire night. love me some four lokooo 66 35 Show
Hide 954 Rudester Drank four lokos, four of them, on the night of halloween. Last thing i remeber is yelling viciously at the whole party then i wake up 100 miles away in my work clothes the next afternoon. I went to sleep dressed as an alligator. 129 90 Show
Hide 952 hirschrod it turned my poop black 77 38 Show
Hide 951 sal bianco what's a 4loko? 51 30 Show
Hide 950 Ness Did the 4x4x4 challenge last weekend. (AKA four four lokos in four hours) Stop talking about drinking two of them like its a big deal you fucking pussies. 59 61 Show
Hide 949 fruit punch drank 2 four lokos, ate some fondue and puked all over myself, on a chair, and in the sink. the rest i dont remember 49 61 Show
Hide 948 504 soo, it was my first night with four loko. and I may have drank two of them? I don't remember. to add to my ridiculousness I decided to smoke a wonderful plant. I was then "that girl" passed out on a couch being laughed at.. I magically made it to the next door apartment, my ex-boyfriends apartment and threw up all over in his living room. However during my vomiting session my roomate scored a McLovin' poster. overall four loko was a success. 41 43 Show
Hide 947 Jake H Had a couple lokos and a sturdy amount of whiskey a few weekends back. Apparently either lost my balance or eyesight and ended up walking into a pole knocking out my front right tooth. Somehow found my way to a hospital and had a canadian male nurse to try to help me... who i then proceeded to try to fight. Ended up leaving the hospital knocking over a wheelchair, flicking off every worker there, and yelling about "canadian faggots" Waking up with a hospital bracelet is always a fun morning. Thanks 4 loko! 50 51 Show
Hide 946 CareBear So I decided to crack open a can of the fruit punch while watching it's always sunny. Being a lightweight, I was hammered before finishing it. From what I am told, I then made the mistake of stealing someone else's can and downing that. I somehow got back home and then proceeded to creep on a group of girls that were chilling in my buddy's room. After getting kicked out, I went into our fridge and took a 23 pound turkey carcass and put it in my friend's bed to get him back for not letting me hang out with some girls. I was then awaked to my buddy on top of me beating the shit out of me at 4am asking why there was a fucking turkey in his bed. I ran away, only to return to turkey carcass all over my floor and bed. I still can't get the smell out. 82 55 Show
Hide 945 bradiy last saturday me and buddy george, we been hearing all these crazy storys and things in the news (which we get from fb lol we dont read gay newspapers lol), so we decide that WE ARE GUNNA TRY THIS. so the liquor store only had two flavors blueraz and fruit punch. so we each got two. we decided it would be a laugh if we had a chugging contest with the first one and finished within 2 min. so within 20 min we were falling all over the place (we slammed em behind the wah wah) so all i remember is we pretty much had to help eachother like arm in arm the walk was a blurr but i kinda came two and we were both on the couch next to eachother with 2 and a half men episode blairing. george was kinda laying with his head on my lap i had my arm on him still holding half a can of blue raz, i noticed his pants were around his knees and his penis was sorta stained a light blue. startled i pushed his head away from my lap and noticed my pants were unbotton and unzipped and there was rad vomit all over my crotch. i screamed a slurry "george what the is going on man WTF... GEORGE!!!" i shook him but he was unresponsive and wouldnt respond to my screams. the final report concluded death from asphyixiating on a penis. i got kicked off the la cross team and lost my scholarship not to mention my best friend, george. now i'm just barly scraping by hangin out at the bus station. I MEAN COMON GUYS HOW LOKO IS THAT 59 48 Show
Hide 944 dead. the first time i drank four loko, i had two and a half. my friend brought two girls i'd never met before over to my apartment, and then passed out. me, the two girls, and my roommate went to a party. on the way home, we pulled over to get gas. i had promised one of the girls i didn't know i would give her a couple dollars for gas money, and even though i fully intended on doing so, when we got to the gas station, the loko made me refuse. i then proceeded to start screaming at everyone in the car, including my roommate, which escalated into a full-on fight between us. i proceeded to make them leave me in the gas station parking lot. mind you, it was around 4 am. i then made friends with two random people and called my ex-boyfriend, who lives 45 minutes away, to come pick me up. he did. the next day i vomited twice in his house and he cleaned it up. when i got home i realized the two random girls had stolen my ipod, two necklaces, and one ring. fucking loko. i told myself i'd never drink it again, but alas... i've already stocked up for the pending ban in massachusetts. 48 39 Show
Hide 943 tyson the 4th First, to "Wait," you seem to think this is placebo. Go drink a couple, come back, and apologize to the group, please. Second, my buddy and I got our first four loko before fireworks this summer. Got pumped. Got another four loko. Finished fireworks, still pumped. We get the third four loko within 2 hours of the purchasing the first. We black out, but he wakes up naked in the bathroom, and I'm in our doorway only slightly more clothed. The only thing we could find out about our 5-6 hour blackout is that we shot a GIGANTIC illegal firework into the ground in the backyard nearly lighting it all on fire. I'm a fan. 76 61 Show
Hide 942 FiveLoko Last night I drank 3 4Lokos - lacked out. Friends told me that halfway during my second, I started fucking my first 4Loko can. They said I lasted an hour - Sorry for Partying!! 48 59 Show
Hide 941 BillyHearne 2 grape lokos on a Saturday night a few weeks ago. Had a good time. Sunday afternoon i took a dump. My shit was blue. 96 76 Show
Hide 940 thurgood After winning a Four Loko's chugging contest ( 3 in 25 minutes ), I went tothe bars with a few friends. Next thing I know, I'm in the middle of a sit-up contest with 2 300lb men in the county Jail. Turns out, I was arrested for breaking into the zoo and throwing Wendy's chicken nuggets all over the place.... LOKO!! 63 52 Show
Hide 939 PearlHarbor Last night my and my bros Drank half a FourLoko each and gave each other hand jobs until our palms gotta all chaffed and shit. Then we each drank the other half and fingered our buttholes til we passed out. 68 57 Show
Hide 938 fire-loko Was at bonfire, drank 2 four lokos within 2 hours, was hammered but still coherent, alive, talking, and not blacked out. Decided to be a boss and drink that third one. Got half way through before I puked everywhere around the fire pit I was at. Friends had to take care of me from there. 51 51 Show
Hide 937 DP Went to Rutgers homecoming, had 2 loko's plus countless shotguns, funnels, flip cup game and some boxed wine. Can only remember one single play from the game, but two trips to vomit. Ended up taking a bus to a different part of campus and passing out in the bus vestibule, only waking up to piss or puke. 49 47 Show
Hide 936 Vox I drank 2 lokos... Now I'm pregnant... I'm a dude. 52 29 Show
Hide 935 Nuffsaid A bottle of wine and four shots in an hour. Beer bonged a four loko in under 5 seconds, naturally. Total time consuming alcohol elapsed: an hour and 5 seconds. 30 minutes later, instant blackout. Still no clue what happened. 52 53 Show
Hide 934 sankyu Remember the beverage Jolt? That was mother's milk compared to this 4loko! I drank 3 cans in 8 minutes. Was on my period that day. At some point I passed out and woke up at in a Chinese fast food joint on the bathroom floor. Vomit in my hair, blood on my hands, and something crunchy between my legs. When I pulled down my pants I realized I tried to shove an egg roll instead of a tampon up my ying yang!!! 52 46 Show
Hide 933 Lokomotive For Halloween, my friends and I decided the theme should be Nickoldeon. I was FACE 66 59 Show
Hide 932 jsalt placed a bet at USC with someone i didnt know at a bar after 3 lokos, 10 beers and a few everclear shots that i could successfully take a piss under the bar in a club..once i started doing it the asshole that made the bet with me called over a bartender while i was pissing on the the shit beat out of me on the curb bye the bouncers..than out comes the rest of the entourage for fighting the bar..the night after i decided to try and tackle loko again..woke up on a porch in charleston with no shirt, my shoes tied together..a hitler moustache on my face and a swazsitka on my neck..went to the beach by myself and surfed all day not knowing about the neck drawing and was approached by a huge group of people that took notice of it and attempted to beat the shit out of me while i was trying to let them know i had no idea 56 32 Show
Hide 931 jw i drank 3 four lokos over the course of a football game at my house with some friends. blacked out, i guess i just left the house without telling anyone. ended up waking up on some mexican woman's couch as she screamed in spanish and called the cops. this was about 15 miles from my house and i have no idea how or why i "broke into" this poor lady's house. i was bloody from crawling through a broken window that i'm guessing i broke. she was also unhappy that i'd peed and yacked on her couch. when she hit me with her tennis racket i screamed and ran out of the house and found a cab. 60 45 Show
Hide 930 your all dumbasses Maybe you should learn how to handle your alcohol better or stick to Smirnoff Ice with jolly ranchers. 59 66 Show
Hide 929 NutterButter So afer drinking 2 fourlokos and oh so many beer. After blacking out and making it back to my dorm, I woke up the next morning butt ass naked with no sheets, asshole to the door. Another time drinking 3 fourlokos this time and oh so many beers, i get woken up by a tour group of 15 students each with their parents staring at me butt ass naked laying in my bed.....fml <3 fourloko 60 54 Show
Hide 928 NYC1 Long story short - My friend and I pregamed with 4loko @ the Mets vs. Phillies game @ Philly and only made it 3 innings before we were banned from Citizens Bank Park for life. 'nough said. 99 73 Show
Hide 927 dankbanktank drank 3 four lokos and woke up next to a chick twice the size of me. end of story. 46 48 Show
Hide 926 newcondo This is my story... 49 25 Show
Hide 925 Wait: Does no one here realize that there are only 1.88 servings of alcohol in a Four Loko 12% can (in the 6% cans it's only .94 servings). So drinking 2 Four Lokos is equivalent to less than 4 alcoholic drinks. And I don't care that it's an energy drink, caffeine doesn't make you black out and vomit all over the place. This website is either filled with liars, or 18-year-olds overly susceptible to the placebo effect. 49 21 Show
Hide 924 blackoutcity so my freinds and i started drinking lokos are 12 in the afternoon and kept drinking throughout the day then i went to a party at 9pm at my freinds and a girl had drinked one loko and was falling everywhere and hitting on everyone making a fool of her self. rookie 51 60 Show
Hide 923 Sean C smuggled 12 cans of loko over the border into Canada for a friend who was desperate to try it. Got him 6 loko deep (1 1/2 cans) and that was enough for him to wind up passing out in a local park in the wet grass getting mosquito bitten while yelling "fuck loko" and calling me a stupid fucking american i would have left him there to die but i didn't know how to get back to my hotel without paying a $30 cab fare so I waited for him to get up and stumble back. I sat back on the floor of his apartment and waited to fall asleep while giggling to myself as he dry heaved into his toilet and his cat hid in a closet. I myself was a full 12 loko and was just fine. If you can't party with the big boys, don't show up. Fuck you Canada! 45 43 Show
Hide 922 John chuckerson How four looks have ruined my judgement: 1- drank two lokos and voted for Obama 2- drank 3 four lokos and slammed a 230 lb chick 3- drank 3 lokos and voted against prop 19 You t